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Turnpike Tolls Going Up January 5th
Tuesday December 31st 2013

Turnpike toll rates will increase by 12% for cash customers and 2% for E-Z Pass users. The new rates go into effect at 12:01 a.m. this Sunday. The Turnpike Commission says tolls increase each year to support ground-transportation needs, and to enhance safey across the state.

Unoccupied Car Shot Outside Slatington
Tuesday December 31st 2013

A Slatington area man's car is shot at, State Police are investigating. Troopers say it happened December 16th between midnight and 6 a.m. The victim's vehicle was unoccupied as it sat in the 4000 block of Friedens Road in Washington Township. Troopers say the suspect shot at the vehicle with a shotgun. The car had $75 worth of damage. Anyone with information is asked to contact State Police at Bethlehem.

The Much Anticipated New Year's Resolution
Monday December 30th 2013

When it comes to New Year's Resolutions, many people focus on bettering their self image. Gym's like Muscles Inc. on Main Street in Stroudsburg has seen in past years and is expecting an influx of new memberships this 2014. It's common to start off strong with a new goal but then life happens and it's hard to make time for it. While many of you may be hitting the gym, it doesn't matter what your New Year's Resolution is, as long as you stay committed and it's something you want to do. Something to help you achieve your goal is to have a partner-in-crime, either someone with the same goal or a trainer to keep you motivated. Also, don't tackle it all at one time-- break it down into smaller goals. And don't be afraid to reward yourself as you compete the various steps in accomplishing your goal. It's all about you. Just make what you want to happen part of your routine in 2014 and it will.

Holiday Sales Continue After Christmas
Thursday December 26th 2013

Christmas is over, but holiday sales were extended for the day after Christmas.
Retailers say business begins to slow down after the Christmas season. Retailers say, traffic has been up over the holidays this year, but they plan to make as much profit as they can now to carry them through the rough seasons.

Walnutport Man Who Fled From Police Found
Thursday December 26th 2013

A Walnutport man who fled from police last week by jumping into the Lehigh River has been caught. South Whitehall Township Police say 30-year-old Eric Messick was arrested last night. Last Thursday when Walnutport Police tried to take Messick into custody he fled. After a short vehicle pursuit, he ran on foot into the Lehigh River. Emergency crews were dispatched for a water rescue but the search was called off before they found Messick. Last night South Whitehall Township Police and agents from the Lehigh Valley Bail Bonds arrested Messick. He was caught in the parking lot of the Trivet Restaurant on Tilghman Street. Messick was taken to the Northampton County Jail.

715 Curve Concerns
Tuesday December 24th 2013

Chestnuthill Township Resident Roger Singerling Jr. is thankful his family wasn't hurt and the house was spared from damage. The truck parked in the driveway wasn't as lucky and is totaled. Singerling says the man was going north on 715 when he lost control around the curve, and when he approached the man, he smelled alcohol. Neighbors saw police arrive and arest the man. Singerling's family now waits to see if the man's insurance will pay for their truck. But they want something done so that this doesn't happen again. Singerling requests a flashing light and a guiderail. And they're not the only ones who want something done. The other neighbors have had problems with the road infront of their house for years and they have even lost track of how many accidents have occurred. PENNDot Monroe County Maintenance Manager Bob Mudrick says the location doesn't qualify for guiderails. Mudrick says it's an enforcement issue and flashing lights would be up to the township. But he does understand the major concern and is currently looking into a way to help the situation.

Walnutport Man Dies After Crash
Monday December 23rd 2013

A Walnutport man is dead after a crash Sunday in Lehigh Township, Northampton County. The Lehigh County Coroner says 23-year-old Jack Grube died from multiple traumatic injuries. The accident happened around 6:30 yesterday morning on Route 145 near the Route 248 split. Grube's vehicle hit a road barrier - rolled over and struck what authorities call a "sea crate". Grube was taken to the Lehigh Valley Hospital where he was pronounced dead several hours later. His death has been ruled an accident.

Suspected Meth Lab Bust
Monday December 23rd 2013

Four people are behind bars after police respond to a home on reports of a suspicious odor. It happened around 11:30 Sunday night. Authorities say fire crews arrived to a home on Lafayette Street in Tamaqua, Schuykill County. Fire fighters spotted devices and chemicals used in making methamphetamine and immediately alerted police. The residents and a 6-month old child were evacuated from the home and decontaminated. The child is with family and is safe tonight. The four adults charged are 24 year-old Travis Boerner of Tamaqua, 24 year-old David Miller of Mary D., 19 year-old Taylor Skwait of Pottsville and 21 year-old Desiree Cramer of Tamaqua. The suspects face several charges including two felony counts for "possession with intent to manufacture" a controlled substance. The suspects are in Schuykill County prison.

Rain And Fog, Great Conditions For The Slopes?
Monday December 23rd 2013

Normally today's weather isn't ideal at Pocono Ski Rresorts, but we found plenty of visitors at Shawnee Mountain Ski Area taking advantage of the conditions today. They were happy with no crowds and soft snow.
Officials at Shawnee Mountain say they were hoping for a white Christmas, but that it's been a great season so far. They aren't worried about the weather occurring this past weekend and today with temperatures soaring into the 60s, they're focused on the future. Their busiest time is coming up-- the day after Christmas through New Year's Day. With temperatures expected to drop, they plan on making more snow tonight. The modern snow making technology should have winter wonderland back in full force within a day or two.

Holiday Shoppers Squeeze in Last Minute Shopping
Monday December 23rd 2013

There's only a couple more days until Christmas and many people are squeezing in last minute shopping.
Local business owners say they had a lot of traffic over the weekend and they're hoping the last two days will be just as busy.
Many shops are offering holiday discounts as the season wraps up. If you still have gifts to buy, business owners encourage you to shop local.

Slatington Mom Charged
Friday December 20th 2013

A Slatington mom and her boyfriend are headed to trial in connection with the assault of her child. Last month, 24-year-old Marie Kramer's 3-year-old son was hospitalized after her boyfriend allegedly abused the child causing serious head injury. An investigation revealed a history of prior abuse and assaults on the child apparently caused by the boyfriend. Kramer was charged with criminal conspiracy and endangering the welfare of a child. She was released on unsecured bail. Meanwhile her boyfriend, 24-year-old Adam Greenblott of Blakeslee is in prison. According to police, Greenblott was home alone with the boy when he smashed the child's head on a bath tub. The boy is in protective custody.

Lehigh County Couple Charged with Passing Counterfeit Money
Friday December 20th 2013

A Lehigh County couple is charged with passing counterfeit money in five Pennsylvania counties. According to the United States Attorney's Office, 29-year-old Mohammed Abughaniyeh of Laury's Station and 25-year-old Stacy Miller of Whitehall were indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury. In October and November, the pair allegedly passed counterfeit $100 bills at businesses in Mifflin, Blair, Clearfield, Indiana and Bedford Counties. If convicted they each face up to 20 years in jail and a fine of up to $250,000.

Walnutport Police Pursuit
Friday December 20th 2013

Authorities in Walnutport and Slatington spent several hours last night searching for a man who fled from police. The search was called off before the suspect was found. Walnutport police say they were asked to assist a bail bonds recovery agent last night. Upon arrival, the suspect fled out of a home, jumped into a vehicle and fled. An officer pursued him and after a short time, the suspect pulled over, exited his vehicle and fled on foot into the Lehigh River. Local rescue crews were called out, but the search was called off around 9:30 p.m. This afternoon, police say the suspect has not been apprehended. However, there is no immediate danger to the public.

Unemployment benefits to expire for many.
Thursday December 19th 2013

The federally imposed extension on unemployment benefits will expire next week for many. The President is urging Congress to pass an extension. Congress isn't expected to vote on the measure before the new year. If passed, people who qualify for the benefits will be notified. Garry Wentz of Careerlink in Carbon County encourages job seekers to continue filling out applications. Wentz also reminds people of the many services available through Careerlink, including an online job bank. You can check out the website at

Thursday December 19th 2013

Eighteen year old Franklin Mercedes is accused of raping an ESU Student back in November and he was arraigned yesterday.
While these incidents happen ESU Officials say they're always working to prevent these things from happening.
Authorites say a lot of rape cases go unreported and they encourage students to come forward when these things happen.
They provide special resources to make it easy for them. They have police officers on campus and they follow stiff security measures. They have an women's resource center and counseling as well.
Mercedes is facing several charges.

Christmas Spirit Is Making A Difference In Monroe County
Thursday December 19th 2013

Jingle bells won't be the only sound rining in the festivities this Saturday at the Homeless Initiative Day Center in Stroudsburg. Homeless people and low income families without a cell phone, will have the opportunity to have one given to them and to set up a phone plan. Through government assistance, along with working with a company called Budget Mobile, SIMCard Wireless on Lower Main Street is able to offer their services. And the employees are going out of their way to ensure it. Not only will cell phones be given out, but a Christmas party will be in full swing, complete with a meal, goodie bags and even makeovers. Cheyenne Barceio can't believe the treat in store for her. Along with many other homeless people, being pampered isn't something that crosses her mind-- until now. Kenia Vega co-owns several hair salons and will be offeirng her talent along with other hair salons and hair stylists in the area. But Vega got further involved in the good cause with her construction company, QSG Construction LLC, providing separate goodie bags for men and women with much needed items. All homeless people and low income families are inivted to the Christmas party this Saturday from 11 to 1 at the Day Center on Lower Main Street in Stroudsburg.

One Step Closer to a New Bridge
Wednesday December 18th 2013

Contractors are another step closer to breaking ground on a new bridge in Jim Thorpe. PennDot officials held a preconstruction conference today to discuss the Route 903 Bridge. All entities involved in getting the project off the ground were present, including the utility company and the contractor.
Officials tell News 13 everything from what types of materials will be used, to making sure the contractor meets all environmental requirements, was discussed. The new bridge will be built just up stream from the current one and will connect North Street with Route 209. Allan Myers, LP, won the Bid for the project at a price of just over 28 million dollars. Next month, PennDot expects to announce when construction will begin.

2013 Annual Tourism Report Is In
Wednesday December 18th 2013

The 2013 Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau annual report is in and today it was presented to Monroe County Commissioners.
Officials say numbers have been down for the last several years, but there were big numbers for this report.
According to the report there were 25 million visitors, 4,022 rooms booked in area hotels through marketing strategies, $2.4 billion in vistor spending, an increase of mobile traffic by 51% and 2.1 million visits to the pocono mountain's website.
Looking at reports and the increase of revenue over the years, officials are expecting even more dollars in the future with the growth of recreation in Monroe County.
With the new hotels coming in at Kalahari and Camelback officials say there will be more jobs in Monroe County as well.
The Fernwood Resort is also working on adding new features and they're adding a ropes course.
The new season for winter recreation has just begun, but with all the snow fall we've been getting so far, officials say we're off to a good start.

Moving Memorial Visits Monroe County
Wednesday December 18th 2013

For those who can't travel to Harrisburg to see the Memorial Garden, the DUI Victims Moving Memorial brings awareness home. The 30-foot trailer houses a garden scene, along with over one thousand names of innocent victims killed by someone's impaired driving. The moving memorial made a stop in Monroe County today. With the holiday season upon us-- a time for celebrating with family and friends-- there's no better time to be reminded of the consequences of bad decisions. Monroe County Detective Robert Burns says DUI arrests increase around the holidays.
The names not only serve as an educational tool for prevention, but for the families who have lost a loved one, it's comforting. Ashley Honey stopped by to see her brother's name, Jason E. Honey, he was only 16. She hopes his memory will save other families from the pain she continues to feel. Detective Burns says to make every effort to stop someone from driving under the influence and if you witness someone driving under the influence, call the police immediately.

Snow Days Are Adding Up And It's Not Even Winter Yet
Tuesday December 17th 2013

When it comes to snow days like today, the four Monroe County school superintendents work together in determining whether to open or not. So far, all four have a total of three snow days and winter hasn't even started yet. Both East Stroudsburg and Stroudsburg Area School Districts just add on to the end of the school year when it comes to snow days. They don't start with snow days built into the calendar. Currently, the start of summer vacation has been pushed back to June 12th. Their concern is going into the third week in June because graduation becomes a problem. But as of now, both school officials say there's a lot of options when the time comes. It's all about getting in the required 180 days safely.

Dog Owners are Charged for Neglecting Animal
Tuesday December 17th 2013

Charges have been filed against three people in Monroe County for tieing a dog to a pole in a local supermarket parking lot.
Shaunna Hock, Christopher Boyd and Laura Ludwig of Stroudsburg are charged with depriving a 6 year old puggle named lacy from receiving veterinarian care.
Hock and her boyfriend tied the dog to the pole and then went to a local vet and reported they found her tied to the pole.
Lacy had a skin condition and Elizabeth Anderson who's a law enforcement officer with the humane society says they didn't have the money to provide vet care for her. They hoped their plan would get Lacey the care she needed.
Kim Loffio from AWSOM Animal Shelter says the number of abandoned dogs has been growing over the last couple
AWSOM is a private, no kill shelter, which means they only have so much space and money that comes solely from donations.
When the dogs come in Loffio says they are in and out of the vet and the expenses to provide the care they need can become overwhelming.
In Lacy's case, Loffio says, she's doing well now and she has a new home and family.

Arson Investigation
Monday December 16th 2013

Mahoning Township Police say a fire at the Beverly Hills Nail Salon at the Carbon Plaza mall in Lehighton, was intentionally set. Police say numerous fires were set in the salon around 3:00 AM. The sprinkler system kicked on and quickly put the fire out. The salon sustained fire and water damage. Neighboring stores also sustained water damage. Nobody was injured. Police expect to make an arrest in the case soon.

DWTBC Celebrates New Maintenance Garage
Monday December 16th 2013

The Delaware Watergap Toll Bridge expansion project is complete and just in time for it's 60th anniversary.
Representatives of the toll bridge commission, local dignitaries and members of the community celebrated both occassions in a ribbon cutting ceremony today.
Toll officials say there was a need for a bigger maintenance facility. The one they were using didn't provide enough space for all of their equipment and trucks.
Officials say the larger facility will make it easier for the maintenance staff to do their jobs when there's bad weather.
Engineers say they were environmentally concious including things like energy efficient lighting, high efficiency heating and ventilation.
With the winter travel season coming early this year, officials are happy they were able to finish when they did.

Ross Township Shooter Pleads Not Guilty
Monday December 16th 2013

Rockne Newell's lawyers wouldn't discuss their defense strategy behind their plea of not guilty, given today at his formal arraignemnt via video conference at the Monroe County Courthouse. One thing is for certain, Newell's past will play a factor. The defense includes a mitigation expert who does a multigenerational family history and an investigation into all aspects of clients lives. Defense Lawyer William Ruzzo says our past affects everything we do and sometimes excuses what we do.
Rockne Newell, accused of killing three people and injuring two at a Ross Township Supervisor Meeting in August is facing 12 charges, 11 of them
felonies-- Three counts of criminal homicide, six counts of attempted homicide, two counts of aggravated assault and one count reckless endangerment. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.
Newell didn't show emotion, but as in his last court appearance, he demanded extra attention. When asked by the judge if he could understand the proceedings, he complained-- asking for glasses, a hearing aid and medical attention.
Newell will have to physically walk through the courtroom's doors for his trial because that's when evidence will be presented. District Attorney David Christine anticipates a scene like his preliminary hearing in November-- with roads closed and heightened police presence.
The next step for Newell is to head to trial. The date has not yet been set.

Don't Let Holiday Spending Heave HO Your Wallet
Friday December 13th 2013

Tis the season for giving, and that can easily turn into spending too much. Especially with sale flyers arriving at your door, enticing you with the best deals of the year. It's important to stay focused and not get carried away with sugar plum fairies dancing in your head. Finacial officials reccommend setting a budget and sticking to it, and not letting impulse buying do you in. Just remember-- giving doesn't just come in the form of a perfect present wrapped and topped with a bow. The Christmas season isn't about how much you spend on a person. It's about how you make your loved ones feel. Avoid the finance headache in the New Year. Give your heart and not your wallet.

Storming the Weather
Friday December 13th 2013

A winter blast is heading our way. Emergency personnel advise people to be prepared. Have plenty of water on hand, non-perishable food and flashlights with new batteries, among other things. People are advised to stay off the roads during the storm. This way road crews can do their job and work on keeping the roads cleared. Exercise caution when using alternate heating methods, if power is lost.

Shooting Survivor Moves Back in Home
Thursday December 12th 2013

Linda Kozic who survived the Ross Township shooting has a new and improved home. Volunteers in the community began reconstruction to make her home more accessable a month ago and now the construction is complete.
In august three people were killed in the Ross Township shooting and three people were injured. Linda was one of them. She was shot in the leg and her husband was killed.
Linda now relys on a wheelchair to get around.
Kent Heckman who's been a good friend of the Kozics started this project to give her a fresh start and make it easier for her to get around.
A new shower was added, they painted the walls, expanded the bathroom, upgraded the electricity and even spruced up the hardwood floors.
Kozic says she loves her new and improved home and she thinks the bright colors will uplift her.
Over 20 companies donated materials for the project. Kozic says, she's very thankful for everything. She says the support has been overwhelming, but it's helping her healing process.
Linda is hoping to start physical therapy soon to get her mobility back. While it will take time to heal her leg she says it's going to take even more time to heal her heart.

Death After Fraternity Ritual In Monroe County
Thursday December 12th 2013

A fraternity ritual in Monroe County results in the death of 19-year-old Chen "Michael" Deng. The fraternity traveled to a rented house in Tunkhannock Township from New York City for the weekend. The Monroe County Detectives Office says Deng suffered brain trauma and tell us he was basically beaten to death as a result of the ritual. Deng was a freshman at Baruch College in Manhattan, and one of four pledges trying to join Pi Delta Psi fraternity. 20 fraternity members were found in the house. East Stroudsburg University officials say this type of initiation ritual has no purpose to what organizations on any campus are about. The university has a no tolerance policy when it comes to hazing. And officials enforce prevention through having members chart out exactly what their activities will be. The New Member Plan requires students of organizations to plan out and present where, when and the length of every new member education event. Students are also fully aware of what hazing is-- there's the policy packet, a physical meeting about how to handle different scenarios and a week dedicated to hazing prevention. University officials also provide alternative ideas. In the case of Deng, Monroe County District Attorney David Christine says no one at Baruch College knew about the planned ritual this past weekend. If the members of the fraternity from New York had the paperwork required by ESU, then they'll be facing additional consequences. The incident is still under investigation at this time.

Bill Passes to Mount Officers With Cameras
Wednesday December 11th 2013

Legislators are working on a bill that would amend privacy laws and allow police to wear camera's mounted on their bodies. A lot of police departments already have dash cameras which operate very similarly, but Senator Stewart Greenleaf who sponsored the bill wants to see more surveillance.
When the camera's on Greenleaf says people are more likely to be on their best behavior. He says it could work in the favor of officers or the suspects, but it would help out a lot in court.
Alot of police departments already have dash cameras, which operate very similarly, but these could be more invasive.
Greenleaf says there are restrictions in the bill. Cameras wouldn't be able to be used in residential homes, police have to identify themselves as law enforcement officers and they're required to inform the individuals that they're being recorded.
State Representative Mario Scavello says he supports the bill and he voted in it's favor. The Bill was voted out of the house today to be amended, once it's passed it will go to the govenor to be signed and officials expect that to happen in January.

Head Start Gets A New Classroom In Coolbaugh Township
Wednesday December 11th 2013

Most children are looking forward to the holiday break that's now just a couple weeks away. But a group of kids in Coolbaugh Township are actually excited about school starting tomorrow.
Parents and 18 children new to Clear Run Elementary were welcomed with open arms today. Head Start-- a federal program promoting the school readiness of children ages birth to five from low-income families-- just gained a new classroom within the Pocono Mountain School District. The idea is to put the program where the families and children are.
The state Head Start program made the group of children eligible and Pocono Services for Families and Children was able to get the classroom ready in just three weeks. Today, parents and students were invited to an open house to be introduced to more information about the program and the new surroundings. The Head Start classroom will be in full swing tomorrow morning at eight.

Feeding the Hungry after the Holidays
Wednesday December 11th 2013

Area food pantries are seeing a boom in donations. Volunteers say it's common this time of year for the donations to increase. However, volunteers hope people continue to donate long after the decorations come off the tree. Feeding the hungry is a year long endeavor and non-perishable items are always needed.

18 Animals Removed from Rush Township Home
Wednesday December 11th 2013

18 animals are removed from a Rush Township home after police get a tip from the public. Police say a search warrant was executed at the home on West Main Street in Quakake yesterday. 17 dogs and one cat were removed from the home. The owner, 72-year-old Elizabeth Shickora, is facing numerous charges. Police say the inside of the home was covered with animal feces. Dogs ranged in age from 8 weeks to 16-year-old. Township officials are exploring options of deeming the residence uninhabitable. This Hillside SPCA assisted Rush Township Police. All the animals are at Hillside in Pottsville and will eventually be ready for adoption.

Jim Thorpe Student Waives Prelim
Wednesday December 11th 2013

A Jim Thorpe student charged with having a weapon on school property is free tonight. 18-year-old Samir Johnson of Albrightsville was released on unsecured bail from Carbon County Prison after his preliminary hearing today. Johnson landed in jail the day before Thanksgiving when classmates reported seeing him with a weapon in the school. The gun turned out to be an "air propelled" revolver. The incident sent the school into lockdown mode. Nobody was injured. School officials insist no one was ever in danger.

Attempted Child Abduction
Tuesday December 10th 2013

A 13-year old girl is safe today after she was the target of two attempted abductions. According to the police report, the incidents happened last week. On two separate occasions, the young girl was walking home from the bus stop when she was approached by the same man. The victim tells police the man was driving an older model, dull colored, dark green vehicle and both times repeatedly offered her a ride home. The young girl says, on one occasion, the suspect exited his car. Police describe the suspect as a white man, short, thin build, between 35-45 years old. He has short grey and white hair and a beard. He was driving an older model, dull colored, dark green vehicle with a strong exhaust odor. Anyone with information is asked to call Lehighton State Police at (610) 377-4270.

Pocono Medical Center Introduces New Heart Valve Clinic
Tuesday December 10th 2013

Every year, about five million people learn they have heart valve disease. But the number of treated patients weren't measuring up to national standards in Monroe County.
Pocono Medical Center is introducing a new heart valve clinic to bring much needed awareness to the community. Heart valves are thin, flaps of tissue that open and close as your heart pumps. If the valve is not open fully or leaking blood, it causes your heart to work too hard. The symptoms-- heart murmurs and shortness of breath-- should not be ignored. Heart Valve Disease can cause heart failure, stroke, blood clots or sudden death due to cardiac arrest. The clinic will serve patients by better managing their heart problems in two ways. One, it'll offer patients a one-stop-shop in looking into the heart conditions they're currently dealing with. Allowing it to be convenient and simple by having multiple specialists available at one appointment. And two, to bring awareness to a relatively new minimally invasive procedure to help patients with heart valve disease. Before patients had to have their ribs broken and huge six inch incision. Now, it's only a two-inch incision in the chest that can barely be seen. While lifestyle changes and medicine can help manage heart valve disease, replacement or repairs may be necessary. That's why it's important to know your options. For more information or questions about your own condition, call your doctor or contact the clinic at (570) 420 - 5331.

Summit Hill Man Pleads Guilty to Cocaine Trafficking
Tuesday December 10th 2013

A Summit Hill man pleads guilty to federal cocaine trafficking charges. According to the United States Attorney's Office, 47-year-old Alexander Soomers plead guilty today to the charge of aiding and abetting the distribution of cocaine. He admits to assisting others in distributing crack cocaine in Carbon County between January 2011 and December 2012. Previously, 34-year-old Victoria Argott of Lansford was sentenced to federal prison for participating in the same cocaine trafficking conspiracy. Authorities say she was a former girlfriend of Sommers. Nesquehoning and Lansford Police Departments assisted in the investigation.

Gearing Up for Winter
Monday December 9th 2013

With more snow in the forecast it's a good idea to put together an emergency road kit to place in your car. Include jumper cables, salt, flashlights and non-perishable foods. It's also a good idea to keep blankets in the car in case you become stranded. Director for the Emergency Department at Blue Mountain Health System, Marsha Resch, suggests dressing in layers. Resch also advises to change immediately if your clothes get wet. After a long period of time outside, if any part of your extremities becomes discolored or appears grayish, consult a doctor to ensure you don't have frostbite.

Polk Township School On The Chopping Block
Monday December 9th 2013

Pleasant Valley School District is in the process of closing Polk Elementary School.
A public hearing is scheduled this Wednesday, but a decision probably won't be made until March.
Carole Geary who's the Superintendent for the Pleasant Valley School District says they had four elementary schools, but they've closed two already. Enrollment has been decreasing and Geary says closing another school could save about $5,000 a year.
If Polk Elementary is closed Geary says those students are likely to go to Pleasant Valley Elementary School. Geary says Pleasant Valley is just as good of a school as Polk and students will get the same services.
Geary says,Polk Elementary has a larger building and there is more than enough room to accomodate them.
Parents and staff will be able to discuss any concerns they may have at the hearing Wednesday with the school board and the superintendent.

Slippery Conditions Lead To A Daylong Detour In The West End
Monday December 9th 2013

The storm that hit the East Coast yesterday contributed to a big problem in Monroe County's West End today. Travelers on Route 209 faced a detour between Greenview and McIlhaney Road due to a down power line. The stretch of highway was closed after a car slid into a telephone pole around 11 last night. Drivers weren't the only ones who were inconvenienced, businesses were left waiting for customers that couldn't arrive. The 16-hour ordeal is now over and Route 209 is open in Brodheadsville.

Slatington Man Dies in Crash
Monday December 9th 2013

A Slatington man is dead after crashing Friday night in North Whitehall Township. Police say 23-year-old Zachary Paules was driving on Route 329 when he drove off the roadway. His jeep went partially into a ditch and then rolled into a tree. Paules was pronounced dead at the scene. The Lehigh County Coroner has ruled his death an accident. Route 329 at Crest Street was closed for 4 1/2 hours Friday night during the crash investigation.

Trees for Troops
Friday December 6th 2013

Yenser's Tree Farm in Lehighton kicked off it's 9th annual "Trees for Troops" campaign. For a $25 donation people can purchase a tree to be delivered to a military family for the holidays. The drive runs through the weekend from 9AM until 5PM. The donated trees will be loaded up on a FedEx truck on Sunday to be delivered to the families.

Stroudsburg School Board and Union On Same Page
Friday December 6th 2013

After a long process of negotiations Stroudsburg's school board and teacher's union has come to an agreement on a 2 year contract.
In the process of coming up with new contracts the two parties look over issues at hand together. In this case they brought in a fact finder who's a neutral party that helps them come up with a decision.
According to the Superintendent for the Stroudsburg Area School District, the last contract expired in August, but the existing contract is still in place without movement of salary or other benefits.
With the agreement officials say they'll be able to move on and everything should resume as usual. Even though the agreement was made and the fact finder report was approved it still has to be finalized. Officials say it should be signed within the next couple weeks.

Armed Robberies Sentenced - Carbon/Schuylkill/Luzerne
Thursday December 5th 2013

Two former New Jersey residents are sentenced to federal prison for multiple armed robberies in Carbon, Schuylkill, and Luzerne Counties. 20-year-old Tysheed Hargrove and 20-year-old Jose Nunez were both sentenced Wednesday. Hargrove previously entered a guilty plea and admitted to robbing 11 businesses last year including Fegley's Mini-Mart in Tamaqua, Wawa in White Haven, and the Turkey Hill in Hometown. He's been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. Jose Nunez also previously plead guilty to aiding and abetting Hargrove in 7 robberies. He has been sentenced to over 7 years in prison. Both must also pay restitution and will have probation following each prison sentence.

Palmerton Man Passes out in Strangers Car
Thursday December 5th 2013

A Walmart employee finds a stranger passed out in her car with stolen goods and drugs. Police identify the man as 26-year-old Kyle Scherer of Palmerton. On Tuesday afternoon around 2 o'clock in the afternoon the employee found the man sleeping inside her vehicle. It took officers several attempts to wake him. Scherer told police he was waiting for his friend and thought the car was his. Police say he was slurring his words and appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance. After he was arrested officers found a white powdery substance on him which he said was crystal meth. He also had $243 worth of stolen merchandise from Walmart with him in the car. Scherer was taken to jail.

Animal Shelter Offers Reward to Find Dog Abuser
Thursday December 5th 2013

Two dogs were found abandoned this week in Stroudsburg. One of the dogs was found dead inside of a plastic bag and the other seemed to be able to break free.
Awsom animal shelter is offering a $500 cash reward to find the person responsible. With the reward they're hoping someone with information will come forward.
AWSOM Animal Shelter is caring for the dog who survived and they named her Destiny.
If you would like to donate funds to the shelter to help with expenses to care for destiny and find the culprit, or if you have any information to help with this care you are asked to contact AWSOM Animal Shelter.

Record Tourism Year
Thursday December 5th 2013

For the first time in four years the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau reports a banner year in tourism. Twenty five million visitors on average pass through the Pocono mountains each year. Tourism officials are excited. Room tax revenues in the 2012-2013 fiscal year set a new record. Modern technology is bringing new attention to an old destination. Carl Wilgus of PMVB says area television stations are tapping into the bureau's live stream on its website, highlighting several places in the area. Although experts report a stellar year in tourism, Jim Thorpe business owners we spoke to say sales are down. Some business owners attributed the lower than average sales to poor economic times others believe higher rates at the Carbon County Parking lot are to blame.

Preliminary hearing for Michael Pringle
Wednesday December 4th 2013

Michael Pringle of Weatherly waived his right to a preliminary hearing today. Pringle faces several charges including a felony count of endangering the welfare of a child. Last month, police arrested Pringle and charged him with abusing his 8-month old son. A woman helping Pringle care for the boy noticed bruise marks all over the boy's body. The woman took the boy to Hazleton General Hospital where a nurse saw the injuries and alerted authorities. Pringle is in Carbon County Prison on $125,000 straight bail.

Anniversay of Lee Vanluvender's Murder
Wednesday December 4th 2013

Today marks the 6th anniversary of Lee Vanluvender's murder.
Vanluvender was killed on Hypsy Gap Road near long pond on the morning of December 4, 2007. The person who killed him has never been found.
Authorities are reaching out to hunters who were hunting that day for any information they may have.
Detective Richard Luthcke from the Monroe County District Attorney's office, who's been on this case since the beginning say he believes there may have been an confrontation.
If anyone has information leading to an arrest of the person or persons who committed the murder the family is offering a monetary reward and you're asked to contact Detective Luthcke at (570) 895-2400.

Pocono Township Chief Appointment Pushed Back
Tuesday December 3rd 2013

It's been four days since Pocono Township has been without a police chief. When someone will fill his position has not been determined yet. Township supervisors held a meeting last night and the issue came up, but no concrete decision has been made.
Kent Werkheiser who's the Assistant Chief of Police for Pocono Township was told in July, he would fill the Chief's position, but now township officials are asking for more time to deliberate before they make a final decision.
Pocono Township is expecting not only a new police chief, but a new form of leadership. After a referendum vote passed township officials are preparing to change from a second to first class township.
The next board meeting is scheduled for December 16th and authorities say a decision could be made on that date. Werkheiser says he will be making sure the department continues to run smoothly until then.

Firearms Deer Season Begins
Monday December 2nd 2013

Hunters took to the woods today hoping to bag a deer. Monday marks the first day of firearms deer season. Throughout the area gunshots could be heard in the woods. Butcher shops are gearing up for a busy night as they process the deer. The season runs through December 14th. Hunters will have a break on December 8th, since PA doesn't allow hunting on Sundays.

Black Friday Wraps Up and Cyber Monday is Here
Monday December 2nd 2013

The country has been trying to come out of the recession for the past several years, but officials say business is picking up this holiday season.
Stores seem to be opening earlier and earlier every year. This year a lot of stores in the area opened Thanksgiving night for the first time.
With signs of the economy taking a turn not only here in the Poconos, but Washington too, Bob Phillips, from the Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce says the extended hours may have been a help for business.
Some local businesses extended their sales for Cyber Monday today.
If you participate in Cyber Monday police want you to beware of online scams this holiday season.

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