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Theft of Elders
Friday June 29th 2012

The former office manager at Wesley Enhanced Living in Brodheadsville was in court today. She allegedly stole around $18,000 from two elderly residents.
24-year-old Elizabeth Ruffa waived her right to a preliminary hearing. The next step is heading to trial, where Ruffa will face a county judge on charges of theft and forgery. According to court documents, Ruffa stole around $18,000 from the two victims between December and May. They gave Ruffa a total of 18 blank personal checks. Ruffa told the patients she would fill the checks out for their rent, but instead she made them out to herself. Both victims have since been reimbursed by the living center. A trial date hasn't been set for Ruffa. Her attorneys are currently working on a plea agreement.

Reaction to Supreme Court's healthcare ruling
Friday June 29th 2012

Yesterday, the Supreme Court announced an historic decision -- voting to uphold the Affordable Care Act. Today, proponents of the law weren't shy about declaring victory. Keystone Progress held victory rallies across the state -- including one this afternoon in Allentown. Those who support the law say it will lower health insurance premiums across the board, but more importantly, ensure every American has access to healthcare. Most provisions of the Affordable Care Act won't go into effect until 2014.

Lehigh County Coroner ID's Fatal Crash Victims
Friday June 29th 2012

Five people were killed in a car crash Thursday afternoon in Heidelberg Township, Lehigh County. Police say 22-year-old Nicholas Gustafon was heading north on Bake Oven Road when he drove through a stop sign at the intersection with Mountain Road. His Subaru sedan was hit by a tow truck which was crossing the intersection. Gustafon and his three passengers were killed along with the driver of the tow truck - 58-year-old Charles Oswald of Schnecksville. A 50-year-old Northampton man who was a passenger in the tow truck was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. The passengers in Gustafson's car are identified as 23-year-old Michael Bruno of Catawissa, 22-year-old Cecilia Besecker of Dallas, and 17-year-old Zach Alai of New Jersey. State Police are still investigating.

Still time to sign up for farmers market vouchers
Thursday June 28th 2012

If you're a Carbon County senior, there's still time to claim your 2012 farmers' market voucher. It's a money-saving initiative that promotes healthy eating and supports local growers. Seniors who meet income guidelines will receive four $5 vouchers that can be used at participating farmers markets. The income requirement is $20,600 for a one-person household, $27,900 for a couple. Seniors who qualify must sign up for the vouchers in person at the Carbon County Agency on Aging office in Palmerton.

Summer Outlook for Businesses in the Poconos
Thursday June 28th 2012

Temperatures are rising, gas prices are lowering and people are ready to travel.
That means good things for the Poconos!
Around 26 million people visit the Pocono Mountains every year, and officials predict one of the busiest summers since 2007.
Since the Poconos are considered a weekend destination most people visit for the activities, which have grown in leaps and bounds. This year, a handful of races are predicted to draw in major crowds. Zip lines and other nature courses have also created a buzz. Not to mention the arts. To see what’s going on here in the Poconos, check out

Wayne County Arsonist Sentenced to Jail
Thursday June 28th 2012

A Wayne County arsonist will soon be heading for state prison time for throwing explosives at a home in Lake Como.
Today 34 year old Steven Caiati was sentenced to 7 to 14 years in prison on 3 counts of arson. Last January Caiati was charge for throwing explosive under his ex-girlfriend’s car and at her house. Police later found several homemade bombs and what looked like a meth lab in his house. Caiati was later apprehended in New York .
Caiati was also ordered to pay a 1,700 dollars in fines submit the drawing of a DNA sample.

Pipeline Vigil
Wednesday June 27th 2012

Protests continue in Pike County with just hours left to appeal the Cummins hill pipeline project.
Last night a crowd gathered in Milford gathered for a candle light vigil aiming to raise awareness of the construction of a 7 mile stretch of pipeline in Pike County. As a last ditch effort rally member began a petition that they hope will appeal the decision of the federal energy regulatory commission to approve the construction. At today’s commissioner meeting the conservation district said they support the protest but are skeptical it will work.
The federal energy regulatory commission will be accepting appeal requests until tomorrow and will review them over the next 30 days.

Big savings on prescriptions in Schuylkill Co.
Wednesday June 27th 2012

A local program can save you up to 75 percent on prescription drugs. In Schuylkill County, it's estimated that one in four people have trouble paying for their medicine. But, the United Way of Schuylkill County is trying to change that. Since teaming up with an organization called FamilyWize, county residents have saved more than $800,000 on prescriptions. To sign up for the FamilyWize prescription card, text "family" to 700700 or go to

ESU Making Room For Students
Wednesday June 27th 2012

Demolition crews are taking over East Stroudsburg University. It's for a new housing project to build new student dorms. Over the past few years, the university's student body has grown so much - they simply don't have enough room for everyone. To fix that problem, the university is building new dorms, but first they need to clear out old - outdated - buildings and make some room. The first building to go was the police station. Today, crews cleared what debris was left over from that building. In the upcoming weeks, crews will also tear down Hemlock and Hawthorne Halls. In its place will be one new dorm building, creating room for more than 250 students. This new dorm building is expected to be open and ready for students spring semester of 2014.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police Drug Bust
Wednesday June 27th 2012

Synthetic drugs are on the rise here in the Poconos. And the Pocono Mountain Regional Police are planning to stop the sale of those drugs in county shops.

They did a number of controlled buys at the old village trader in Mount Pocono and stogies smoke shop in Coolbaugh Township. They obtained a search warrant and raided both locations on Friday.

The most substantial find was over 14 thousand dollars in synthetic Marijuana, 17 thousand dollars in drug paraphernalia and 60 thousand bags for packing and distributing illegal substances. Vincent April, owner of the stogies smoke shop was arrested.

April faces additional charges due to a prior felony, but he has since posted bail. The owners of the old village trader have pending charges.

No More Expansion for the Monroe Count Courthouse
Wednesday June 27th 2012

After substantial planning, Monroe County commissioners have decided not to expand the county courthouse.

This time last year, the boards of Monroe County commissioners were planning a major expansion of the county courthouse, making the 50 million dollar project the biggest in downtown Stroudsburg; with a 50 million dollar price tag. The new majority on the board of commissioners say there are alternatives to building a brand new facility.

Commissioners plan on making decisions about the direction of this project in the next 3-4 months.

Jaswinder Singh Preliminary Hearing
Tuesday June 26th 2012

A New Jersey man charged with crashing into - and killing - another man on Route 33 back in July of 2010 had his preliminary hearing today. According to court documents, 28-year-old Jaswinder Singh of New Jersey was the man responsible for killing 21-year-old Paul Miller Junior. Officials say Singh was speeding in a construction zone on Route 33 near the Saylorsburg exit when he lost control of his box truck and crashed into miller’s car. 16 other people were injured in that crash. Today in court, Singh's charges were bound over to trail. But taking a look back, it took two years before any charges were pressed. Once investigators determined Singh was driving 20 miles over the speed limit, they were able to proceed. The next step is heading to trial. If found guilty, Singh could face up to 7 years in prison.

Boy and grandmother drown in Lehigh
Monday June 25th 2012

A 7-year-old boy has died after drowning in the Lehigh River Friday afternoon. On Saturday morning, Nolan Ritchie of Coaldale died from drowning complications. Ritchie got caught in a strong current between Lehighton and Weisport Friday. His grandmother Wanda Wentz died trying to save him. Experts say, had the family been wearing life jackets, this tragedy could have been avoided. With the holiday weekend coming up, emergency officials are urging everyone, especially children, to use the proper floatation devices -- no matter what body of water you're in.

Cuts to a Medical Assistance Program Could Hurt Seniors
Monday June 25th 2012

As a result of state funding cuts, come July 1st medical assistance is going to change for seniors in need … and it's not for the better. The Aging Waiver Program has been around for the past 13 years. It's for seniors eligible for nursing care facilities, but choose to stay at home. Rather than continuing unlimited hours of care, they are limiting service to 144 units per-year. Each unit is only 15 minutes long. That means a senior can only have 36 hours of service per-year. These new changes go into effect July 1st. Officials will monitor the program closely to determine if they will continue it or not.

drug raid at monroe county smoke shops
Monday June 25th 2012

Police seize illegal drugs worth thousands of dollars, drug paraphernalia and illegal weapons from two smoke shops in Monroe County. Pocono Mountain Regional Police say search warrants were executed at the Old Village Trader in Mount Pocono and Stogies Smoke Shop in Tobyhanna Friday. Further investigation led officers to a nearby residence being used to store other illegal items. Officers shared pictures of synthetic marijuana, illegal weapons, drug packaging materials and smoking devices seized in the raid. So far one person has been charged. Vincent April faces drug possession and firearms charges. Police say more people could be charged as their investigation continues.

Tobyhanna Army Depot Celebrates 100th Anniversary
Friday June 22nd 2012

Tomorrow marks the 100th anniversary of the largest employer in Northeastern Pnnsylvania --- the Tobyhanna Army Depot. To celebrate, they're giving the public a rare opportunity to tour the depot. Between a private "kick off" today and the main event tomorrow, officials are expecting to see more than 7,000 people.
Today the U.S. Army Golden Knights team jumped out of planes. They'll be back tomorrow, along with many more activities. There will be car shows, climbing walls, a 5k, music and food! Doors open to the public tomorrow at 8 a.m. You just need a photo ID if you're over 16 years old.

Local students building solar-powered playhouse
Thursday June 21st 2012

Local students are putting their math and science skills to good use. This week, 50 middle school students from Carbon and Schuylkill counties are participating in The SHINE STEM Career Academy. The camp is open to all 6th through 8th grade students, regardless of income or academic level. Throughout the week, they build two solar-powered playhouses. Students will sell the completed playhouses and donate that money to several local charities.

American Red Cross Award
Wednesday June 20th 2012

American Red Cross volunteers in Pike and Wayne County's are being honored for their work throughout the region…
Last night a few extraordinary volunteers were recognized for the work they do in the region... organizers say The Pike Wayne chapter has been serving the area for over 95 years... recently though the Pike Wayne chapter moved their office from Honesdale to the Hawley Silk Mill. The executive director of the Red Cross say the people who helped make that move bridged a gap between the two communities that have been apart for a long time.
The Red Cross says the move has already increased volunteerism and better service to disaster victims.

Trouble Ahead for Farmers?
Wednesday June 20th 2012

Come next January, things may get a lot tougher for farmers throughout Pennsylvania. Those in the Farmland Preservation Program get what's called a tax easement -- meaning, they get money from both the state and county to keep their lands exactly how they are. This year, Governor Tom Corbett is proposing to cut the program's funds all together, which could cause many farmers to give up their land and sell it to developers. If that happens, developers may turn the space into neighborhoods.
More than 100 farmers in Monroe County alone are in the program, but if the state doesn't pull through, come next January farmers may be saying goodbye to the program. Officials are working with the county commissioners to come up with other funding options.

Hookah Misconceptions
Tuesday June 19th 2012

A new bar in Downtown Stroudbsurg is causing quite a buzz. It's called Glare and unlike your traditional bar, you can't buy a beer. Instead, people as young as 18 years old pour into Glare Hookah Lounge to smoke. Hookah is flavored tobacco - called shisha. It's heated with hot coals. Then cooled by water and smoked through a pipe. Many of Glare's customers have never touched a cigarette -- they feel hookah is the safer alternative because it's made of pure fruit that's soaked in tobacco. According to health care professionals, however, hookah is just as bad, if not worse, than cigarettes. A single session of hookah has been compared to smoking an entire pack of cigarettes. By smoking hookah you still inhale heavy metals, carcinogens and carbon monoxide like in cigarettes. Like any tobacco product, effects include a range of cancers.

Gress Mountain Ranch offering camp for kids
Tuesday June 19th 2012

Gress Mountain Ranch in Lehigh County has been helping people and animals for more than a decade. Now they're offering local kids a brand new experience. It's the first-ever Gress Mountain Ranch Camp. The week-long program uses therapy animals to teach kids important life skills. The camp is open to students in 4th through 8th grade. About half of the ranchers participating in this week's camp are here thanks to community sponsors. Gress Mountain Ranch is hosting another camp in August. To learn more, check out

Shohola Township Supervisor’s Corruption Charges Dropped
Tuesday June 19th 2012

A Shohola township supervisor and her husband are cleared of all corruption charges just weeks before their trial.
This morning Shohola Township received a letter from Nelia and Don Wall stating they made a pre-trial agreement with district attorney Ray Tonkin. That agreement explains that if the walls pay 75 hundred dollars in restitution, and Nelia resigns her position as supervisor, no charges will be levied upon them. The two have been under investigation since 2009. Current supervisors say this agreement shouldn't have been made before their trial…
As for now, Nelia has resigned her position as supervisor and the two have paid the 75 hundred dollars in restitution.

Mitt Romney Visits Weatherly
Monday June 18th 2012

This weekend, United State Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romeny spoke to hundreds of people in the small town of Weatherly. Focusing on the economy, Romney feels the way to dig the country out of debt is put jobs first. To do that, he plans to focus on growing small businesses like many right here in North Eastern Pennsylvania. Romney had the crowd roaring. He highlighted how different his approach was from President Barack Obama, which caused the Democratic Party to then express their concerns. The chairman of the Carbon County Democratic Committee says, “Governor Romney wants to go back to the economic policies of the past - that’s less regulations and more tax cuts by trillions.” He then stated “It’s the same policies that got us into this economic situation in the first place.” Romney disagrees. He feels lowering taxes will lead to more money in your pocket and eventually greater spending and job creation.

A Modified Ordinance Could Change the look of Downtown Stroudsburg
Monday June 18th 2012

A modification to a borough ordnance could bring even more changes to the downtown area.

As downtown Main Street continues to grow the modification of an existing ordinance could expand and change the landscape of the downtown area even more. Currently, the maximum building height is 40 feet, but if the ordinance is modified the maximum height for businesses would be about 50 feet. But if a building is higher then 40 feet, they must add historical elements to the building. In addition to that change, there will also be an overlay which will allow commercial business in areas that are zoned for industrial usage.

The borough will decide whether to amend the modifications at their council meeting on Wednesday evening.

Archery Center opening in Lehigh Twp.
Friday June 15th 2012

After years of planning, a new archery center is opening in Lehigh Township. Archery Addictions features a 10,000 square-foot indoor 3-D shooting range, a 16-lane traditional shooting range, a virtual hunting game and a 15-acre outdoor archery course. Owners say the center will attract archers from around the region, bringing a boost to other local businesses. The owners plan to open this weekend. Their official grand opening is scheduled for July 14th.

Attempted Kidnapping
Friday June 15th 2012

Police in Wayne County are on man hunt for an armed attempted kidnapper.
Yesterday afternoon a man driving an older dark colored convertible drove up to several girls at the Wayside Park in Waymart and told them to get in. After they refused he shouted lewd comments and the girls and they ran off. A description of the man leads police to believe it’s was 28 year old Jeremiah Wareham. Police have not located Wareham and believe he may be armed and dangerous.
Wareham is described as being 5 foot 7 inches, 190 pounds and last seen on Cortez Road in Waymart. Call Honedale State Police if you have any information on the suspect.

Community group looking for business partners
Thursday June 14th 2012

The Lansford - Summit Hill Community Partnership is now entering its second year. The group has completed several improvement projects, like fixing up Ginder Stadium and attracting new businesses to Lansford. Unfortunately, they only have enough money to keep the program running for one more year. If your business or organization is interested in joing the partnership, contact Sara Ruch at 570-645-7561.

Delaware Township Ambulance Issues
Thursday June 14th 2012

Delaware Township Supervisors are dropping service provided by one ambulance company to keep another financially sound.
At last night’s township meeting supervisors told residents they would continue to support the Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corp but until their former primary provider Pike ALS is more financially sound… they will not support them. Supervisors say Pike ALS owes the Volunteer Ambulance Corp over 160 thousand dollars and now they want to rely on New Jerseys Atlantic Health System for primary service.
Pike ALS is currently in negotiations with an unknown ambulance provider to gain financial support. If they can recoup their losses the township will consider taking them back.

MIQ Logisitics Gives Back
Thursday June 14th 2012

There’s a new business in Monroe County that's not only employing people, but already giving back to the community as well.

Through the Pocono Alliance nonprofit organization, MIQ Logistics is donating their resources with the hope that will help other agencies in need here in Monroe County.
MIQ is a leading provider of global logistics services, and while officials and nonprofit organizations are eager to accept the donations. They also got to check out the companies new digs here at the old roadway.

When MIQ made their transfer from New Jersey to their new Reeders location, they realized they had goods to spare and they hope to make this a continuous effort.

Lehighton Man Charged with Armed Robberies
Tuesday June 12th 2012

Police say 20-year-old Tim Keiper robbed the "Friendly Food Mart" on April 28th with what appeared to be a handgun. About two weeks later on May 7th, a robbery with a similarly dressed man happened in Franklin Township at the "Square One Markets" convenience store. Police say there were additional robberies and attempted robberies in the Palmerton area around the same time. Police are investigating Keiper's involvement in those incidents. Keiper tells police he has been suffering from a severe addiction to controlled substances, and he committed the robbery in Lansford in order to sustain his addiction. Keiper's address is listed as Lehighton on court documents, but he was staying in Summit Hill at the time of the two convenience store robberies.

Lynn Twp. Man Arrested in Allentown Drug Sweep
Tuesday June 12th 2012

16 people, including a Lynn Township man, are picked up in a multi-agency drug sweep. Area police, the Lehigh County Drug Task Force and the U.S. Drug Enforcement administration coordinated the sweep Thursday night in the City of Allentown. Officials confirm, 41-year-old David Glaser of Lynn Township was arrested for possession of Heroin during that sweep last week.

monroe homicide trial delayed
Tuesday June 12th 2012

The trial for a Stroudsburg man, accused of killing his friend and her unborn child has been postponed. The trial for Ruben Velazquez who allegedly stabbed and killed 24 year old Krystle Vasquez in 20-07 has been pushed back. His defense attorney cited Velazquez's history of mental illness, and requested an extension to gather medical records. The trial was supposed to start next month. But it will not begin until September.

game commission arrest atv riders on pike county game lands
Tuesday June 12th 2012

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is trying to stop people from riding all-terrain vehicles on state game lands in Pike County. Pike County Wildlife Conservation Officer Mark Kropa has received complaints of a-t-v's disturbing hunters and causing damage to roads in Game Lands 183 in Palmyra Township. Kropa says seven people were caught after increased patrols in the area during the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Citations and warnings were issued for riding a-t-v’s and possession of alcohol on the game lands. Kropa says the patrols will continue throughout the summer.

reward offered in monroe burglary investigation
Tuesday June 12th 2012

The victim of a burglary in Monroe County is hoping a big reward will help catch the people responsible. Between Friday May 25 th and Monday May 28 th someone entered a home on old schoolhouse road in paradise township. The burglars kicked in a door and rummaged through the home taking various items. The victim is offering a two thousand dollar reward for information that leads to an arrest in addition to the reward offered by monroe county crime stoppers. You can report tips about that crime of any others by contacting crime-stoppers toll free tip line. 1-866-370-1518

tannersville shop owner dies
Tuesday June 12th 2012

People are mourning the loss of a unique Tannersville business man. 44-year old David Danowitz, better known as "Tie Dye Dave", died early this morning at Saint Lukes Hospital in Bethlehem. Danowitz's mother says he was waiting to undergo heart surgery before he suffered a heart attack and died. He operated Tie Dye Dave's Hippie Gift Shop on Route 611. Danowitz was just recently in the news after his well-known Volkswagen van was hit in front of his shop in April. Hundreds of people posted condolence messages on Dave’s Facebook page today.

former township director charged with voter fraud
Monday June 11th 2012

A former golf course and sewer authority director in Middle Smithfield Township has been charged with voter fraud. The Monroe County District Attorney filed those charges today against Robin Pugh. According to court paperwork Pugh voted four times in Middle Smithfield Township when she actually lived in Stroud Township. Pugh oversaw operations of the golf course at the Country Club of the Poconos which is owned by Middle Smithfield Township as well as the township's sewer authority. Pugh was fired shortly after two township supervisors resigned last year.

police search for teens who escaped placement facility
Monday June 11th 2012

Police are searching for two teenage girls who ran away from a juvenile placement facility in Monroe County's west end. A 16 year old from Scranton and a 17 year old from Lancaster left the Youth Services Agency Camp on Upper Smith Gap Road in Eldred Township Saturday afternoon. The two had been ordered to spend time at the facility by a court. Police say the two left wearing red shirts with the youth services agency logo on the front. Anyone with information about the teens is asked to contact State Police at Lehighton.

Marshalls Creek Bypass Will Be Ready For Drivers Monday
Friday June 8th 2012

People have been waiting more than 2 decades for the Marshalls Creek Bypass to open and now that wait is over. Today was the official ribbon cutting for the $40 million project. Since PennDot crews still need to do some paving, painting and guide rail instillation, the bypass will be open for drivers 8 p.m. Monday. With new traffic patterns, officials will keep a close eye on drivers. There will be law enforcement near the roundabout to make sure people slow down and way attention to the signs. Officials are hoping the bypass brings economic development to the region.

Wayne Man Stabbed by Wife
Friday June 8th 2012

A domestic dispute turned bloody after a Beach Lake woman stabbed her husband with a knife.
According to police reports 54 year old Carolyn Verderber stabbed her husband Joseph Verderber in the back with a butcher knife while he was changing a water filter in the basement. When Joseph went for help Carolyn fled from the scene. Mr. Verderber made it to his neighnors house across the street where he was then flown to the nearest hospital. Mrs. Verderber was later detained.
Mr. Verderber is now in stable contrition. Police say Carolyn Verderber now faces attempted homicide charges along with a number of related charges.

Police investigate graffiti in Tamaqua
Thursday June 7th 2012

Graffiti has popped up on several buildings in Tamaqua. Today, News 13 found a number of buildings wearing the same graffiti tag. Residents aren't sure if it's a sign of gang activity or kids just messing around, but everyone agrees the graffiti needs to come down. Tamaqua Police are investigating where the graffiti came from. Anyone with information can call the station at 570-668-5000.

Stroudsburg School District Cuts 57 Teacher Jobs
Thursday June 7th 2012

Board members at neighboring Stroudsburg School District met with parents last night to talk money and cuts. In efforts to reduce a $10 million deficit, Stroudsburg School Board is making cuts -- including removing 57 teacher positions. The biggest issue many parents have is increasing class size. The average increase will be three people per-class. The board is also cutting 27 support staff jobs, implementing pay freezes and raising taxes less than 1%. With these cuts, the district is left with a $2.6 million deficit – that will be covered by their reserve fund. According to school officials, it's the smartest plan. The board has until June 20th to pass the budget.

Prevent Heart Disease
Wednesday June 6th 2012

Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States. The risk of getting it is greatest if you're a man and older than 45. Women are not in the clear, however. Chances are greatest if the woman is over 55 and post menopausal. Other factors include smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and stress. While you can't control all contributing factors - like family history - there are a few things you can do to help prevent heart disease - don't smoke, eat right and exercise. To see if you're at risk, visit and take their "Heart Aware" survey.

wayne county arson investigation
Wednesday June 6th 2012

State police in Wayne County are investigating a string of arson fires. Officers say someone deliberately set fire to a ford panel truck early Sunday morning at Blueberry Hill Furniture Village along Route 191. The truck was severely damaged. Owner of Blueberry Hill Donn Gross says Police do have some leads but nothing definitive at this time. Other attempted arson fires were set at the same time and are believed to be related. They include an arson attempt at the Newfoundland Moravian Church. The church was not seriously damaged. Minister Gregg Scaffer says he found a mortar box for roman candle underneath a church alcove. The roman candle was set off and put a nice dent in the celling. Scaffer believes it the fireworks had penetrated the building they could have burned it down. Anyone with information about those incidents is asked to call State Police at Honesdale – 570-253-7126.

Low-cost legal service in Carbon County
Tuesday June 5th 2012

To meet a growing need, the Carbon County Bar Association has created a low-cost legal service called Modest Means. It's designed to help people who fall below 200 percent of Federal Poverty Guidelines. On average, attorney costs are cut in half through the program. To learn more, check out

Laundry Pods Sending Kids to Hospital
Tuesday June 5th 2012

A new laundry detergent may look like candy, but it's far from a delicious treat.
This year, U.S. Poison Control has already reported about 250 laundry pod poisonings. That's because they're brightly-colored and have the appearance of candy. Since the laundry pods break down easily, once a child has the pod in his/her mouth, it melts and they swallow it. Symptoms include drowsiness, abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhea. Officials say to store laundry pods in a locked cabinet and keep them sealed in their original packaging. If you think your child has swallowed a laundry pod, or gotten the pod's fluid in their eyes, take a trip to the emergency room immediately.

Pike Man Goes to Court for Hitting Man in Head With Rock
Tuesday June 5th 2012

Drunken egos outside a Pike County bar have led one man to court for hitting another man over the head with a rock.
In a preliminary hearing today 18 year old mark Heinen sat before a district judge in Delaware township to account for his actions caught on a surveillance cameras. On April first a knife fight between Heinen and 38 year old James Yager broke out at Failte Irish Pub on route 739. After bar staff and a number of patrons pushed knife wielding Yager to the ground Heinen reportedly hit him over the head with a rock. Yager survived the attack and now the two face multiple charges.
Mike Weinstein Criminal Lawyer - the court presented evidence… the court saw it fit to bind it over to the common pleas.
Heinen has a prior criminal history the proceedings will continue in county court later this month.

Grand Opening of Pike Training Center
Monday June 4th 2012

A three year multi-million dollar project has come to an end and now Pike County Residents can look forward to years of highly trained emergency responders.
On Sunday the doors opened to the new 11 million dollar emergency responder training center. Hundreds gathered to tour all three levels of the facility which now hold 911 dispatchers, the Emergency Management Association and the First Responders Training Department. Commissioners say as of now the complex is the most state of the art facility in the region.
Commissioners say they were able to open the building nearly a million dollars under budget. Once all departments are moved in they expect to be fully operational by the end of the summer.

Man Arrested for Mahoning Township Bank Robbery
Monday June 4th 2012

Police say 46-year-old David Dallus Cunard robbed the PNC Bank in Mahoning Township Thursday afternoon. Cunard was picked up over the weekend at his Hazleton home. He is currently in the Carbon County Prison for the bank robbery. A preliminary hearing has been set for Wednesday.

Bowmanstown Pair Arrested for Drugs
Monday June 4th 2012

Charges are pending against a Bowmanstown pair for drugs. State Police say on May 27th hypodermic needles and used baggies of heroin were found in an apartment along White Street. 24-year-old Danielle Eremus and 22-year-old Anthony Borrelli - who live in the apartment - face charges pending lab results.

Copper Thieves Hit Hamiliton Township
Monday June 4th 2012

Copper thefts continue to increase even moving into virtually crime-free areas.

A home on Setzer Road in this quite Hamilton Township neighborhood was robbed of tools and stripped of its copper, after someone entered the garage a few weeks ago. State Police are now looking for suspects in this recent case. There have also been cases of copper being stripped from utility poles. Swiftwater State Police say they are not only concerned for residents, who would be more susceptible to high voltage lightning, they are also concerned for the culprits.

Once that copper is taken out of configuration, repair work to that utility pole can also result in serious injuries to workers.

Fatal Fire in Tannersville
Monday June 4th 2012

An early Sunday morning fire in Tannersville claimed the life of an 89-year-old man.
That blaze broke out around 1 a.m. at a home in the Four Seasons community. When fire marshals arrived to the scene, the elderly man's daughter - 51-year-old Karen LaRocca - had a confession. She was smoking and fell asleep in her bedroom. When she woke up, she saw her room was on fire. LaRocca made it out safely. Her father 89-year-old William Smolinsky on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. After fire crews removed Smolinsky from the home, he was transported to Pocono Medical Center, where he died around 9 a.m. from smoke inhalation. As for his daughter, LaRocca is being treated for smoke inhalation at the Lehigh Valley Hospital.

monroe man jailed after standoff
Monday June 4th 2012

A Monroe County man is locked up after threatening neighbors with a gun and barricading himself inside his home. Stroud Area Regional Police say 47-year old Kevin Fahey confronted several neighbors Saturday using racial slurs. He then walked outside his home in the Penn Estates community with a shotgun. Police responded and Fahey refused to leave. Officers surrounded the home and Fahey eventually surrendered without incident early Sunday morning. Fahey faces charges including making terroristic threats. He is currently in jail on 10 thousand dollars bail.

Detectives Use Computer Software to Catch Man Possessing Child Porn
Friday June 1st 2012

Monroe County detectives continue to search through the computer of a Stroud Township man. So far, they claim they've found hundreds of photos and videos of child porn. Just this week, software flagged the computer of 27-year-old Jerome Curry Jr. After investigating Curry's house, detectives found more than 300 photos and videos of child porn. Curry had allegedly been sharing those images since last November through a peer-to-peer file sharing website. Detectives say the children he viewed were as young as 3 years old.
Curry was arrested and charged with both possession of marijuana and possessing and distributing child pornography. He's being held in the Monroe County Correctional Facility in lieu of $20,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is set for June 8th at 10 a.m.

Construction in Mount Pocono is Underway
Friday June 1st 2012

Commuters in Mount Pocono, a major road rehab project will take up the entire summer.

Since April, PennDot has been working to reconstruct the stretch of route 940 between Long Pond Road in Tobyhanna Township and Route 611 in Mount Pocono.

The price tag for the route 940 rehab project is five-point-three million dollars. It has slowed traffic in some areas and PennDot is asking drivers to be patient.

Construction is expected to be complete by November, providing the weather complies.

firefighters douse fires in Pike and Wayne Counties
Friday June 1st 2012

Quick work by firefighters stopped two fires - saving a home in Milford and an ambulance building in Hawley. Fire broke out around eight this morning at a home on foster hill road in Milford Township. Homeowner Mary Smith heard a loud pop, noticed smoke and got everybody out of the house. Firefighters were unsure what caused this morning's fire. A Fire Marshall has been called to investigate that fire in Pike County.
Neighbors called in a fire around eleven last night at the Hawley Ambulance Building on River Street in Hawley. Firefighters say heavy black smoke was pouring out of the eves when they arrived. Firefighters found the flames quickly and doused the fire. Hawley Fire Chief Scott Mead says there were no ambulances in the building at the time. Mead says his crews did a good job saving the old structure. While the fire was put out quickly, the garage area did suffer smoke and water damage. A Fire Marshall is also investigating the cause of that fire in Wayne County

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