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New PA Bike Safety Law
Friday March 30th 2012

Taking caution when sharing the road with bicyclists has always been a rule for motorists, but beginning Monday it's now the law in Pennsylvania.
Under the new law Pennsylvania drivers will have to leave at least four feet of room when passing bicyclists, called the cushion of safety. This will ensure when motorists are passing a cyclists they do it at a careful and reduced speed.

Redistricting a Go?
Friday March 30th 2012

After the new redistricting map was shot down by the Supreme Court back in January, officials are almost ready to present a new one. In just a few weeks, the Supreme Court will be voting on a preliminary plan, but not a whole lot has changed for Monroe County. They're still proposing - rather than having four House seats like we do now, that number would reduce to three. As far as the Senate - rather than having six Senate districts, we'd only have one. While officials say the major problems were in the western part of the state, we still needed to make one slight change. Since the Supreme Court had an issue with municipal splits - meaning municipalities were being represented by more than one person - our county officials did a little restructuring. The only change -- rather than splitting Pocono Township, it will have one representative. If passed, this new plan can't take effect for another two years. The Supreme Court has until mid-July to vote on this new redistricting map.

police seek men who robbed cabbie, stole cab
Friday March 30th 2012

Police are searching for two men who robbed a cabbie and then drove off with his cab near Bushkill. According to State Police at Blooming Grove the robbers called to be picked up just after midnight at Oak Lane and Chestnut Drive. The driver arrived but was assaulted and robbed. The two men took off in the cab and drove it into a pond a short distance away. Police say the robbers were two black males. The two are described as five feet eleven with a medium build. They eventually fled in a white s-u-v.

Pump Pains
Friday March 30th 2012

Pricey petroleum is hurting more than just drivers… Gas station owners are feeling the pinch as well.
Now that gas has reached 4 dollars a gallon in parts of Pike County fuel station owners say drivers are using credit cards more regularly. When that happens, credit card companies charge gas station owners a 3 percent surcharge and if station owners raise prices it drives away customers. Rising state gas taxes also limit profits and forces drivers to look for cheaper fuel in neighboring states like New Jersey.
Gas station owners say drivers need to keep an eye on fuel quality just because it is cheaper doesn’t mean it gives you better gas mileage.

Local leaders look to boost workforce
Thursday March 29th 2012

Local legislators say there's an enormous potential for job growth in our area--but only if we change the way we think about education. Today, State Sen. Lisa Boscola hosted a roundtable discussion with local leaders in business and education at Northampton Community College. Their goal: increase the local workforce through education--specifically, technical training for high-paying jobs in growing industries. Boscola recently introduced a bill that would offer tax credits to companies that train students through hands-on internships.

Stroudsburg Skate Park Closed
Thursday March 29th 2012

For years, skateboarders have flocked to the Stroudsburg Skate Park, but that's no longer an option. After vandals drew several inappropriate pictures on equipment, borough officials have shut the park's doors. Officials estimate the damage to be about $3,000 --that's money they just don't have. Skaters are so desperate to get the park back open, however, they say they'll foot the bill. That’s something that seems fair, since police blame skaters for the vandalism in the first place. While the borough seemed to like the idea, they never followed through, but skaters aren't giving up yet. They're already speaking with paint shops and plan to approach borough council again.

Court Feels Alexander Gibson is a Danger to Community
Wednesday March 28th 2012

An East Stroudsburg man who broke into a home and attempted to rape a woman earlier this week was in court today.
The Commonwealth asked the court to increase bail for 25-year-old Alexander Gibson. He assaulted, beat and attempted to rape a 24-year-old Emerald Lakes Estates woman, whose identity still isn't being released. Because of the heinous nature of the crime, prosecutors feel this may be a case of attempted homicide. His bail was set at $50,000. Once the court heard Gibson worked with the victim and may have been stalking her, they approved increased bail. Gibson is now being held in the Monroe County Correctional Facility in lieu of $500,000 bail. If he does post that amount he is to have no contact with the victim and cannot leave the county.

four charged with robbery in home invasion
Wednesday March 28th 2012

Four people have been arrested and charged for breaking into a Monroe County home last December. Police say 19-year old Brandon Hallett, 21-year old Nicholas Hauser, 20-year old Anthony Alkema and an un-named 17-year old male took part in the break-in last December on Castle Rock Drive near Marshalls Creek. Police say the four broke into the home around 1-am -- showed the owner a sawed off shotgun, tied him up - beat him and ransacked the home. The un-named 17-year old juvenile will be charged as an adult because of the severity of the crime. The juvenile, Hauser and Alkema are being held on 50-thousand dollars bail. Bail for Hallet was set at 25-thousand dollars.

fight leads to drug, weapons arrest
Wednesday March 28th 2012

A fight leads to the arrest of a Stroudsburg man on drug and weapons charges. Stroud area regional police say 33-year old Mark Lane the second got into a fight with his brother last night on Crystal Street in East Stroudsburg. Officers say Lane's mother had taken a 380 caliber revolver from him before police arrived. Police say they later found the gun in a car. A magazine for the gun and crack cocaine was found in Lane's possession. Officers say Lane is barred from having a gun because of prior arrests. He is in jail tonight on ten-thousand dollars bail.

Weather Emergency Prepardness Week
Tuesday March 27th 2012

Each year one week in March is dedicated for emergency officials throughout the state to prepare for severe weather. To recognize those training efforts, the Carbon County Commissioners declared this week weather emergency preparedness week. The goal is to raise awareness of the hazards severe weather poses to the public and provide safety information in an effort to keep you and your family safe. On Thursday an all day training seminar will be held for emergency personnel. Officials say even some schools and nursing homes will be taking part in practicing their emergency drills.

Former NBA Star Talks Drugs With Students
Tuesday March 27th 2012

Today, a special guest visited the students at Pocono Mountain East High School to address just how dangerous drugs can be.
After battling drug addiction for 14 years, former NBA star Chris Herren has been sober since 2008. Now he shares his story with kids -- educating them about drug abuse. Students at todays assemble called Herren inspirational, especially since drugs are a problem in Monroe County. Police said, since the Poconos is relatively close to several metropolitan areas, it’s an easy destination for drug dealers. Additionally, drug dealers like to target kids. That's why officials say it's important to talk about prevention before the habit begins.

Day 2 of Michael Parrish Double Murder Trial
Tuesday March 27th 2012

Today testimony in the double murder trial was centered on how many shots Michael Parrish fired into his girlfriend and their infant son. Forensic examiners took the stand today, presenting graphic images of Parrish's girlfriend Victoria Adams and their 18-month-old son, Sidney, after he killed them back in 2009.

The autopsy images showed almost 10 bullets riddled the body of Victoria Adams and nearly six bullets pierced through the body of their son. Examiners say Parrish fired the shots less than four feet away from them, as Adams clung to her son in her arms. Examiners suspect a few of the shots may have also been fired after both Adams and her child collapsed on the floor. Parrish was somber and kept his eyes down cast as the images of his girlfriend and son went across the screen.

The prosecution wants the death penalty for the double murder. As the trial continues, the state police officer who Michael Parrish confessed his guilt to, will be taking the stand.

Parrish Trial Begins
Monday March 26th 2012

After a week of jury selection, the man accused of murdering his girlfriend and 18-month-old son had his day in court.

Michael Parrish confessed to state police, that on the night of July 6th 2009. He fired multiple shots at his girlfriend Victoria Adams and his 18-month-old son, Sidney Parrish, killing them both in cold blood. Parrish suspected his girlfriend was cheating on him. Today, the prosecution said "Parrish should get the death penalty, he had no excuse.”

Parrish’s defense however argued that he acted in a fit of rage and was "foundationally insecure.” The defense says Parrish was stressed after dealing with his son's recent heart transplant, and seeing his girlfriend come home, in the company of three different men that night in July, sent him over the edge.

The trial will pick up tomorrow. They suspect it will continue into next week.

L.C.C.C Job Fair
Monday March 26th 2012

The economic downturn has caused many to lose their jobs and one area college is helping those looking for employment with a job fair.
Lehigh Carbon Community College is hoping to help students along with area residents stand out from the competition and get their foot in the door with surrounding employers, by hosting a free job fair that is open to the public. Officials want to remind you to dress professionally and to bring plenty of copies of your resume. The job fair will be Tuesday from 10am to 3pm in the community services center on the college's main campus in Schnecksville.

Emerald Lakes Estate Armed Home Invasion
Monday March 26th 2012

A Tobyhanna Township woman suffers serious injuries after being attacked early Sunday morning. Around 4 a.m., 25-year-old Alexander Gibson of East Stroudsburg broke into a home in the Emerald Lakes Estates community near Long Pond. According to the 24-year-old victim - whose identity isn't being released - Gibson called out her name. When she woke up, he was standing over her. She asked him to leave, but he didn't. She went to protect her 1-year-old child when he hit her multiple times with his fist and kicked her repeatedly. She was knocked unconscious and suffers major injuries to the face. Police say she’ll need facial reconstruction. The victim told police she knew Gibson and he has been stalking her for a short period of time. Police are looking into that. In the meantime, Gibson is being charged with attempted rape, assault and burglary. He will appear in court for his preliminary hearing March 29th.

fire destroys pike home
Monday March 26th 2012

High winds fan flames that destroyed a home in southern Pike County today. Fire broke out around 10-30 this morning on Pheasant Run Road in Lehman Township. Owner John Passamonte was walking his dogs and returned to find the fire. 60 firefighters from five different companies responded. Bushkill Fire Chief Alex Dipaolo says high winds and extreme heat caused the fire to flashover - meaning everything in a room suddenly burst into flames. Firefighters were in the building at the time and had to be pulled out. The homeowner had to be treated for smoke inhalation and one firefighter also suffered a minor injury. A State Police Fire Marshall has been called to look for a cause.

teacher at honesdale school charged with sex assault
Monday March 26th 2012

A teacher in the Wayne Highlands School District has been charged with sexually assaulting a minor in Susquehanna County. State Police charged 26-year old Kyle Cobb of Uniondale with sexually assaulting a boy between 2005 and 2007. The assaults happened when the minor was between the ages of 11 and 13 at a home in Susquehanna County. Cobb was hired as a teacher in the Lakeside Elementary School in Honesdale two years ago. District officials say they were notified about the investigation yesterday and have suspended Cobb without pay. Wayne Highlands Superintendent Gregory Frigoletto says the district takes the matter very seriously and is cooperating with police in the investigation.

Spike in Fatal Crashes - Why?
Friday March 23rd 2012

In the past few weeks, there's been a large amount of car crashes in Monroe County -- three fatal. Police predict more are on the way. That’s why police are making sure they're out patrolling high-crash areas, like Interstate-80. PennDot has also invested about $50 million in the past 5 years - trying to improve the safety of our roads. They’ve added guide rails, rumble strips and reflectors. Officials say there's only so much they can do, however, most times, blame falls on the driver. Police say there’s too many distractions for drivers – including cell phones and other technology. Other problems include speeding and drunk driving. According to police, crashes increase as the weather gets warmer. They're asking everyone to pay attention, slow down and drive safely.

The Bridge to Nowhere
Friday March 23rd 2012

Pike County’s Pond Eddy Bridge saga continues and this time a New York congressman is getting involved.
In a letter to the New York Department of Transportation Congressman Maurice Hinchey asked official to withdraw funding for the bridges replacement project. Hinchey said it was “a bridge to nowhere” and helping Pennsylvania to pay for its replacement would not benefit New York. The bridge is the only way land locked residents in Shohola can cross the Delaware River to their homes in Pennsylvania.
Shohola Township says this shouldn’t be an issue because the two states share maintenance responsibilities for a number of bridges. A decision on the funding has not been made.

Story Correction
Thursday March 22nd 2012

News 13 would like to correct a story we reported yesterday about a baby delivered at a gas station in Hawley. News 13 incorrectly reported Bon Secours Hospital in Port Jervis stopped delivering babies in January. This is not correct. Bon Secours is continuing to operate it's maternity ward. The hospital has asked to stop delivering babies but has not been given permission to discontinue its’ maternity ward by New York State. News 13 regrets this error.

Pocono Mountain Protest
Thursday March 22nd 2012

There may be a little good news after an announcement at Pocono Mountain School Districts meeting last night.

The school district also planned to cut 160 teaching positions weeks ago, but at last night’s meeting, they announced they would be saving 18 of those positions, bring the total number of professional staff cuts to 283. To cut their deficit, the also proposed closing Coolbaugh Elementary, Center Swiftwater, Intermediate Center and Coolbaugh Learning Center.

They will be voting on those school closures on May 16th. And of course the staff reductions are contingent upon that vote.

Carbon Co. contractor gets probation time
Thursday March 22nd 2012

After paying thousands in restitution, criminal charges against a Carbon County contractor have been dropped. Glenn Reimer was arrested for home improvement fraud in 2010 but he's since repaid the victim more than $88,000. Today, Reimer was sentenced to one year probation for his actions. But, there are dozens more who claim Reimer ripped them off. According to federal bankruptcy papers, Reimer owes dozen of people and companies more than $177,000 but, because he's filed bankruptcy, victims can't collect restitution unless they prove fraud.

Library Construction Resumes
Thursday March 22nd 2012

After a 3 month delay the new Pike County Library is breaking ground again.
In late fall construction crews discovered an underground leaking oil tank. Since then have been working with the D.E.P. to cleaning up the mess. Engineers say the tank was from the previous home that burned down in the early 1970’s. A number of these tanks lie all over Milford but the location for most is unknown because they were put in before zoning laws.
Monday the D.E.P. cleared crews to begin working again. Engineers say because of the nice weather they will still finish the library on schedule.

Fuel-Efficient Cars Draw Attention At Auto Show
Thursday March 22nd 2012

The 15th annual Greater Lehigh Valley Auto Show kicked off today and this year it's all about being green. With gas prices expecting to sky rocket to $5 a gallon this summer, many people visiting the auto show were checking out fuel efficient cars like the Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf and the Toyota Prius. The Prius gets more than 50 miles to the gallon. While these cars are cheaper in the long run, the price tag is definitely steep. However, officials say the economy is slowly turning around and car sales are increasing. Whether you're looking to buy a car or just want to see the latest models, you have until Sunday at 6 p.m to check out the auto show.

Meals on Wheels looking for more volunteers
Wednesday March 21st 2012

As part of National March for Meals Month, several local officials became volunteers on Wednesday -- including Slatington mayor Walter Niedermeyer. Meals on Wheels of Lehigh County is looking for more people to deliver meals to homebound seniors. They're also looking for donations to keep the program running. To learn how you can get involved, check out

Albrightsville Man Headed to County Court
Wednesday March 21st 2012

An Albrightsville man faces charges in Carbon County Court after hitting a police officer with his car several months ago. Police say on November 30th, 51-year-old Robert Monroe struck a Jim Thorpe cop who was directing traffic on Route 209 around a broken down vehicle. Officer Joe David was seriously injured and needed surgery to repair his leg. After the crash Monroe admitted to taking prescription percocet earlier in the day. Today he was in district court where he waived his right to a preliminary hearing. All charges against him will be heard in county court.

Summit Hill Man Failed to Register as a Sex Offender in Pa.
Wednesday March 21st 2012

A Summit Hill man is in trouble after failing to register as a sex offender in Pennsylvania. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 30-year-old Robert Connors, III is designated as a sexual offender as a result of a conviction in 2006 for possession of child pornography. They allege he knowing failed to register and update information as he was required to do. This carries a penalty of a maximum term of ten years in jail and fines in the amount of $250,000.

Area Hospital Fights Obesity
Wednesday March 21st 2012

Obesity levels in the United States are at an all time high. After some research, officials found Tamaqua actually has among the highest obesity rates in the nation. To tackle this growing problem, St. Lukes Hospital Miners Campus and the Tamaqua Area Community Partnership are teaming up to promote healthy living with a program called “Live Your Life." They even received a $4,000 grant to get the ball rolling since Tamaqua is considered an undeserved area. They also received the grant because obesity rates in the community’s adults are 47% and for the children it’s 22%. To promote a healthy lifestyle, hospital officials will work with farmers markets, restaurants and gyms -- trying to get discounts for community members. They will also visit schools for pep talks. Officials hope to get the program started by late April - early May.

Wednesday March 21st 2012

A Pike County woman gave birth to their child into a very unlikely place… a gas station parking lot. Unable to make it to Wayne Memorial Hospital in time Mary and Justin Riddle gave birth to their second child at the Citco Gas Station in Hawley. TheRiddles say a mechanic played a big part in the delivery of their baby by tying his shoe lace around the baby’s umbilical cord. Once transported to Wayne Memorial Hospital doctors gave new born baby Elijha Riddle a clean bill of health.

Expect more mosquitoes this spring
Tuesday March 20th 2012

Because temperatures have been so mild, many insects have already hatched--including mosquitoes. The combination of a warm winter and a bat population that's been decimated by white nose syndome all but gurantees this will be a banner year for the bugs. Since mosquitoes are already biting and breeding, they have more time to contract and spread dangerous diseases like west nile virus. Some simple safety tips include removing empty pots or cans from your backyard after it rains, and providing a habitat for their natural predators, like frogs and songbirds.

New Life for Pike Business Park?
Tuesday March 20th 2012

The Pike County Chamber of Commerce has new plans to breathe life back into the county’s vacant business park.
Chamber President Mike Sullivan is working start an” Industrial Development Agency”. He says the agency will be responsible for marketing the business park to established industries like manufacturers and office managers. Development agencies also help businesses move in by working to get them incentives like tax breaks and building permits.
Sullivan says he has found some businesses interested in the park. The Chamber is planning a special realtors meeting next Monday to discuss any and all marketing of the business park.

Students Fight For Their Education
Tuesday March 20th 2012

Proposed state budget cuts are already affecting our local grade-school districts. Now the governor is going after higher education and students are protesting. Harrisburg is predicting a shortfall of more than $700 million. To help alleviate that debt - Governor Tom Corbett is proposing a 20% budget cut to state university. If passed, this will be the second year in a row Governor Corbett cuts state owned university funding -- something our local state representatives aren't in favor of. Many of the students that joined today's rally say if tuition goes up, they may be forced to drop out of school. For that reason, our state representative say they will take the fight to Harrisburg, in hopes the final budget in June will pass without a 20% cut to state universities.

Palmerton Historic Meeting Friday
Tuesday March 20th 2012

A historic district could be coming to Palmerton as the borough celebrates its centennial. The Palmerton Historical Society is hosting a special meeting Friday night for the public to learn more about the proposal. The historical society has been pursuing the designation for the past several years. Friday night's public meeting begins at six. It's being held at the Palmerton Area Library.

Stomach Bug Going Around
Monday March 19th 2012

The virus gastroenteritis - commonly known as the stomach flu - is spreading like wild fire throughout Carbon County. Unlike seasonal Influenza, gastroenteritis can spike up at any time of year, and right now is one of those times. Symptoms include upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, fever and body aches. They can last up to three days. During that time it may be hard to stomach any food -- many people need a trip to the hospital just to get hydrated. Since this virus is spread by physical contact, doctors say the best thing to do is wash your hands.

PMRP May get a Reality Show
Monday March 19th 2012

For all those who thought the Pocono Mountains are boring, reality show producers certainly don't agree.
The Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department is being documented, by a New York production company with the hopes of getting picked up by a major network, namely A&E.

The production crew is embarking on their second day of shadowing the police on a day of swat training. The show,
currently being called "Mountain Force'' will show a interesting side of the police department and if it gets picked up, will help them secure positions and bring in additional funds.

The production company has a couple more shoots to do before they put together the official pilot to begin pitching. So far producers are excited and confident that they may have a hit.

police arrest wayne man in ex-girlfriends house
Monday March 19th 2012

Police in Wayne County say they have arrested a Honesdale man for breaking into a former girlfriend's home. Honesdale borough police say 47-year old Joseph Bennett was found at the home on Church Street last Tuesday. The owner said she has an active protection from abuse order against Bennett, barring him from having any contact with her. Officers say it appears Bennett came in through a window and was highly intoxicated. He is being held on 20-thousand dollars bail.

pike man pleads guilty to homicide charges
Monday March 19th 2012

A man accused of murdering his wife has pled guilty in Pike County court. 35 year old Patrick Kruger admitted to strangling his wife in their Dingmans Ferry home last may. When law enforcement arrived they found his wife holly Kruger’s dead and Patrick Kruger unresponsive on the floor next to her. A suicide note was found on his computer confessing the murder and the couple’s marital problems. Kruger now faces 15 to 30 years in prison.

jury selection underway in monroe double murder case
Monday March 19th 2012

Jury selection is underway in the trial of a Monroe County man charged with murdering his girlfriend and their 18-month old son. 26-year old Michael Parrish plead guilty twice to murder charges for the shooting deaths of Victoria Adams and her infant son Sidney at their Effort home in July of 2009. Both of those pleas were later withdrawn. Parrish faces the death penalty and that means jury selection will take longer than normal. Attorneys will question jurors individually instead of in a group. The trial will get underway once the jury is selected.

Ground Water Grant
Monday March 19th 2012

The Pike County Conservation District is working to protect the future of county ground water from the possibility of natural gas fracking contamination.
With the support of county commissioners the conservation district is working towards a grant that will allow the United States Geological Survey to begin a 2 year study on county ground water. The study will document what current water conditions are like so this way if future drilling contaminates waters the county will have evidence to base a case on.
The study will cost around $250,000 but the conservation district hopes to pay for the study through a grant from the Scenic Rural Preservation Program.

Palmerton Man Arrested for DUI
Monday March 19th 2012

Police say a Palmerton man was driving drunk when he crashed his vehicle this weekend. 37-year-old James Buchanan drove off the road and into a tree Sunday morning around two o'clock. The accident happened along 57 Road in Towamensing Township. He was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital by ambulance. Police say he was then arrested for driving under the influence.

Kidder Township Police Heighten Communication
Friday March 16th 2012

Kidder Township police are on a mission -- to heighten communication with residents. They're doing it with the help of technology. is a website that helps police keep residents in the loop – from emergencies to road closures. Alerts are sent to your cell phone or email account by the chief or another member of the police department. To sign up for these alerts, just go to or text KIDDER to 888777.
If the program is successful, police will consider upgrading to alerts via land lines.

Amphibious Crossing
Friday March 16th 2012

The first day of spring is still days away but love is already in the air for hundreds of amphibians in The National Park Service.
For the next few weeks’s frogs, salamanders and other amphibians will be migrating to wetlands along River Road in the Park Service. The animals are in search of a perspective mates and emerge from the woods at night when the weather is warm and there is a light rain. In years past hundreds of these amphibians were killed by cars when they crossed but now during optimal conditions the park service closes the road to traffic.
The Park Service is inviting the public to view the animal crossings to find out the next time it happens like the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area’s Facebook page.

Police on the Lookout for Drunk Drivers
Thursday March 15th 2012

Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and with major emphasis on alcohol, police are sending out their last reminders not to drink and drive.
Every year, hundreds of accidents - many fatal - occur on March 17th -- a result of driving under the influence. Statistics show, the number of crashes are pretty consistent each year. Police say the goal is to bring that number down. To do that, police will set up DUI check points and monitor the roads. If you're caught driving drunk, you could face jail time, higher insurance rates, police can revoke your license and much more. The number one tip this weekend: if you're going to drink, have a designated driver.

More Tobacco Stores in Matamoras
Thursday March 15th 2012

An increasing number of tobacco stores in Pike County are causing concern for residents that live near the businesses.
At the last Matamoras Borough Council meeting residents protested the construction of a new tobacco store on route 209. The borough already has over 15 tobacco outlets and residents say its starting to give the borough a bad image. Council members say because the stores are within permitted use areas they cannot legally deny them permits. Delaware Valley’s school nurse says when students become surrounded by tobacco they are more likely to start smoking.
The borough has already permitted 2 more tobacco stores to start building. Council members say the good news is many of the towns vacant buildings are being renovated and occupied.

$5.5 million grant for hyrdoelectric plant at beltzville
Wednesday March 14th 2012

It looks like a hydroelectric plant at Beltzville will finally become a reality. On Tuesday, State Senator John Yudichak and State Representative Doyle Heffley announced they've secured a $5.5 million grant for the borough of Lehighton to build a hydroelectric power plant. A private company, Summit Water Nexus, has agreed to provide $10.2 million in matching funds. Once completed, it's estimated the borough will save $2.3 million in electricity costs over the next 50 years. It should also bring an immediate 50 construction jobs; no word yet on when that construction will begin.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police Crime Analysis
Wednesday March 14th 2012

Pocono Mountain Regional Police have had no shortage of drama lately, but they're hoping a new partnership with college students will minimize that in the future.

A new partnership will provide the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department with invaluable information, that will save the force thousands and help retain their manpower, and it’s free. The police department announced a partnership with cedar Crest College in Allentown and the University of Louisville graduate students.
They will then assess each case and determine community safety, department efficiency and pin point where the department should be spending extra money and man power.

Meanwhile in another effort to increase revenue, they are shooting a reality show pilot. We will have a sneak peak of that next week.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area New Stats
Wednesday March 14th 2012

There are not many attractions that can bring in 4.9 million people to an area… That is unless you are the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.
Recent statistics by the National Park Service show the recreation area is ranked 10th in the most visited National Park in the United States. More popular than The Grand Canyon, Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area says the average visitor spends over $30 per person pumping around $150,000,000 into the local economy.
Local businesses say lately those visitors have not become customers and they are blaming it on the economy but the park service says visitation has remained steady for several years so when the economy does turn around they expect visitors will be spending more.

police seek slashing suspect
Wednesday March 14th 2012

Pocono Mountain Regional Police have a warrant for the arrest of a suspect in a stabbing investigation. Officers say 26-year old Morris Clark Junior is wanted for slashing 45-year old Robert Keegan at a home in A Pocono Country Place. Police say Clark showed up at the home around 8:30 a-m yesterday and immediately began slashing Keegan with some kind of knife. Keegan needed ten stitches to his chin and eight stitches in his neck. Police say they contacted Clark by phone to let him know they have a warrant for his arrest.

i-80 crash victim identified
Wednesday March 14th 2012

Police have identified a woman killed in a crash yesterday on Interstate 80 in Bartonsville. Officers say 77 year old Concetta Terlizzi of Long Pond was a passenger involved in the crash. Terlizzi was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say her husband -Joseph Terlizzi- was attempting to change lanes. His car struck a tractor trailer which swerved and the rig went through the grassy median -- into the eastbound lanes missing several cars in the process. Terlizzi's car rolled several times before landing on its roof. 80 was shut down in both directions for about six hours.

Police Find Missing Stroud Township Man's Remains in SC
Wednesday March 14th 2012

It’s confirmed -- police have found the body of a Stroud Township man who's been missing for about three weeks. The body of 87-year-old Joseph Devivo was discovered earlier this week -- partially submerged in water near a riverbed in Lancaster County, South Carolina. The main suspect - 31 year old Rico Herbert - who was originally found driving Devivos car, was the one who told police where to find the body. While Herbert has not admitted to killing Devivo, officials believe Devivo was killed in Monroe County and then the body was transported to South Carolina. Police found Devivo and Herbert were connected through a third party police are declining to name. It was Devivo’s bank account that Herbert kept his eye on. Herbert is in custody in South Carolina where he faces charges for unrelated crimes. He will soon be brought back to Monroe County where prosecutors will determine his future.

Emergency Text Alerts
Tuesday March 13th 2012

Imagine knowing about any major traffic jam or emergency the second it happens. Starting today, that's a reality for Monroe County residents. Monroe County Emergency Management and the North Eastern Pennsylvania Counter Terrorism Task Force have been working on a new emergency alerting program. As of today, county residents can turn to their cell phones, pagers or email accounts for the latest emergencies in the area. Monroe is the second of 7 counties to have access. Pike, Wayne, Carbon, Lackawanna and Susquehanna are working on it. It's already in full swing in Northampton County. Officials say it's already been beneficial. To sign up visit Monroe.AlertPA.Org

New bridge at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort
Tuesday March 13th 2012

Spring is right around the corner, and that means the golf season will soon be in full swing at one local resort.

This unique bridge at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort is re-built every year, usually after being taken down, but some parts are destroyed by the high and raging waters in the Delaware river during the winter. And is the only way anxious golfers can make their way to the green on the other side of the island.

Now, they are taking advantage of the mild winter and starting their golf early. This is the resorts first time in 12 years they've been able to begin bridge construction this early. The golf season kicks off at the golf resort this Saturday, just three days before the end of winter.

BMWs improving patient care at BMHS
Monday March 12th 2012

Staff at Blue Mountain Health System are ditching the paper charts and spending more time with patients. Earlier this year, 80 Bedside Mobile Workstations arrived at the Palmerton and Gnaden Huetten campuses. The machines are designed to improve patient safety by providing immediate access to medical records. Federal health care reform requires every hospital in the country begin converting patient medical records into an electronic format before 2015. Blue Mountain Health System expects to convert all patient records within the next year.

Pipeline Path Issues
Monday March 12th 2012

A proposed natural gas pipeline path has divided Pike County Officials and the National Park Service.
To fast track an upgrade to a natural gas pipeline project, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company has proposed to reroute a portion of current pipe, 6.5 miles around the Park Service lay it onto Pike County land. The county is opposed to this because it will cross pristine wild land and lay next to Delaware Valley High school. The park service says because of current legislation they cannot allow natural gas to cross the park.
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company is still looking to get approval of the detour and expects to start construction by summer of 2013.

car damages hotel septic system
Monday March 12th 2012

Police also want to know who caused thousands of dollars in damages at a Monroe County hotel. Police say someone drove over the septic system at the Comfort Inn in Bartonsville on January 20th. The vehicle's tires sunk into the septic field causing 80-thousand dollars in damage. The incident is under investigation by State Police at Swiftwater.

kegs stolen in pocono pines
Monday March 12th 2012

Pocono Mountain Regional Police want to know who stole more than a dozen empty beer kegs from a restaurant in Pocono Pines. Officers say two men took the kegs from Van Gilder's Jubilee restaurant on February 23rd. The men took several kegs and then returned to take more. A total of 15 empty kegs were stolen. The theft cost the business 750 dollars.

monroe pharmacy robbery
Monday March 12th 2012

Police are searching for a man who robbed a pharmacy near Marshalls Creek. Wearing a black ski mask, the man entered the C-V-S on Route 209 in Middle Smithfield Township Saturday evening. He handed the pharmacist a note asking for prescription drugs and stating he had a gun. No weapon was shown. The pharmacist gave the man drugs and he fled. Police say the robber was a man of unknown race with a medium build - standing six feet to six feet two. He was dressed in black with blue jeans. No one was hurt in the robbery. State Police at Swiftwater are investigating.

Making The Blue Mountain Green Again
Monday March 12th 2012

Today, crews continued their annual quest toward making the Blue Mountain green again. For years, the EPA has been working to re-green the mountain side, fixing the environmental mess an old zinc smelting operation left. Officials say every time it storms a lot of erosion occurs. When that happens, hazardous metals fall downhill and kill the vegetation. The worst part – these metals fall into the Lehigh River and Aquashicola Creek. In 2006, they began using airplanes to distribute seed, lime and fertilizer to re-grow the vegetation. Today, crews were at it again. They plan to have the last patches of mountain done by Friday.

Unknown Future for Historic Honesdale Train
Friday March 9th 2012

A decrease in ridership could be the demise of a historic railroad in Honesdale.
The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce announces that the 2012 Stourbridge Line Rail Excursions will be put on pause until more funding can be found. Over the past 32 years grants have helped keep the railroad operational but due to a drop in passenger and an increase in operational costs the train had to be parked. The train has brought over a half a million visitors to Honesdale and with its closure many local merchants question the future of their business.
The chamber is looking at any and all solutions to the closures. Right now the train is looking at over $60,000 dollars in repairs and a number of updates to the tracks.

Kicking Off Red Cross Month
Friday March 9th 2012

The American Red Cross has been in our area for almost 100 years now, but when people hear of the organization, many only a think of blood drives. While they've saved over 19 thousand lives by supplying blood to hospitals like Pocono Medical Center, that's not all they do. They offer safety training courses, help people communicate with their loved ones overseas in the military, and the biggest -- disaster relief. Their last major disaster relief efforts in the Poconos were Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. For the named storms they set up lodging and offered people clothes, food and other essentials. Throughout this month - Red Cross Month - the organization will hold workshops, presentations and other awareness activities. For more information, visit www.RedCrossPoconos.Org

Hamilton Township Scam
Friday March 9th 2012

Residents in one Hamilton Township neighborhood were targeted this week, but police tell us these scams are happening all over.

In the last two weeks, residents in this neighborhood have reported two incidents in which a white male in his mid-30's knocked on residents doors. The man said he crashed his car and needed money to get his vehicle towed. Before residents could give the man any money he got nervous and ran away. Police believe the man was engaging in a scam and falsified the story. Meanwhile, Stroud Area Regional Police has seen over 30 of these cases, reported in Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg just this year.

Stroud Area Regional has one of the scammers on their radar and State
Police say they will continue their investigation in Hamilton Township.

Police ready for busy weekend in Jim Thorpe
Thursday March 8th 2012

The 15th annual Saint Patrick's Day parade in Jim Thorpe is just days away, and police are gearing up for a huge turnout. The Jim Thorpe Police Department recently hired five new part-time police officers; on Sunday, they'll have 13 uniformed officers patrolling the parade route--and several more undercover. They're also teaming up with the North Central Regional DUI Program and Pennsylvania State Police. They'll conduct sobriety checkpoints and roving patrols throughout Carbon County. Local bars say they'll also be bringing in additional personnel to assist with crowd control.

More Cuts for Pocono Mountain School District
Thursday March 8th 2012

Hundreds of teaching positions could be on the line after last night's Pocono Mountain School District meeting.

At last night’s meeting, the school district is proposing to cut nearly 300 positions. Along with the closure of Coolbaugh Elementary Center, Coolbaugh Learning Center and Swiftwater Intermediate School, to make up for the 4.7 million dollar budget shortage.

Members of the Pocono Mountain Education Association don't think the cuts will benefit the students, and will eliminate vital positions like 48 math teachers and a number of special education teachers.

While the teachers association plans their next move, the school district will be meeting on the 21st to discuss the budget.

Infant Murderer Pleas Guilty
Thursday March 8th 2012

A man accused of killing his newborn child with a cinder block stood before the court today.
In May of last year police charged 20 year old Christopher Fitzpatrick and his girlfriend Jennifer Barrise was charged with the murder of their new born child. The infant was found behind a Salem Township Landscaping business bludgeoned to death with a cinder block. Today Fitspatrick plead guilty to first degree murder which would give him a life sentence without parole
By pleading guilty Fitzpatrick cannot be given the death sentence. His sentencing is scheduled for May 17th.

Photo ID Required to Vote?
Thursday March 8th 2012

The senate has voted --- and if you want to do the same come November, you're probably going to need to show some photo identification. It's all an attempt to prevent voter fraud. The new bill will run the department of state about $4 million. It still needs to be signed by Governor Tom Corbett. If you ask Monroe County Commissioner Suzanne McCool, though, she says she's against the bill. She says Pennsylvania doesn't have a history of voter fraud and the new bill would just suppress votes because it might be hard for minorities, the poor and the elderly to vote. Many seniors, however, are actually for it. If signed by Governor Corbett, there will be a trial run during the April 24th Primary Election. It will then be in full swing by the November elections.

raid at wayne county tobacco store
Thursday March 8th 2012

Police raided a tobacco store in Honesdale today looking for illegal drugs. The Wayne County Distict Attorney’s office says search warrants were served at “Smokes To Go” along Route Six. Officers were looking for an illegal substance known as “Cloud 9” used as synthetic marijuana. Members of the Wayne County Drug Task Force had been investigating the tobacco shop regarding sales of the drug. At the same time officers searched the store in Wayne County police conducted similar raids at several smoke shops in Lackawanna County. Police have not said what was found as a result of those raids at this time.

Pike County Sales Tax… Possibility?
Wednesday March 7th 2012

A sales tax on top of a sales tax… it’s an idea Westfall Township has proposed to bring in some extra cash Pike County… but is it a good idea?
After a recent planning meeting supervisors sent a proposal to Senator Lisa Baker in hopes to approve a Pike County Sales tax. Similar to sales taxes in Philadelphia the income would benefit all of Pike County, but some think it may discourage visitors from shopping in Pike County. Supervisors say the idea was formed to help offset costs of their bankruptcy that has been a major burden to the townships tax payers.
The proposal is being reviewed by the senator and county commissioners. More details will be discussed at next month’s township meeting.

Texting While Driving Ban Starts Tomorrow
Wednesday March 7th 2012

When you get a text, chances are you feel the urge to read and answer it -- sometimes even while driving. Starting tomorrow, if police catch you texting while behind the wheel, they can pull you over and check your phone's history. The fine is $50, but other fees added by the state bring that fee up to $136. It doesn’t matter if you’re parked at a red light, that’s still considered driving. Police say this law will be hard to enforce since Pennsylvania isn't a hands-free state. Police will be on the lookout for warning signs, like cars swerving into other lanes or driving at an extremely slow pace.

dry conditions in the poconos
Wednesday March 7th 2012

The National Weather Service issues a red flag warning for the entire region today because of the danger of brush fires. That warning expires at seven tonight but similar conditions are expected tomorrow. Warm temperatures - extremely low humidity levels and a steady wind are making it easy for fires to break out and spread rapidly. Fires were doused quickly by firefighters in effort and Brodheadsville today. Firefighters say in these kinds of conditions it's best to avoid burning.

wayne chamber suspends train runs
Wednesday March 7th 2012

Wayne County’s Stourbridge Line Rail excursions might not happen this year. The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce said today it’s putting the train runs on hold because of high costs for maintenance and equipment repairs. The Wayne chamber has operated the excursions for more than 30 years. Recently they ran through a partnership with a rail company and the Lackawaxen-Honesdale Shippers Association. The chamber says they’re working to bring train runs back as soon as practical.

Monroe Agencies Worried about Cuts
Wednesday March 7th 2012

Governor Tom Corbett's proposed budget continues to be the subject of debate for Monroe County officials.
And it looks like more human service agencies will be affected.

For the MH/MR agency, this means a 20 percent reduction, to the tune of 300 thousand dollars for their development services which help 314 people in the county. Mental health services will lose over 1 million dollars.

The 21 thousand elderly residents taking advantage of this service may be losing the one on one care of the 10 person staff in the waiver unit. As the budget proposes a switch from care management to service coordination for the senior citizens, which they say will save 5-15 million.

The last day for public comment on this matter is Friday.

Area Superintendents discuss budget concerns.
Tuesday March 6th 2012

Area School Districts are planning ahead for another tough fiscal year. The cuts to public education in Governor Tom Corbett’s proposed state budget for 2012-20-13, has Pennsylvania school districts left in limbo yet again. So some area superintendents met with business leaders Tuesday to discuss the impact these cuts will have on taxpayers and students. This meeting with the Greater Northern Lehigh and the Northampton Area Chambers was to spread how important public education is throughout the commonwealth.

Turnpike eyes all-electronic tolling
Tuesday March 6th 2012

The Pennsylvania Turnpike takes another step toward all-electronic tolling. For the past year, Pennsylvania Turnpike officials have been conducting a study to determine if it's possible to convert to all electronic tolling. After 12 months of analysis, they say the changes can be made for around $320 million. If you don't have EZ Pass, cameras would take a picture of your license plate and the turnpike would mail you a bill. The turnpike now plans to hire a program management firm to look at hurdles--like job placement for more than 700 toll collectors. Officials anticpate the transition to cashless tolling would take at least 5 years.

Rush Township Burglary Arrests
Tuesday March 6th 2012

Rush Township Police have arrested three people they say have been invovled in numerous burglaries through out Schuylkill, Carbon and Lehigh Counties. 40-year-old Frederick Postie of Rush Township, 33-year-old Stephanie Keck of Summit Hill, and 30-year-old Kerry Frank are facing charges of burglary, criminal conspiracy, theft and other charges. Police say the trio admitted to more than 20 burglaries since September 2011. Other people linked to the trio are facing charges. Many items have been recovered including guns, paintings, televisions and power tools. Postie and Keck were involved in a retail theft ring that went as far as Maryland. All three targeted homes up for sale or homes being built. Police say the main goal was to get copper to fuel their drug addiction. Nesquehoning and Summit Hill Police assisted Rush Township in this case.

Mahoning Township Police Warn About Burglaries
Tuesday March 6th 2012

Mahoning Township Police warn residents to be on the look out for suspicious activity. Officers say there have been several residential burglaries and acts of vandalism in the Beaver Run area of the township.

Drugs Leading to Higher Crime in Monroe County
Tuesday March 6th 2012

Crime rates in Monroe County are up and police are linking that to a spike in drugs. Police say about 85% of crime is drug related, especially in this area because Monroe County is right in the middle of several source cities – cities where the majority of a particular drug comes from. For example - most of our heroine comes from Newark, New Jersey, but dealers like to come here because they can get more cash. In Newark, New Jersey a packet of heroine sells for $4, but it sells for $20 here in Monroe County. In a poor economy, officials say drug addicts will do just about anything to afford their habit. If you or someone you know is suffering from a drug addiction, you can contact the Carbon/ Monroe/ Pike Drug and Alcohol Commission for help at (570) 421-1960.

wayne county court cuts proposed
Tuesday March 6th 2012

Court officials in Wayne County have proposed closing one district court because of state cuts. The state supreme court has asked court officials to reduce the number of district courts by ten percent state wide. In Wayne County officials have proposed closing Magisterial District Justice Jane Farrell's court in Waymart. Farrell just began a new six year term this year but she is eligible for retirement in 2014. Boundaries for Wayne County's three other district courts would be changed to include Farrell's coverage area. The change is only a proposal at this time and the public will have 30 days to comment on the plan. Details about the proposal and maps of the changes have been posted on Wayne County's website under the court of common pleas link -

Mount Pocono Bar Shooting
Tuesday March 6th 2012

Police have identified the two people injured, after shots were fired in front of a mount Pocono bar yesterday.

The owner of Copa Bar and Grille, Eider Prados, says his establishment he is devastated after gun fire range out after a birthday party at the bar. Over 20 bullets were fired, hitting the bar, neighboring buildings and parked vehicles.

Eric Williams and Greg Cousar had multiple gunshot wounds. Police have arrested Kerey Cousar for falsifying information. They also arrested Andrea Hernandez for an outstanding bench warrant that was also on the scene.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police are still investigating this case; they are also continuing to question patrons who were at the restaurant.

The Breaking Point for I-84
Tuesday March 6th 2012

Penn DOT has some big plans to put an end to the rough roads on I-84 in Pike County.
Next May a full reconstruction and realignment on both east and west bound roads and bridges will begin on the stretch interstate from Port Jervis to Milford. The multimillion dollar project is expected to eliminate pot holes and cracks for the next 40 years. Penn DOT says the problem initially started when they paved over the old concrete interstate and the asphalt didn’t adhere well.
Penn DOT says at the same time they plan to work on some parts of route 6. The project is expected to take 2 years.

New local tax law now in effect
Monday March 5th 2012

In recent weeks, you might receive a notice about changes to your local tax law. On Jan. 1, 2012, Act 32 went into effect. It's an attempt to streamline the way local taxes are collected in Pennsylvania. For the most part, they're now being collected by county--which cuts the number of local tax collectors from 560 to 69. It also changes the way employers withhold your Earned Income Tax. Under Act 32, they must indentify the local tax rate where you live and where you work, and withhold the higher of the two. Because Act 32 didnt go into effect until January, you'll still file your 2011 return with your previous tax collector. For more information, go to and click on Act 32 Information.

Washington Township Fatal Car Crash
Monday March 5th 2012

An Emerald man is dead after a crash last night in Washington Township. It happened around 6 p.m. along Old Mill Road. Witnesses tell police they saw 32-year-old Samuel Frame pass another vehicle in a "no passing zone" and he appeared to be driving at a high rate of speed. As he entered the curve at Molasses Barrel Road he lost control of his car. The vehicle went off the road and down an embankment. The car then traveled about 100 feet before crashing into a tree. Frame was pronounced dead at the scene.

stroud police investigate stabbing, robbery
Monday March 5th 2012

Police say a disagreement over a drug deal left one man with stab wounds and another in custody. Stroud Area Regional Police say 51 year old Daryl Pearson of Stroudsburg faces aggravated assault charges after the incident early Sunday morning. Officers say Pearson and another man began arguing about a drug deal on west main street. The victim was stabbed in the abdomen. Pearson was taken into custody.
And police say an East Stroudsburg man faces robbery charges after a hold-up in a burger king bathroom. Officers say 31-year old Clayton Price grabbed an employee Saturday Night at the Burger King on Lincoln Avenue. Police say price held the victim in a chokehold and took seven hundred dollars from his pocket. The victim and several other people chased price as he fled. The victim was able to retrieve his cash but price got away. Officers caught up with price and the victim identified him as the robber.

Fatal Motorcycle Crash Washington Township
Monday March 5th 2012

A Salisbury Township man is dead after an accident in Washington Township. The fatal motorcycle crash happened early Sunday afternoon. The Lehigh County coroner pronounced 69-year-old Gerald Boyer dead at the scene. According to police, Boyer was heading south on Route 873 when he lost control on a curve at the intersection of Mountain Road. The motorcycle went off the roadway and into a utility pole. The coroner says Boyer died of severe head injuries. Route 873 at Mountain Road was closed for an hour and a half while police investigated.

Updates on Missing Stroud Township Man
Monday March 5th 2012

Police continue to search for a missing Stroud Township man whose belongings were found out-of-state. 87-year-old Joseph Devivo was reported missing over a week ago. Just days after his disappearance, police say they found 31-year-old Rico Herbert driving Devivo's car in North Carolina. Herbert has been charged with stealing both Devivo's car and wallet. Right now, he's still in North Carolina, but according to police he will soon be brought back to Monroe County where he is considered a person of interest.
In the meantime, police continue to search for Devivo here in the Poconos. If you have any information about Devivo or his disappearance you're asked to contact Stroud Area Regional Police at (570) 421-6800.

Mount Pocono Shooting
Monday March 5th 2012

Early this morning gun fire rang out in front of the Copa Bar and Grille, leaving several people injured.

This afternoon, police counted over 20 shell casings, scattered along Fork Street.
Around 3am, police say a fight broke out at the Copa Bar and Grille just off Pocono Blvd, of the multiple shots that were fired, police suspect most of the shots were fired from inside vehicles since there was no blood on the scene. Two bullets hit the Mount Pocono state farm office, which was right next door to bar.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police say they are questioning a number of patrons at the bar last night. They say they've also made an arrest in this case and they do not believe that person is the shooter, but police say he may have falsified information.

Northampton Area School District Tightening security
Monday March 5th 2012

School official’s notified parents today that a threat was made causing Northampton Area school district to take extra security measures involving local and State police. A note in the boy’s bathroom saying March 15th will be bloody was found after a bomb threat early last week. Officials say they have one lead they are following regarding the bomb threat. As far as the threat regarding March 15th, officials say they have nothing to substantiate the threat as credible but will continue to investigate and keep parents informed.

Higher heating oil prices?
Friday March 2nd 2012

Higher heating oil prices could be on the horizon for residents in Carbon and Schuylkill counties. An oil supply station in Tamaqua is set to close this summer and when that happens, delivery companies will have to drive close to an hour just to fill up near Allentown or Wilkes Barre. To offset the cost of fuel and time spent driving, delivery companies say they'll have to start charging more. An email indicates the Sunoco Logistics oil terminal in Tamaquais scheduled to close on June 1, 2012.

Lehigh Valley Flower Show
Friday March 2nd 2012

Looking to dig your-self out of the winter blues this weekend, then the Lehigh Valley Flower Show is just the ticket. The 20-12 garden show includes 12 full scale garden exhibits plus dozens of artisan and retail vendors. Many garden enthusiasts were eager to check out the landscaping displays and the beautiful beds of flowers. The Flower show runs through Sunday March fourth. Tickets are old at the door for eight dollars for adults and children under twelve are free.

Former Jim Thorpe Man Defauds Former Employer
Friday March 2nd 2012

A former Jim Thorpe man is accused of defrauding his former employer, Olympus Corportion, of over $374,000. 35-year-old Benjamin Wilson was charged today with three felony counts of theft and forgery. Over a 2 1/2 year period, investigators say he altered puchasing documents and ordered 454 high-end televisions, which were paid for by the company and then sold on E-bay. Co-workers tipped off police when they noticed equipment purchased could not be accounted for. Wilson had already left the company by then. The Lehigh County District Attorney plans to extrodite Wilson from Texas where he is currently living.

The lack of snow this winter could make for a rough Spring
Friday March 2nd 2012

We may have dodged the bullet when it comes to shoveling snow this winter, but farmers and gardeners may have their hands just as full.

Although it’s still winter, gardens are anxious to get a head start on their planting. Unfortunately, the lack of snow will make things a little difficult this spring. The nitrogen found in snow is vital in providing essential nutrients for plants and the lack of it will affect some important spring crops, farmers may have to purchase 20 to 40 percent more nitrogen fertilizer.

Gardeners can use kits to test their soil levels and determine how much nitrogen their garden needs.

PMC Closer to Goal
Friday March 2nd 2012

Throughout the years, Sanofi Pasteur has donated about $1 million to Pocono Medical Center, and they continue to give.
Their latest $500,000 donation benefits the new Dale and Francis Hughes Cancer Center. PMC officials say offering quality care close to home is important because cancer is the number one killer in Monroe County. The rate of cancer grows over 4% a year. The new cancer center will open this June. In the meantime, PMC is still more than $4 million short of its $26 million goal. To help, check out the Pocono Health Foundation at

Wayne Memorial Hospital Could See Increase in Patent
Friday March 2nd 2012

The closure of a Carbondale Hospital may push more patents to Wayne Memorial Hospital meaning the medical provider will need more physicians.
On Tuesday financial hardships forced the closure of Marian Community Hospital now leaving patients to travel to Scranton or Wayne Memorial Hospital for service. To compensate for the influx in patents the Medical directors at Wayne are looking to hire many of Marion’s doctors. Directors say in the past it’s been hard to attract doctors to rural Wayne County but now they are confident they can bring some of Marian’s staff aboard.
The Wayne Memorial Hospital says their hospital is fully equipped to handle the patent numbers and they have already hired 2 physicians from Marian Community Hospital.

Barrett Man Arrested for Child Pornography
Thursday March 1st 2012

A Barrett Township man may face jail time after Monroe County detectives say they found files of child pornography on his computer.

Detectives say they've been tracking 73-year-old Mustachio online for three months. Like other individuals looking to access child pornography. He obtained files on a peer-to-peer sharing site. The retired man didn't know he was sharing those pornographic files with a Monroe County detective.

Mustachio was arrested and admitted to the crime, but was released pending a preliminary hearing. A date has not been set.

monroe police seek fugitive
Thursday March 1st 2012

The Monroe County District Attorney's office asking for your help to locate a fugitive wanted for drug trafficking. 22 year old Mikah Wesoloski of Stroud Township is a black male, about 5 foot 8, weighing 230 pounds. He is known to be dating Krystal Shebby of East Stroudsburg who is a co-defendant in this case. Shebby is wanted on the same charges. Wesoloski has a history of violence and under no circumstances should you attempt to apprehend this dangerous individual. If you have any information on his whereabouts, you are asked to call 9-1-1.

Low-Cost Health Insurance Coming Back?
Thursday March 1st 2012

One year ago, more than 40 thousand people were dropped from their low-cost insurance - “Adult Basic.” Now, Harrisburg feels that may have been a mistake. For just $36 a month, “Adult Basic” covered anyone between 19 and 65 years old who were uninsured for at least 90 days, or those uninsured due to job loss who don’t qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. After the program shut down, however, because of high costs, only 40% of people found other coverage. Officials say that's caused people to stop seeing their doctors on a regular basis. In some cases, people have even stopped getting treatments. At a gathering in Harrisburg today, state officials discussed the possibility of bringing "Adult Basic" back.

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