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Job Creation Hearing in Lehigh Valley
Tuesday July 31st 2012

Today, state representatives met with business owners in the Lehigh Valley to discuss job creation and education. In this economy, many people struggle to get a job, but employers say there are plenty of jobs available. They just need skilled applicants. While many have a 4 year degree, they may not have the necessary hands on experience. So officials say it's important for high-school students to learn what’s out there. They feel a workforce coordinator should be hired for every high school. Workforce coordinators would tell students what industries are the most feasible, as well as the benefits of a 4 year school, community college and technical school. To do this, it'll take help from our state representatives. They've been holding hearings all over the state. So far, they've heard a lot of the same issues. Hopefully by the end of September, they can put what they’re learning to good use in Harrisburg.

Food Prices Increase because of Drought
Monday July 30th 2012

Farmers in our area are finally seeing some rain, but those in the western part of the country aren’t as lucky. Now, the government is labeling this drought the worst we've seen in 50 years! Pretty soon, we'll all be paying for it. Corn and soy beans are two very important crops we're lacking this year -- that means prices are going up. With corn being a key crop in the U.S., and a main food source for chickens, pigs and cows, it's going to make other food prices increase as well -- like meats. Because of the high grain prices many farmers in the mid-west are now taking their cattle to auction - or the slaughter house. Their new herds are expected to be smaller and in the long run that could affect meat prices. They could jump up 5%.

Two Found Dead in Pike Home
Friday July 27th 2012

Neighbors in a Pike County community are trying to find out why a couple lived next to them were carried out in body bags last nigh.

According to witnesses Pike County Coroners were at this home in the private development of Milford Landing in Westfall Township around 11 o'clock last night. Two body were removed presumably the residents 46 year old Lisa Gilroy and 50 year old Darren Strawski. Neighbors say the two had been seen fighting for months but they seen either one for over a week.

At this point the Pike County Coroner has not determined if their was any foul play or cause of death.

Monroe County Food Pantries Show Concern
Friday July 27th 2012

Monroe County food pantries are running into a problem. If local retailers don't step in to help - they may need to turn people away. Up until now, pantries have bought their food from local super markets, but the "State Food Purchasing Program" is changing that. Now, they can only buy from either Imbler's Poultry in Altoona or Cisco in Harrisburg -- both whole sale places.
The change was finalized back in March. While it took effect July 1st, many county officials didn’t find out until this week! Now all food orders hold and probably won't be placed until mid-August. Now county commissioners are stepping in. Since pantries must purchase from whole sale markets or competitive bidders - they're making a bid list, which will be released August 13th. So far three vendors from Monroe County have shown interest.

Rabies Case in Monroe County
Friday July 27th 2012

A skunk has tested positive for rabies after being found in a Chestnuthill Township neighborhood.

That skunk with the rabies bug was found earlier this week, on Brian lane in Chestnuthill Township. It was taken to the state veterinary hospital in Harrisburg and tested positive for rabies. This case is the fourth in Monroe County, with a skunk, rat and raccoon also testing positive for rabies.
So far there are 194 cases of rabid animals in Pennsylvania, 111 are raccoons and 83 are other species, but officials are concerned about skunk cases in particular because they roam closer to homes.

The Department of Agriculture does not think any other animals are infected.

Child Safety From Predators
Thursday July 26th 2012

Police in Philadelphia have charged a man with attempting to kidnap a 10-year-old girl. Luckily that little girl got away, but that's not always the case. Now parents on high alert. Police say fighting back and screaming words like "fire" at the top of your lungs are the best things a child can do if approached by a predator. That's what saved a Philadelphia girl from a recent attempted kidnapping. However, more than 2,000 child abductions are reported in the United States every day. While children should always be with a parent, adult or friend when roaming the streets or at a park, officials say it's important to teach children as young as 2 years old what to do if face-to-face with a predator.

Animal Cruelty Investigation in Schuylkill Co.
Thursday July 26th 2012

We have new details on those nine dogs that were found dead in Tamaqua yesterday. No charges have been filed, but investigators are following all leads, including suspicions raised by another animal cruelty case out of Schuylkill County. On Sunday, officials rescued 14 pitbulls from inside a Frackville home--a 15th dog was found dead. They were all the same breed as the dogs found in Tamaqua. Officials say their owner, Michael Williams of Frackville, was also illegally cropping their ears and tails. It's likely he'll be charged with animal cruelty. Officials are also investigating if Williams has anything to do with those 9 dogs found dead in Tamaqua.

Protest Against Voter ID Law
Wednesday July 25th 2012

Today, a Commonwealth Court judge heard from lawyers - presenting their case about the new Voter ID Law. Many of the issues raised were also yelled out on the streets of Jim Thorpe. This afternoon, protesters lined up in front of the Carbon County Courthouse expressing their concerns over this new law. One concern was a similar law that’s already in effect. That law states, all first time voters must show photo ID. Many Republicans, however, feel it should be shown every time. They say this will prevent voter fraud, especially in areas like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Protesters today labeled the new law “Voter Suppression.” The new law takes effect this November.

PennDot Teaming up With Police to Make Roads Safer
Tuesday July 24th 2012

Around 40 thousand people are killed on U.S. roads every year --many a result of aggressive driving. Now, law enforcement is fighting for a change - with a little help from PennDot. This week, PennDot launched its annual aggressive driving campaign. The goal is to save lives. Police from more than 330 municipalities, including many in Carbon County, participate. To do this, PennDot gave police across the state a total of $90,000. In Carbon County alone that amount was more than $7,000. Since its launch three years ago, PennDot has seen a difference. In fact, PennDot officials say last year they saw a record low number of fatalities. This aggressive driving campaign runs until mid-August.

River Clean Up
Tuesday July 24th 2012

Over 200 boaters in Pike County are taking to the water to take out trash.

Kittatinny Canoes is on day two of the 23rd annual Delaware River Clean up. For decades volunteers have been removing trash left behind by neglective boaters but this year they are finding less aluminum cans and candy wrappers… and more trash swept down by flood waters of last years hurricane.

To date Kittatinny Canoes have recovered over 400 tons of trash. Tomorrow they will spend the day sorting and recycling the garbage they have found.

Lehighton Vandalized
Monday July 23rd 2012

This morning, a handful of Lehighton residents found X-rated images spray- painted on their homes. Within hours, they grabbed some paint brushes and got to cleaning. About 10 garage doors between the 200 and 300 block of North Queen Alley in Lehighton were filled with graphic images - along with the letters "CS" and "JK.” While police don't have any suspects, given the extensive amount of graffiti in such a short amount of time, they feel more than one person is responsible. Once those vandals are found, they could face steep fines. According to residents this isn't the first time something like this has happened, and the drawings look identical to their last vandalism. Many feel they could be the same vandals as last time. That has not been confirmed. If you have any information on this vandalism contact the Lehighton Police Department immediately. Their phone number is: (610) 377-4003

Missing Pike County Man Found Dead
Monday July 23rd 2012

A missing Pike County motorcyclist is found dead on the side of a road in Porter Township.

On Sunday a septic truck driver spotted a 47 year old Timothy Durgin and his motorcycle behind a wood pile near Silver Lake Road and Five Mile Meadow Road. Durgin had been missing since last Wednesday after he left for work from his home at Marcel Lake Estates. The Deputy County Coroner says the search for Durgin was difficult because of the rural location.

Durgin was not wearing a helmet when they recovered his body. His family is now making funeral arraignments.

Bridge Closure Hurts Sciota Businesses
Friday July 20th 2012

It's been about two months since PennDot closed the Route 209 Bridge in Sciota. Since then, many people have been counting down the days until it re-opens – especially the shop owners. Because of a long detour, many local businesses are losing their drive-by customers. The owner of the Old Mill Pizza Place has already needed to cut down on staffing hours to save some money. The owner of Schmidty’s Old Pub Mill right down the street has a similar story. While he hasn’t reduced hours, employees aren’t bringing in the same amount of tips as before. The bridge is expected to be open sometime in October. As of now, contractors say they may even have it done sooner depending on the weather.

Superintendents Last Board Meeting
Friday July 20th 2012

After 31 years of service Delaware valley school district is saying good bye to one its most recognizable figures.

Last night was superintendent Candis Finans' last school board meeting. The 31 year district veteran is set to retire in august. During her leadership Finan has managed to not raise taxes for the last 3 years, helped earn the recognition of Newsweek magazine as Americas best public school, and add 23 advanced placement classes to the school …

Newly hired superintendent john bell will take over august 10th. Finan plans to be a consultant for the school as needed.

Stroudsburg School District Making Room For Teachers
Thursday July 19th 2012

Thanks to a boost in state funding, the Stroudsburg School District has some extra money in the bank. Now, they're plan is to get back a handful of the teachers they were forced to let go. At a meeting last night, the school board approved an early retirement incentive, which gives retirees 50 percent of their base 2011-12 salary. This is an effort to make room for the 57 teachers who didn’t want to leave. This incentive is available to all teachers within the district - regardless of their age or years on the job. However, benefits will vary depending on those two factors. So far, around 15 staff members have already jumped on board - committing to early retirement. All teachers have until Monday to decide if they want to retire. Once the board knows the final number of retirees, they'll meet again to see how many teachers they can afford to bring back.

Beware of home repair scams
Thursday July 19th 2012

Fly-by-night contractors are nothing new, but a recent $90,000 con in Mahoning Township shows just how cunning these door-to-door crooks can be. Police say reputable contractors are usually too busy to drive to your home and solicit work, so if a contractor shows up at your door, be leery. If they start doing work without your permission, you do not have to pay them. Police also warn against keeping a large sum of money inside your house, even if it's in a safe. Most safes are small enough to be taken from the home.

New Sales Tax for Monroe County
Wednesday July 18th 2012

Counties across Pennsylvania may be implementing an additional sales tax.

Senate Bill 1502 is a piece of legislation primarily introduced by Senator John Blake. The bill would allow counties to introduce a one percent sales tax; so far, Luzerne, Lackawanna and Monroe County are in the preliminary stages of exploring this option. The sales tax, which does not include clothing, will be divided, 50% will go to the township, 40% will go to the municipalities and 10% will go to a municipal fund.

County commissioners will have another meeting with Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties. They suspect if the bill is adopted; it will go into effect next year, during the next legislative cycle.

Lehigh Twp. Pizza Shop reopens after fire
Wednesday July 18th 2012

Last spring, a Northampton County pizza shop owner watched his business literally go up in smoke. But, after 17 months, Mama's Pizza is again open for business. The eatery has been a fixture in Lehigh Township for 23 years, so the owners were anxious to reopen. The newly improved Mama's Pizza boast a 650 degree brick oven and new, upscale menu items.

Man Shot in Face With Arrow
Wednesday July 18th 2012

A Bethlehem man is in recovery after being struck in the face with an arrow earlier this week. 46-year-old Raymond O’Donnell and his co-workers were on the archery field at The Inn at Pocono Manor shooting arrows -- within minutes things turned ugly. O’Donnell had gone into the woods to find his own arrow. When he walked back to the field, an arrow was flying toward his face and it punctured his right cheek. Officials on scene called 911. O'Donnell was flown to Lehigh Valley Hospital - Cedar Crest for care. He has since been released. Resort officials say he didn't need stitches and is doing very well. They also say there was supervision on scene and anyone who participates in an activity is required to take an orientation program first - which includes a short lesson on safety.

Honesdale Borough Council Member Resigns
Wednesday July 18th 2012

A Honesdale borough council member is resigning after he used borough money to unlawfully cut down a mans garden.

Today councilman Nick Slish handed in his letter of resignation due to scrutiny he received from a poor code enforcement issue. About 2 weeks ago Slish ordered a landscaping company to cut down several plants and overgrown grass at East Street resident Patrick La Tournoes' house. At the time neighbors say La Tournoe was on vacation and had never received warning of the landscaping.

The landscaping cost the borough over 400 dollars. It is unclear if he will be reimbursed for his loss.

Pair Steal $90,000 From Carbon Co. Woman
Wednesday July 18th 2012

Two con-artists stole $90,000 from an 89-year-old Mahoning Township woman Tuesday. According to police, a male and female approached the victim at her home sometime between 2 and 5 p.m. The female kept the homeowner busy in conversation while the male began seal coating her driveway. Half-way through the job, he asked the victim for payment. After unlocking her safe, the female again engaged the victim in conversation. Meanwhile, the male suspect removed $90,000 in cash from the safe. The suspects then fled the scene in a newer model silver or gray GMC van. Police believe the suspects are between 40 and 50 years old. The male is described as white with black hair and a scruffy gray beard. He is between 5-foot-4 and 5-foot-9 inches tall. The female is described as white with ear-length hair, wearing earrings. She is also between 5-foot-4 and 5-foot-9 inches tall. Anyone with information is asked to contact Mahoning Township Police.

Former NW Lehigh School Empoyee Charged
Wednesday July 18th 2012

A former Northwestern Lehigh School District employee is charged with felony computer crimes. 45-year-old Catherine Venusto of New Tripoli is accused of illegally accessing the district's gradebook system and changing grades for her daughter and son. Venusto allegedly used the log on and password information of the superintendent and other employees for more than a year-and-a-half while she worked for the district and after she left. An investigation showed Venusto accessed the district's grading system 110 times. She also allegedly gained access to e-mail and human rescources computer systems. Venusto was charged today with three counts each of unlawful use of computer and computer trespass.

State working to improve voter ID law
Tuesday July 17th 2012

The state has made a few small tweaks to the initial voter I.D. law that passed in March. One big problem for older residents has been birth certificates. Some have purchased new ones in order to obtain a photo i.d., but those birth certificates should have been issued for free. You can now apply for a refund at The state has also changed a requirement that birth certificates issued in Pennsylvania contain a raised seal. Because the Carbon County PennDOT office offers very limited hours, State Rep. Doyle Heffley has asked PennDOT officials to consider extending those hours prior to the election so registered voter can obtain proper photo ID. In the mean time, he says his office can offer assistance.

Route 611 Going Down to One Lane
Tuesday July 17th 2012

If you've ever driven on Route 611 in Bartonsville, you know it often resembles a parking lot, especially when there's an accident on interstate 80. Well, it's about to get even worse. Next spring, PennDot crews will begin a yearlong project on a Route 611 bridge near American Candle. The plan is to close the Northbound lane for the first three months of construction. A detour will route traffic down Bartonsville Avenue. PennDot will also be adding a traffic light at that intersection. Locals are waiting to hear if that new light will be synched with existing ones. Right now, the three traffic lights leading up to the bridge aren't synced -- which helps cause major traffic jams. Adding another un-synched light to the mix has locals worried about gridlock and even accidents. While they understand this 55-year-old bridge must be repaired, with a range of concerns, people are asking PennDot to reconsider the lane closure.

Bridge Closure causing headaches
Monday July 16th 2012

A bridge closure is causing headaches in Towamensing Township. Last week, the township shut down Hemlock Bridge near Beltzville because of safety concerns. Neighbors say they received little warning, and they're worried the Forest Street detour will damage their cars. The township engineer has ruled Hemlock Bridge structurally unsound. Township officials have yet to decide whether they will repair the bridge, replace it, or open it up to foot traffic. Until then, Hemlock Road will remain closed.

Camelback's New Addition
Monday July 16th 2012

In the next couple of weeks, the Pocono Mountains will have its very own roller-coaster.

Construction workers have been working 10 hours a day leading up to the big debut of the Pocono Mountains first mountain coaster. The coaster 45 hundred feet of steel and stretches around the grounds and almost reaches the top of camelback mountain. The highest part of the coaster is 38 feet tall.

In the last two years, camelback has launched their CBK Mountain Adventures, their zip flyer is one of the newest, and this year the monster coaster will be joining the roaster and both will be open year round.

The coaster will be open to the public at the end of this month, and the grand opening will be on August 7th.

Bankruptcy High in Monroe County
Monday July 16th 2012

The amount of bankruptcies across the country is decreasing -- including right here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. However, that’s not the trend in Monroe County. Mind-boggling taxes and high unemployment rates are realities Monroe Countians are forced to face -- leading to money troubles, foreclosure and eventually bankruptcy. With such a high cost of living, bankruptcy rates have increased in Monroe County. But if possible, attorneys recommend keeping bankruptcy as a last resort. "Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Northeastern Pennsylvania" may be able to help get you back on track. (570) 602-2227.
But if finances are too out of hand, officials say speak with attorneys to find out your options.

Monday July 16th 2012

Monroe County residents are being asked to take part in a long term study to find out the causes of cancer. The American Cancer Society is hoping to sign up 300-thousand people nationwide for its' cancer prevention study three. People started the process by giving some blood and completing survey forms Saturday in Stroudsburg. To get involved, participants must be cancer free and between the ages of 30 and 65. The study is trying to determine what behavior, lifestyle and genetic factors cause cancer. There are three more sessions to sign up for the cancer study this week.
Cancer Study Enrollment Sessions
Pocono Community Church, Tobyhanna
St. John’s Catholic Church, East Stroudsburg
Our Lady Queen of Peace, Brodheadsville
All Sessions Run 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm
For More Information

Monday July 16th 2012

Police in Pike County are investigating after a jogger was struck and killed by a pick-up truck near Lake Wallenpaupack. It happened around 12:30 Saturday afternoon on route 507 in Palmyra Township. Police say 20 year old Gabrielle Reuveni of Paramus New Jersey was killed when she was struck by a pick-up driven by 47-year old Philip Cise of Dover New Jersey. A witness said Cise's vehicle had been swerving over the yellow and white lines at the time of the crash. Reuveni was valedictorian of her high school class in 20-10. She was staying at her family's vacation home. Police say their investigation is continuing and charges could be filed in the future.

Monday July 16th 2012

A Saylorsburg man has been charged with attempted murder after a stabbing at an underage drinking party. State Police say 20-year old James Lindsey was at the party with several other people in the Eldo Lakes development in Polk Township. Lindsey and two other teens got into a fight just before one this morning. Officers say Lindsey stabbed a 17-year old in the chest and an 18-year old in the thigh before fleeing. Lindsey was arrested at a friend's home later in the morning. He faces two counts of attempted homicide and other charges. Police say they are still investigating the incident.

New Shohola Supervisor
Monday July 16th 2012

Shohola Township is welcoming a new face to the supervisors board.

At the last weeks township meeting supervisors appointed 23 year Shohola resident Keith Raser to fill the position of former super visor Nelia Wall. The township has been looking for a replacement since Wall resigned June14 due to accusations of corruption and a mandate by the district attorney.

Raser is currently the head of the Pike County Transportation Department and hopes to use his skills in the community to serve the township.

New Lehighton Police Station Big Step For Local Law Enforcement
Friday July 13th 2012

A new Lehighton police station is helping law enforcement keep the community safer. Today was the dedication for that new building. The biggest improvement is space -- it's more than quadrupled compared to their last station. What's inside, however, is changing the departments strength to a level they've been fighting to reach for years. Rather than travel for training, police officers can now participate in Taser training, strength training and even computer training right in their own station. It's important to keep in practice when protecting the lives of many. They also have new holding cells and questioning rooms. Officials say the old ones resembled closets. It was just one year ago that the Lehighton Police Department moved into this three-story building. Now that things are in full swing, more renovations are on the way.

Tobyhanna Army Depot has a New Commander
Thursday July 12th 2012

The Tobyhanna Army Depot has a new leader. Today, thousands of people came out to celebrate as they watched a commander they respected and loved, hand over the ropes. After serving as commander at the Tobyhanna Army Depot for three years, today, Colonel Charles Gibson passed the flag and all its responsibilities over to new hands -- Colonel Gerhard Schroter! With a strong army background in Germany, Iraq and Korea, depot officials feel he’s the perfect match! Commander Schroter now joins Monroe County’s largest employer -- a place that has pumped more than $4 billion into the economy.

Weatherly Shooting Suspect in Plea Court
Thursday July 12th 2012

A McAdoo man is in Carbon County Plea Court today for a shooting last year. 24-year-old Christopher Harris and three other men are charged with shooting three Weatherly homes on Yeakle Street in February 2011. No one was injured in the shooting. Today Harris plead guilty to aggravated assault, conspiracy and other related charges. The judge ordered a pre-sentence investigation. The other three men are still making their way through the court system.

Albrightsville Family Fire Fund
Thursday July 12th 2012

An Albrightsville family is displaced after a fire at their home. The fire broke out around 5 p.m. last night at the McFeeley home on Chesapeake Trial. C.J. McFeeley is a junior fire fighter with the Albrightsville Fire Company - he was at the station when the call came in. Now C.J.'s fellow fire fighters are coming together to help him and his family. The fire company is collecting clothing and monetary donations. A fire fund has been set up at the Mauch Chunk Trust Company. If you'd like to donate, contact the Albrightsville Fire Company for more details.

monroe county bank robbery
Wednesday July 11th 2012

Police responded to a hold-up at the First Keystone Community Bank in Swiftwater this afternoon. Pocono Township Police say a man handed a teller a note demanding money at 2:16pm. Officers say the robber is a young dark skin male 18-25 years of age. He fled the area with an un-disclosed amount of money in a bright yellow 2 door Chevy Cavalier possibly headed south on Route 611. Police were on the scene at the bank shortly after the hold-up.

Monroe County Historical Landmark Destroyed in Fire
Wednesday July 11th 2012

A historical Monroe County landmark is destroyed, leaving several people homeless. The "57 Hotel" in Eldred Township was completely engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived. While people living above the popular bar heard the alarms go off around 1:30 this morning, firefighters didn't arrive to the scene until more than an hour later. By that time, the building was salvageable. One of four tenants was taken to Pocono Medical Center for evaluation -- no word on their condition. Fire marshals have yet to determine what sparked the fire. Tenants are just happy to be alive.

Kidder Township Gas Spill Follow Up
Wednesday July 11th 2012

The Department of Environmental Protection is still investigating Friday's fuel spill at the Bandit Truck Stop at the intersection of Routes 940 and 534. Officials were there today assessing the contaiminated area. They say 200 gallons spilled after a gas pump malfunctioned. a DEP spokesperson says the gas station has been sent a notice of violation. They must take corrective steps to clean-up the spill. The Bandit Truck Stop is already a remediation site. We're told they've had issues in the past with leaking underground storage tanks, so this recent clean-up will be added to remediation plans already in place. It is still undetermined how much, if any, fuel leaked into an unnamed nearby stream. DEP will determine if a fine will be levied once they asses how the clean-up of all the projects is progressing. That usually takes 60 days.

East Stroudsburg Man Jumps From Burning Home
Tuesday July 10th 2012

Flames broke out in an East Stroudsburg home around 6:30 this morning. One man was inside. When firefighters arrived, they found the tenant - Lance Portalatin - outside the house without injuries. Portalatin woke up to the smell of smoke. When he realized the house was completely up in flames, he turned to the only escape route he had – his second story bedroom window. It took more than 2 hours for firefighters to contain the fire. Fire Marshalls ruled it accidental -- they believe it started with a single candle in the downstairs front room. With severe damage to the first and second floors, the home is pretty much gutted, along with everything inside. Portalatin, who has been renting this home for the past year, didn't have renters insurance. If you'd like to help out, donations can be made to the Red Cross.

Palmerton Parents Plea in Child Death
Tuesday July 10th 2012

Palmerton parents plead guilty today in Carbon County Court to the death of their 11 month old baby back in 2010. Investigators say Kimberly Taschler put her daughter into a car seat and placed her in a second floor bedroom - baby Kayla was unattended for 16 hours with no food or water. When Kimberly brought the baby to the E.R. police say she had been dead for some time. Today Kimerberly plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child. Jacob plead guilty to endangering the welfare of a child in the third degree. The judge ordered a pre-sentence investigation for both parents. A sentencing date has been sent for August.

Black Bears Roaming Carbon County
Monday July 9th 2012

Black Bears are roaming around Carbon County and recently, they've said hello to a handful of residents. One family in Parryville saw three cubs and a mother in their yard. Close by in Palmerton, Black Bears were also spotted along San Quarry Road. There’s no doubt about it – Black Bears are out. Officials say that’s because, not only is it breeding season, but come June and July, it’s time for mature cubs to leave their mothers. To keep them off your property keep garbage indoors until pick-up. When a garbage can is outside, spray the can and the garbage inside with ammonia. If a bear still comes on your property, simply make noise to scare it away. While many people like to watch the bears play, officials say you should never make them feel too comfortable. Once they become too friendly with humans, they can become dangerous.

First Female President at East Stroudsburg University
Monday July 9th 2012

Please refrain from using all capital letters, it is unsuitable for body copy & difficult on the end-user's eyes!It’s been 16 years since East Stroudsburg University had a new president, and now they have their first female president.

Robert Dillman has served as president for 16 years. And is passing to torch to Dr. Marcia Welsh.
After a number of faculty positions and an interim president role has lead her to East Stroudsburg University as president
As a the new commander in cheif at the university, Dr. Welsh says, serving as interim president at Towson University last year, has given her tough skin for her larger role.

Dr. Welsh would first like to get to know the campus and faculty, she says, she would like to create even bigger ties between the university and the community.

Hackers Falls Access Road Closed
Monday July 9th 2012

The closure of an access point to a popular swimming hole has made for some dangerous road conditions in Pike County.

Dingman Township supervisors say when the National Park Service Closed the access road to Hackers Falls visitors started parking along and walking down a busy stretch of route 2001. There are other access points to the falls but supervisors have learned that many people don't know how to get to it, and they want the Park Service to advertise better directions or open up the road.

It is unclear to supervisors why the access road is closed so now they are writing a letter to park officials in hopes to work out a solution.

Lawmakers Get A Raise
Friday July 6th 2012

It’s no secret the economy has seen better days, and despite many layoffs and funding cuts across the board, our state legislators aren’t feeling the same pain. The 2012-13 state budget, which was passed late last week, includes a $1.7 million increase for general assembly members. They're getting more money for salaries, benefits and just extra cash. Along with this raise, the budget is also cutting funds from many programs, which has people heated. Carbon County officials say this raise is the law and unless our legislators do something about it, things will continue. Legislators have received involuntary raises in base pay since the 1990’s.

Heat good for business?
Friday July 6th 2012

Tomorrow tempertures are expected to climb toward 100 degrees. But, the high heat is actually helping some local businesses. By 10:30 this morning, Jim Thorpe was already bustling with tourists. Many come to raft down the Lehigh River, but employees at Pocono Whitewater say you'd be surprised how many people actually come to bike. That's boosting business around town. Molly Maguires Pub has been packed all week, and they're expecting a very busy weekend.

Beltzville State Park Turns People Away
Thursday July 5th 2012

If you celebrated Independence Day in Carbon County, Beltzville State Park, a free state park, seemed like the place to be. That is, if you weren’t turned away. By 1:30, parking lots were filled to capacity, and once that happens, visiting Beltzville State Park gets pretty tough. Even though park officials added more over-flow parking this year, hundreds of people were forced to park more than a mile away and walk down. State police helped patrol the area and once parking hit capacity, officials handed out directions to other state parks. While this isn’t a new problem, officials say they don’t have plans to expand any more parking lots. The best advice is just get there early.

Access Services reacts to PA budget cuts
Thursday July 5th 2012

We're looking at another year of tough budget cuts. But, employees at Access Services say it could have been much worse. When Gov. Corbett unveiled his plan for the 2012-2013 state budget, it included a 20 percent cut to human services funding. Over the past few months, thousands of pennsylvanians have protested those cuts. When the budget passed late last week, legislators had whittled that down to a 10 percent cut. The new budget also includes enough funding to move more than 1,100 Pennsylvanians off a waiting list for human services, including 700 special education graduates.

5 Time DUI Offender Sentenced
Thursday July 5th 2012

A five time Drunk Driving offender has been sentenced for nearly killing a motorcyclist and his 10 year old grandson…

Today a Wayne County judge sentenced 50 year old Ida Campfield to 15 years in jail for running her car head on into Narrowsburg resident Brad Marchensin and his grandson. the accident happened last Saint Patricks Day in Damasus Township. Campfield was over 4 times the legal limit when she crossed the center line and hit the motorcycle on route 652… Marchensin grandson has since then recovered but he lost his leg.
The Marchensin's say they have racked up over 700 thousand dollars in medical bills since the accident.

"Gary in the Morning" is Back!
Tuesday July 3rd 2012

Gary in the morning is back! And he is planning to stay with his same controversial format.

Gary Smith, who was fired from WSBG five years ago, amidst controversy due to racial comments, is now broadcasting on Pocono 96.7. The station moved their antenna from Port Jarvis to Bushkill which will give residents another outlet for a local station. This was his first week on the air.

Gary says he does not plan on toning down his show, and says he will continue to bring his flare to radio.

Firework Safety
Tuesday July 3rd 2012

We’re just one day away from the July 4th holiday and as you stock up on fireworks to celebrate, it’s important to keep safety in mind. Hospitals like Pocono Medical Center are preparing for a busy day tomorrow. In fact, around 3,000 children under the age of 15 visit the emergency room every July 4th as a result of fireworks. Officials recommend keeping a bucket of water close by – since the most common injury is a burn. They’re also warning you to watch out for duds – don’t relight them. While fireworks may be beautiful and fun, officials recommend leaving it up to the professionals.

stroud street supervisor charged with theft
Tuesday July 3rd 2012

A street supervisor in Stroudsburg faces charges of stealing more than two thousand dollars from scrap metal recycling. 54-year old Elwood "Tim" Ace of East Stroudsburg faces five felony counts of theft. Police say he pocketed 23-hundred dollars from scrap metal recycling. Employees recycled metal and turned over cash to ace. When questioned by police Ace said he was saving the money for a coffee fund for employees and turned over 900 dollars. The other 15 hundred was not turned over to the borough. Ace gave up his right to preliminary hearing Monday. He will now face a trial on those theft charges.

two arrested on drug dealing charges in monroe
Tuesday July 3rd 2012

Monroe County Detectives arrest two men on drug dealing charges. Barrett Township Police served a search warrant at the Cresco home of 55-year old Sam Saulsbury. Detectives say undercover officers purchased cocaine several times at the home in the past. Cocaine packaged for sale, along with a large amount of cash in small bills and a cell phone were seized. Saulsbury was taken into custody on drug possession charges last Thursday. He was released on bail but faces a hearing later this week.
And the Monroe County Drug Task force has also arrested 34-year old Damian Alfonzo of Rosedale New York on drug dealing charges. Officers say they purchased cocaine from Alfonzo in late June. A second buy was arranged where Alfonzo was taken into custody in Tobyhanna township on Sunday. Detectives say three cocaine packets were found inside Alfonzo’s mouth. It’s a common practice by drug dealers - according to police - so dealers can swallow the drugs if stopped. Officers believe he swallowed other packets before his arrest and he was treated at Pocono Medical Center. Alfonzo is in jail awaiting a hearing next week.

Renters - Watch Out For Craigslist Scams
Monday July 2nd 2012

Pocono realtors are urging possible renters to keep their eyes peeled for Craigslist scams. A recent ad on the popular website has many people calling police. The post is from Nigeria. It lists a rental home in East Stroudsburg for $800 per month, but when one possible renter went to check out the place, he saw it for $1,400 per month. That’s when he decided to contact the listed real-estate agent and find out what was going on - before he sent a $500 deposit to Nigeria. What scammers do is take listings from a reputable real-estate agent and use that for their own ad. Their goal is to get personal information or a hefty deposit. To avoid such scams, watch for people requesting money before any paperwork is drawn up. Don't go to the property alone. Don't trust listers from West Africa - or other foreign countries. Additionally, watch out for deals that look too good to be true.
Officials say if you suspect a scam on Craigslist, report it to the website and contact police immediately.

Barletta Challenging Obama's Immigration Policy
Monday July 2nd 2012

A local lawmaker is taking aim at the president's immigration policy. Congressman Lou Barletta is calling for an investigative hearing into President Obama's June 15th executive order that's designed to protect some illegal immigrants from deportation. Barletta says Obama violated a 1996 law by issuing such an order. Barletta is also introducing a bill to study the effects of Obama's executive order and another bill to protect Homeland Security personnel who disregard that order.

Monroe County Gets Extra Education Funding
Monday July 2nd 2012

After massive employee cuts
and school closures, Monroe County school districts are finally getting some good news.

This weekend Governor Tom Corbett responded to the pleas of school districts around the state, signing school reform legislation into law. This landmark enactment will funnel 11 billion dollars into Pennsylvania public schools.

For the 20-13, 14 budget, east Stroudsburg will receive $300,000 for basic education, Pleasant Valley got $200,000, and the most in need districts, Pocono Mountain received 2.4 million and Stroudsburg will get $1.6 million.

monroe man accused of throwing baby in carseat
Monday July 2nd 2012

Police are also deciding whether or not to charge an East Stroudsburg man after a he threw a two month old baby in a car seat out of a car. State Police at Swiftwater have not identified the man but they say he and a woman stopped because of an argument along Echo Farm Road in Paradise Township Saturday. Officers say the man slapped the woman and threw the infant out of a car. The child remained in the car seat but it hit the ground and rolled over. The infant was flown to a hospital for observation. Police have not released any other updates on her condition.

new york man drowns in wayne county lake
Monday July 2nd 2012

A man drowned while trying to swim across a lake in northern Wayne County. State Police at Honesdale say 22-year old Hubert Iturres of East Elmhurst New York was vacationing with friends at Reflection Lakes in Manchester Township, around 3:45 am Saturday morning Iturres tried to swim across a lake. Friends tried to stop him because he had been drinking. People began searching for Iturres 15 minutes after he went into the water. Dive teams located his body Sunday afternoon.

Wayne Man Shot
Monday July 2nd 2012

A Wayne County woman is facing attempted homicide charges after reportedly shooting her husband in the chest.
Yesterday afternoon state police responded to a reported shooting on Pine Mill road in Equinun. When they arrived they found 60 year old James Noll alive with a gunshot wound to the chest. Noll was later air lifted to the hospital and his wife was taken into custody after they found the gun in their home. Neighbors say James was known to be abusive and the shooting was most likely in self defense.
James Noll is reportedly still in critical condition at a Scranton hospital and his wife now being housed at the Wayne County jail.

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