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Frein Captured!
Friday October 31st 2014

Pocono Township Police sit at road blocks today leading to where law enforcement cautiously comb the woods around the rundown Birchwood Resort. State police say suspect Eric Frein was outside an airplane hanger there when he was caught by surprise unarmed. His weapons were found inside. Frein surrendered without incident.
Frein was taken away in the handcuffs and cruiser of the trooper killed Corporal Bryon Dickson. The State Police Commissioner says Frein looked healthier than he would've expected and did not need medical attention.

Local Hospitals Plan for the Worst
Tuesday October 28th 2014

Hospitals in our area are preparing for the worst after a case of Ebola is diagnosed on the East Coast. A spokesperson for Blue Mountain Health System tells us their staff is constantly going through training, but now the hospital is specifically teaching staff how to handle an Ebola patient. Patient Care Coordinator of the Emergency Departments at BMHS, Toby Goida, is busy training staff on how to put on personal protective equipment or PPE and how to take it off. Last week, Goida trained 50 staff members. More training sessions are scheduled this week. Goida tells us, BMHS has an agreement to transfer Ebola patients to Lehigh Valley Health Network. Lehighton Ambulance has agreed to handle the patient transfer.

Monroe County Municipality Taking Steps To Ensure Their Officers' Safety
Tuesday October 28th 2014

In the wake of the ambush at the Pike County State Police Barracks last month, which killed a trooper, the Barrett Township Department is beefing up security. The local police are in the center of the search for suspected cop killer Eric Frein.
Barrett Township's Police Department is exposed. It's surrounded by residential homes and a small wooded area. Officers coming and going are in plain sight. Within the next couple of weeks that will no longer be the case.
State Police believe Eric Frein ambushed two troopers outside the Blooming Grove Barracks during a shift change. They had no way of defending themselves. State Police say Frein is out to get all law enforcement officers. Frein lived with his parents in Barrett Township. State Police say another possible sighting was reported in that area today. That's why Barrett Township Police Chief Steven Williams asked for security fencing one week after the incident. This morning supervisors met and finalized the details.
Williams says, "When the project was first discussed, we requested some bids. The bids were in excess of $25,000 so we tried to get an alternative way."
The board unanimously approved purchasing the fencing materials and having the township maintenance department complete the project. Supervisor John Seese estimates the cost will be between three to five thousand dollars.
Seese says, "The manpower is already paid for, budgeted for the year so it's just a materials cost. I would think if it's not out of the general fund, it'll probably come out of the LST, which goes to emergency services."
The fence will include an automatic gate on the right side of the township building. It will be eight feet high and made of wood. Construction is expected to start next week and take about a week to finish.

Man Electrocuted in Towamensing Twp.
Monday October 27th 2014

A Berwick man is electrocuted while working on a job today in Towamensing Township. A PPL Electric spokesperson tell us around 11:45 am, a private contract, Harlan Electric, had a crew working on a 69 kilovolt power line behind Country Junction. The line had been de-energized for the work, but PPL says there were other lives lines in the area. PPL is currently investigating to figure out what caused the fatal accident. The Carbon County Coroner has identified the victim as 42-year-old Peter Balliet. PPL Electric says their thoughts and prayers are with the Harlan team and the employee's family.

Kidder Twp Man Admits to Child Porn Charges
Monday October 27th 2014

A Kidder Township man pleads guilty to producing child pornography. Today, 47-year-old Todd Kowar admitted to persuading and inducing a minor to engage in sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing images. He was indicted in July by a federal grand jury on charges of producing and possessing child pornography. Kowar is accused of committing the crimes between 2008 and December 2012. After pleading guilty today, a judge ordered a pre-sentence report to be completed. Kowar is detained in prison pending the sentencing. He faces a maximum of 30 years.

Zombie Paintball
Friday October 24th 2014

Haunted houses and hayrides are a staple during Halloween. But behind Stone Haven Supply in Orefield, they're doing things a little differently. Lehigh Valley Zombies is bringing the fight to you. Now, you can take a ride on their army-grade truck through a 52-acre terrain and shoot paintballs at the walking dead. The ride begins with a story and allows players to take on zombies from the truck. Lehigh Valley Zombies also has two haunted houses on site. People of all ages are welcome.

New T-shirts Being Sold To Help With The Eric Frein Manhunt
Friday October 24th 2014

While state troopers' wives continue to sell the PSP Strong t-shirts to help the families of the two ambushed at the barracks in Pike County, a group is putting the "Barrett Proud" slogan on t-shirts to help their own local law enforcement.
Barrett Township Police needed new safety vests to better protect themselves assisting in the search. So the township purchased them not knowing where the money was coming from to pay the bill.
The majority of the search for suspect Eric Frein is centered in Barrett Township and it's turned the town upside down. People are scared to come to the area and local police are stepping up to assist state police. That's how "Barrett Proud" Committee Member Shannon Price got an idea to help.
Price, along with a committee of fellow community volunteers, purchased and started selling "Barrett Proud" T-shirts to help the township pay for their officers new bullet proof vests. Each one costs $13,000.
They sold out of their first 50 shirts immediately and have received donations to buy more. T-shirts are $20 for a long sleeve and $15 for both short sleeve and children's sizes. They'll be selling 150 this weekend at three different events.
"Barrett Proud" Committee Member Annie Grill says, "What we're interested in is helping to promote Barrett businesses as well, we're not just selling t-shirts on the street."
That's why the first event is at The Forks Restaurant at Buck Hill Inn tomorrow night starting at 5. Appetizers will be free to enjoy too. The other two are Sunday. The Trunk R Treat event at Monsignor McHugh School from 2 to 4pm and then at The Pourhouse Restaurant from 5 to 7pm. If you wear a "Barrett Proud" T-shirt, they'll give you a 10% discount.

Monroe County Needs More Big Brothers
Friday October 24th 2014

Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Monroe County is working to create leaders of the future, but they need current leaders to show our youth the way.
Right now there are at least 50 kids still on the waiting list for a big brother or sister, 95% of them boys.
You can learn more about the program on their telethon that will air November 2nd from noon to 10pm.

Job Growth in Carbon County
Friday October 24th 2014

One of the companies leading in job growth in Carbon County is KME Kovatch in Nesquehoning. The company added over 350 jobs in the last two years. Nikolas Wasko of Jim Thorpe says he was unemployed for 8 months before a chance encounter with a Kovatch family member helped change that. Wasko shared his story with legislators today at KME where officials say business is booming. Since 2011 the unemployment rate in Carbon County h as gone from 9.9 percent to 7.1 percent. Local lawmakers say although the numbers look good. There's always room for improvement.

Eric Frein Look Alike Seeks Attacker
Wednesday October 22nd 2014

An Eric Frein look alike who says he was assaulted by a law enforcement officials is demanding answers.
James Tully says he's been stopped over 20 times in Barrett Township during the manhunt walking to and from work.
On Friday morning he says, he was walking from work when a silver suv stopped and a man dressed in hunting
camouflage, wearing a tactical vest wearing a tactical vest jumped out with an assault rifle pointing it at his head. He says the man ordered him to the ground and digging his foot into his back, leaving him with bruised ribs.

First Look At New Indoor Waterpark Coming Soon
Wednesday October 22nd 2014

Come Spring-- Camelback Resort will have the largest indoor waterpark in the Northeast. And it's expected to be a vital economic boom for both the state and the region. Today we got our first behind-the-scenes, sneak peek hard hat tour of the construction site in Tannersville.
Today's weather couldn't be more perfect to reveal what Camelback Resort has had up it's sleeve for quite some time now. The owners are introducing what will soon be a splashing good time all-year-round.
Co-Owner Ken Ellis says, "It's pretty special. It's kind of been a dream for my partner and I to get a project like this done. We've been working at it for over 10 years."
It's called Camelback Lodge and Aquatopia and it'll be the first ski-in, ski-out indoor waterpark hotel in the Poconos.
Ellis says, "The attractions here are mainly for the hotel guests or Camelback guests so if you're coming to ski at camelback and let's say part of the family wants to ski and the other part doesn't, there's an opportunity to use amenities here."
The 163 million dollar project will be 533 thousand square feet. It includes 453 hotel rooms, four acres of indoor fun with both the waterpark and Arcadia-- a family game center, conference room, grand ballroom, spas, restaurants and much more.
It's right on schedule to open this March and will create 500 new jobs-- 300 of those full-time positions. But it's actually already provided 500 jobs to local subcontractors and suppliers.
A job fair is scheduled for November 5th and 8th. For more information or to make a reservation for the spring opening date, just go to their website at

Divers Brush Up On Their Skills
Tuesday October 21st 2014

Search and rescue divers are refreshing their skills at The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area this week.
Every three years they're required to brush up on their knowledge and performance. Yesterday divers spent their time in the classroom, but today they were in the Delaware River.
"The dive team is mostly known for their work with search and rescue operations, but a lot of people don't know they do a lot of other things in the national park," Kathleen Sandt, spokesperson for The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.
Sandt says their dive team does biology and fish studies, they check underwater for vegetation, install booey systems to let swimmers know where it's safe to swim, they do dam maintenance and they even study old wrecks.
Tomorrow divers will be learning how to use a decompression chamber and treat pressure- related injuries.

Weatherly Drug Concerns
Tuesday October 21st 2014

Weatherly officials say drugs are taking over their community, but they plan to do something about it. It was a hot issue at last night's borough council meeting. Council member, Joe Cyburt, says drugs are significantly impacting the community. According to court documents since the beginning of the year there have been 31 criminal cases in the borough. More than half of them are drug related, including burglary and simple assault cases. Local officials feel part of the problem is a lack of resources for addicts. Cyburt says he's reached out to the Weatherly School District PTA, together they're working on creating a support group to aide families in finding help and to educate people on the dangers of heroin.

More Possible Sightings Near School
Tuesday October 21st 2014

There are now more possible sightings of suspected cop killer Eric Frein in the Swiftwater area. Today K-9 units, local and state police responded to a reported sighting on Route 611 across the street from the Swiftwater Recycling Center. We watched as police checked a clothing bin.
State Police confirm the Swiftwater Barracks has extra security and the Pocono Mountain School District decided to close school today.
We saw people on Facebook this morning complaining and upset with the district closing all Pocono Mountain schools today, but parents we talked to were glad.
Another reported sighting of suspect Eric Frein near the Pocono Mountain School District East Campus is alarming parents. Pocono Mountain Regional Police confirm one of their officers on duty for extra security at the school saw someone suspicious in the woods near the Swiftwater Post Office. But school wasn't called off until early this morning.
Last night the district said the school would be open today with extra security. A school spokesperson tells us the decision was changed this morning because officers wanted to do a thorough search of the grounds. Officials say as of now absences due to the search yesterday won't be excused because buses ran throughout the school district.
More alarming-- a rumor surfaced that Frein broke into a school shed. School officials say that the shed was broken into. The lock on the shed door was broken off the door. However police tell us it wasn't forcibly broken into. Also, they say the school was unable to tell them if anything was missing. Therefore, the whole shed incident can't be attributed to Frein or anyone else.
Parent James Hagner says, "If there was a sighting of him in Swiftwater, he goes over to Sanofi's property which comes into Scotrun Estates, it's an easy way out."
Hagner says he spotted Border Patrol Officers where he lives in Scotrun Estates and showed them where the secluded routes are located. Hagner feels for the families of the troopers ambushed and is glad he saw the officers taking his advice last night.
Hagner says, "There was a few vehicles and I showed them around and showed them the area. They were complete gentlemen and liked the fact that I helped them out."
School officials say no decision has been made regarding whether school will be open tomorrow. That decision will be made later tonight.

Lehighton Armed Robbery
Monday October 20th 2014

Police are investigating an armed robbery at First National Pharmacy on 1st Street in Lehighton. It happened Saturday afternoon around 4:30. Police say the borough's annual Halloween parade was in full swing when they got the call. Authorities say a man armed with a gun entered the pharmacy and took off moments later on foot with some undisclosed items. The pharmacy was the target of another armed robbery in April. Police are investigating if the incidents are connected. Police say they're following credible leads on the suspect.

Casey Talks Ebola At Pocono Medical Center
Monday October 20th 2014

Local, state, federal and international officials are working to stop the Ebola Virus from spreading any further.
Senator Bob Casey joined medical professionals at Pocono Medical Center today to discuss the region's preparedness and funding just
in case Ebola comes our way.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there have been 3 cases of Ebola in the United States and 1 death, however it's affected multiple countries around the world, starting in West Africa.
As of October 12th, CDC has reported 4,493 deaths worldwide.
"We're very prepared with over protective gear you would need, protocals, training and the communication out to our staff," said Jeff Snyder, President/ CEO of Pocono Medical Center.
Funding for the existing hospital preparedness program has been cut fifty percent. Right now U.S. Senator Bob Casey says, the program is funded 8.1 million dollars, but there's over 200 hospitals that have to share that money.
He's been working with Richard Burr, a North Carolina senator, to change that and provide the needed resources and planning for public health emergencies. According to CDC, the 2014 Ebola epidemic is the most deadly in history.

Eric Frein Manhunt Moves South
Monday October 20th 2014

The manhunt for suspected cop killer Eric Frein is now in the Swiftwater area. A sighting Friday night near Pocono Mountain High School East Campus has State Police now searching in that area. State Police believe the sighting is highly credible, but today all schools within the Pocono Mountain School District were open to some parents' dismay. Others were happy with the heightened security provided. We also witnessed an increased police presence at the high school.
State Police say Frein is familiar with the area, he attended the high school and worked at Sanofi Pasteur. Police ask residents to continue to be vigilant, they're not backing down until Frein is caught.

New Search Tactics In Eric Frein Manhunt
Friday October 17th 2014

State police continue to search for Suspect Eric Frein along Route 447 in Barrett and Price Townships, and now they're looking under the road. Frein is accused of ambushing Pike County's Blooming Grove State Police Barracks 35 days ago, leaving one trooper dead and one injured.
Spray painted numbers and letters have appeared on Route 447 and people driving past can't help but wonder why.
PennDOT Press Officer Sean Brown says, "We got a request from the Pennsylvania State Police to mark inlets and drainage on PA 447."
Both PennDOT officials and a state police spokesperson tell us officers are utilizing the markings in the search for Frein.
Brown says, "Some of these are a little harder to see so we went out there and made them visible and easier to see. We wanted to help make their job easier."
Police have been searching both sides of Route 447. Barrett Township Resident Harry Fox says he's heard Frein hasn't been seen crossing the road but there have been sightings of him on both sides. Fox says he saw state troopers peering in one pipe as he drove by earlier this week.

Superintendents Work to Lower Charter School Cost
Friday October 17th 2014

Local school superintendents are working with state representatives to lower charter school expenses.
Representatives from Monroe, Pike, Carbon, Lehigh and Northhampton counties would like to see change in charter school legislation. On top of high cost, officials say, there's a lack of accountability, transparency and exemplary test scores.
Officials say, cyber charter students are under performing the ones in the classroom and they're spending more money than it cost to operate them.
Officials have been fighting the issue for years, but they feel like they're getting closer.
They're hoping new legislation will come soon.

Halloween Restored In Barrett Township
Thursday October 16th 2014

Barrett Township residents may have Halloween after all.
Earlier this month, supervisors cancelled Halloween in the township, because of the search for Eric Frein...FBI's 2nd Most Wanted Criminal is still at large, but the Holy Trinity Parish will be hosting a truncated celebration at the Monsignor McHugh Elementary School in Cresco.
Area residents will bring their vehicles, decorate them and kids will go trunk to trunk in their costumes collecting as much candy as they can.
They would also like people to donate non-perishable food items to their local food pantry. They're hoping to have a station set up to collect them.
Ribbons will be awarded for best costumes and decorated vehicles.
They ask that you don't bring pets.
If you would like to participate there's still time to register vehicles, floats and vendors the event is scheduled October 26th from 2-4.

Local Ebola Preparedness
Thursday October 16th 2014

The vice president of development and government relations at Blue Mountain Health system says staff at its Lehighton and Palmerton campuses are busy training for Ebola preparedness. It's a similar story at Lehigh Valley Hospital. Representatives tell us staff members are busy running drills on handling infectious diseases. St. Luke's University Health Network released this statement, "St. Luke's University Health Network is following the CDC guidelines regarding Ebola protocols." Health officials suspect with flu season upon us, more people will visit the emergency room fearing their symptoms could be Ebola. The public is reminded Ebola is not an air borne virus. For more information on the virus check out the

Search Continues But Businesses See A Turnaround
Thursday October 16th 2014

It's now been 34 days since Pike County's Blooming Grove State Police Barracks was ambushed, leaving one trooper dead and one injured. The search for suspect Eric Frein in Barrett and Price Townships has been a strain on the community. Luckily business seems to be coming back for some.
Before Mountainhome business owners told us the only cars on the roads were police cruisers, now owners at The Pour House Neighborhood Bar and Grill tell us things are looking up and in a big way.
Co-Owner Kimberly Stephens says, "This past week has been very busy, it's been busier than it's been in a long time and even busier than this time last year."
Stephens says they've served 270 dinners this past Saturday alone, which is great for any restaurant in the Poconos. But the fear is still there. The Pour House is usually open till 2am daily, now it closes a few hours earlier because people aren't coming in past 11pm.
But no matter what business is like, Stephens' mind is on the law enforcement officers still out in the woods. We saw police on Bear Town Road once again today looking for Frein. She came up with the idea of the blue bows to show the officers the town is behind them, and says there are now 1,000 posted.
While business is still the worst it's been for some, there's still a lot of positives.
Co-Owner Justine Knipe of Mountainhome Candle Company says people are going out of their way to buy her products both in person and on the phone. She says the support has been amazing during a tough time and wants to thank all of her loyal customers.
There has not been a news conference scheduled in over a week on the search status. State police emailed us today that there is no significant activity to report at this time.

Fourth Grader Supports State Troopers
Thursday October 16th 2014

Northwestern Elementary student Haley Schantz is no average fourth grader. Her uncle, a state trooper in Pittsburgh, was called into the Eric Frein manhunt. That made Haley want to do her part to help her uncle and the rest of the troopers. Last week, Haley and her classmates made over 260 cards, letters and posters to show their support for the state police. But Haley won't stop there. This weekend, she'll hold a food drive to bring them snacks. The drive will be held this Sunday at the Germansville Fire Company from 9am to 5 pm, and all are encouraged to donate.

Two Carbon Men Arrested for Heroin
Thursday October 16th 2014

Two Carbon County men are busted for selling heroin. Police say Joseph Franklin of Lehighton and Steven Mika of Weissport have been charged with the sale of heroin to an undercover officer. It happened yesterday near Mallard Market. Both men face numerous drug charges and were taken to jail. Mika is also charged with resisting arrest after trying to flee from police on foot yesterday - and for physically fighting with an officer in the middle of the street.

Suspected Meth Lab in Tamaqua
Thursday October 16th 2014

Tamaqua Police are investigating after they find a suspected meth lab in a vacant building. Police say it was around 11:30 this morning when a neighbor reported an open-door at a vacant building on Broad Street. Once inside police say they found materials used to make meth. Members of the state police mobile meth lab removed the items from the home. Nobody was inside at the time of the incident. Residents who may have seen someone in the building are asked to call Tamaqua Police.

Several Villas At Tree Tops Go Up In Flames
Wednesday October 15th 2014

Firefighters from five fire companies responded to a number of vacation villas on fire around 5 o'clock this morning at the Villas At Tree Tops and Fairway in Bushkill.
Bushkill Fire Chief Alex Dipolo says, he was first on scene. He believes high winds caused the fire to spread from one to the other.
No one was injured.
The Villas at Tree Tops are timeshare properties affiliated with Fernwood Resort.
Despite the fire, Bushkill Group Vice President of Marketing. Gina Bertucci says, they've relocated guest, but they are honoring all reservations. Firefighters say a total of 8 units were damaged by fire. Four neighboring buildings have exterior damage from the heat as well, melting the siding. We're even told there was an explosion.
Fire Marshalls are investigating the cause of fire. Timeshare owners say, it may be a while before they can start rebuilding.

Former Lehighton Teacher Hearing
Wednesday October 15th 2014

A Former Lehighton teacher accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student was in district court today. In August, Matthew Fisher was charged with corruption of minors. The former business teacher and golf coach at the high school was charged after police say he shared sexually explicit text messages with a 16-year-old male student. Fisher confessed to sending the messages in July and August. Fisher resigned from his job with the Lehighton High School prior to the beginning of the academic year. Today he waived his right to a preliminary hearing. He now faces the charge in Carbon County Court.

Tis the Season for Seasonal Jobs
Wednesday October 15th 2014

It's hard to think about Thanksgiving and Christmas when we haven't even gotten through Halloween, but retailers and local resorts are thinking about the holiday rush and who's going to help them get through it. GameStop Regional Director, Eric McKinley, says the company is increasing its seasonal job force by 47%. Locally, GameStop is hiring about 900 associates for the Northeast PA region. Ski resorts in our own backyard are gearing up for a hiring influx. Blue Mountain Ski Area is holding three job fairs next month. The company is looking to fill various positions including ski instructors, to ticket sales, to rentals. A Carbon County Careerlink spokesperson suggests job seekers start their search online. Visit the webpage for a company you're interested in working for and see if they're hiring.

Scare Up Business in Carbon County
Wednesday October 15th 2014

Scarecrows are a sure-fire sign fall is here. But in two Carbon County boroughs, they're also a sign of local businesses. For the fourth year, Delaware Avenue shops in Palmerton lined the streets with their fall creations. This year, even houses joined the fun. Jim Thorpe also brought back their scarecrow program for 2014. In both cases, the objective was for businesses to show off what it is they do in a fun and festive way. Jim Thorpe held a contest for their participants with Dimmick Memorial Library winning for their band of Garden-Tool Readers.

A Program To Lower Electric Bills
Tuesday October 14th 2014

If outrageous heating bills bogged you down last winter, PPL Electric Utilities has a program to help lower costs before you start shivering this year.
Lehighton Resident Nicole Heckman says last winter harshly elevated her electric bill. Her family's highest monthly bill was $760.
The Heckman's have lived in their rental home for only a year and a half. But the idea of another winter with high electric bills had them considering moving. That was until they learned about PPL Electric Utilities "WRAP" or Winter Relief Assistance Program.
It provides weatherization measures at no cost to the customer as long as they're income eligible. The program allows for a contractor to come in and seal up cracks letting in air and provide insulation for the house. The Heckman home didn't seem to be insulated at all.
The contractor then tests other items in the home to help with year-round savings.
Customer Programs Director Chris Schoemaker says, "We'll test the refrigerator, there's a few air conditioners as well, if they're inefficient, they'll be replaced. They have an electric water heater so we'll do things like low flow shower heads and pipe insulation. We also replace all the lights in the home if they're being used an hour or more each day with an LED lightbulb."
The program seeks to lower electric bills and increase comfort levels. And they can direct you to other programs which may help lower your energy costs as well. That's why now is the perfect time to sign up before winter starts. Just call 1-888-232-6302 for more information and to apply.

The Search For Frein Goes On...
Tuesday October 14th 2014

The search for Eric Frein in northern Monroe County for killing a state trooper and injuring another continues. Police seem to be back tracking now, going back over areas they've searched before.
A source tells us they're now leaving stickers or markings to identify searched areas as they cover them.
Today, state police blocked off Manzanedo Rd. in Price Township while they searched the area.
While there is still a police presence police say, they've scaled back to 200 troopers in 3 shifts per day.

Car in Jim Thorpe Shot with BB
Tuesday October 14th 2014

Police are asking the public for help after a vehicle in Jim Thorpe is shot by a bb gun. Police say the incident happened Sunday afternoon around 3 o'clock in the area of North Street and West Front Street. A tan Ford Taurus was struck with a bb pellet which smashed out the rear window. Jim Thorpe Police is asking anyone with information about the incident to contact Detective Lee Marzen.

Search Continues For Suspect Eric Frein
Monday October 13th 2014

The search for suspect Eric Frein is now going into its second month. Today marks 31 days since Pike County's Blooming Grove State Police Barracks was ambushed, Corporal Bryon Dickson was killed and Trooper Alex Douglass severely injured.
It's put a damper on people coming to the Poconos but one industry is still benefitting from the police presence.
Tourism is taking a hit, and business owners around the target search area in Barrett and Price Townships aren't the only ones noticing. As the manhunt for Frein is now past its one month mark, the attention is on him eluding law enforcement officers and not the beautiful fall scenery in the Poconos.
But hotels in Monroe County are still benefitting. Out-of-town officers coming in to add to the manpower need a place a sleep.
We witnessed troopers coming in and out of Pocono Inne Town today on Main Street in Stroudsburg. And General Manager Tony Ruggiero tells us more are planning to stay this week. Last week a viewer sent us a video showing the Days Inn parking lot filled with police cruisers in East Stroudsburg. Between 150-200 troopers were there for four to five days.
The Days Inn was so busy, they had to send people to other hotels in the area. So hotels are being filled, just not for the usual reason.
And hotel managers are also doing their part in helping law enforcement officers, by offering them a discount.
No matter how long the search takes, hotel managers say they're here for the officers.

One Dead, Several Injured In Crash
Monday October 13th 2014

One woman is dead and several injured after a muli-vehicle crash at Rt. 209 and Shafers School House Rd.
One passenger was flown to a nearby hospital for injuries.
Officials have not yet released the names of the victims.
Police are investigating, but the coroner says they believe a tractor trailer is at fault.

Pine Grove Man in Court for Courthouse Threat
Monday October 13th 2014

A Pine Grove man who admits to threatening to harm children if the Schuylkill County Courthouse didn't close earlier this month waives his preliminary hearing. According to court documents, 48-year-old Todd Dohner says he made the threats to avoid having to pay fines he owed. He left two voicemails on a county official's phone which weren't heard until the morning of October 3rd. Dohner demanded the courthouse be shut down by noon on the 3rd or he would shoot students as they exited school. He also stated he was a member of a terrorist group that would assist. The courthouse was evacuated, and schools were notified. Police were present at many schools as a precaution. Investigators traced the calls back to a cell phone used by Dohner. He now faces charges in Schuylkill County Court. He is jailed on a half a million dollars straight cash bail.

Octoberfest Comes To Dansbury Depot
Friday October 10th 2014

A celebration of fall is being held tomorrow in East Stroudsburg.
The Dansbury Depot is hosting October Fest this weekend.
People will be able to come take a tour of the stationand switch tower, enjoy food, local musicians, dance groups
and more. A train from Steamtown will also be stopping by.
The train is scheduled to arrive at 11am. There will also be candy, apple cider, rides, sack races, crafts, a model train, scarecrow building and a magician. Festivities begin at 10:30 tomorrow morning.

New Ways To Show Law Enforcement Officers Support
Friday October 10th 2014

Suspect Eric Frein is still on the run. It'll be four weeks ago tonight Pike County's Blooming Grove State Police Barracks was ambushed, Corporal Bryon Dickson was killed and Trooper Alex Douglass severely injured. As the search continues Barrett Township residents fully support law enforcement officers on the hunt, and are coming up with new ways to show it.
Officers are welcomed with open arms, and the community is taking care of their every need-- including the best protection to keep their own township police force safe in the search for suspect Eric Frein.
Barrett Township Police Patrolman Austin Anglemyer just came back from looking for Frein this morning. Assisting state police is something that's become a regular duty for the department since the majority of the search is centered in their township. But Anglemyer feels a whole lot better now wearing what the state police have on.
Chief Steven Williams requested township supervisors buy new bullet proof vests for his officers, since Frein allegedly is carrying a .308 riffle.
Williams says, "It will stop a long gun, a high powered riffle and multiple shots, unlike the concealed body armor that we usually wear, typically for small firearms, pistols and stuff like that."
Each vest costs $1,300. It's something the township didn't have in the budget, along with all the other associated manhunt costs that Supervisor Chairman Ralph Megliola estimates is at $50,000.
Megliola says, "A lot of the emergency stuff we can't budget for because we don't plan for it so we'll make it work. We want our police as safe as possible."
Williams says the support is amazing and we noticed today it continues to grow in new ways.
Mountainhome United Methodist Church Pastor John Keretzman invites everyone to come out each day and pray for the officers in the woods and the community while the manhunt continues-- someting that just started on Wednesday. The prayers are from noon to 12:15 every day and will happen inside if raining. Just take time on your lunch break and show up at the church on Route 390.

Officials Plan To Replace East Stroudsburg Bridge
Thursday October 9th 2014

Four entities have been sharing ownership of the Ridgeway St. Bridge in East Stroudsburg over the years, causing confusion.
From here on Penn Dot has vowed to take full responsibility of replacing and maintaining the bridge.
Officials now have funding to replace the bridge. Construction is expected to begin next summer and be completed by the end of the year.

New Hospital On The Horizon
Thursday October 9th 2014

A brand new hospital is coming to Monroe County. Pocono Medical Center plans to construct a state-of-the-art second hospital in Tannersville. It'll be called Pocono Medical Center West and will be located on the site of the former Summit Resort on Route 715. A purchase agreement for it's 40 acres is currently in the works.
PMC officials have been looking for a site location for six months now in that area, but the need has been known for years due to the population growth.
President/CEO Jeffrey Snyder says, "That is what we've identified as our central growth area for Monroe County and our primary and secondary service ares, so right now we're situated in the east, we intend to have greater reach and access to our community by adding that location."
Over the past seven years, PMC has focused on enhancing and adding to clinical services at its headquarters campus in East Stroudsburg, like the Hughes Cancer Center and immediate care centers in its 20 different locations. Now it's about emergency services and more beds. The current inpatient wing is over 50 years old.
Senior VP and Chief Business Development Officer Stephen Cunningham says, "There have been plans for some time to replace those beds with more modern facilities, private rooms, which is what our patients ask us for."
And officials say they got the perfect location to accomodate future growth needs. Right now they're working on what the first phase of construction will be.
No word yet on what this project will cost or how large the actual hospital will be. Negotiations with the property owner are continuing.

Four Arrested With Heroin In East Stroudsburg
Wednesday October 8th 2014

Four people are facing charges, after being found with heroin in East Stroudsburg.
Police say, they recovered 30 bags of heroin and paraphernalia on Crystal St. in East Stroudsburg Monday.
Randy Cruz, James Wells, Catherine Abbey and William Young are facing related charges.
Police say, the problem has been growing over the last few months.
They believe a lot of the dealers and buyers are within the homeless population.
If you ever see any suspicious activity police ask you to report it.

Check Your Smoke Alarms
Wednesday October 8th 2014

It's National Fire Prevention week. Jim Thorpe Firefighters spent the day teaching students at Lawrence B. Morris Elementary School and St. Joe's Regional Academy about smoke detectors and what to do when you hear the alarm. The kids were also reminded to have their parents change the batteries in the smoke detectors once a year and to test them once a month. The JT Fire Department has new smoke detectors available for free to borough residents. Anyone interested should call the fire department.

Working In The Search Area For Suspect Eric Frein
Wednesday October 8th 2014

As the search continues for suspect Eric Frein, the woods in seven townships in Monroe and Pike Counties remain off limits to recreational activity. Hunters and hikers are not allowed in those areas. But for loggers working on the Monroe-Pike border-- not working is not an option. At least, not yet. But the danger looms in the normally peaceful scenery.
Loggers are busy today clearing the woods of trees killed off by the gypsy moths in 2008. And their job just happens to be in the middle of the Eric Frein Manhunt.
The area in question- the Monroe-Pike border- the zone police believe Frein is hiding in- is where S&K Forest Resources LLC has set up shop. We were asked not to disclose the exact location for safety concerns.
So looking out into the woods isn't so calming. Before loggers just had to look out for heavy machinery, now there's a cop killer believed to be in the area.
The reason-- the surrounding woods, you can't see 10 feet in front of you and you don't know what's lurking behind you. That's why they understand exactly what's taking so long for police to find Frein.
Like everyone else, they just want him in custody. Until then, they could be shut down at any time.

Good Outlook for Holiday Sales
Tuesday October 7th 2014

The National retail Federation projects holiday sales to be the highest they've been since 2011. Economists base the financial forecast on several factors including consumer credit and previous monthly sales. News 13 caught up with some shoppers at Kmart in Walnutport today who are already working on their Christmas lists. Adrienne Jones of Albrightsville is putting items on layaway. She says she's behind the eight ball and normally starts shopping in July. Retailers are banking on shoppers like Jones to put them in the black this holiday season. Although sales are expected to go up, experts say shoppers will be on the hunt for a good bargain and their purchases will be well thought out.

Senator Toomey Visits Valor Clinic's Veterans Rehab Center
Tuesday October 7th 2014

The vacant Hotel Jonas in Polk Township is ready to open as a veterans rehab center. Today Senator Pat Toomey dropped by to take a tour and offer his support. Volunteers have been working around the clock since June to get it ready for a local group dedicated to serving veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Valor Clinic Foundation Officials named it the "Major Paul Syverson Veterans Sanctuary" to honor a fallen hero by using the hotel as a place to get homeless veterans off the street and back on their feet.
Senator Toomey wanted to sit down with veterans today and witness the tremendous work being done by the Valor Clinic. Toomey toured the renovated Jonas Hotel and believes the temporary shelter is just what homeless veterans need in Monroe County, especially with winter quickly approaching.
He says, "It's a place for training, a place for people to learn how to put together a resume, learn how to do a job interview, and really help a veteran get back on his or her feet."
It's been a dream of Valor Clinic Founder Mark Baylis for three years now, and Toomey say's he's on board to help it continue smoothly. He's already supported applications for federal grants. Now he's focusing on getting Veterans Affairs involved.
Toomey says, "It will pay for private non-government charitable organizations that are providing services."
But the soon-to-be home for 12 veterans wouldn't have been possible without dedicated volunteers. The run-down hotel now sparkles with pride. Volunteers are just busy with the finishing touches.
And it's not just the building that volunteers have been working hard on. There's also extras outside like a BarBQ pit, a dog kennel and storage units for the Valor Clinic's outreach program.
The grand opening is happening this Sunday starting at 1pm with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and the community is welcome to tour until 7pm. Next week the recruiting process will start.
There's still a few odds and ends that need to be worked on. If you'd like to lend a hand, just contact the Valor Clinic.

Monroe County 911 Control Center On The Search
Monday October 6th 2014

While the manhunt for the alleged cop killer continues, law enforcement officers and volunteers aren't the only ones putting in extra hours. In the first two weeks of the search, Monroe County's 911 Control Center accumulated over 700 hours of overtime. But now things are getting back to normal.
Supervisor Jeffrey Piccirillo has never experienced anything like the manhunt for suspect Eric Frein in the 12 years he's worked for the Monroe County 911 Control Center. The phone has been ringing off the hook the last three weeks with sightings along with the usual emergency call volume.
Typically every two weeks payroll overtime at the 911 center is a little over 130 hours. The last payroll involving the search totaled an excess of 755 hours.
Communications Director Gary Hoffman says, "We're fine, we're still within our budget."
Luckily now the required extra staff has decreased and Hoffman says this next payroll should be about average.
Hoffman says, "Compensated and became use to how we're handling those sighting calls."
It seems calls from residents spotting Frein are dropping off too going into this fourth week.
Piccirillo says, "Everybody's getting back to their norm. Everybody's going back to work, everybody's going back to school. They're not getting that nervousness where they're calling in everything."
The center takes every call seriously and encourages people to remain vigilant in reporting anything related to the search for Eric Frein.

Mignosi Raises Money For Trooper Family
Monday October 6th 2014

Mignosi's Super Foodtown Grocery Store is raising money for the family of Cpl. Bryon Dickson, killed in the ambush at the Blooming Grove State Police Barracks on Sept 12.
Dickson leaves behind two young boys and a wife.
So far the owner says they've been able to raise close to $4,000. He's hoping to give the family at least $18,000.
If you would like to come down and donate, doors will be open until 10pm.

A late philanthropist's continuing commitment to his community
Monday October 6th 2014

The John E. Morgan Foundation has enabled hundreds of Tamaqua graduates to attend college for free over the years. A recent donation is ensuring hundreds more can enjoy the same privilege. The foundation is awarding $250,000 to Lehigh Carbon Community College Tamaqua the Morgan Center. Some of the money is going to pay tuition for students participating in the dual enrollment program through Tamaqua area high school. The program allows students to take college credit courses while in high school. The rest of the money will be used to purchase a passenger van to shuttle students to various sites, especially from the Morgan Center in Tamaqua to main campus in Schnecksville. No word yet on when the shuttle will be available to students. Organizers say they have to work out the logistics.

Pedestrian Struck on Route 248, Lower Towamensing Township
Monday October 6th 2014

A pedestrian was hit on Route 248 over the weekend in Lower Towamensing Township. The incident happened Saturday morning around 9:30 in the eastbound lanes near the intersection with Route 873. According to police, 36-year-old Michael Potak of Lehighton was travelling east in the passing lane when he drove by a disabled vehicle. His passenger, Trevor Hawley of Northampton, asked Potak to pull over so he could offer aid. Potak pulled into the right lane and Hawley got out. Potak started backing up to the vehicle and hit Hawley knocking him down and driving over him with the rear wheels. Hawley crawled to the shoulder. He was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital with lower body injuries.

PMC Hosts BBQ For Emergency Responders
Friday October 3rd 2014

Pocono Medical Center fired up the grill for the 2nd annual Heros BBQ, in honor of all the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday.
EMTS, police and firefighters were able to grab as much food as they'd like: hamburgers, hotdogs, pulled pork sandwiches, corn on the cob and even baked beans.
A helicopter even made an appearance.
Emergency responders will be able to come get food until 8 o'clock tonight.
If you would like to donate food or supplies to state police in the search for Frein, call the Barrett Township Fire Company @ (570) 595 - 7777

Threat In Schuylkill County Ends In An Arrest
Friday October 3rd 2014

Police arrested a Pine Grove resident for a threat that evacuated the Schuylkill County Courthouse today. The courthouse was shutdown today after a threat was left in an overnight voicemail demanding it be closed by noon. The caller stated if officials didn't comply, an unidentified county school would be targeted.
All schools in the county were notified, some were on lockdown and others took precautions. According to police the one responsible acted alone. Further information will be released from investigators after the individual is arraigned.

Andreas Man Charged After Baby Hurt
Thursday October 2nd 2014

An Andreas man is charged after a baby in his care ends up with a fractured skull. Police say 25-year-old Travis Garris admits he was the only one home when the child's injury occurred - but he denies striking the infant. He claims the 4-month old boy fell. The victim's mother left her child with Garris while she was at work on September 29th. When she returned she discovered the baby had significant bruising to his head. At the hospital, the child was found to have a fractured skull and brain bleed. Investigators say the patterns are consistent with being slapped and not from a fall. Garris is charged with aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a child and other offenses.

No Bids for Packerton Yards
Thursday October 2nd 2014

After years of trying to develop a business park in an abandoned rail yard, Carbon County is selling the land. But no one seems to want it. Commissioners were expected to open bids on the property today. But the only bid submitted was withdrawn for the 71 acres of land that sits on the border of Mahoning Township and Lehighton Borough. The county is asking for a minimum bid of $300,000. Commissioners Wayne Nothstein and Tom Gerhard say they're not surprised. Commissioner Bill O'Gurek was unable to attend today's meeting. County officials will meet soon to discuss the next step which they say could include re-advertising the property at a lower price. No decisions were made today.

Pocono Brewing Company Closes Without Warning
Thursday October 2nd 2014

A well known establishment in Swiftwater, Monroe County closes its doors unexpectedly, leaving some residents in shock. Pocono Brewing Company is expected to open again in a few weeks with a new owner. For now, those employed by the restaurant wonder if they'll have a job.
Pocono Brewing Company located on Route 611 swiftly changed hands over the weekend. Former General Manager Robert VanThiel says he was notified by the then-owner James Caporuso Sunday night that the restaurant would be closed starting the next day. VanThiel then took it upon himself to inform the other employees.
VanThiel says while some employees knew the establishment was on the market for a year and a half, it wasn't talked about. Now 30 people seem to be without a job after only a few hours notice.
VanThiel says, "No one has been contacted by the new owners. We were waiting on a phone call, we were supposed to be receiving a phone call sometime this week to sit down with them to talk about future employment, but I'm still waiting on that phone call."
While VanThiel seems to be taking it well, PBC was also home to Poconuts Comedy Club. Producer Tom Riccobono says he's known Caporuso for 20 years and would constantly ask him of any changes before he'd book acts. Yet this week's show is cancelled without warning and all others including New Year's Eve.
Riccobono says, "Left me in a really bad position, and a bind. I have lots of contracts, lots of comics are affected, New Year's Eve, it's a mess."
We witnessed Riccobono taking his sign out of the building today. Now he's thinking about a new location and worried about being sued.
Riccobono says, "The big time guys on Letterman and have HBO shows and things like that, they have a real contracts and those are the ones I'm worried about."
While employees were notified the night before they shouldn't show up to work tomorrow, customers showing up seeing the posted sign couldn't believe their eyes after it being open for almost 20 years.
VanThiel says, "We had regulars that would eat there multiple times a week, if not more than that."
The owner of Luna Rossa Restaurant in Gilbert, which burned down earlier this year, has purchased PBC. Silvio Vitiello spoke with us today as he and his crew were busy fixing it up. He plans to reopen PBC in the next few weeks and keep the name. Former Owner Caporuso never returned our call.

Search For Frein Continues...
Thursday October 2nd 2014

It's been 20 days of searching for the man police believe fatally killed a state trooper, injuring another.
This morning we spotted police at Alpine Mountain again, but not with as much manpower as they had yesterday.
Today the search shifted to Pocono Township along Rt. 715 and Cherry Lane Church Rd.
If you spot the suspect or have any information, notify police. Do NOT approach him he is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Barrett Proud
Wednesday October 1st 2014

As the search for suspect Eric Frein continues, Barrett Township residents are helping in a big way. They've decorated the town to show their support for law enforcement officers and have provided those working in the woods with meals. Now they're raising money to help the families of both troopers ambushed at the Pike County Blooming Grove State Police Barracks. It's called "Barrett Proud." Police believe suspect Eric Frein killed Corporal Bryon Dickson and wounded Trooper Alex Douglass.
Since September 25th, almost $3,000 has been raised for the families just by getting the word out on the Barrett Proud Facebook page. And donations are also coming in from all over the state.
If you would like to donate just go to Barrett Township's website at and click on Barrett Proud. That will bring you to the PayPal account.

Officials To Cancel Community Events?
Wednesday October 1st 2014

Pipe bombs found in the search for Eric Frein are increasing tensions in the Barrett and Price Township communities.
Local officials say, upcoming community events could be canceled if Frein isn't captured soon, community day, an open house at the fire house and the Barrett Township parade that's been a tradition for years.
Officials say members of the community met yesterday to discuss rescheduling and canceling the events. Nothing has been decided yet.

Game Commission Hunting Ban
Wednesday October 1st 2014

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has temporarily halted hunting in 7 townships in the Poconos while the search for Eric Frein continues. Those municipalities include Barrett, Price and Paradise Townships in Monroe County as well as Blooming Grove, Porter, Greene and Lehman Townships in Pike County. The Game Commission says the closure effects hunting on both public and private land. State Game lands in those areas are also closed to public access. The closure was initiated after State Police announced yesterday that troopers had uncovered explosive devices apparently left behind in the woods by Frein.

Fatal Crash in Hometown
Wednesday October 1st 2014

A Luzerne County man is killed in a two-car crash in Hometown this afternoon. 83-year-old Andrew Woytko of Hazle Township died due to the injuries he sustained in the accident. Police say he pulled out of Basile's Italian Restaurant onto Route 309 when he was struck by a car driven by 29-year-old Rosanne Levitt of Lansford. Both Levitt and a passenger in Woytko's car were taken to the hospital. Police continue to investigate.

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