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Job Opportunities Getting Better With Time
Thursday October 31st 2013

The competition is still high for landing a job, but students and community members at today's Lehigh Carbon Community College Job Fair are hopeful knowing opportunities are opening up.
There were 58 employers, more than what has shown up in past years.
UGI Utilities was one of the new employers added and they're looking to hire not only replacements, but 100 new people in contruction and electrician feilds. Representatives say as long as you have the skills, they'll train you for the rest to meet the new demand for natural gas.
If you missed out today, you're encouraged to come to the next job fair at the community college in March.

Protect Yourself Against the Flu
Thursday October 31st 2013

Health officials say even though flu season has officially started, it's not too late to get the shot and have it be effective. People most at risk are the elderly and kids under 12 years of age. Blue Mountain Health System has partnered with the PA Department of Health to offer free flu vaccines. Shots are still available. The health system is holding two more clinics on: Wednesday, November 6th from 4pm to 6pm at the Palmerton Hospital Campus and again on Wednesday, November 13th at the same time at the Gnaden Huetten Memorial Hospital Campus in Lehighton.

Former Fire Company Treasurer Sentenced for Stealing
Wednesday October 30th 2013

A Summit Hill man who admitted to stealing more than $64,000 from a Lehighton Fire Company has been sentenced to jail. According to police, in February 2012, 50-year-old Robert Neff confessed to stealing money from the Lehigh Fire Company No.1. He was the company treasurer for 6 years. He admitted to taking money from the checking account and using it for personal use. An audit shows Neff made over $64,000 worth of unauthorized transactions between January 2008 and January 2012. He was sentenced yesterday to up to a year and two months in Carbon County prison followed by probation. He must also re-pay the fire company.

Former Carbon Man Pleads Guilty to Child Porn
Wednesday October 30th 2013

A former Carbon County man pleads guilty to receiving and distributing child pornography. 32-year-old Stephen Puza III of Bethlehem was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury last month. He has admitted to downloading and sharing the child porn from July of 2011 through this past September. Puza faces a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

Keeping Trick or Treaters Safe
Wednesday October 30th 2013

Police urge drivers to slow down since many of our communities are holding Trick or Treating tonight. Safety officials say statistics show your child has a higher chance of being struck by a car on Halloween than on any other night. Parents should remember to walk on the sidewalk with the little ones and only cross at crosswalks. If you're expecting Trick or Treaters, remove any decorations that may be a tripping hazard for the kids, for example, pumpkins and plants. Finally, replace real candles with the battery operated kind in your Jack-O-Lantern to prevent anyone's costume from catching fire.

There Will Soon Be Less Food Stamps For Those In Need
Wednesday October 30th 2013

Representative Betty Pearson of the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lansford is nervous they won't have enough food to go around once the reduction in food stamps takes affect. The expiration of a federal stimulus package will reduce funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program starting November 1st. The decrease in benefits is small, but not to the people who depend on that money to eat. They'll be looking elsewhere to fill the void.
The Lansford Food Pantry gets 120 families in a month on average, usually there are only three to four new ones. Pearson believes the 18 news ones last month is just the beginning of what is yet to come. Because recipients of food stamps have already been notified of the decrease. She says her food supply has also been cut back. It's the worst she's seen in all of her 18 years working at the pantry.
But volunteers at Ebenezer Evangelical Congregational Church in Jim Thorpe say they're prepared for the increase because they have the community's support. Pastor Nathan Kennedy is confident that as the need presents itself, the community will step up to the challenge like it always has.
Local food banks can always use your donations, but with the food stamp reduction and the holidays on the way, they could use a helping hand more than ever right now.

Hurricane Sandy One Year Later
Tuesday October 29th 2013

A year after Hurricane Sandy devastated the mid-Atlantic region, people, like Mayor Chris Olivia, can remember how they felt coming outside and seeing the destruction for the first time. But Mayor Olivia turned out to be very lucky. The tree hit the roof but didn't do too much damage, and his neighbors chipped in to get it cleaned up. Today, he hasn't cut down his remaining trees out of fear, but there is one thing he's not leaving to chance if and when another storm like Sandy hits. He now has a generator.
Communities were without power for about a week and while many residents have invested in generators, people would still like to know what improvements PPL has made for future storms.
The company has invested 3.8 billion dollars into its system so the over 500,000 customers who lost power during Hurricane Sandy, won't lose it again. PPL has also updated its website and has become more contact friendly by incorporating social media.
Since Palmerton was hit so hard, Mayor Olivia says a committee has been working on a town alert system to better notify residents during an emergency.

What's Next for the former Tiki Bar?
Tuesday October 29th 2013

Tamaqua's Safety Initiative recently purchased the former Tiki Bar on Mauch Chunck Street. The building has been vacant for over a year. The property sits along the "Safety Corridor," which is an area downtown with a higher than average crime rate. Leona Rega, TSI Coordinator, says "the next step is to work with the Chamber of Commerce to fix up the building and then say, what can we put in this building that will help with this area of town." The Initiative is open to ideas for the property. Investors interested in the building can call the Tamaqua Chamber of Commerce (570) 668-1880.

Schuylkill County Fire May be Connected to Burglary
Monday October 28th 2013

An early morning fire yesterday in Schuylkill County is also burglary investigation. The fire was reported around 5:30 a.m. at Saint Clair Self Storage. Fire fighters found the offices fully invovled in flames. State Police say the fire may be connected to a burglary at the storage facility. Someone cut padlocks to eight separate units between Friday and Sunday morning's fire. A State Police Fire Marshall is investigating what started the blaze.

Tragic Incident In Jim Thorpe
Monday October 28th 2013

Off-duty Lansford Police Officer David Midas shoots himself in the head, after taking close-friend and fellow officer Chris Ondrus hostage Friday night. The tragic ending occurred on Broadway in Jim Thorpe. Lansford Borough Council stands behind Officer Ondrus and President Rosemary Cannon calls him a hero after he tried to defuse the situation. Lehighton State Police are continuing the investigation to what exactly transpired that night.

Community Reacts to Midas Death
Monday October 28th 2013

The Community is in shock over the tragic death of Lieutenant David Midas. He was known for the many roles he played in the community. Midas was a Sheriff's Deputy, a part-time police officer and a teacher with the DARE program.

In Jim Thorpe, St. Joseph's Regional Academy Principal, Amanda Salovay, says students knew him as the officer with the smile, "he always came in with a big smile on his face and he was very informative too, so the kids really liked that he knew the answers and knew what to tell them. They enjoyed him being around."
Principal of SS Peter and Paul School in Lehighton, Sherry Sernak echoes Salovay, "he made a very positive difference in our lives."

Midas taught with the DARE program for nearly 8 years. Jim Thorpe Police Chief, Joe Schatz, says Midas was passionate about teaching the kids, "he had a big energetic heart and when it came to teaching there's no other person I'd rather teach with than Dave." A funeral mass is set for Thursday. You can find more information on the services at

Attention Hunters!
Friday October 25th 2013

Martinell's Deer Processing and Taxidermy officials in Tannersville anticipate a lot more hunters knocking on their door this year. That's because the other local butcher, Klingel's Deer Processing in Stroud Township, won't be open for business. Between the two, 1,000 deer are processed throughout the deer hunting season. This year that'll fall on Martinell's, but they say they'll be able to handle it.
A hunter's biggest enemy, after a kill, is the time it takes to get the deer processed. They don't want the meat to spoil. So owner Dan Martinell wants to make sure hunters know they can bring their deer to his shop on Camelback Road.
Deer season opens up to everyone the first week after Thanksgiving.

ESU Possible Job Cuts
Thursday October 24th 2013

East Stroudsburg University students should be focusing on getting a good grade on their next exam. Instead, they have the looming burden of their future at the school itself. Representatives of the faculty union say as many as 30 tenured job cuts could occur in the 2014-2015 academic year as a result of the deficit and decreased tuition. Students wonder if they'll be able to complete their majors because entire programs might be cut as a result.
Director of University Relations Brenda Friday says decisions must be made to continue to provide quality education. She offers this statement, "Our goal in all of this is to maintain the same high quality of academic excellence for our students, minimize any impact on university personnel, and work toward the adoption and implementation of a more pragmatic budget model." But union members believe the problem can be resolved without laying off any faculty and tell us that was the original plan a few months ago.
English Professor Allan Benn adds the financial emergency doesn't make sense because the administration has set in motion a $110,000,000 project. The Keystone Center, housing a library and student center, will be paid for by the state and students. But there will still be collateral costs and it goes against administration's reasoning for the layoffs.
Friday says a final decision has not been made regarding the layoffs. She anticipates a decision no later than October 30th.
A rally is planned for Tuesday at 2PM in the University Circle. Students are urged to attend and defend what's important to them.

Obamacare Frustrations
Tuesday October 22nd 2013

The Affordable Care Act's Health Insurance Marketplace is driving people crazy all over the United States and people in Monroe County are no exception. Numerous people we spoke to today, just want to get on the website and find affordable health coverage like they're required to do. But technical problems with the Marketplace are holding them back. The website says to call a hotline for help, but users are coming up empty handed.
People are exhausted with getting no answers, and a lot of people told us they're giving up until the glitches of the system are worked out. What you may not know is there are other ways to apply for health coverage through the market place than just online:
-Apply by phone at 1-800-313-2596
-Apply by mail with paper application (can be downloaded from the website)
-Apply with the help of an in-person assister in your community--you can find local help on the website, or by calling 1-800-313-2596
You can also contact the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for more information on these options at 215-861-4250.
Not only can users not get on the website, but they're confused if it actually pertains to them.
To set the record straight, we spoke to Public Affairs Officer Lorraine Ryan of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and she says, "If you currently have health insurance coverage through an employer, Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare or the VA, you already have health insurance coverage, so the Health Insurance Marketplace is NOT for you." She also told us that you are not to go on the website to opt out or to prove you have health insurance. Ryan says roughly 85 percent of Americans have health insurance coverage and the Health Insurance Marketplace is for the 15 percent without.
For those of you who do not currently have health insurance, you have until December 15th to enroll in a plan for coverage to begin January 1st, or until March 31st for coverage to begin later in 2014.

Albrightsville Man in Court for Hitting Officer with Car
Tuesday October 22nd 2013

An Albrightsville man is in Carbon County Plea Court after hitting a police officer with his car two years ago. On November 30th, 2011 - Robert Monroe is accused of hitting a Jim Thorpe cop who was directing traffic on Route 209 in Nesquehoning around a broken down vehicle. Officer Joe David was seriously injured and needed surgery to repair his leg. After the crash, Monroe admitted to taking a prescription percocet earlier in the day. Today Monroe plead guilty to several charges in Carbon County Court. The judge ordered a pre-sentence investigation.

Slatington Man Charged with Homicide by Vehicle
Monday October 21st 2013

A Slatington man has been charged with homicide be vehicle after a crash left three people. According to the Lehigh County District Attorney's office, 32-year-old John Mayer ran a red light at MacArthur Road and Ebherhart Road on February 23rd in Whitehall Township. He struck a vehicle that caught fire killing a 16-year-old boy and his mother. Mayer's monther, Virginia, was a passenger in his vehicle. She died in July of complications sustained in that accident. Crash reconstruction determined Mayer was driving 86-miles-per-hour. The posted speed limit was 30 at that time because of construction. Today Mayer was charged with three counts of homicide by vehicle and several other related offenses.

P.Forest Bank Robbery Investigation Continues
Monday October 21st 2013

Officers are still looking for a man who held up the Jim Thorpe National Bank on Route 903 in Penn Forest Township on September 17th. Around one o'clock that afternoon, a white man wearing a mask pointed a small black handgun at two female tellers and demanded cash. The suspect got money from both tellers and then left the bank. He was last seen riding a bicycle south on Route 903. Anyone who may have seen the man in the area of the bank is asked to call State Police at Lehighton. He was wearing black clothing and riding a small mountain type bicycle.

Homeless Initiative Making Great Strides
Monday October 21st 2013

Dorothy Clark can't believe how quickly things improved. Just a year ago, she was struggling to survive and now, she excitedly looks forward to GED classes starting tomorrow. Clark is just one of the many success stories coming from Monroe County's Homeless Initiative. Salt of the Earth Ministries partnered with the initiative to help. They say humans don't belong sleeping under a bridge or anywhere else that isn't an acceptable place to live. The idea of the Day Center was then born.
With homeless numbers continuously increasing, and the goal of solving Monroe County's homeless problem in mind, more room is needed than what the current facility has to offer. That's why the church, along with the Day Center on Lower Main Street is moving to a bigger building, located at First and Washington Streets. It will have more amenities to help those in need, such as showers and washer/dryers. The brand new facility inside of a warehouse will need to be approved and then renovations to the building to suit their needs can occur. The move is estimated to happen in January 2014.

Expect to Pay More for Energy Bills This Winter
Friday October 18th 2013

Staying warm is expected to cost a whole lot more this winter. The US Energy Information Agency is predicting cooler weather and a spike in prices for heating fuel. Prices for natural gas, electricity, and propane are expected to rise; for those relying on heating oil, it won't be as bad, but keep in mind the following tips to lower your heating bill:

1. Lower the thermostat a few degrees.
2. Take advantage of the sun; use it as a "heater"... open drapes when you're getting direct sunlight.
3. Keep air vents clean so heat flows easily throughout your home.
4. Make sure your home is insulated.

Season For Fall Foliage Comes To An End
Friday October 18th 2013

The season for fall foliage is coming to an end and the leaves have reached their peak.
The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation area is a popular place to go to admire the leaves changing at this time of year.
The national park has be closed during the government shutdown and there's only about a week or two left to enjoy the scenery.
The Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area just reopened yesterday.

Blue Mountain Water Park Moves Forward
Thursday October 17th 2013

Blue Mountain Resort has paved the way for Summit Splash Water Park. The expansion is the next step in the resort's four season growth strategy. That will not only bring in people year round, but will also boost the economy. The idea is to have people stay in the area for work and enjoyment. Officials tell us the water park will double the current 50 full-time employees and add 400 jobs to the current 1,000 part-time jobs. When the water park is completed, it'll be 40 acres. It'll initially open on 10 acres. Today was just the beginning with the celebration of the completed infrastructure.
New technology has come into play to change the design of the park that could push the opening day back. But as of now, the projected date for the first 10 acres is still April 2015.

No More Government Shutdown For Now
Thursday October 17th 2013

Government officials have come up with a temporary fix, to reopen government and raise the debt limit, while they continue to work on a budget plan.
In an effort to meet the Federal Government's debt limit deadline, scheduled for today, Lawmakers composed a bill yesterday to fund the government and raise the debt limit.
The bill was passed from the Senate, to the House, and then to Congress before the bill was signed by President Barack Obama.
However, the deal is to only fund the government until January 15 and raise the debt limit until February 7, 2014.
The Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area was closed during the government shut down and today it was re-opened
and federal workers went back to work.
While some businesses are picking back up where they left off, David Jacobi of Adventure Sports canoeing says, his season is over and the agreement came a little to late. Jacobi says, his canoeing company uses the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation area to access the Delaware river and with the national park being closed they had to cancel trips.
While he's happy to hear the partial government shutdown is over for now, he says he would be a lot happy to hear it's open for good.
The fall is a big time of the year for the Poconos, when tourists are coming out to enjoy the fall foliage. John Donahue who's the Superintendent for the National Park Service says, he looks forward to seeing tourists come out to enjoy the park again.

Plane Accident - Slatington Airport
Thursday October 17th 2013

A Lehighton man is hurt after his plane flips at the Slatington Airport this afternoon. The accident happned just before 12:30 p.m. Police say the man had just landed on the runway when it's believed a cross wind interfered. The plane veered off the runway and flipped onto its roof. The pilot was hurt but conscious and alert when he was transported to an area hospital. Police say the FAA was called in to investigate.

Palmerton Man in County Plea Court
Thursday October 17th 2013

A Plamerton man is in court today after he's charged with molesting two children. According to court documents, Heinz Rausch had sexual contact with two little girls under the age of 13. Contact with the first girl began in September 2010, and the other child April 2011. Rausch was arrested and charged with numerous felonies. Today he plead guilty to charges in Carbon County Court. He is expected to be sentenced in December.

Lehighton Man in Plea Court for Arson
Thursday October 17th 2013

A Lehighton man is in Carbon County Plea Court after allegedly setting fire to a family member's home. According to police, 45-year-old Russell Young set a fire on the patio of his sister's house on North Third Street in Lehighton back on January 30th. Young was found at the scene and arrested. Today he plead guilty to charges in the case. He will be sentenced at a later date.

Palmerton Pair Arrested for Mobile Meth Lab
Wednesday October 16th 2013

A Palmerton man and woman are busted for a mobile meth lab in Northampton County. An officer with Colonial Regional Police stopped a car that 30-year-old Richard Walterick III and 21-year-old Emily Anne Fatzinger were riding in yesterday morning. Police say Fatzinger had a glass tube used to smoke methamphetamine and a glass container with the drug residue inside it. Walterick also had a glass jar with drug residue in it. The officer then searched the car and found an active meth lab in a plastic bag hanging from the back of the seat. Both were charged with operating a methamphetamine lab and numerous other offenses. They were taken to the Northampton County Prison and bail was set at $25,000.

Walnutport Man Threatens Family with Knife
Wednesday October 16th 2013

A Walnutport man is arrested for allegedly threatening to kill a Slatedale family. Police say on October 10th, they were called to a home on East Grant Street in Washington Township for a report of threats. The victim told troopers 22-year-old Ty-Sean Bruce had a knife and made threats to kill him and his family. A knife was found and Bruce was taken into custody. He has been charged with simple assault and other related offenses.

Gas Prices Dip
Wednesday October 16th 2013

Pumping gas may seem like a chore, but with gas prices nationally about 16 cents lower than last month, you may want to fill up. In the Lehigh Valley, gas prices are at an average of $3.31 a gallon, which is about 19 cents lower in comparison to last month and about 49 cents lower than a year ago at this time.
Gas prices lowered by a few cents per gallon may not seem like a big deal, but in today's economy, it helps out.
And there's no need to rush to the pump, these prices are expected to continue decreasing, as long as hurricanes remain out of the forecast.
The only uncertainty is how low the prices will go, which is something to look forward to.

Camelback Resort Welcomes New Investor
Wednesday October 16th 2013

Camelback Mountain Resort has a new real estate investor and they're working to expand.
Brian Czarnecki, who's the Vice President of sales and marketing says the new investor has a strong history with recreational facilities so they know the business and Camelback is where they want to be.
The resort will run by the same people.
Camelback has been wanting to add a hotel and indoor waterpark for years and it is finally coming together.
Recently, it was announced that Khalahari Waterpark and Resort will be coming to the area in the year 2015. Czarnecki says, they plan to have their hotel and indoor waterpark in operation in early spring of 2015 and they're ready for the competition.
Dan Martinell, who's the owner of Alpine Ski and Snowboarding rentals, not far from the resort says Camelback brings in the majority of his business. He owns several other businesses in the area and he says the hotel will not only be an opportunity for Camelback to bring in more money, but for his businesses too.

Government Shutdown Protest
Tuesday October 15th 2013

Protests happened around the nation today as a result of the continuing government shutdown. Some of those protesters gathered at the Courthouse Annex in Jim Thorpe this morning. They don't know if the government shutdown will cease and desist because of their actions today, but they believe they're making a difference.

Lehighton Man Dies from Friday Crash
Tuesday October 15th 2013

A man involved in a two car crash Friday in Mahoning Township has died. Police identify the victim as 83-year-old William Graver of Lehighton. Officers say he pulled out of the Times News parking lot onto Route 443. His car collided with another vehicle driven by 28-year-old Rebecca Boyer of Tamaqua. She and a passenger in Graver's car, 81-year-old Perma Graver, were both taken to the hospital with injuries. There is no update on their conditions at this time.

Body Found Under Investigation
Tuesday October 15th 2013

A group of hikers discovered a decomposed body in the woods Monday morning, near the former Birchwood Resort in Pocono Township. Officials say the body was found at least 300 yards into the woods from Hallet Rd.
Police were unable to find an ID at the scene.
The man is described as a balding white male with silver hair and ungroomed facial hair in his late 50's or early 60's.
Police are investigating and working with the Monroe County Coroner to figure out the cause of death.
Bob Allen, who's the Monroe County Coroner says they've been looking for missing persons who fit the description and they've come up with a possibility.
The person who was reporting missing is a 63 year old white male, who's been missing for two months. If the body belongs to who they think, Allen says he's from Hellertown and known to wonder away from his home.
An autopsy is scheduled tomorrow morning.
If you might've seen someone walking around in this area or have any information call Pocono Township Police.

Two Fatal Turnpike Crashes
Monday October 14th 2013

Two people are dead after two seperate crashes on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Saturday. The first accident happened mid-morning. Officials say a deer crashed through the windshield of a Chevy Equinox just before the tunnel northbound. The Carbon County Coroner says 35-year-old Jack Kodesh of New York was taken to the Palmerton Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The cause of death is blunt force trauma to the head. The second turnpike crash happened around eight o'clock Saturday night. Three people were in a car that went over the guiderail and down an embankment in East Penn Township. The vehicle caught fire. All three people were ejected. According to the coroner, one passenger was killed. 18-year-old Isaiah Lawler of Philadelphia died of blunt force trauma to the head and torso. The other two people in the car were able to crawl back up the embankment to the turnpike.

Lawmaker Proposes Maximum Speed Increase
Monday October 14th 2013

Most of the people we talked to today have no desire for people to be able to drive faster on interstate highways and the turnpike in Pennsylvania, despite what State Senator Joe Scarnati is proposing. He's looking for support for legislation to raise the state speed limit from 65 to 70 miles per hour. Numerous other states have already taken the step to allow for traveling at a maximum speed of 70 miles per hour or more, and Senator Scarnati believes Pennsylvania is able to do the same. He says, "Over the last two decades since Pennsylvania's maximum speed limit was last set, our vehicles have become more technologically efficient and safety standards have continued to increase."
Scarnati says the increase in speed by five miles per hour would allow for better traffic flow, but the people we spoke to today are worried about their fellow drivers taking advantage of that increase.
Senator Scarnati also says the higher the speed limit provides for a greater efficiency in the delivery of goods throughout the Commonwealth. But Director James Shumgart of the CDL Training Program at Lehigh Carbon Community College says the transportation of goods depends on the area you're in and is against the speed increase when it comes to truck drivers in our area.
Shumgart says with the increased speed, more accidents are bound to occur. The proposal is only in the very early stages in Harrisburg. And even if legislation is passed, engineering and traffic studies will be conducted before speed limits change on any Pennsylvania roadways.

Neglected Dog Gets Treatment at Shelter
Monday October 14th 2013

A four year old Puggle named Lacy was found neglected and tied to a pole last week.
She is now in the care of AWSOM Animal Shelter and receiving treatment. She came in with fleas and a contagious form mange, which is a skin condition caused by parasite mites. After a few flea baths and medication, they were able to get rid of the fleas, but there is more work to be done. She was left with marks from being tied up and she suffered from swelling, but Kim Loffio, who's a supervisor at the shelter says the swelling has gone down and her organs seem to be in good shape.
After Lacy was found, she was taken to a nearby veterinarian clinic, where they located a chip that connected her to the shelter.
David Carbone, who's the Operations Manager at AWSOM Animal Shelter says, it was only two years ago when she was adopted from their shelter. They have identified the owner and are currently looking for her.
Carbone says, Lacy has been back and forth to the vet and it the cost to bring her back to health is going to be very high. He is asking the public to help with the expenses.
If you would like to help out you can call them at (570) 421-DOGS and give a donation or log on to their website at

Bidder Wants to Save Historic Home
Friday October 11th 2013

A historic property in Snydersville was recently sold to the highest bidder in a auction held in August.
After members of the community found out he planned to demolish the structure and build something new in it's place, members of the community rallied against it.
Charlene Blacer, who runs a non profit organization for children with hair loss was the runner up at the auction. She thought the deal was done, until she received a post card in the mail from the auctioneer asking if she was still interested in the property.
She was able to speak to the winning bidder and she says once he found out how much significance the property had to the community he was willing to sell it to her to use for her organization.
Blacer spoke to her financial advisor, and he told her it would be a big risk for her to take on this property on her own. She is asking the community to help come up with the $260,000 by October 23.
We were unable to speak to the winning binner and what he will do with the property if they don't come up with the money is up in the air.
If you are interested in contributing to the expenses you can make a donation through Pay Pal at or mail a check to Helpme2stop at the PO Box adresss, 202 Bartonsville, PA 18321.

Man Dies While Trying to Steal Copper in Palmerton
Friday October 11th 2013

A man is electrocuted while apparently trying to steal copper in Carbon County. According to the coroner, the man's body was found yesterday afternoon on former New Jersey Zinc property in Palmerton. Authorities say the man died within the previous 24 hours. He was attempting to steal copper wire from poles.

Guiderails Save Drivers from Tragedies
Thursday October 10th 2013

When roads are slippery you never know when you might slide off the road.
It is rather hilly in the Poconos and some areas have steep drop offs.
There are guiderails in some places, but they aren't everywhere.
Sean Brown from Penn Dot says they are always looking into places that may need guiderails to keep drivers safe.
Brown says, when they evaluate areas they look for roadways with steep drop offs, a lot of trees, or other things that may be hazardous to drivers.
In Palmerton today, a driver was taken to a local hospital after veering off the road and rolling over in a ditch. Lt. Christina Obrecht of Palmerton Fire Department says the driver was driving too fast for weather conditions and rolled over, after coming around a curb, off of Route 248.
With or without guiderails, Obrecht says, drivers should slow down and drive carefully when roads are wet or icy.
Obrecht says, she doesn't know what condition the driver is in, but he was taken to a local hospital.

Shutdown Affecting Weekend Events
Wednesday October 9th 2013

Due to the continuing government shutdown and the closure of the national park, events that have been planned for months are being forced to cancel this weekend. The 2013 Black Bear Century bike ride is off with no refunds. The Cherry Valley Fest is also cancelled to the dismay of The Friends of Cherry Valley. October Fest in East Stroudsburg at Miller Park is still taking place Saturday, October 12th between 11am and 4pm, but without its main attraction. The train excursion from Steamtown, carrying approximately 300 people, with re-enactors commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War will not be happening. The festival is still moving forward with the planned music, vendors, arts and crafts and food, but the economic impact won't be as great losing those visitors.

Blue Mountain Health Offers Mammogram Deals
Wednesday October 9th 2013

Blue Mountain Health is giving free mammograms for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
On October 14 you will be able to go to Gnaden Huetton Memorial Hospital and receive free screening. Then on October 24th, the Palmerton campus will be inviting the public out for mammograms.
Elisa Condon, who's the Interim Director of imaging says they try to make their mammograms as accessible throughout the year too. For people who don't have health insurance they have a program available to make the screening for affordable.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, breast cancer is most common in women, but men can get it too. Women 40 and over are at higher risk for breast cancer and they're supposed to get checked once a year.
Condon say, people under the age of 40 and men usually come in to get checked if there is something wrong.
If breast cancer has been found in your family, Condon says you are also more at risk.
This is the first year Blue Mountain Health is giving out free mammograms, but Condon says she hopes they continue to do so in the future.

Government Shutdown Affects Food Pantry
Tuesday October 8th 2013

Resident Pat Lessard is thankful Bushkill Outreach Food Pantry is now open after it was closed all last week. The pantry, normally located in an old church building owned by the National Park Service in the Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area, was forced to stop operating during the government shutdown. But people still need food.
The Reformed Church of Bushkill came through as a new temporary location so that people could receive the Outreach's food serivces startiing today until the shutdown is over. This week, Outreach will distribute food from 1-3PM Wednesday and Thursday in the parking lot behind the church on Route 209 and Milford Road in Middle Smithfield Township.
The pantry is only working with the donated food that comes in daily, and since there's no government regulations, anyone in an emergency situation is welcome to come get food.

Whitewater Outfitters Look Forward to Dam Release
Tuesday October 8th 2013

Whitewater outfitters are looking forward to the last big dam release for the season.
Around this time of year, tourists are usually flocking to the Poconos to admire the fall foliage and they're hoping they'll come for a trip down the river for their season finale.
Sky Fogal, who's a river guide for Pocono Whitewater says the dam is expected to release seventeen hundred cubic feet of water per second Saturday and then one thousand on Sunday. The purpose of the release is to reduce water levels so when the lake freezes no damage will be done to the dam.
Right now the river is pretty shallow, but with the release the water will be higher and a lot faster, which Fogal says will make trips down the river more fun.
While Fogal wants people to have fun, he wants them to be safe as well.
Even with temperatures falling around this time of year, Fogal says, he still gets people who want to go for a swim. Even though the air temperatures aren't that low yet, Fogal says, the water temperatures are. Swimming in the river at this time of years runs the risk of hypothermia and your body going into a state of shock. If you are going to swim in a body of water with chilling temperatures, Fogal says you should wear a wet suit.
Faster and stronger currents are also harder to swim against and Fogal says you should always have on a life vest.
If you want to go for a swim, Fogal says, going with a company who knows safety protocols is the best way. They know where it's safe to swim and where it's not.

Slatington Area Man Dies After Crash
Monday October 7th 2013

A Slatington area man has died from injuries he sustained in a crash yesterday afternoon. According to the coroner, 21-year-old Shawn Williams of Washington Township crashed around 4 o'clock on Mountain Road. His vehicle hit an embankment and rolled. Williams died several hours later at the hospital. The cause of death is attributed to blunt force trauma, and his death has been ruled an accident.

Schuylkill County Forfeits Drug Deal Money, Gives to Police
Monday October 7th 2013

Last year, Schuylkill County, along with the Attorney General's Office and State Police, participated in drug raids involving the sale of bath salts at two businesses in Schuylkill Mall (Nirvana's Closet) and Fairlane Malll (Dragon Emporium). The investigation resulted in the forfeiture of assets owned by drug dealers. The county received a share of close to 250,000 dollars and will be split among several police departments to aid them in the war against illegal drugs. West Penn Township police received $6,000. Chief Brian Johnson says the money will go towards their K-9 Police unit. They plan to expand the unit and add another German Shepherd to the team.

Carbon County Firefighters Need Your Help
Thursday October 3rd 2013

Carbon County Commissioner Wayne Nothstein can be seen running out of the Courthouse Annex during the day to cover fire calls in Lehighton because of manpower shortages. And this is happening everywhere, multiple fire companies are showing up at a single fire to make sure there's not a lack of response. This is a huge issue because the longer firefighters have to travel, the longer the fire burns and you're left waiting. But even more pressing, if you walk into a fire station, you're not going to find too many teenagers and 20-year-olds. That means our future forces could be extinguished.
Fire officials say not having the time isn't an excuse. Current participating volunteers are just as busy. They simply make the time. So officials are sounding the alarm before it's too late. They're asking people to step up and make a difference in their community by volunteering.
Even if you can't answer the call for fire, your assistance is still needed to solve the problem through fundraising. Through offering your time, you free up time for the firefighters.
You can answer fire officials call for help and support by dropping by your local fire station at night and offering your services.

Child Hit by Car, Tamaqua
Thursday October 3rd 2013

A little girl escapes serious injury after getting hit by a car last night in Tamaqua. The accident happened around 7:30 in the 500 block of Arlington Street. Police say the driver didn't see the 8-year-old girl who ran out from between parked cars. She was treated at the scene by members of Tamaqua Ambulance for scratches and other minor injuries. Officers say the driver won't be charged.

Trauma Center Comes to Schuylkill County
Wednesday October 2nd 2013

Locals will no longer have to go far for quality trauma care, it's now right in everyone's backyard. St. Luke's Miners Campus officials made the announcement today, they are now a certified Level Four Trauma Center effective November 1st. Not only does every second count when it comes to saving lives, but now patients will feel more comfortable being somewhere familiar.

Pleasant Valley Manor Will Not Be Sold
Wednesday October 2nd 2013

Pleasant Valley Manor nursing home will not be sold.
Union officials and management have worked out an agreement with commissioners to save money and keep the facility in county hands for the next three years.
Members of the community fought against the county selling the nursing home, arguing that it would be a big loss.
Suzanne McCool who's a commissioner for Monroe Counry says the facility is aging and needs work done.
An account has been set up to raise money for the costs. If you would like to make a contribution you may write a check to "Friends of Pleasant Valley Manor" and mail it to 4227 Manor Drive, Stroudsburg, PA 18360.

Fall Foliage Festival Comes Back to Town
Tuesday October 1st 2013

Local Businesses are expecting a big weekend with the Fall Foliage Festival coming back to town. The borough of Jim Thorpe hosts this event every year and it's a big deal for the area.
People in the area and tourists have the opportunity to explore the town, check out local businesses, take advantage of deals, have food and enjoy music, while they're at it.
Michael Guy, who's the co-owner of Rainbow's End ice cream and gift shop says, they try to make as much profit as they can during this time of year to carry them through the slow winter months.
The festival is inspired by the vibrant colors of the season. There are still plenty green leaves on the mountain, but soon we'll see a lot more fall color. The event begins this weekend and runs through October 20th.

Blue Mt. Health System Not Holding Drive-thru Flu Clinic
Tuesday October 1st 2013

Blue Mountain Health System is not holding its annual drive-thru flu clinics this year. They've replaced it with three "after work" events. The vaccinations are free for anyone age 12 and up. The hospital is also providing flu shots by appointment. The "after work" clinics are scheduled for October 15th at the Blue Health System Medical Plaza.;November 6th at the Palmerton Hospital; and November 13th at the Lehighton Hospital. All three clinics run 4 to 6 p.m.

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