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Great Wolf Lodge Summer Fun
Friday May 31st 2013

The Great Wolf Lodge is ready to Wolf Your World as the summer-long tour kicks off in the Pocono Mountains today. Kids got to howl it down at a surprise dance party, where they learned the new dance "The Great Wolf Stomp. They were also the first in the country to see all six characters together before they hit the road to all 10 Great Wolf Lodges in North America.
The Great Wolf Lodge is everything you're looking for in a family vacation and it's right in your own backyard. Look for ears being handed out by the staff in your area or simply go to their website at to register to win a family getaway.

Attorney Questions Mental State of Man Charged with Arson and Attempted Murder
Friday May 31st 2013

A Tobyhanna man accused of trying to murder four deaf people by setting fire to their house, waived his right to a preliminary hearing today. The defense attorney says he wants to determine the man's mental state the night he allegedly committed the crimes. According to 24-year-old Joseph Shuman抯 father, his son wasn抰 acting like himself. He thinks his son was drugged.
It happened two weeks ago -- starting with a fight between Shuman and a woman he says he's in a relationship with, Mahogany Suarez. The Suarez family denies an intimate relationship. While it's unclear what the two were fighting about, Shuman's father says it escalated. He took his son to the hospital and then back to their house to sleep. But instead of going to sleep, Shuman went to Suarez抯 home and tried setting the place on fire. Shuman faces arson and attempted homicide charges. Everyone inside the house is deaf, including Shuman. Shuman is behind bars without bail. His next step is heading to trial.

Lehighton Man Pleads Guilty to Hitting Emergency Official
Friday May 31st 2013

A Lehighton man is in Carbon County Plea Court after hitting the Jim Thorpe Fire Chief while allegedly driving under the influence. On July 7, Bill Diehm was directing traffic for a charity run. Diehm was standing next to his vehicle wearing a reflective vest when police say he was struck by 37-year-old Steven Schock who was driving a UPS truck. Schock was charged with multiple offenses including aggravated assault while driving under the influence. Thursday he plead guilty to charges in Carbon County Court. He is expected to be sentenced in August.

Towamensing Township Burglary
Friday May 31st 2013

State Police are investigating a burglary at a Towamensing Township home. It happened Thursday between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. at a house in the 8600 block of Interchange Road. Police say the suspect entered through the back patio door and stole jewelry and various long guns. Anyone with information is asked to contact State Police at Lehighton.

Autism Center Opens in Monroe County
Thursday May 30th 2013

Autistic children in the Poconos now have a new learning center and parent's say it's changing their children's lives. It's called the Pennsylvania Autism Action Center. It's on Route 209 in Hamilton Township. After nearly two months in business, about 30 people are signed up for group sessions, which cover speech therapy, behavior and social skills. For many, the goal is making friends. The center isn't just for autistic children -- they also sibling support groups and sessions for parents. To learn more about the Pennsylvania Autism Action Center visit their website:

9-1-1 Dispatch centers plan for future
Thursday May 30th 2013

Over the past several years dispatch centers have been upgrading their equipment and they are once again planning for the next generation. Experts are planning for citizens to eventually be able to send images of any emergency like a car accident or send a text message calling for help from their cell phone. This would give dispatchers information immediately. 9𢴏 center managers are planning ahead by checking what equipment will work in the future. The state has put in place a grant program for counties like Carbon, Monroe and Pike to work alongside other regional communities. This will help each 9-1-1 center to assess their current equipment and better prepare for the future.

Nesquehoning Woman Sentenced
Thursday May 30th 2013

A Nesquehoning woman is sentenced for federal cocaine trafficking charges. 23-year-old Bonnie Vosburgh previously admitted to participating in a conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine and powder cocaine in the Carbon County area between January of 2011 and December of 2012. Today a judge sentenced her five years in prison, followed by four years of supervised probation. Nesquehoning and Lansford Police Departments assisted in the investigation.

More Elementary Schools Closing
Thursday May 30th 2013

Many parents are disappointed over Pocono Mountain School Board's decision to shut down two more schools. Both Pocono and Barrett elementary centers were named to be closed at last night's board meeting. The board then decided to reopen Swiftwater Intermediate School to accommodate the displaced students. The need for consolidation results from continual declining enrollment.
Swiftwater Elementary Center will be kindergarten through third grade and Swiftwater Intermediate School will be for grades four through six. District officials say parents should not worry about classroom size because they are not expected to increase and should stay the same, and/or even decrease. District officials confirm they're off about 100 students in their kindergarten registration from what they anticipated they would get.
This move won't just affect students, teachers are set to face a tough time-- 30 positions are set to be eliminated.
District officials' goal now is to reach out to parents in the district and ensure them on the great education and services that will be provided next year.

Stay Safe While Cooling Off In The Water
Wednesday May 29th 2013

To cool off from the rising heat, Dansbury Park in East Stroudsburg has opened its pool to the public. But officials are warning everyone -- if you're not careful, a fun trip to the pool could take a turn for the worse.
Over the years, lifeguards at the Dansbury Park pool have dealt with a few close calls. Luckily, lifeguards were there to help. Officials say the key when swimming - even in a guarded pool - is to know your limitations. If you're swimming in an area without a lifeguard, officials recommend sticking with a buddy. Also, always know how deep the water is and know how strong the currents are. Even good swimmers can get tired and fall victim to drowning.

American Red Cross Swim Safety
Wednesday May 29th 2013

As swimming pools across the area begin to open for the summer season, parents are urged to keep a close eye on children. Just this past Memorial Day weekend a toddler drowned in his own family swimming pool in Berks County, and last summer our area had several people drown in various water ways. During the summer of 2012 Pennsylvania ranked sixth for the highest number of pool and spa drowning抯 for children younger than 15. American Red Cross experts recommend swimming lessons for all aged children. They also urge parents to be aware that inflatables such as the water wings or the rings can be fun toys, but they should never be relied upon for safety. Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death in kids under the age of 5.

Tick Season
Wednesday May 29th 2013

If the cicadas invading wasn't enough to give you the heebie jeebies, the season we're entering will make you "tick" cover. It's tick season, but don't let the blood thirsty mini vampires ruin your summer.
The Poconos are the perfect breeding ground for the last thing you want to find attached to your skin-- ticks, because certain ticks carry lime disease.
Ticks can be anywhere but most commonly, the edge of where the lawn ends and the forest begins. They are hard to see so it's important to not only check yourself over daily from head to toe, but also children who are constantly playing outside. There are a few preventative measures to take before you step foot outdoors-- wear long pants and socks, and spray your clothing with an insecticide and a repellent.

Coaldale Man Ruling Upheld
Wednesday May 29th 2013

The conviction and prison sentence of a Schuylkill County man is upheld by a state superior court. 35-year-old George Bonetsky of Coaldale was arrested back in 2010 for possessing methamphetamine with intent to sell it. The court ruling was in response to whether police exceeded their authority by talking to him at a car wash. In the opinion, it was stated Bonetsky was free during the entire encounter to leave the car wash. He was sentenced in 2011 to spend 6 to 23 months in prison.

Plamerton Establishes Bike Patrol
Tuesday May 28th 2013

Palmerton Police Department is pedaling back to the basics. Many Palmerton residents are looking forward to its police department implementing a bike patrol. The Borough Council approved the department's request last week and the annual budget allows for equipment and training. There's not a rise in crime or anyone telling the police to put this into effect, the police simply want to add more depth to their patrols. They want people to understand they're a part of the community. The Palmerton Police Department's bike patrol equipment has already been ordered and they'll be riding as soon as police officers complete their training.

Mobile Meth Lab Discovered In Monroe County
Tuesday May 28th 2013

Two Monroe County men are behind bars for running a meth lab in the back of their car. They were busted early this morning, when police tried pulling over a car on Route 447 near Franklin Hill Road in Smithfield Township. What started as a minor traffic-violation turned serious. Inside the car was driver 41-year-old Michael Boyle and 37-year-old William Parr. When the two men saw flashing police lights, they sped up. According to police, the two reached a dead end and then started fleeing on foot. When police caught the two, they searched inside the car. They found heroin and ingredients to make meth. Both Boyle and Parr face numerous drug charges.

Law Enforcers Rank in Cash Thanks to Drug Dealers
Friday May 24th 2013

Imagine buying a car that was once used to help criminals sell drugs. That抯 exactly what a group of people in Monroe County did today. Monroe County auctioned off eight cars, which were seized from the Monroe County Drug Task Force. About 20 people came out to bid. The event raked in $11,750. That money goes right back into the Drug Task Force for training and equipment. Detectives say they don抰 just auction off cars -- if drug money is used to buy a TV set or video game system, they too go up for auction. Auctions are held every few months.

Tamaqua Bridge Project Delayed
Friday May 24th 2013

A major bridge project in Tamaqua has been pushed back another week. The project won't begin until June now. The East Broad Street bridge was first scheduled to be closed May 20th. Then the contractor pushed the work back until May 28th. Today PennDOT announced the work won't start until June 3rd. PennDOT did not say why the project has been delayed. It's expected to take 18 months to rehab the structurally deficient bridge which was built in 1904.

Beltzville State Park Parking Concerns
Thursday May 23rd 2013

Beltzville State Park Parking Concerns
Thursday May 23rd 2013
Preps are under way for another very busy holiday weekend at Beltzville state park. Every year thousands flock to Beltzville state park for the celebration of Memorial Day weekend, But park rangers have one major concern illegally parked cars. Beltzville's parking lot has 904 spots, plus an additional 400 spaces in another parking lot. This year, in order to keep the roads clear any car parked illegally will be towed. Beltzville State Park will be open from eight am till sunset.

Military Veterans: Beware!
Thursday May 23rd 2013

Officials are warning military veterans to stay away from crooks trying to steal their money. Pennsylvania military veterans, active military personnel and surviving spouses should never pay for help to apply for benefits. Unfortunately there are organizations out there preying on victims who don't know that. The American Legion and County Veterans Affairs Offices offer free services to veterans. They assist veterans in applying for benefits they're qualified for, free of charge. Benefits include pensions, medical care, healthcare, state benefits and home loan guarantees.

Cicadas Will Soon Invade East Coast
Thursday May 23rd 2013

Brace yourselves, because any day now, billions of very noisy bugs are expected to crawl out of the ground and invade the East Coast. They're called the Brood 2 Cicada. Last time they made an appearance was 17 years ago. The noisy bugs spend 17 years in the ground. They'll soon crawl out to mate, have babies and then die. Cicadas aren't harmful to humans. Officials predict people from Connecticut down to North Carolina will be outnumbered 600 to 1. The bugs should stick around until late July/ early August.

Memorial Day Weekend Preparations
Thursday May 23rd 2013

Memorial Day means remembering those who fought for our country, and most people do so by getting away and relaxing with family and friends. A lot of people want an escape from city living and experience what nature has to offer. That's why it's a big weekend for Tobyhanna State Park. Out of the 130 reservable camp sites, 125 of them are already booked and they're expecting the rest to be filled by the end of the day. One of the reasons is the park is easily accessible, located right off of both Interstate 80 and 380. Also, the park has a lot to offer-- the lakes are stocked with with trout for fishing, a great 5.1 mile hiking trail that goes around the park and picnic areas for cooking out and spending time with family. A lot of planning goes into getting prepared for the people to enjoy themselves including mowing the grass, getting the buildings opened and cleaning up fallen branches from Hurricane Sandy.
Not only is the park getting ready for the Memorial Day celebration, but so are local businesses. Smokin' Vittles BBQ employees know how busy the campground gets over Memorial Day weekend and they're not surprised to see campers stop by. They provide the park with a stack of flyers and have extra food prepared. All local businesses and attractions in the Poconos are looking forward to this weekend kicking off a busy summer.

Dump Site Clean-up
Wednesday May 22nd 2013

The last thing you want to happen when you're out in the woods, whether it be hiking, hunting or fishing, is come across a dump site disrupting the beauty of your surroundings. That's why a grant was given to Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority, Waste Authority Litter Committee and Chestnuthill Township to pair up and clean up various sites in Monroe County. There were 61 sites identified in a dump survey two years ago and most of those sites are cleaned up. Today, they are cleaning up dump sites along Hipsie Gap Road because someone thought it was a good idea to pull off the side of the road and get rid of their trash. Even though, it's harmful to the environment and people can get sick, even die from dangerous chemicals found in electronics. That's why recent laws have been put into place to no longer allow electronics in landfills. Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority would love to take your old electronics and take care of them properly for you for free. They are open during the week from 8am to 4pm. If you're not concerned about the environment, then think about your wallet. If caught dumping illegally, you could face fines up to $1,000. They haven't found who's responsible yet for the dump site today, but they're still looking.

Pocono Raceway Getting Makeover
Wednesday May 22nd 2013

Pocono Raceway in Long Pond is getting a long-awaited makeover. When thousands of race fans pack into the raceway this summer to cheer on both NASCAR and IndyCar drivers, they'll notice a new, colorful look. More than 800 signs will hang around the track and along the road. The signs are to help fans find their seats or an activity going on within the facility. These new signs, along with a mini-playground for kids, will be debuted to race fans Friday, June 7th. That's when race season will kick off with an event called Party in the Poconos 500.

Donate to Help Oklahoma Victims
Wednesday May 22nd 2013

As Oklahoma grapples with the aftermath of a massive tornado, relief organizations are asking for donations. The deadly tornado that wiped out homes and business in its 20 mile path of destruction has not only killed over a dozen people, but has crippled a community. The American Red Cross is asking for your help with monetary donations, but officials warn you have to watch out for scammers. If you would like to make a donation, it抯 as easy as sending a text message that reads red cross to 9-0-9-9-9. This will automatically send a ten dollar donation. If you抮e not text savvy, you can log onto their website the American Red Cross dot org.

Final Lansford Meth Lab Suspect Arrested
Tuesday May 21st 2013

A Stroudsburg man wanted for his role in a meth lab operation in Lansford has been caught by police. All five suspects are now in custody. 20-year-old Tyler Strawdinger was apprehended this morning. He has been charged with operating a methamphetamine lab, among other charges. Strawdinger and four others allegedly ran two meth labs in Lansford. The operations were busted Sunday night after one of the labs exploded at a home on East Patterson Street. Investigators spent much of the day Monday sifting through evidence. In addition to Strawdinger, 19-year-old Kyle Frantz, his father 44-year-old Scott Frantz, 37-year-old Jacqueline Slaven and 20-year-old Kendra Crostley have all been charged in the meth lab operation. Police say the two women had their young children inside the home while they allegedly made the drugs. A preliminary hearing for all five is scheduled for next week.

Lehighton Family Fire Benefit
Tuesday May 21st 2013

The Lehighton community is helping a family who lost everything to a fire last month. On April ninth, Derrick Flexer came home to find his Ochre Street house on fire. Luckily his wife and baby daughter were not inside at the time, but the family lost everything in the electrical fire. A benefit is being held June 2nd at the Lehighton Rec Center for the family.

Todd Deem Sentenced for Six Arson Charges
Tuesday May 21st 2013

A former Franklin Township firefighter was sentenced today to state prison on six arson charges. 21-year-old Todd Deem the second was sentenced today to two and half to nine years in a state correctional facility; for setting six barn and brush fires throughout Carbon County. The judge ordered his sentence to run concurrent to time he is already serving in Schuylkill County where he set three fires in West Penn Township. Bill Johnson is just one of the barn owners who was victimized by deem back in April of 20-11, Johnson says he is satisfied with the judge抯 ruling.

Monroe County Heads to the Polls
Tuesday May 21st 2013

Dedicated voters came out for Pennsylvania's primary today. A day mostly limited to Democratic and Republican voters to choose who will represent their party for the general election on November 5th. But Monroe County residents are concerned more locally how they will be affected, especially on school boards, taxes and who their township supervisors will be. Although, there weren't lines out the door today to vote, and poll workers were left hoping for more voters. The polls visited this morning all had less than 40 people show up to vote. This goes along with political observers prediction-- only one in five registered voters will cast ballots, since this is a non-presidential year. But it's important to remember, as many voters stated today, "If you don't like what's going on in your community, you can't complain unless you vote."

Drug Bust Lands Couple in Slammer
Tuesday May 21st 2013

A Cresco couple is behind bars and a third person faces charges for their part in a major heroin-trafficking operation.
After an eight-month investigation, 40-year-old Vincent Amatrudi and his girlfriend 22-year-old Nicole Vanwhy are behind bars for possessing and selling heroin. Police searched their Sand Spring Road home and found $30,000 worth of heroin, two handguns, a bullet-proof vest and $5,000. Bryn Stevenson, who is out on bail for selling prescription drugs, also faces charges for purchasing heroin from the Cresco couple.

Coolbaugh Township Fatal Crash
Monday May 20th 2013

The death of a Pocono Cab Company driver, 55-year-old Michael West, has many people questioning what happened today. West was involved in a fatal crash Sunday morning with a Coolbaugh Township fire police van, right before noon, about 600 feet from the main entrance to A Pocono Country Place, in the Southbound lane of Route 196. Coroner Bob Allen confirms the cab entered sideways, right as the converted red ambulance was coming upon it. The fire vehicle struck the cab on the passenger side, basically t-boning it, and then flipping it on its side. West was pronounced dead at the scene due to blunt forced trauma during the time of impact, he was not wearing his seatbelt. Four fire fighters had been in the fire police van when the accident occurred and were sent to the hospital. Two were released Sunday night with minor injuries and two are still at the level two trauma center in Scranton today. Officials at Geisinger Medical Center say Fire Police Officer Thomas DeMarsh remains in critical condition and Firefighter Kenneth Price is stable. The Coolbaugh Township Volunteer Fire Company posted a message on Facebook today asking people to keep the firefighters in their prayers as they are scheduled for surgery today.

Washington Twp., Lehigh County, Fatal Crash
Monday May 20th 2013

A Schnecksville man is dead after his motorcycle collided with an SUV Friday in Washington Township. Police say 52-year-old Timothy Reichard was driving west on Park Avenue approaching Oakwood Lane when an SUV pulled out in front of him. Reichard and his passenger, 50-year-old Judy Olewine of Schnecksville, were both thrown off the motorcylce. The two were taken to the hospital for treatment where Reichard later died. Police did not indicate if the 24-year-old driver of the SUV was injured.

Slatington Trailhead Dedication
Friday May 17th 2013

Volunteers represent the backbone of the community and Lehigh County volunteers pat themselves on the back today because the Slatington Trailhead Project is now complete. Where there was once a vacant lot, now there are bathrooms, a meeting room with electricity and running water and a pavilion -- all with Pen TeleData wireless internet access. The Venture Group, a group of local volunteer organizations, along with local businesses and individuals, have gotten together and have contributed their time and money so that today, they can dedicate the project to the borough and county for use by the public. The services and donations from the volunteers have saved the community thousands of dollars. The community hopes to use the trailhead as an invitation to attract more vistors.

Mother Looks for Answers from Police
Friday May 17th 2013

A Tobyhanna man is behind bars for allegedly trying to murder four deaf people by setting fire to their home in A Country Place community. 24-year-old Joseph Shuman now faces attempted homicide and arson charges. Police say Shuman showed up at this winding way home.
He allegedly destroyed an electrical meter that alerts the deaf during emergencies, poured gasoline on both the front and back pourches and then lit fire. One person inside was Mahogany Suarez -- she's deaf. Suarez's mother questions why police didn't lock Shuman up hours earlier, when the two allegedly got into a physical fight. Pocono Mountain Regional Police would not comment. As far as Shuman - he's behind bars without bail.

Get Ready to Lace up Your Running Shoes and Run For the Red
Thursday May 16th 2013

After months of intense training, this Sunday around 1,000 people will lace up their running shoes for the 8th annual Run for the Red Marathon in Monroe County. This year, race coordinators faced a major roadblock, putting the entire race in jeopardy. PennDot closed the Sites Bridge on Route 191, causing coordinators to re-route the entire course. They finally got the thumbs up from PennDot and all townships. Because of last minute changes, runners will be forced to share the roads with drivers. Officials urge all drivers to be cautious. Run for the Red is this Sunday and starts at 8 a.m. If you haven't registered, you can still sign up in person for the 5K portion.

Pocono Mountain School District Votes to Sell Schools
Thursday May 16th 2013

Coolbaugh and Barrett Township supervisors remain stunned after board members at Pocono Mountain School District decided not to give them what they already promised -- a school building. Coolbaugh Learning Center once belonged to Coolbaugh Township and Barrett Elementary once belonged to Barrett Township, so last night, board members were voting to donate the school buildings back to the original owners. But with a five to four vote, the deal fell short and the two buildings will remain on the market. This left both township officials with a lot of invested time and effort into the potential the buildings offered. Each township wanted its building to be a community center to serve the public. If the buildings don't sell, the district will reconsider donating the buildings back to the townships.

Drug Arrest in Franklin Township
Thursday May 16th 2013

Around 1:30, the Carbon County Drug Task Force arrested a man at the Shell Gas Station on Route 209 in Franklin Township. Police say the man was transporting drugs from Philadelphia. He was spotted on the Pennsylvania Turnpike headed north. No other information has been released. The incident is still under investigation.

CCTI closing its Day Care Program
Wednesday May 15th 2013

State budget cuts are forcing the only Jim Thorpe day care program to close its doors. Over forty children attend the Carbon Career and Technical Institute's day care, but this August the program will be closed. Officials say due to five hundred thousand dollars being cut from their budget several programs had to be eliminated. CCTI officials say the annual forty thousand dollars to maintain the building on top of the one hundred seventy thousand dollars in repairs needed to the building, it isn't do able when the day care program doesn抰 generate a profit . A meeting will be held Thursday night at 6 pm in the cafeteria about the future of the day care.

Pocono Mountains Summer Campaign Launched
Wednesday May 15th 2013

Last year, more than 25 million people visited the Poconos. Officials predict that number to keep growing thanks to advertising. At today's 19th annual "Pocono Mountain Tourism Day" officials from the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau launched their summer campaign. They shelled out $800,000 to put up billboards in New York and Philadelphia, along with hanging posters on the sides of trains. The Visitors Bureau has also launched four t.v. commercials. Officials say the more people who visit the Poconos, the better it is for our local economy.

Drug Tafficker Sentenced
Wednesday May 15th 2013

A former Bethlehem man involved in a Carbon County based drug trafficking conspiracy was sentenced today to life in prison. 43-year-old Krishna Mote was convicted after a three day jury trial back in December. Authorities say the drug conspiracy operated in the Lehighton and Weissport areas from 2005 to 2007. Crack cocaine and cocaine was distributed through homes in the area.

Police Cracking Down on Impared Drivers
Tuesday May 14th 2013

The number of DUI arrests in the Poconos is dramatically rising. Monroe County hits the highest numbers in our region. According to the state police, last year there were 1,299 DUI arrests in Monroe County. They predict that number to rise this year. That抯 why between today and tomorrow, around 45 law enforcers are focusing their attention on making our streets safer and getting these offenders behind bars. As police increase their patrols, the National Transportation Safety Board is recommending all 50 states to lower the blood alcohol threshold from 0.08 to 0.05.

Barrett Township Takes Building
Tuesday May 14th 2013

Barrett Township had been given until today to decide whether they would take the donation of a former school building. Concerns over funding for the building almost caused the township to turn down the offer at last week's supervisor board meeting.
The benefits of what the building can offer the community, discussed at today's meeting, results in the supervisors asking for state grants to cover the costs. The plan includes a children's museum, moving the municipal offices, room for different groups like the boy scouts to have space and different community events. In order to accommodate these possible uses, the building needs to be brought up to code. This includes installing an elevator and making the building handicap accessible -- that requires funding. This is where the deal breaker remains. If the township doesn't receive state funding, then they want the option to return the Barrett Learning Center back to Pocono Mountain School District. But concerned citizens at this morning's meeting are pleased with the supervisors decision to take the building because they believe it'll draw people into the area.
Now Barrett Township waits to hear back from Pocono Mountain School District on their stipulation that they can give the building back to the school district if they do not receive state funding.

First Group of Intellectually Disabled Students Graduate
Monday May 13th 2013

Today, six intellectually disabled students at East Stroudsburg University can proudly hold up their diplomas because they've officially graduated. This is the first group to complete the university抯 new certificate program called Career and Independent Living and Learning Studies. About 200 people attended the graduation ceremony.
About a dozen other students are currently in the CILLS program, working toward their certificates. After some deep thought, program officials say they will keep CILLS alive for future students.

Investigation Into Barber Shop Death
Friday May 10th 2013

Hours after a fight broke out inside a barber shop in Mount Pocono, one man is dead and one man is charged with homicide.
Pocono Mountain Regional Police was called to the scene at Stylez Barber Shop on Route 196 just before 3pm yesterday, after two barbers got into an argument that escalated to a physical fight. Police encountered the victim, 34-year-old Quentin Thomas seated at the front of the business as his condition was deteriorating. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Pocono Medical Center.
Autopsy results are inconclusive, but officials say they have ruled out physical trauma as the cause of death. Police are requesting any other witnesses to the incident to come forward.

Lehighton Woman Dies from March Crash
Thursday May 9th 2013

A Lehighton woman has died from injuries she sustained during a car crash two months ago. The Lehigh County Coroner says 84-year-old Berniece Geling died this morning. The cause of death is attributed to complications of multiple blunt force injuries. The crash happened March 11th at the intersection of Route 209 and Cherry Hill Road in Franklin Township. Police say Geiling pulled out onto 209 and collided with an SUV. The driver of that vehicle was also injured.

Carbon Child Day Care Services Could be Cut
Thursday May 9th 2013

Each county throughout the state operates its own subsidized child day care services, even though the expenses are fully paid by the commonwealth. Now, the state is lumping several neighboring counties together, in hopes of cutting costs. Carbon county commissioners summited a proposal to continue running the Pennsylvania departments of public welfares child day care services program, but now with new requirements from the state they are to include Monroe county .This would mean Carbon would have to train and pay five additional employees already working in the Monroe county office. Carbon County Commissioners say with the health care cost continuing to soar and the uncertainty of the state budget cuts, this proposal is not a gamble they're willing to take, especially when they're voluntarily running a state program. As of July first the three carbon employees will be laid off, that is if the state doesn抰 step in and take over, but as for now the commissioners are talking with state officials to determine the future of the program.

Former School Buildings Offered to Townships
Thursday May 9th 2013

Recent population decline has led to Pocono Mountain School District closing three former school buildings, and offering to donate two of them to Coolbaugh and Barrett Townships. The townships have been given until Tuesday to decide whether they will take the donation.
Last night at a supervisor board meeting, Barrett Township almost turned down the offer but one supervisor was unsure. The township's plan would be to move the municipal building offices into the offered real-estate. The concern is the cost of maintaining and operating the building and not wanting to put that on Barrett taxpayers.
Coolbaugh supervisors, on the other hand, have already voted to accept the donation of the former Coolbaugh Learning Center. They've been waiting for this opportunity to move forward with their plan for a community center. The future center will be used to house programs not only for the youth and the elderly but all ages. State officials have already been contacted about acquiring a grant from local gambling proceeds to upgrade the structure.
Now Coolbaugh township waits to hear back from Pocono Mountain School District that the building is theirs and Barrett Township will make their decision Tuesday night.

Two Women Steal Elderly Woman's Credit Card
Wednesday May 8th 2013

Two women are in court for allegedly using an elderly neighbor's credit card without permission. According to court documents, 57-year-old Mary Meixell-Moyer of Weatherly found her 81-year-old neighbor's mail in her pile. It was a Boscov's credit card. On April 3rd, she went ot the mall with 27-year-old Stacy Behler of Lehighton. Meixell-Moyer told Behler to buy certain items while she went to another store so she wouldn't be seen. Between the two, they charged over $823 worth of merchandise at Boscov's. The cardholder was notified by her credit card company of suspicious activity. The two women both waived their rights to preliminary hearings today. Charges will be heard in Carbon County Court.

Veterans Benefit From Project Healing Waters
Wednesday May 8th 2013

Our country is the greatest in the world because of those men and women who put their lives on the line to defend our freedom. Today, Project Healing Waters was at Indian Mountain Rod and Gun Club to show how easy it is to give back. On the second Wednesday of every month from April till October, the organization seeks to get veterans and active duty service men and women out for a day of relaxation and the opportunity to learn how to fly fish.
Veterans look forward to the outings. Fly fishing provides therapeutic values, not only physically but socially as well, giving veterans a stress-free day and the chance to make life-long friends.

27th Annual Envirothon
Tuesday May 7th 2013

Competition was heating up today as students were enjoying the beautiful weather by exercising their brains. This year marks the 27th Anniversary of the Pike and Wayne County Envirothon. The outdoor one day educational marathon is designed to test their knowledge and skills regarding our earth's natural resources. Five member teams compete by testing their and problem solving capabilities in subjects ranging from aquatic ecology to soils and land use.
The Envirothon could not be possible without the aid of local businesses, whose donations help support the Youth Conservation Program and assist with the purchase of prizes and awards for the event.

Chamber Of Commerce Luncheon
Tuesday May 7th 2013

This afternoon dozens of business leaders got together to talk shop about future projects. The greater northern Lehigh and Palmerton area chambers of commerce joined forces this afternoon to help link local businesses. The lunch is to inform others of upcoming municipal projects, in hopes of guiding one another with advice, or suggestions on how to improve our local communities. While Palmerton officials updated chamber members about their new fire house plans, Slatington mayor Walter Niedermeyer talked about some much needed roadwork.

Mount Pocono Stays With Regional Police
Tuesday May 7th 2013

Mount Pocono Borough Council has voted to keep Pocono Mountain Regional Police and the decision was met with applause from locals last night. Back in December, there was a window of opportunity to back out of the contract with regional police. Coolbough Township took the initiative and Mount Pocono followed because of their lack of funding. The plan resulted solely on financial issues and not because of the performance of the regional cops.

Local residents really stepped up to the plate to show their opposition, almost 500 signatures were collected for a petition to keep the regional force. Pocono Mountain Regional Police were happy to hear the community's support. Regional police have not wavered in their coverage of the borough- just last month, they made over 50 arrests.

Although, the council decided not to go with state police coverage and stayed with the regional force, they will keep an eye on spending. Pocono Mountain Regional Police may have their hours cut. The monetary issues will be addressed later, along with the budget being reviewed at the end of the year.

Two Carbon County Women Arrested for Prostitution
Monday May 6th 2013

Two Carbon County women are among nearly a dozen arrested for prostitution in Allentown. According to the Pa. Liquor Control Board, the women offered sexual acts for the exchange of money at "Platinum Plus" on Airport Road. 19-year-old Tiffany Morresi of Weatherly and 19-year-old Mariah Graham of Lehighton were among those arrested on May 1st.

Learn to Spot a Stroke F.A.S.T.
Monday May 6th 2013

One person every four minutes dies from a stroke. May is American Stroke Month. There are two types of strokes, one being a blood clot and the other being bleeding inside the brain. Stroke is the number four cause of death among adults. Yet, it is estimated that 80 percent of strokes can be prevented. There are many lifestyle changes that would prevent a stroke, as easy as exercising regularly and healthy eating. Also, doctors recommend to stop smoking, going to a physician once a year for a checkup and control your blood pressure. Ideally, you want to prevent a stroke but it's also important to learn how to spot a stroke fast. The acronym F.A.S.T. stands for face drooping, arm weakness, speech difficult and time to call 911, you only have three hours to have medications or procedures stop or reverse a stroke.

The American Stroke Association has introduced a new mobile app to identify those sudden signs and symptoms of stoke. The app also has video tutorials, stroke facts and a tool to locate nearby hospitals that have received stroke care recognition. The app is free and currently available for iPhone and iPad. Just go to your app store and download it.

National Stroke Awarness Month
Monday May 6th 2013

Every year , close to eight hundred thousand Americans suffer a new or recurrent stroke .Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the nation, that抯 why doctors are spreading awareness during the whole month of May . On average, a stroke occurs every 40 seconds that's why doctors recommend knowing the signs of a stroke. If you or someone with you has one or more of these signs, call 9-1-1 immediately, time is of the essence when it comes to a stroke. Eating healthy and exercising daily are ways to fight cardiovascular disease, but it's not always that simple if the gene runs in your family.

Schuylkill County United Way's 5th Annual Day of Caring
Friday May 3rd 2013

The Schuylkill County United Way held its 5th annual day of caring event. Thanks to help from the local community, the Salvation Army headquarters in Tamaqua was given a much-needed makeover. A dozen employees from Wegmans National Grocery chain assembled in an effort to provide the charitable organization with a fresh coat of paint. This is a very hard time for charities across the country, which relies on volunteers and donations to address the most basic repairs. A Day of Caring promotes the value of volunteerism and demonstrates what people working together for a common goal can accomplish.

Nursing Home Homicide
Friday May 3rd 2013

An elderly woman from Weatherwood Nursing Facility dies after a physical altercation with a male resident. Eighty five year old Margaret Lechleitner died after being pushed. Lechleitner was taken to Hazletown General Hospital. She sustained a severe head injury and died six hours later. In an official statement from Weatherwood, officials expressed their sorrow and explained both residents had dementia. Behaviors associated with the disease is unpredictable, and spontaneous incidents can occur. Luzerne County Coronor's office ruled the death a homicide. Weatherly Police Dept are investigating. Carbon County District Attorney's Office is deciding whether to press charges on the elderly male Weatherwood resident.

Jim Thorpe Fugitive Arrested
Friday May 3rd 2013

A man who lead multiple police departments on a manhunt earlier this week in Jim Thorpe has been arrested. On Tuesday, 27-year-old James Dennis fled on foot after a Jim Thorpe Police Officer attempted to take him into custody. Dennis is wanted by the PA Board of Probation and Parole. A warrant for his arrest was issued several weeks ago. Police from multiple departments along with the sheriff's office and state parole agents searched for Dennis. A state police helicopter was also brought in. The search was eventually called off. But last night around 6, state troopers spotted Dennis in the passenger seat of a car traveling on Bankway Street at Bridge Street in Lehighton. He was taken into custody and turned over to the state. Dennis faces charges in Jim Thorpe after running from police on Tuesday.

Lehighton Heroin Dealer Sentenced
Friday May 3rd 2013

A Lehighton man will serve at least nine months in prison for selling heroin in Northampton County. According to police, 31-year-old Douglas Ahner sold $80 worth of heroin at the Kmart parking lot in Walnutport back in September. Ahner plead guilty and told the judge he needed the money for Christmas presents. He will also have three years probation after he is released from jail.

Barrett Township Wildfire
Friday May 3rd 2013

Barrett Township resident Gloria Martin was surprised to see yet another fire looming near her house yesterday morning. She called it in, just like she did with the other two wildfires on April 23rd that she also saw from her home on Shaggy Bark Lane near Upper Seese Hill Road. The Barrett Township Fire Company and the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources battled the fire yesterday with planes spraying water and land manpower. The wildfire that scorched 15 to 20 acres yesterday, has the Bureau of Forestry still working hard today to get it under control. It's so dry out, the fire could take several days to be completely put it out, because every hot spot of the fire needs to be suppressed. Last Tuesday's two wildfires, taking out a total of 180 acres, along with the fire still harboring today are still under investigation.

Drama Surrounding Jim Thorpe's Remains
Thursday May 2nd 2013

Last night hundreds gathered at a special Jim Thorpe Borough Council meeting to determine whether or not to appeal a ruling by a federal judge that would return Olympian Jim Thorpe's body to his hometown in Oklahoma. Many are urging the council to fight back and appeal the decision. The council has until May 20th to make a decision.

Schuylkill County Burn Ban Ends May 5th
Thursday May 2nd 2013

A county-wide burn ban in Schuylkill County will end this weekend. Residents are urged to use caution. The ban was put in place April 5th by the county commissioners because of dry conditions. The burn ban expires on Sunday. Residents should check with their local municipality to ensure compliance with local burning ordiances.

Stroudsburg Borough Council VP is Still on Board After Guilty Plea
Thursday May 2nd 2013

Stroudsburg Borough Council held its regular meeting last night and Vice President Neil Allen was once again a no show. This week, Allen plead guilty to possessing heroin -- a misdemeanor. Since Allen is an elected official, Borough Council officials cannot simply remove him from the board. Allen hasn't been at any meetings in the past month and officials say they haven't heard from him. However, Allen maintains his role as Vice President. The only way to change that is if Allen writes a formal letter of resignation. As of now, Allen's lack of attendance at council meetings hasn't hindered any borough business.

Interstate 80 Work Backs Up Traffic
Thursday May 2nd 2013

People are heating up on Interstate 80 Westbound and it isn't a result of the beautiful weather. Maintenance work began yesterday between the Bartonsville and Tannersville exits, and the traffic tie-up is already taking its toll. PennDot officials are combining efforts to tackle all maintenance work at once. They have multiple teams out, each one focusing on a different area of road work: crack sealing, pothole patching, bridge deck repair and picking up litter. All needs to get done and drivers are stuck watching. It's only going to continue. PennDot officials are trying to get all orange cones off the highway before Memorial Day. They do not want the traffic tie-ups to continue throughout the summer when traffic is heightened with vacationers. Next week, plan for hold-ups on the opposite side- Interstate 80 Eastbound Monday through Thursday.

Hospital Practices Disaster Training
Wednesday May 1st 2013

One area hospital got hands on experience to be better prepared if an emergency strikes. Blue Mountain Health System emergency responders had an opportunity to travel to Alabama where the department of homeland security offers emergency drills. Responders participated in exercises to prepare for terrorist threats and other disasters. Blue Mountain health system performs four annual drills per year , including their annual flu clinic and they have also performed an active shooter drill.

Closing Kitatinny Point
Wednesday May 1st 2013

Federal budget cuts forced the National Park Service to close Kitatinny Point, a popular tourist attraction and a major river key point for local canoe liveries. Local businesses who rely on tourists pumping money into their businesses worry it'll have a negative impact on the local economy. Seventy three thousand dollars are needed to save Kitatinny Point. Officials hope for donations to keep the tourist attraction alive.

Commissioners Vote to Cease Building for Courtroom Expansion
Wednesday May 1st 2013

There were many concerned citizens opposing the county taking the former Shearson-Lehman building in Stroudsburg for courtroom expansion. Commissioner Suzanne McCool has felt this way from the beginning - the building should not be taken off the tax rolls.
The needed appraisal of the building took so long, the current owner bought the building before the county could acquire it. As much as Commissioner John Moyer regrets having to take the building by eminent domain, he and Commissioner Charles Garris want the county's operations together and still believe it to be the best decision to alleviate overcrowding. This is because the other buildings that have been suggested are not in the best condition and would require significant amounts of capital to bring them up to standard. The majority of the Commissioners voted for the 701 Main Street building to be used for courtroom expansion, so the current owner raised the notion of leasing the building, instead of owning it. This was a welcomed compromise from all of those in attendance at the public hearing, except with the two commissioners because based upon economic times, the amount of rent can go up or down. It has been formally indicated that the county will take the building at seventh and main streets by eminent domain. The current owner will now have 30 days to challenge the forced sale.

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