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Cyberbullying comes to life on stage
Tuesday January 31st 2012

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, 43 percent of teens have been victims of cyberbullying in the past year. Last year, Roxanne Amico, professor of performing arts at Cedar Crest College, penned a play about the problem. In a few weeks, About Face will make its big debut at six area middle schools. A free performance is scheduled at the Cedar Crest campus next Saturday, February 11th. For more information, check out

Casino Money Helps Pocono Township
Tuesday January 31st 2012

Pocono Township is getting some much needed funds this year - from a local casino. Officials say it couldn't have come at a better time. The township has already made several cuts -- including laying off the zoning and sewage officers. Until they come up with extra cash, their having difficulty fixing certain problems, like the collapsed bridge on Frantz Hill Road. But since around $195,000 worth of casino money was granted to Pocono Township, they'll be able to completely fix the bridge. Hess says, if it wasn't for this grant, they would have had to do a temporary fix on the bridge, which they've already tried in the past. Additionally, some good news for the residents - this project won't raise taxes. Officials have yet to say when construction will begin.

Fake Five Found in Milford
Tuesday January 31st 2012

A phony five dollar bill worked its way into a Milford merchant’s cash register and now police are trying to find out where the cash came from.
This counterfeit bill was reported to police Sunday when a customer at Milford Pets Foods Plus returned it to the cashier. The bill looks to be made out of 2 pieces of paper printed from a computer and glued together. The store’s owner says the bill had not been mistakenly received and given out; he is just glad it was caught and he was only out 5 dollars.
Milford Police say it is rare but counterfeit bills have been reported before. Normally the money would be sent off to be tested at the secret service but because of the obvious counterfeit nature they are keeping it for evidence

Police investigating another armed robbery in Carbon Co.
Monday January 30th 2012

Police are investigating an armed robbery at a mini-mart in Kidder Township. The incident happened just after 10 p.m. Sunday at the Wawa on Route 940. Police say a masked gunman demanded money, then fled the scene on foot. No one was injured. It's the fourth armed robbery in the area in less than two weeks. The suspect is described as a white male, between 5'10" and 6', wearing a black North Face jacket with grey shoulders and a red ski mask. Police believe he's the same man who robbed Fegley's Mini-Mart in Tamaqua on January 20, 2012. They believe the incident is also connected to two other convenience store robberies on January 26, 2012 at Turkey Hill Mini-Mart in Nesquehoning and Fegley's Mini-Mart in McAdoo. Fegley's Mini-Mart and Tamaqua Crime Watch are offering a $1,250 reward for information that leads to an arrest.

two charged, one sought in honesdale break in
Monday January 30th 2012

Police in Wayne County have charged two people with breaking into a Honesdale business. Honesdale Borough Police say cash was taken in a burglary at Paulie's Hot Dogs on Park Street one week ago today. The crime was captured by surveillance cameras. Officers say their investigation led them to 28 year old William Lee of new York and 27 year old Sarah Frammigen of Honesdale. Police believe Lee broke into the business and Frammigen helped plan the crime. Frammigen turned herself in to police. A warrant has been issued for Lee’s arrest.

police seatch for missing teen
Monday January 30th 2012

Police in Wayne County are searching for a missing teen. 17-year old John Saggese was last seen one week ago at his parent’s home on Mill Creek Road in Dreher Township. Police believe he may be in the Scranton area. He stands five feet seven – weighs 160 pounds and has brown hair and hazel eyes. Anyone who can help locate him is asked to contact State Police at Honesdale.

stabbing and shooting under investigation
Monday January 30th 2012

Several people are recovering after being stabbed and shot in Pocono Summit. Pocono Mountain Regional Police say two people were stabbed and one person was shot yesterday afternoon during a house party. Police say a fight started in this residence in the Emerald Lakes community, then the crowd moved outside and continued to fight. The victims have not been identified but they are in stable condition. Police are still investigating exactly who shot and stabbed the victims.

Monroe County Gambling Grants
Monday January 30th 2012

A handful of Monroe County projects receive a nice chunk of change from casino gaming revenue. And thanks to that money, a number of much needed projects in Monroe County will come to fruition.

Pocono Public Library received
236 thousand dollars to complete construction of their brand new library,
half a million dollars went to waste not technologies, and almost 200 thousand went towards a road project on Frantz Hill Road in Pocono Township.

But the project receiving the largest amount of money in the county, is the 611 gas line project. Officials say, this 22 million dollar project, will make Pocono Mountains more viable for commercial business.

Leonard says the gas line project will be completed by late 2013.

Parking Issues in Honesdale Continue
Monday January 30th 2012

Plans to improve parking in Honesdale have taken a turn for the worst.
After a recent borough council meeting its came to board members attention that the lease for the Coal Pocket Permit Parking lots was not renewed. Until 2009 the borough was paying $1000 a month for the lot but when the owner of the Coal Pocket lot would not respond to new lease negotiations the borough stopped making payments. Current board members need to create new lease because 2012 permits were also sold and they have to define liability and maintenance agreements.
If the lease agreement is not made the lot could be closed and that would force downtown worker to park on the already crowded main street.

Joseph Mattioli Remembered
Monday January 30th 2012

Today hundreds of supporters, friends and family of Doctor Joseph Mattioli gathered to pay their final respects. After battling a series of illnesses, Joseph Mattioli died last Thursday at the age of 86. Mattioli founded and built Pocono Raceway in the 60's. and brought NASCAR to the area in the 70's. Now passed, Mattioli will be remembered for his contribution to the NASCAR community. Officials from the NASCAR Hall of Fame say they will put a picture of Mattioli in their “Honoring Our Legacy” Theater. Members of our community, however, will also remember Mattioli as more than a NASCAR legend, but also a philanthropist. In 2009, he received a Philanthropic Achievement Award.
Family members and friends gathered at Saint Peters church in Lake Harmony this afternoon for his funeral.

Roadside Trash in Shohola
Friday January 27th 2012

Road side trash in Pike County is piling up and without snow to cover it up its becoming an eyesore.
Shohola Township’s road master says a large amount of trash has been accumulating on Twin Lakes. Couches, chairs and full bags of trash are just a few of the items collected. Township workers say prosecution is difficult unless they get physical evidence of the littering. Trash has gotten so bad that local residents are stepping up to clean up the mess.
Penn DOT says their adopt a highway program picks up trash two times a year in the spring and in the fall but if you would like to pick up trash in your area now they have bags and safety equipment available at their office.

funderal arrangements for pocono raceway founder
Friday January 27th 2012

Funeral arrangements have been announced for Pocono Raceway founder Doctor Joseph Mattioli. Mattioli died yesterday at the age of 86 after fighting a series of illnesses.
Pocono Community Church
Route 611
Mount Pocono, PA
Sunday - January 29, 2012.
4:30pm to 9:00pm
Monday - January 30, 2012
10:00am to 12noon

1:30pm Mass of Catholic Burial
St Peter the Fisherman Roman Catholic Church
2111 Lake Drive
Lake Harmony, PA

Private entombment at the convenience of the family

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to:
The NASCAR Foundation
Attention: Dr. Joseph Mattioli Memorial Fund
550 South Caldwell Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

poconos get local share of gaming
Friday January 27th 2012

Four Monroe County organizations have received a nice chunk of change from the county gaming revenue. Depending how well mount airy casino does, Monroe County receives roughly 1% of its revenue. That money goes towards economic development and tourism after a handful of organizations applied for the grant. The gas line project on Route 611 received the largest amount of over 1 million dollars. Waste not technologies, bush hill redevelopment project, and Pocono Mountain Public library received some of the grant money as well.
Some of the funds from the local share of gaming are also going to Pike and Wayne Counties. The largest grant approved will give Pike County’s Dingman Township more than 500-thousand dollars to continue developing its township park on Log Tavern Road. Milford borough was awarded 500 thousand dollars to continue downtown revitalization efforts. Wayne County will receive 400-thousand dollars to construct a shell building at the new sterling business park. Honesdale Borough was also awarded 430-thousand to complete a storm water project in the Blakes Creek area.

smoke brings dozens of firefighters to blakeslee business
Friday January 27th 2012

A report of fire at a Laundromat brings out dozens of firefighters in Blakeslee this morning. Crews were dispatched to the Blakeslee Laundromat in Aharts market plaza on Route 940 just before 11-am. A dryer started to smoke. Firefighters say it could have been much worse if the fire had spread because several buildings in the complex are connected. The Laundromat was expected reopen after this morning's dryer fire.

Masked gunman robs Fegley's Mini-Mart in McAdoo
Friday January 27th 2012

Police are investigating a string of armed robberies in our area. In the past week, gunmen have held up convenience stores in Carbon and Schuylkill counties. On Thursday, it happened for a third time at Fegley's Mini-Mart in McAdoo. No one was injured. It's unclear if any of these recent robberies are related. Fegley's and the Tamaqua Crime Watch are offering a $1,250 reward for any information that leads to an arrest.

209 Update
Thursday January 26th 2012

Four months after the National Park Service closed the damaged portion of Route 209 near Milford, repair progress is being made but the completion date may surprise you.
According to the park official recent surveying estimates the repairs will cost around 4 million dollars and won’t be completed until later this fall. Heavy rains, flooding and an earth quake last year are presumed to have caused a land slide that dropped a portion of the road six inches and left a 150 foot crack. The parks superintendent says the repairs require contractors to rip out and replace over 400 feet of the roads hillside.
The Park Service Plans to begin bidding for the project by March. Drivers will have to continue to detour the closure until construction is complete.

Lehigh County votes for property reassessment
Thursday January 26th 2012

Commissioners in Lehigh County vote to move forward with property reassessment for the first time in 21 years. Current figures estimate 58 percent of residents would see a tax decrease. 42 percent would see an increase. But some county officials are worried the current housing market is too volatile, and the tax changes would be too dramatic. Lehigh County Executive Don Cunningham plans to veto the plan, but Lehigh County's nine commissioners can override that veto on Feb. 8 with six votes. If that happens, homeowners will have until November to appeal their new property value assessment. New taxes would take effect in 2013.

Redistricting Shot Down
Thursday January 26th 2012

Monroe County’s representation in Harrisburg is now up in the air after a court ruling determines the states newly reshaped legislative districts is invalid. Back in December of 2011, the Legislative Reapportionment Commission approved new boundaries. Rather than having four House seats like we do now, the number was reduced to three in Monroe County. As far as the Senate - right now, Monroe County is broken into six Senate Districts, but the lines were redrawn to give the county just one.
The court put everything on pause though, calling the states redistricting plan "contrary to law." Officials say there are a few municipalities in Monroe County that are cut three ways. Representative Mario Scavello says that may need to change. For those campaigning, the judge has ordered two extra days to petition. Officials hope to have a written opinion on the rejection by then. Once that’s done, officials say they can start revising their district maps.

police investigate theft from safe at supermarket
Thursday January 26th 2012

Police in northern Monroe County are looking into a burglary at a supermarket. Barrett Township Police say it happened at Lewis's Supermarket on Route 390 around 6:30 last night. Three men entered the market and began shopping. Two of the suspects distracted employees while the third entered the manager's office, forced open a safe and took money. The men then bought some groceries and left. Police say the suspects are all men in their 30's with brown hair. Anyone who can help with that investigation is asked to contact Barrett Township Police.

pocono raceway founder joseph "doc" mattioli dies
Thursday January 26th 2012

The Pocono community is mourning the passing of a local racing pioneer. Pocono Raceway founder Dr. Joseph Mattioli passed away this afternoon at the age of 86. Mattioli is best known for building and operating Pocono Raceway but he also donated millions of dollars to the local community. Mattioli died around one this afternoon surrounded by his family. Raceway staff say he had been battling a series of illnesses. He founded and built Pocono Raceway in the 1960's. The track has hosted Nascar races since 1974. In 2009, Mattioli received a philanthropic lifetime achievement award for contributions to local civic groups, hospitals, schools and charities. Services for Mattioli are still being arranged.

pocono raceway founder joseph "doc" mattioli dies
Thursday January 26th 2012

The Pocono community is mourning the passing of a local racing pioneer. Pocono Raceway founder Dr. Joseph Mattioli passed away this afternoon at the age of 86. Mattioli is best known for building and operating Pocono Raceway but he also donated millions of dollars to the local community. Mattioli died around one this afternoon surrounded by his family. Raceway staff say he had been battling a series of illnesses. He founded and built Pocono Raceway in the 1960's. The track has hosted Nascar races since 1974. In 2009, Mattioli received a philanthropic lifetime achievement award for contributions to local civic groups, hospitals, schools and charities. Services for Mattioli are still being arranged.

Burglary and Arson in Middle Smithfield Township
Wednesday January 25th 2012

Fire fighters responded to the home in middle Smithfield Township early this morning to find it completely destroyed.

Martin Wieczorek says, like every other day, he left around 6am this morning to go to work in New Jersey. He was 10 minutes away from his job when he got the phone call, that his home was on fire.
Around 8am, Marshalls Creek and Bushkill Fire Company found flames rising out of the home. Wieczorek returned to find his home totaled, and he also noticed some of his valuables are missing.

The Fire Marshall will be surveying the scene and state police are now investigating this burglary and arson, they have put alerts out for those registered guns.

A Pocono Pines Man was Saved By Camelback Ski Patrol
Wednesday January 25th 2012

While injuries are pretty common on the ski slopes, just a few days ago, Camelback Mountain saw something much more serious than a broken bone. Around 4 p.m. Friday night, Joseph Joyce from Pocono Pines was riding the ski lift with a patroller. In the middle of a conversation, Joyce had a heart attack. Within minutes, another patroller showed up with an automated external defibrillator. After just two shocks, Joyce’s pulse returned. Family members thank the highly-trained Camelback staff for saving his life. Most patrollers at Camelback are trained at the EMT level and they all have CPR certifications. They carry first aid kits for smaller bumps and bruises. For more severe injuries, multiple patrollers will show up with a toboggan filled with splints and other equipment. Also, for those in need, there are several oxygen tanks scattered throughout the mountain. Officials say they don't treat injuries --they simply stabilize people until they feel better or go to the hospital. In the meantime, however, a little care can go a long way.

Blight Seminar scheduled
Wednesday January 25th 2012

Crumbling buildings and condemned homes have become a serious problem in the Panther Valley. But state officials want everyone to know there are new weapons for fighting blight. On Monday, Jan. 30, State Senator David Argall and State Representive Doyle Heffley are hosting a blight seminar at LCCC in Tamaqua. The event will explain a new blight law that goes after absentee landlords, and makes multiple code violations a criminal offense. Doors open at 6 p.m.

cause of fire at wayne county restaurant undertermined
Wednesday January 25th 2012

A fire marshal cannot determine the cause of a blaze that destroyed a restaurant in northern Wayne County because of excessive damage. Flames leveled the Water’s Edge Restaurant at Lake Lorraine golf course Saturday night in Preston Township. Firefighters say the roof had collapsed by the time they arrived. A fire marshal could not find an ignition source for the fire because of the amount of damage. Four companies battled the fire in freezing conditions Saturday night. It's not known if the owner plans to rebuild.

monroe man charged with sharing child porn
Wednesday January 25th 2012

A Monroe County man is behind bars after being arrested for sharing child pornography. Authorities say 44 year old Christopher Hoppe of East Stroudsburg admitted to downloading and distributing the child porn from his computer. An investigation began last month when Hoppe's home computer was identified as trading the porn using a peer to peer file sharing network. Detectives executed a search warrant Tuesday at his home and business. Hoppe remains jailed on 100 thousand dollars bail.

four car crash in east stroudsburg
Wednesday January 25th 2012

Two people were hurt in a four car crash this afternoon in East Stroudsburg. That crash happened around 1:30 at the East Stroudsburg exit to Interstate 80 at Prospect Street. Police are still investigating but they believe a Mercury station wagon may have driven off the exit ramp into the path of a Dodge minivan. Two other cars were apparently unable to avoid the wreck. One person was trapped in a car for a short time. He and another driver were taken to a hospital. Their injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

Power Line Hearing
Wednesday January 25th 2012

The National Park Service is holding a series of public hearings to get input on the replacement of an 85 year old power line.
Over the past few years the NPS has been studying the possible environmental effects of the Suquehanna - Roseland power line replacement project through the Delaware National Recreation Area. The line covers the span of Pike, Monroe, and Wayne Counties and now through a series of hearings they are showcasing their findings. Official say they have come up with 5 different alternatives for residents and the power provider Pennsylvania Power Light to review…
The last hearing will be held at 6 p.m. Thursday at the farmstead Golf and Country Club in Lafayette New Jersey.

Warm weather hurting more than just the slopes
Tuesday January 24th 2012

It's no secret warm temperatures spell trouble for local ski areas--but the economic impact extends beyond the slopes. For many local businesses, this is supposed to be their busy season. But with far fewer skiers filling hotel rooms and restaurants, many businesses are hurting almost as much as the ski areas. Until the cold weather returns, many business owners say they're offering new deals to attract more customers.

Nesquehoning Man Child Porn Sentencing
Tuesday January 24th 2012

A Nesquehoning man is sentenced to federal prison after pleading guilty to receiving and distributing child pornography. In August, 70-year-old Eugene Hartzell admitted he used a computer to download and share images of child porn from March through September 2010. Hartzell was indicted by a federal grand jury as a result of an investigation. Yesterday he was sentenced to ten years in federal prison, as well as ten years of supervised release.

East Stroudsburg School District In Money Trouble
Tuesday January 24th 2012

In the past week, Stroudsburg and Pocono Mountain School Districts announced they're in money trouble. Now it's happening to the East Stroudsburg School District. They’re facing a $7 million deficit. Officials say that's because of increased health care and pension costs. As well as a reduction in state aid. Since Governor Tom Corbett already told the district they won’t receive any more aid this year, the Stroudsburg School Board approved a major tax raise in their preliminary budget. Legally, the district can raise taxes by 2.3%. With exceptions, however, the board approved to raise taxes 5.8%. That means the millage rate for Monroe County's East Stroudsburg residents would increase by about 10 mills in the 2012-13 school year. Those living in Pike County will see taxes increase by 6.8%.
Officials say the major tax increase will not rid the district of debt though. Officials are looking to make several cuts -- including closing both JM Hill and Smithfield Elementary Schools.
This is not the final budget - officials are hoping to lower the tax increase by June when the district must come up with the final numbers.

stabbing investigation in monroe county
Tuesday January 24th 2012

Police in Monroe County are investigating a stabbing that sends a 25-year old man to the hospital. State police at fern ridge say the man was stabbed early Monday morning at a home near the intersection of Golden Slipper and Bartonsville Woods Roads in Jackson Township. The victim was involved in a fight and stabbed twice. He was treated at Pocono Medical Center and is expected to recover. Police are not releasing the identity of the victim or the man who stabbed him. The incident remains under investigation.

powerline hearings underway
Tuesday January 24th 2012

More hearings are underway about a proposed power line that would cross National Park Service land near Bushkill. An open house on the project got underway this afternoon at the Fernwood resort. The National Park Service is completing an environmental impact statement on the proposed Susquehanna - Roseland Line. It would follow an existing power line through the park but the new towers would be about 200-feet high and more land would be cleared along the route. The park service is looking at five alternatives for the project. Officials will hear comments from residents about the impact of the line tonight from six to nine-pm. Two other similar hearings are coming up. Both follow the same format with an open house from 2:30 - 4:30 pm to learn about the project, followed by a Public Hearing from 6:00- 9:00 pm to submit oral or written comments into the record.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
(snow date 2/1, if required)
Stroudsmoor Country Inn - Ridgecrest
RD#4 Stroudsmoor Road
Stroudsburg, PA 18360

Thursday, January 26, 2012
(snow date 2/2, if required)
Farmstead Golf and Country Club
88 Lawrence Road
Lafayette, NJ 07848

Obama Contraception
Tuesday January 24th 2012

If the Obama administration has its way, come this fall, women will not have to pay out of pocket for birth control.

On Friday, the Obama Administration announced, effective August 1st, insurance plans nationwide will be required to fully cover contraceptives, with no deductibles or co-pay. With the state of the economy, this is great news for women who can't afford the pill. But, some religious and health officials have opposing views.

The new plans will also cover mammograms and cancer screenings.

Bio-fuel of the Future
Tuesday January 24th 2012

Conservationists are looking at an age old native grass as the answer to meeting our nation’s energy need.
It’s called Switchgrass and when dried and turned into pellets it burns hotter and cleaner than wood, oil and natural gas. Conservationists say the grass grows without fertilizer or irrigation and the best part is farmers can harvest it with conventional equipment and it can yields more money than most feed hay.
Conservationists say there are a number of barren field in Pike and Wayne Counties for the grass to grow and government programs are now available that will not only pay for Switchgrass seed but cover some of the planting and maintenance costs. For more information log onto

Fire destroys West Penn Twp. Archery Club
Monday January 23rd 2012

A Schuylkill County sports club burns to the ground, now police are trying to figure out what sparked the blaze. Fire crews were called to Archery Club Road around 7:40 sunday night, after neighbors spotted flames coming from the West Penn Township Archery Club. By the time they arrived on scene, the center of the building was fully engulfed. It took crews about three hours to bring down the fire. A state police fire marshall is investigating the cause.

Unemployment Taxable
Monday January 23rd 2012

Just a few years ago, people who collected unemployment benefits would receive the first $2,400 tax-free. Now, they will be taxed from the first dollar they receive. Officials say, if you don't want a surprise come April, there is something you could do – chose to have your federal taxes withheld. That means, rather than paying your taxes all at once, the government can remove taxes out of each check. If you’re collecting unemployment benefits and don’t have enough money to pay your taxes, you can either charge it to a credit card or ask for an installment agreement so you can pay it off over time.

Reality TV show in Milford
Monday January 23rd 2012

A restaurant and Inn in Pike County is ready for a big reveal after a popular reality TV star transformed his business.
After filming a spin off series from his hit show “Hell’s Kitchen” chef Gordon Ramsay has left the river rock inn completely transformed. His new show called "Hotel Hell" features struggling hotels and gives them a makeover. A few of Ramsay changes include new beds, paint, and a new menu. The Milford business council says nearly all supplies came from local businesses.
The River Rock is now accepting reservations and the “Hotel Hell” series is expected to begin sometime in March.

wayne man charged with making and detonating bomb
Monday January 23rd 2012

A Wayne County man is facing a number of charges after setting off a homemade bomb. State Police say around 8:30 Thursday night 34 year old Steven Caiati detonated a bomb outside his Preston Township home near Route 247. Emergency responders and a bomb unit obtained a search warrant for his home. They later arrested him in Lake Como. Caiati now faces several reckless endangerment charges including one count of holding a weapon of mass destruction. He is being held at the Wayne County correctional facility on 300 thousand dollars bail.

fire damages home in southern monroe county
Monday January 23rd 2012

Investigators are searching for the cause of a fire that gutted a house near Saylorsburg. That fire broke out at a home along Cherry Valley Road around 1:30 Sunday afternoon. No one was home at the time. Flames were coming out of a first floor window when the first emergency dispatch was made. Icy roads were also reported in the area but dozens of firefighters responded. They were able to contain the flames to a living room but smoke damaged much of the residence. Several of the windows were also blown out after yesterday's fire in Monroe County.

Fitness Friday Week 3 - Yoga
Friday January 20th 2012

As we move through January, TV-13 continues to bring you great workout ideas. This week it's yoga. While people view yoga as calming and tranquil, don't let that fool you -- it's still a hard workout. During a yoga workout, you hold poses for more than a minute, so it's bound to increase your balance and flexibility. It's also good for strength. Like any sport, however, you can get hurt. Unlike weight training, if you feel any pain, you’re pushing yourself too far. Remember: there are different types of yoga, so whether you're looking to sweat or just meditate, there's something for everyone.

fire levels monroe home
Friday January 20th 2012

Flames destroy a home in southern Monroe County this morning. That blaze broke out sometime after six-am at a mobile home on Collins Avenue in Ross Township just across from Chicola Lake. The home was fully engulfed when firefighters arrived. No one was believed to be staying there at the time of the fire. Three companies responded to help douse the flames. The cause is under investigation.

jewelry store robbery in tannersville
Friday January 20th 2012

Police are searching for a suspect after a smash and grab robbery at the Crossings Outlets in Tannersville this afternoon. According to scanner reports a man entered the ultra diamonds store around 2:30 and smashed a display case with a hammer. He grabbed a Rolex watch and left in a silver Audi with no license plate. The car fled south on Route 611. The suspect is described as a white male wearing a black hoodie and a black jacket. Pocono Township Police were on the scene investigating this afternoon.

Possible Corruption in Shohola
Friday January 20th 2012

A Shohola Township Supervisor and a former Zoning Officer are facing nearly $130,000 in corruption charges.
An investigative Grand Jury is looking into criminal accusations towards Nelia and Don Wall. The two have been accused of using their elected positions to boost business in there landscaping company. Evidence of tampering with public records and extortion has also been found. Newly elected Township Supervisors say when they first began to stop the criminal acts many residents didn’t believe the accusations.
The Walls could face up to 7 years in jail if convicted. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for February 21st.

Scams targeting PA veterans
Thursday January 19th 2012

Officials warn of scams targeting veterans across Pennsylvania. One involves crooks posing as Veterans Affairs employees. The scammers contact U.S.A.A.--an insurance agency for members of the military--and ask agents for personal information about members in an attempt to steal their identity. The scam other involves con artists calling funeral home directors, asking for records of the deceased in an attempt to collect their benefits. Officials also warn veterans to be wary of phising emails that can steal personal information. If you suspect you're being scammed, contact your local Veterans Affairs office and your local police.

Stroudsburg Considers Closing its Oldest Elementary School
Thursday January 19th 2012

The discussion of closing Stroudsburg’s Ramsey Elementary School brought out hundreds of residents and parents last night.

Ramsey Elementary School has been a part of their community for over 80 years.
The school currently has 140 students attending their kindergarten through second grade classes. The nine teachers at the school would essentially relocate with their students if the school board decides to close Ramsey. Five other supporting staff positions will be cut.

Stroudsburg Area School District Superintendent, Dr. John Toleno says, “When you look at Ramsey Elementary School, it has the lowest enrollment rate. They have to oldest building in our district and it would be too costly to maintain. But it’s a beautiful building to have kids in.”

The school board and the school district will continue this discussion at their next meeting on the 1st of February.

Pocono Mountain School District May Close Two Schools
Thursday January 19th 2012

Just last week the Pocono Mountain School Board was told to make $22 million worth of cuts. Now they're looking at closing two schools - Coolbaugh Elementary Center and Swiftwater Intermediate Schools will close. If that happens, the district will be forced to consolidate schools and grade levels. To save even more money the board also proposed staff reductions. This proposal is made possible because statistics show Monroe County has a population decrease. Pocono Mountain School District is down 500 students this year from last year.
The board will meet again next Wednesday to look over the budget. They plan to reach a decision by mid-May.

flames destroy home near lake wallenpaupack
Thursday January 19th 2012

Frigid temperatures and a downed electric line slowed work to fight a fire in Pike County. That blaze was reported around 9:30 last night on bear run road in Wilsonville near Lake Wallenpaupack. By the time the first crews from the Tafton Fire Department arrived 6 minutes later, the fire had already gone through the roof and the front of the house had collapsed. Tafton First Assistant Chief Nick Spinelli says crews were initially hampered by electrical lines which had fallen in front of the home. Firefighters had to wait for the power to be cut and resorted to pouring water on the home from a safe distance. Four companies responded to help put out the flames. Firefighters believe the home was only used on weekends and no one had stayed there for about a month. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

two killed in pocono crashes
Thursday January 19th 2012

Police in our area are investigating two fatal crashes over the past 24 hours. State Police in Wayne County say 38-year old Michael Mang of Pleasant Mount was killed on Route 670 in Mount Pleasant Township around three this morning. Mang's pick-up went off the road - flipped several times and hit a tree about a quarter of a mile north of Long Pond Road. Police say Mang was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from the truck. He was found pinned underneath the vehicle. That crash closed the road for several hours this morning.
A man was killed after a crash last night in Monroe County. It happened on Echo Lake Road in Coolbaugh Township around seven. A two door Honda hit a tree. The 25-year old driver was pronounced dead by a deputy from the Monroe County Coroner's Office. The driver's identity hasn't been released until family are notified. The crash closed that part of Echo Lake Road for several hours last night.

Wayne Manages Manure
Thursday January 19th 2012

High levels of manure are being recorded in the southern part of the Delaware River and now the D.E.P. is adding stricter guidelines for farmers.
The D.E.P. has recently set new regulations for all livestock holders’ not just cattle farmers. A new manure management manual is now available at the Wayne County Conservation District and has a number of changes on how when and where you can distribute livestock manure. Conservationists say if too much livestock waste gets into water ways it could have some serious ramifications to aquatic life.
The new regulations may add more work make farming more difficult, but the Wayne Conservation District says they will do all they can to help farmers with their manure management plan.

stroudsburg considers closing elementary school
Wednesday January 18th 2012

Stroudsburg School District may close an elementary school to help erase a nearly 10 million dollar budget shortfall. School board members will meet tonight to discuss the fate of the Ramsey Elementary School. Currently 140 students go to that school and would be shifted to Morey and Clearview Schools. The board will also talk about creating larger class sizes in the district in order to lay off 14 teachers. And they may reduce the number of credits required to graduate. That meeting starts at 6:30 tonight in the Stroudsburg Middle School Cafeteria.

township official and husband charged with conflict of interest
Wednesday January 18th 2012

A Shohola Township Supervisor and her husband - a former Zoning Officer - are facing charges for using their positions to benefit their business. Eleanor "Nelia" Wall and her husband Don Wall were arraigned in Pike County Court this afternoon. A grand jury had been investigating the Walls since 2009. The grand jury's report was unsealed today. According to the report - the Walls were charged with counts of conflict of interest and theft. The grand jury believes the two used their official positions to benefit their private excavation business. Both Don and Nelia wall were released on bail after today's hearing. They're due back in court on February 21st.

monroe man jailed after crash at bus stop
Wednesday January 18th 2012

An East Stroudsburg man remains in the Monroe County Prison after a two car crash at a bus stop. Police say 24 year old Alexander Nunez was observed driving at a high rate of speed on Route 209 yesterday morning in Middle Smithfield Township. Officers say he passed a school bus. Crashed into a guide rail and then sped off. Nunez then crashed into another car waiting at a bus stop on Lower Lakeview Drive. A woman and a teenager in the car were hurt. Nunez tried to run away from the scene with a young child. He was taken into custody after a short chase. He faces several charges including d-u-i at a hearing set for January 25th.

Technology Changing 911
Wednesday January 18th 2012

While technology has drastically changed our personal lives, now it's changing 911. For the third time since 2006, Monroe County Commissioners approved the 911 Telephone Access and Contribution Plan. That means, out of your monthly landline telephone bill, $1.25 will go toward the Monroe County Control Center. That's about 17% of their revenue. But as years pass, one problem continues to arise -- cell phones. While $1 is still collected from your monthly cell phone bill, that money doesn't go to the same place. Instead it goes to the state. From there the county can apply for a grant. It’s up to PEMA, however, if that money is granted to the county. That loss of funds could have a huge impact on the community. Officials say if things get worse they may be forced to increase municipality fees. Those increased fees would be put on residents.

Rash of Robberies in Monroe County
Wednesday January 18th 2012

Since the start of this year, a handful of robberies have spread throughout Monroe county, targeting businesses. Last night, around 8pm an armed man came into the Hess Gas Station on Route 611, with his face covered, wearing dark clothing and blue latex gloves.

Just a day before, Smokin’ Joes tobacco shop in East Stroudsburg was robbed with a man fitting a similar description, brandishing a semi-automatic style handgun. And last weekend a customer got this footage on their cell phone of a similarly dressed and armed man entering the China Star Restaurant and emptying their cash drawer.

Stroud Area Regional Police does believe the incidents are linked, however they noted a slight height variation and demeanor in the robbers, so it could be more than one person is involved.

Milford Teen Charged for Vehicular Homicide
Wednesday January 18th 2012

A Pike County Teenager is on trial for charges of vehicular manslaughter after causing a fatal accident in Dingman Township.
After a short deliberation 19 year old Jeffery Emerson chose to waive his right to a preliminary hearing today. Before that a grand jury determined that in April the Milford teenager was driving recklessly on route 2001 when he lost control of his vehicle. According to police reports Emerson was speeding and lost control of his vehicle after passing the car in front of him. Ultimately he ran his car head on into 77 year old William Thiel and killed him.
An investigation shows Emerson was not driving under the influence of intoxication but he traveling over 40 miles an hour over the speed limit at the time of the wreck.

Washington Twp Woman Threatens Boyfriend with Gun
Wednesday January 18th 2012

Police say they were called to a home along Main Street, Washington Township last night for a domestic altercation. The victim says his girlfriend Patricia Keller pointed a muzzle loader at him and threatened to shoot. Her two children were in the room next door. The victim told Keller to leave. He went downstairs and she followed. They got into a physical argument and she apparently left a four inch scratch on his neck which drew blood. Keller has been charged with simple assault, terroristic threats and several other offenses.

2-1-1 now providing Valley residents with free info
Tuesday January 17th 2012

Valley residents have a new number to call if they're looking for help. 2-1-1 is a statewide hotline that now connects residents in Lehigh, Northampton, Carbon and Schuylkill counties to local resources and emergency services. Calls are answered Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6:30 p.m. With enough funding, the United Way hopes to make it a 24/7 service. To access the service, simply dial 2-1-1.

Effort Man Found Dead in Ditch
Tuesday January 17th 2012

An Effort man whose body was found in a ditch on Route 33 in Hamilton Township is bringing up many unanswered questions. Around 10 p.m. last Friday, 19-year-old Corey Costenbader was driving on Route 33 with a group of friends. About a half a mile from the Snydersville exit the car stopped. He got out, ran into traffic and was hit by a car. He then ran into the woods. While his friends did stop and search for him, they never reported the incident. Instead police received the call from the driver of the car that hit him. Police searched for the man all night Friday and all day Saturday. Search and rescue dogs found the body in a water-filled ditch. His death was ruled an accidental drowning. The Monroe County Coroner says he'll receive toxicology results in a few weeks. At that time they can determine if drugs played a factor in this incident.

monroe man sent to NJ to face murder charges
Tuesday January 17th 2012

A Monroe County man is one of three people who have agreed to be extradited to New Jersey to face homicide charges. 21 year old David Beagell junior of Blakeslee and two of the other suspects - 22-year old Andrew Torres and 18 year old Zachary Flowers both of Allentown - waived their right to extradition hearings this afternoon in Lehigh County court. They are accused of fatally shooting a gas station attendant two weeks ago in Phillipsburg New Jersey. The victim was shot in the leg during the botched robbery attempt. Beagell is accused of helping to plan the robbery. Police say Flowers and Torres went to the gas station.

police investigate monroe county robbery
Tuesday January 17th 2012

Police are searching for an armed man who held up a store in Monroe County. It happened around one yesterday at Smokin Joe's Smoke Shop on Milford Road in the Eagle's Glen shopping plaza near East Stroudsburg. The suspect is described as a black male wearing a black coat and black jeans. Police say the man ran off into nearby woods. It is not known how much the man got away with in that armed robbery.

No Snow in Poconos
Tuesday January 17th 2012

The mild winter weather is creating a number of “Pro’s” and “Con’s” for those in the Poconos.
The warmer weather has made for a poor hunting, skiing, and eagle watching season which has hurt the already slow winter tourist season. On the other hand a lack of snow and heavy ice has reduced the amount of salt Penn Dot has had to use so far. With only 9 weeks left in winter Penn Dot says if this weather continues the savings on salt will allow them to do more summer road repairs.
Ledgdale, Sawkill and Rowland roads are just a few on the list to be repaved this summer. Penn Dot says salt prices have gone up 120 percent in the last 5 years and by reducing the amount of salt will free up money for those road repairs.

MLK Breakfast
Monday January 16th 2012

East Stroudsburg University took the time to recognize the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Retired Air Force Lt. Colonel, Raylawni Branch was the first of two African Americans to attend the University of Southern Mississippi. She shared her experience in the civil rights movement at East Stroudsburg Universities 15th annual Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast with residents, ESU students, faculty, and key legislative officials.

Branch says she has seen great progress in our nation, but there is still more work that needs to be done.

Coaldale man arrested for hitting wife with vehicle
Monday January 16th 2012

A Schuylkill County man is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after hitting his wife with a pick-up truck. On Saturday afternoon, police found Angelique Bonetsky of Coaldale pinned between two trucks outside of her Coaldale home. A brief investigation revealed her husband George Bonetsky was the man behind the wheel. Angelique is in stable condition at Lehigh Valley Hospital. George is being held in Schuylkill County Prison. Police say if he is convicted, he could spend the next 15 to 20 years in prison.

Lansford Man Arrested for Drugs
Monday January 16th 2012

Police say they pulled over Enrique Ulissess Ortiz Jr. Thursday in Bowmanstown for an equipment violation. After searching his vehicle, police found 40 baggies of heroin and 21 methadone pills. Ortiz admitted the drugs belonged to him. He has been charged with several counts including possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. He was taken to the Carbon County Prison in lieu of $10,000 bail.

Fire Leaves About a Dozen Animals Dead
Monday January 16th 2012

A Mountainhome barn went up in flames early Sunday morning. Firefighters from Barrett Township and Pocono Mountain Fire Companies arrived to the scene around 1 a.m. They found the barn fully engulfed in flames. The second floor collapsed onto 9 show-horses -- 4 belonged to the owner and she was boarding the other 5. Firefighters battled the blaze for about 5 hours. While they're still investigating a cause, owners think it was electrical. Along with horses, several chickens and a pig were killed. The owner says she wants to start over and rebuild the barn.

weekend fatal crashes in monroe county
Monday January 16th 2012

Police are investigating two car crashes that claimed lives this weekend on route 33 in Monroe County. State Police say 21 year old Richard Gentry of Saylorsburg died after he drove his car northbound in the southbound lanes early Saturday morning. It caused a three car crash near the Wind Gap Exit. Police believe Gentry was intoxicated. Another driver, 39 year old Donna Albenese of Saylorsburg, was flown to a hospital with serious injuries.
And police say the body of a teen who was hit while running across Route 33 Friday night was found two days later. It happened about a half mile south of Interstate 80. Police say 19 year old Corey Costenbader of Effort stopped, got out of his car and ran out into traffic. He was hit by a vehicle but got up and continued to run. Friends with Costenbader at the time searched but could not find him. Costenbader's body was found submerged in a drainage ditch Sunday morning.

weekend fire destroys garage in pike county
Monday January 16th 2012

A weekend fire also destroyed a garage in Pike County. The blaze broke out along Heaters Hill Road around noon Saturday. Firefighters say the flames may have started in a woodstove in the garage. Volunteers from six companies were able to keep the flames from spreading to the family's home nearby. The garage was a total loss after Saturdays fire.

father charged with trying to burn barn where son lost life
Monday January 16th 2012

Police say a father faces arson charges after trying to set fire to a barn where his son was killed near Effort. Firefighters extinguished the blaze before it caused any major damage Saturday afternoon on Astolat Road in Chestnuthill Township. Police say 56-year old Chester Lewoc was taken into custody as he was fleeing the area. His son - 18 year old Frankie Lewoc - died after crashing his car into the barn earlier this month. Police say Chester Lewoc was under the influence of alcohol - endangering two other drivers as he fled the fire scene. A lighter was found in his car that police believe was used to set the fire.

Winter Film Festival
Monday January 16th 2012

For the first time ever The Black Bear Film Festival is coming out of hibernation to bring business to Pike County…
Normally only active in October, festival board members are hoping to stimulate the local economy by holding a Valentine’s Day dinner and a movie Film Festival. By teamed up with ten local restaurants organizers have created several “dinner and a movie” packages that they expect will not only make for a great date night but also benefit the county as a whole.
The film festival starts February 10th and runs though the 12th. For a full list of films log onto

NCC Tuition Increases
Friday January 13th 2012

The lack of state educational funding may force Northampton Community College to raise its tuition.

At last night’s college board of trustees meeting, officials proposed raising tuition for Northampton Community College students. Starting this summer, the $190.00 fee for one credit will be raised to $199.00. Out of county tuition will be increased by 14 dollars per credit. The dean says they usually raise tuition 2-3% each year, but this year, there is a 10% decrease in state funding.

The dean has also left a handful of faculty and staff positions vacant due to the lack of funding.

Weight Training Tips
Friday January 13th 2012

If your New Year’s resolution was to get fit, why not try weight training? Always start with a 5 to 10 minute warm up -- lunges, squats and running on the treadmill is always good. Once your heart rate is up you can start lifting weights. The goal is to fatigue the muscle. If you're a beginner, start with less weight, but still enough to feel the burn. For every exercise, start with three sets of 10. The main benefit – you will continue to burn calories 24-48 hours after you’re done with the routine. Constantly changing up your workout will help you tone. For best results, trainers say only work each muscle group about 3 times a week.

Bon Secours May Cut Maternity Ward
Friday January 13th 2012

A popular maternity ward for Pike County residents may soon be closing its doors leaving many to travel an extra half hour away to give birth.
Due to decline deliveries Bon Secours hospital in Port Jervis is asking for permission from the state to close its maternity department. In the last 5 years the hospital delivery rate has dropped from 400 babies a year to around 150. The hospital also says they are having a hard time hiring new maternity doctors due to a lack of newly trained health physicians in the United States.
The hospital must wait for approval by New York state official before they can close. Once they get approval the hospital will then provide ambulance services to the next nearest hospital.

Protecting your home from Radon
Thursday January 12th 2012

January is National Radon Action Month and health officials want to make sure your home is protected. Radon is a naturally occuring gas that comes from the breakdown of radium in soil. Experts say it's often found in newer homes, which are more tightly sealed. Breathing in radon can cause lung cancer. Most hardware stores sell radon detection kits for about $30. To learn more about protecting your home, check out

Lehighton Man Arrested for Drugs
Thursday January 12th 2012

A Lehighton man is taken into custody for a warrant. Officers later find drugs. State Police say they pulled over a vehicle Tuesday evening on East Alley in the borough. Officers arrested 24-year-old Trevor Hunsicker for an active warrant. He was a passenger in the car. After searching the vehicle, police found 25 baggies containing heroin along with a hypodermic needle. Hunsicker admitted the contraband belonged to him. He was taken to the Carbon County Correctional Facilty based up the warrant. New charges will also be filed.

Schuylkill County Drug Ring Plea - Federal Court
Thursday January 12th 2012

A supplier to a Schuylkill County drug ring pleads guilty in federal court. 37-year-old Hector Rivera, formerly of Allentown, pleaded guilty today to conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. Rivera admits to assisting his brother Juan Rivera in distributing methamphetamine to drug dealers in Schuylkill County from 2003 to 2008. Hector Rivera was indicted by a federal grand jury in April 2008. The plea agreement calls for him to be sentenced to 144 months in prison. Hector's brother Juan previously pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 188 months in prison.

ESU Expanding to Bethlehem
Thursday January 12th 2012

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education is looking to bring public education to undeserved areas. So East Stroudsburg University is taking their institution to Bethlehem –- an area that is lacking in state schools with lower tuition. The new site will be geared toward an older crowd. It will offer Masters Degrees and degree completion programs. All students must have either an Associate’s Degree or 60+ credits. People will also be able to move at an accelerated pace. Rather than a traditional semester, they will offer 8 week sessions of 6 credits each. The first degree that will be offered is public health. They'll also be looking into hospitality management, education and much more. Right now, ESU is working out terms to lease a building in downtown Bethlehem. Officials say they hope to have the site up and running by this fall semester.

Could It Be The End of Water Front Property?
Thursday January 12th 2012

New federal regulations may put an end to construction on water front property, and its making many land owners furious.
Last November the D.E.P. initiated a new regulation on high quality water ways which now keeps water front property owners from developing land within 150 feet from an exceptional water quality shore lines. The regulation has many land developers in the Poconos outraged because over 90 percent of the water in the area is exceptional value. Now area home builders are working with law makers and U.S. senators to lobby against the regulation.
Land owners say the regulation apply to any developments disturbing over an acre of land and this will significantly decreased the value of their property. Home builder say much of their construction involves construction that can span over and acre of land and if it’s not changed before the housing market returns some properties could become worthless. The regulation is part of Pennsylvanians code Title 25, Chapter 102 Erosion and Sediment Control which is meant to keep ensure clean waters.

charter school audit, budget deficit at pocono mountain sd
Thursday January 12th 2012

The Pocono Mountain Charter School and Pocono Mountain School District aren't talking about a report that says the charter school had an improper connection with a church. According to a report obtained by the Morning Call, the charter school may also have illegally given taxpayer's money to the Shawnee Tabernacle Church. The Auditor General’s Office says it's not ready to release the report yet. They were uncertain when it would be made public or how the newspaper received a copy of it.
While the Pocono Mountain School Board isn't commenting on that report, they are facing a hefty budget deficit. A preliminary budget released last night projects a 16 point five million dollar gap between revenue and spending in the next fiscal year. Pocono Mountain Superintendent Elizabeth Robison says it's only a starting point and Pocono Mountain will work to balance spending over the next few months. This isn't the first time Pocono Mountain has faced a budget mess. Last year the district raised taxes more than five percent and was still forced to lay off 100 employees. Pocono Mountain has scheduled a special meeting January 25th to approve the preliminary budget. The final spending plan would not come to a vote until June.

berks man sentenced for threatening wife, troopers in wayne county
Thursday January 12th 2012

A Berks County man will serve time in prison for threatening his ex-wife and trying to hit police officers with his car in Wayne County. 31-year old Jacob Fox was sentenced to between 21 and 42 months in prison for an assault in December of 2010. State Police say fox drove to his ex-wife's home in Newfoundland and caused a disturbance. As he tried to leave police say he attempted to hit several officers with his car. He was eventually stopped and a handgun was found in his vehicle. As a condition of his sentence Fox must have no contact with his former wife.

Lowe's Soft Opening
Thursday January 12th 2012

While residents clamored to the brand new Lowe’s this morning, the parking lot at a local family owned home improvement store was empty, but they say their confident.

Mount Pocono has their first Lowe’s home improvement store. The store opened their doors today for their commercial grand opening. Not only has Lowe’s made way for improvements to Route 940, and it has created positions for 125 residents. Today many shoppers took advantage of the opening to check out the new store.

Lowe’s will have their official grand opening on the 19th.

Panhandling in East Stroudsburg
Wednesday January 11th 2012

With the increase of homeless families in Monroe County, it’s no surprise more and more residents are on the streets.

But businesses on Crystal Street have seen a spike in panhandling this past year. And they say the bar at Lackawanna Hotel is to could be to blame, but owners of the bar say they have a catch 22. They sell alcohol to those who can purchase it, but a lot of their patrons hang around next to the store front, and in some cases, panhandle and even start fights.

Police say they need a victim to come forth and submit a testimony before they can take further action.

Local Casinos Hit Jackpot
Wednesday January 11th 2012

According to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, casinos in Northeastern Pennsylvania are hitting the jackpot -- thanks to slots. But out of the 10 state-wide casinos, Mount Airy in Monroe County ranked the lowest. Officials are working hard to turn their popularity around. In 2010, Mount Airy Casino faced a 12% decrease in slot revenue. In 2011 the casino generated more than $10 million in slots -- that's about a 1.4% increase. To help the increase, officials say they've brought in creative chefs to offer good cuisine. The live bands and comedy acts are another draw. More improvements are on the way. They're getting a new Starbucks in the spring. They're also building a new golf club-house, restaurant, and for all you high rollers, soon you'll be able to play in a more spacious area.

Warm Weather Decreases Eagle Sightings
Wednesday January 11th 2012

Historically, now through the end of March is prime eagle watching season in the Poconos but if warmer weather continues bird watchers may have their work cut out for them.
The mild winter temperatures this year have allowed migratory eagles to remain up north. Normally the birds fly south to their usual fishing grounds along the Delaware, but because rivers and water ways up north are not frozen the birds can continue to find food. Bird watchers say the harsher the winter the better chance you have to see an eagle along the Delaware River and in the Poconos.
Bird watchers aren’t at a complete loss though. Over the years many eagle have made the Poconos their permanent year round home and many can be viewed at designated bird watching sites.

PA Farm Show underway in Harrisburg
Wednesday January 11th 2012

It's the largest indoor agricultural event in America. Thousands are turning out each day to see the 2012 Pennsylvania Farm Show. From locally grown produce to livestock, the week-long event celebrates the state's the number one industry--agriculture. The free event runs through Saturday in Harrisburg.

i-80 bridge project postponed
Wednesday January 11th 2012

Work to install new beams for an exit ramp bridge along Interstate 80 at the Marshalls Creek exit has been postponed because of rain expected tonight. The project caused back-ups when lanes were shut down last night. PennDOT says the work is now expected to take place Thursday night. Traffic is stopped in the area to allow contractors to set new concrete beams into place. Lanes could be closed again anytime between 7pm Thursday to 5 o'clock Friday morning. State Police are urging drivers to consider another route because of the delays.

lowes set to open in mount pocono
Tuesday January 10th 2012

It was delayed because of rainy weather, but the Lowes in Mount Pocono is about to open. Officials say the home improvement store will bring a boost to the local tax base. It will also create approximately 125 new jobs. The store will have a soft open this Thursday. Their grand opening will take place one week later on the 19th. That will include a board-cutting ceremony. Also, if you buy a gift card the day of the grand opening, Lowe's will match purchases up to 5 thousand dollars to support the Monroe County Habitat for Humanity's next building project.

casey calls for meth project after monroe fire
Tuesday January 10th 2012

United States Senator Bob Casey Junior is pointing to a recent fire blamed on a meth lab in Monroe County as a reason to increase awareness of methamphetamine abuse. Casey is asking the National “Meth Project" to start an awareness campaign in Pennsylvania. The senator cited a weekend fire in Stroud Township where firefighters were called to the home on Pine Avenue after an explosion in the basement. The owner's daughter said she was cooking methamphetamine. Police haven’t filed any charges in the case yet. Casey says starting a statewide chapter of the meth project could help prevent people from trying or becoming addicted to the drug.

Argall waives goodbye to Northern Lehigh Valley
Tuesday January 10th 2012

In a few weeks, current state Senate seats will shift west. So this afternoon, David Argall (R-29th) said goodbye to constituents at a Greater Northern Lehigh Chamber of Commerce meeting. He spoke with local business leaders about the programs he's worked to maintain--and assured them their two new Senators share his goals. If the State Supreme Court approves the redistricting plan, State Senators John Yudichak and Pat Browne will take over all of Argall's territory in Lehigh, Northampton and Carbon counties--with the exception of East Penn and Mahoning Townships.

Christopher Thomas Preliminary Hearing
Tuesday January 10th 2012

A Long Pond man charged with vehicular homicide had his preliminary hearing today.
Police say last month 22-year-old Christopher Thomas was driving a car that turned into the path of another vehicle on Route 611 in Tannersville. According to court documents, he was driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. His 16-month-old son, Dimitrius Thomas, was killed in the crash. At today's hearing, the Commonwealth added one more count of involuntary manslaughter to the charges. The district judge determined there's enough evidence to send Thomas to a higher court. From here, he will go on to Monroe County Court for trial.

Gas Prices Rising
Tuesday January 10th 2012

Some local gas stations have raised their prices by 10 cents in just a week, and reports say it may continue to increase.

The tumultuous climate abroad is causing the price for barrels of oil to sky rocket.
And for folks here in the U.S, those barrel prices equate to paying substantially more at the pump. Since the beginning of the year, local gas prices shot up by $0.20, and reports show, this year gas prices could continue to rise.

Many residents have changed their cars, opting for a set of wheels with more miles per gallon. You can visit for the cheapest gas in your area.

Delaware Highland Conservancy Changes
Tuesday January 10th 2012

After a yearlong study on the impacts of natural gas extraction, a conservation group in the Poconos is taking a stand against gas drilling.
The Delaware Highland Conservancy has announced they will not support natural gas drilling, testing or transmission on any of their property easements. Through a number of independent and federal studies they have come to the conclusion that work done by the natural gas industry does not fit within their mission statement. Now any property with a conservancy easement will not be allowed to be developed by natural gas companies.
The conservancy has helped protect over 13,000 acres of land through easements by legally bounding participating land owners to give up the right to develop their property.

Lansford murder trial begins
Monday January 9th 2012

Trial begins for a Lansford man, accused of murdering his estranged wife. On December 9, 2007, 34-year-old Edwina Onyango went missing. She was last seen outside her husband Ernest Freeby's W. Bertsch Street home. Police found a large quanity of blood that matches Onyango's DNA inside Freeby's basement, but they never found her body. Freeby's trial is expected to go on for two to three weeks.

Warmer Weather Bringing People to Ski Slopes?
Monday January 9th 2012

Ski slopes, like Big Boulder and Jack Frost, have been open for a few weeks now. With unseasonably warm weather, however, officials say they had a slower start this year. It’s thanks to man-made snow that Jack Frost has 90% of their slopes open. As the temperatures drop, the remaining slopes will begin to open. Until that happens, some people are actually holding off their trip to the mountains. But that doesn’t mean business is lacking. Officials say the warm weather could be enticing to some people. So far, the warmer weather hasn't caused Jack Frost or Big Boulder to cancel any events. Officials are expecting this season to be just as successful as previous ones.

money stole at wayne church
Monday January 9th 2012

Police in Wayne County want to know who broke into a church and stole a donation jar. That burglary was discovered Saturday at the Calkins Baptist church in Damascus Township. State police say someone smashed a rear window and removed a water jug with money inside. There's no word how much was taken. If you can help with that investigation you are asked to contact State Police at Honesdale.

i-phone theft in monroe county
Monday January 9th 2012

Police want to know who swiped several expensive cell phones during a burglary in Brodheadsville. Someone smashed a front window with a concrete block Saturday night at the A-T-&-T store along route 209. Six I-phones were taken along with two blue tooth accessories. Police say the thieves fled by going out the back of the store. Police didn't release any information about the price of the phones. Officers from the Fernridge barracks are investigating.

stoud man arrested for robbery
Monday January 9th 2012

A Stroudsburg man has been arrested for robbery. Police say 19-year old Andrew Rumolo held up a taxi driver Sunday morning on Stone Street. Officers say the taxi driver picked up Rumolo. He pulled a shotgun out of a guitar case -pointed it at the driver and told him it was a robbery. Rumolo left with cash but was later found by police. The taxi driver identified Rumolo as the robber. Officers say the shotgun and guitar case were found hidden in the area where Rumolo was picked up. The money was recovered in his clothing.

stroud township holdup under investigation
Monday January 9th 2012

Police are also investigating a weekend robbery in Monroe County. A man showed the clerk a black handgun and got away with cash Saturday night at maxi's cigars on route 611 in Stroud Township. The suspect had a mask over his face but he is described as a white male - possibly in his 20's - standing five six with brown hair. The robber fled on foot after the hold-up. Stroud area regional police are investigating.

police seek man who fired shots
Monday January 9th 2012

Police have issued an arrest warrant for a Stroudsburg man on weapons charges. Officers were investigating a report of shots fired at the Creekview Housing Complex in Stroudsburg early Saturday morning. No one was hurt. Officers found a gun at the scene. They believe 27 year old Jamar Gantt fired the shots. Gantt is a convicted felon who is not allowed to have a weapon. The gun had been stolen from a home on Lackawanna Avenue in East Stroudsburg last summer. Gantt is still at large and police are searching for him.

karate school instructor charged with child rape
Monday January 9th 2012

Police in Monroe County have charged an instructor at a karate school with raping a 12-year-old student. 27-year old Stephen Rementer was in court for a preliminary hearing on child rape charges today. Police say Rementer raped a 12- year old girl who had been his student for five years at a karate school in Pocono Summit. Rementer waved his hearing today. Pocono mountain regional police say they are looking into the possibility that there were additional victims.

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