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Food Banks Buy Refigerators/Freezers With Grant
Tuesday September 30th 2014

Pocono area food pantries are receiving a special delivery to help fight hunger. Second Harvest Food Bank and BJ's wholesale club have teamed up to provide more more refrigerators and freezers to store more food donations.
This morning representatives from the Effort United Methodist Church unveiled their new freezer and refrigerator, purchased with a $21,000 grant from BJ's.
Bj's has provided a total of 30 grants in honor of hunger awareness month and for their 30th anniversary.
Funds have been provided to over 20 agencies in the area.

Frein Search Won't Stop Archery Hunters
Tuesday September 30th 2014

The archery hunting season starts Saturday in Pennsylvania, and as of now, archers are allowed to hunt as the search for Eric Frein continues. The Pennsylvania Game Commission recommends hunters to wear fluorescent orange material on their head, chest and back, which is usually not required until a later part of the hunting season. Officials say to not interfere and advoid areas with obvious police activity.
If you enter a cabin and find anything moved or missing, leave immediately to not disturb anything and contact police.

Two Grants for LCCC
Tuesday September 30th 2014

Lehigh Carbon Community College is being awarded two separate grants. Through the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Competitive Grant Program, the college is receiving a four year, ten million dollar grant to share with Northampton Community College and Luzerne County Community College. The colleges will use the money to develop new programs for careers in high demand.
In Carbon and Schuylkill Counties 1.2 million dollars is being awarded to the SHINE program. The after school program is administered by the college and focuses on improving academics and classroom behavior.

Demolition Scheduled At Carlton House
Monday September 29th 2014

The old Carlton House on Main St. in Stroudsburg is scheduled to come down, October 13th.
It's been an eyesore in downtown Stroudsburg since the building went up in flames back in December 2009.
Many are looking forward to a new start.UP"
George Strunk from Dein Properties says they have to take extra precautionary measures, because there's a business next door. They want to make sure everyone's safe and no one's property is damaged.
The new building will be five floors. Retail on the first floor, possible office space on the 2nd and 3rd and two bedroom apartments on the fourth and fifth floors.
During the demolition process Strunk says the sidewalk will be blocked off and parts of 8th St. will be closed.

Same Degree Of Manpower On Eric Frein Search?
Monday September 29th 2014

The search is still on for suspected killer Eric Frein.
It's now 17 days since Pike County's Blooming Grove State Police Barracks was ambushed, one tropper was killed and another severely injured. The manhunt continues in Barrett and Price Townships but residents believe the amount of law enforcement officers in the woods has decreased.
Police have said they will not stop until suspect Eric Frein is caught. And residents say they're fully behind their efforts. They just don't know how much longer the manpower can continue. Manager Rod Elliott of The Crossroads Deli in Mountainhome says he knows many troopers are using their own time to be here such as vacation days.
The staged media area near Snow Hill Road was also barren this morning compared to the 20 plus reporters that were there last week. Some residents also believe the five sqaure mile search area has moved. Troopers came to their door this morning handing out wanted flyers with Frein's different looks.
When we asked the Public Information Officer on duty today if the police presence has dropped off and if so, how much?-- Trooper Thomas Kelly only answered with, "Smaller search teams have expanded their search efforts to different areas but the overall perimeter hasn't changed."
If you seen Frein, do not approach. You're being asked to call 911 immediately.

Sheppton Woman Charged in Fatal March Crash
Monday September 29th 2014

A Sheppton woman is charged for a fatal crash and hitting a pedestrian moments before that accident in Mahanoy Township earlier this year. The incident happened March 29 on Route 54. Now that all lab test results are back from that day, 37-year-old Shirl Mumie has been charged with homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence and several other offenses. Police say on that day in March, Mumie struck a 41-year-old Mahanoy City man who was walking on the shoulder. He suffered minor injuries. Mumie fled the scene. She then lost control and crossed the center line hitting another vehicle head on. 62-year-old James Hossler of Shenandoah was driving that vehicle, he was killed. Mumie is now in the Schuylkill County Prison.

Lansford Home Invasion
Monday September 29th 2014

Police in Lansford are looking for two suspects involved in a home invasion. It happened Sunday morning around three. Christine Gilson says she and her fiancé were sleeping in their bedroom inside their home on Leisenring Street when two masked intruders barged in. Gilson says after a brief scuffle, the intruders took off. She tells us the suspects got away with jewelry and other small items.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Lansford Police.

Abandoned Facility's Official New Start Sunday
Friday September 26th 2014

A former school vacant for three years in Smithfield Township will rise in a new light this weekend. "Light of the World Church" purchased Shawnee Academy just three months ago for 1.25 million dollars. Now it's like brand new and ready to be celebrated.
Looking around the now Light of the World Church sanctuary, it's hard to believe it used to be a gymnasium that sat abandoned for three years. The church that was previously located on Ann Street in Stroudsburg, started 15 years ago with just eight people and has grown dramatically. So much so that church officials have been looking for a place with more room for almost 10 years now. They finally found their new home at Shawnee Academy.
Assistant Administrator Ida Mathew says, "Every time something came up, it was like God said no wait, this is not for you. And this property just came to us so we know it's God that he brought this property to us."
But it's not just the sanctuary that has competely been remodeled, it's the entire campus, inlcuding a children's ministry building. Volunteers had their work cut out for them.
The transformation including the grounds and uncovering the playground took two to three months. Now the official dedication service is taking place this Sunday morning at 10-- 50 nationalities will march in with their flags and afterwards-- a feast! Every cultures' food will be available to try.
Pastor Angelo Pierri says, "As the word says, many people, many kindreds, many nations coming to worship the Lord, and the Lord said too all nations will someday worship God. And we see that happening here already, which is amazing."
And the ministry has a lot more plans for the campus' vast area and many buildings, such as a food pantry.
Everyone is invited Sunday. There will also be a tent set up where the service will be streamed live. For more information or to get involved, just contact the church at 570-420-8170.

Local Officials Speak Out Regarding Manhunt
Friday September 26th 2014

Barrett Township officials decided to speak up today, along with several county officials about how the manhunt is affecting residents and police.
Barrett Township say they usually receive about 10-15 calls an day, but now they're receiving about 50 a day.
As more days go by residents are becoming more uneasy.
Authorities say, it's also been a challenge to throughly sweep the wooded areas with homes, campers and other structures he could be hiding in.
Monroe County's Assistant District Attorney says they've filed 15 search warrants. The most recent, this afternoon.
While the search goes on emergency management officials want residents to know there's a resource available to help deal with stress when there's a traumatic event or disaster.
If you would like to speak with someone the National Crisis Hotline is available 24 hours a day.

Thursday September 25th 2014

Wayne County residents are being asked to take part in a new community survey. The survey is geared to people who are living in Wayne County full or part time. The Wayne County Commissioners and the "Wayne Tomorrow Initiative" want to know what places or buildings people think are important to their area. They call those places community hubs and they can range from local libraries to church halls. The community hub survey is your chance to provide input on what might already exist, what more might be needed, and what you’d be interested in personally. The survey is available online at this location.
Paper copies are also available at branches of The Dime Bank, Honesdale National Bank, NBT Bank, and Wayne Bank throughout Wayne County. It will also be available at the public libraries located in Honesdale, Hawley, Hamlin, Newfoundland, Lakewood, Pleasant Mount, and Bethany, and at the Wayne Memorial Hospital. The survey will be open from September 18th through October 18th.

As Eric Frein Manhunt Continues, Is Foliage Falling To The Wayside?
Thursday September 25th 2014

Officials at Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau say tourism overall in the Poconos hasn't been impacted as a cop killer remains at large. People are still taking their fall getaways to see the much anticipated leaves change. But that doesn't mean people aren't concerned about suspect Eric Frein.
Numerous calls are coming in questioning the safety of traveling in the Poconos.
But that's exactly what Public Relations Manager Elizabeth Richardson recommends-- You don't want to be on edge during your vacation. She says the Poconos encompasses 2,400 square miles and the search is only targeting five. So where you're staying may not be affected.
Paradise Stream Resort, which is right around the corner to the manhunt, hasn't experienced any cancellations.
But places close to the target search area for Eric Frein aren't hearing any service bells. Brookview Manor Inn and My Daughter's Place Restaurant in Barrett Township has been receiving cancellations left and right with people afraid. Typically fall's natural beauty already has their month of October booked. But that's not the case.
If you're questioning a planned vacation or whether or not you should book one, call Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau for more information.

Residents Affected by Manhunt Seek Legal Counsel
Wednesday September 24th 2014

After 12 days of searching for Eric Frein, some residents in the area may be filing a lawsuit.
Attorney, Joshua Prince, from Prince Law Offices in Berks County has been reaching out to residents to help with the fight.
Prince says, he's looking into claims that some rights have been violated by law enforcement. Monday he posted a blog reaching out to residents affected. The Pennsylvania State Police released a statement last night addressing the allegations, stating that they've been diligent in respecting the rights of the public while working hard to keep both residents and law enforcement safe.
They also denied restricting access to homes in the area. If residents required access to their homes for vital reasons police say they provided an escort to their residence to ensure their safety. Right now access to homes is not restricted and residents are able to get to and from the area much easier.

Barrett Township All In For Who Officials Call Guests Searching The Woods
Wednesday September 24th 2014

Barrett Township Officials say they have the safest town in Pennsylvania right now. So the least they can do is make their searchers as comfortable as possible.
Barrett Township's Firehouse is currently also acting as a supply center for the hundreds of federal, state and local enforcement officers hot on a cop killer's tail. The manhunt for suspect Eric Frein continued again today in Barrett and Price Townships.
Volunteer Firefighters are not only handling road closures but are taking food to those in the field. Barrett Township Supervisor Chairman and firefighter Ralph Megliola says they're serving all meals-- breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus snacks.
Megliola says, "Two thousand in one day. We did almost 700 for breakfast so we're busy."
The firehouse in is operation 24/7 thanks to the dedicated community. Many volunteers are hardly sleeping and food donations continue to pour in from people and businesses.
Megliola says, "The town has been spectacular. I mean from all the businesses and local people, it's been great, and not just Barrett."
We caught up with Barley Creek Brewing Company's staff in Tannersville today already preparing lunches for tomorrow. They've already provided one thousand egg sandwiches, among other things.
Assistant Manager Bobby Fluegel says, "We've been helping any way we possibly can with paper supplies, with food. We brought up food this morning."
This establishment is just one of the many out of the search area just wanting to do their part.
If you would like to donate food, just call the Barrett Township Firehouse first at 570-595-7777. What they really need right now is packaged snacks that can easily be taken to those working in the woods.

Schools Back Open, Manhunt Continues
Tuesday September 23rd 2014

Although the manhunt for Eric Frein continues, school is back in session for the Pocono Mountain School District.
The district is not sending school buses into the Barrett Township where police are concentrating their search
To ensure a safe environment for students, the district has beefed up security at the schools.
The superintendent says, about 30% of their students still decided to say home.
School officials say, they're not sure when bus routes will resume.
School officials say, they're not sure when bus routes will resume.
Right now they're taking things day to day.

Business Affected By Cop Killer Search
Tuesday September 23rd 2014

The manhunt for suspect Eric Frein continued today with full force in Barrett and Price Townships. Police believe Frein ambushed the Pike County Blooming Grove State Police Barracks 11 days ago, killing Corporal Bryon Dickson and severely injuring Trooper Alex Douglass.
We witnessed locals trying to enter Snow Hill Road today, police blocked their path. While investigators reported yesterday they feel they're close to capturing Frein, homeowners within the target search area remain anxious. But they're not the only ones. Business owners in Mountainhome say the road is only busy with police activity.
Co-Owner Justine Knipe of Mountainhome Candle Company says, "Normally it's maybe 20 at a time with sirens and lights going, and every time that happens, we all just hope it's over."
Earlier this year Mountainhome Candle Company's factory and warehouse building burned down. Knipe says they were doing well with recovery and then this happened. Fall is the busiest time of the year there, but you wouldn't know it right now.
Co-Owner Voula Katsigiannis of Mountainhome Diner says, "It's slow because the people are afraid to come out. According to the TV-- stay home, lock your doors."
Even though the businesses are negatively affected, owners say their focus is on the law enforcement officers out there in the woods.
Knipe says, "We all just have to sit tight and let police do what they need to do. And we can't be judging them, we can't be saying hurry up. They have to do this right."
Katsigiannis says, "Feel sorry for the police officers because they have families. They want to go home, they're tired."
We're told officers are the ones coming into the businesses and spending their money. But the community is also taking care of them. Businesses like Mountainhome Diner and Mountainhome Deli and Cafe have donated food.
State police officials say they're continuing to move the search as new information becomes available and certain areas are cleared. If there are no roadblocks, the areas are open to all traffic.

Governor Says Public Not The Target
Monday September 22nd 2014

Governor Tom Corbett's news conference at the Blooming Grove Township Building today revealed more information as to why the public isn't Suspect Eric Frein's target. Previously Frien was reported to have made threats of killing law enforcement officers and mass acts of murder.
PA State Governor Tom Corbett says, "He had the opportunity to shoot civilians at the Blooming Grove Barracks at the same time that he shot at the police officer and he chose not to shoot at them. So it is our conclusion that he is aimed totally at police officers."
Police are asking any hunters or hikers who may have trail video or if they know of any shelters or bunkers in the area to please contact them. If you see Eric Frien, do not approach, and please call 911 immediately.

The Manhunt for Trooper Killer Reaches Day 7
Friday September 19th 2014

It's day 7 of the search for Eric Freen accused of shooting two state troopers at the Blooming Grove State Police Barracks in Pike County, killing Cpl. Byron Dickson.
Late yesterday evening many roads were closed as police directed their search to Canadensis in Monroe County.
Many residents were displaced, while police sweeped the area.
The search continued today. Frein was not found.

Police Say Stay Alert
Friday September 19th 2014

Pocono Mountain Regional Police are investigating a violent chain-reaction crash involving a Pocono Township Police Cruiser. It happened yesterday at 5:30PM on Route 940, near Route 390 in Paradise Township right in front of Kasa's Pizza. Police were responding to a call for assistance-- the manhunt for Blooming Grove ambush suspect Eric Frein intensified in Barrett Township. Witnesses say motorists saw the cruisers approaching by their lights and sirens, and pulled of the road. One motorist instead tried to pull in Kasa's Pizza and was struck. The impact caused the cruiser to then hit a truck waiting to pull out. Police say that the truck then flew into a parked car at Tim's Auto Body.
Today police would like to remind everyone to stay alert.
Pocono Mountain Regional Police Lieutenant Will Laverty says, "Motorists have to be aware of their obligation upon the approach of emergency vehicles. And regardless if they're coming from behind them or in front, they have an obligation to pull immediately off to the right-hand side of the roadway to allow the emergency vehicles to pass safely."
Laverty says the investigation isn't complete but adds officers maintain a cautionary speed even with their lights and sirens on.

School Board Uses Tax Payer Dollars for Legal Fees
Thursday September 18th 2014

Stroudsburg School Board is facing more heat, after a vote last night to pay attorney fees for two board members. In August, three parents sued school board president Richard Pierce and Vice President Bruce Stewart in an attempt to reopen Ramsey Elementary.
The school closed for good June 17th.
Some parents believe they should pay out of their own pocket, instead of using tax payer dollars.
After this case, Pierce says, he would like to create a policy that says what should or shouldn't be covered in the future.

Funeral Mass For Corporal Bryon Dickson
Thursday September 18th 2014

Thousands gathered today to lay the fallen state police trooper to rest. The funeral mass for Corporal Bryon Dickson started at St. Peter's Cathedral in Scranton this morning. He was killed during a deadly ambush at the Blooming Grove Barracks in Pike County. It's a solemn day for all, but also a day to celebrate his life.
It was quite a farewell and thank you to Dickson. Family, friends, officers from all over the country-- including states as far away as Alaska-- and even strangers lined the streets to pay their respects.
A procession to the cemetary started after the service. Flags both on the ground and in the air led the way. Dickson was laid to rest in his home town of Dunmore with full honors.

Early Intervention
Wednesday September 17th 2014

Developmental benchmarks, they exist to help track a child's progress. Experts say they're important because a child's development today, will affect them tomorrow. That's why experts suggest getting your child screened for developmental delays if you feel there is a problem. Free screenings will be available at the WIC office inside the Body and Soul building in Lehighton tomorrow from 9am until 3pm. No appointment is necessary. Screenings are for kids ages newborn through 5 years old. Screenings are also scheduled for October 23rd and November 20th. For more information about the services available call the Carbon- Lehigh Intermediate Unit at (610) 769-4111 or call Carbon/Monroe/Pike Early Intervention at (610) 377-0773 x3720.

Who is Eric Matthew Frein?
Wednesday September 17th 2014

Police have been searching high and low for the Blooming Grove State Police Shooting Suspect, Eric Matthew Frein for five days now.
Since the shooting police and the community have been on high alert.
Barrett Township Police say they've had two encounters in the past.
In spring of 2013. police say he reported his motorcycle stolen.
Then in 2005, he was reported for trespassing on someone's property walking his dog.
Police say he wasn't violent in either case.
Neighbors say the suspect seemed quiet and very intelligent. Every now and then one woman says she used to see him go for a run in the neighborhood.
Police say Frein has quite a bit of rifle training. He was a part of the Pocono Mountain East Rifle Team in high school and his father is a veteran of the armed forces.
Police say his father also worked closely with him, teaching him how to shoot.
His father says, he was a better shooteer than he was, never missing a shot.
Police believe the suspect is specifically targeting law enforcement and the general public shouldn't be in danger, but to be safe, police advise you to lock your doors, look for doors that look like they've been open and and leave lights on outside of your home.
If you spot the suspect call police. Don't approach him. He is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Schools Not Taking Any Chances, Suspect Still At Large
Wednesday September 17th 2014

Schools near where police say the manhunt is still going on weren't taking any chances today with the suspect still on the loose. Wallenpaupack, Monsignor McHugh and Pocono Mountain Schools were all closed. While other schools in Monroe County are taking precautions.
Residents all over Monroe County are on edge. They can't believe the Pike County deadly ambush suspect Eric Frein lives in their county. He is described as armed and dangerous, and is said to have made threats in the past about killing law enforcement officials and mass acts of murder. That's why everyone we talked to agree children in the area shouldn't be in school, especially parents from Pocono Mountain School District. That's one of the districts closed. Both parents we talked to say they would like to see the school remain closed until he's caught. East Stroudsburg North is also in the immediate area but school officials didn't call off school. They're going by what state police are telling them. While some parents may be upset by the decision, school officials say numerous calls have come in with appreciative parents. They say current information called for extra support at the north campus, along with a level one lockdown at all schools. Normally people entering the building need to show ID and they have their own armed police department. Superintendent Sharon Laverdure says a level one lockdown means no recess, students stay inside the building once they get there. After school activities are on a case by case basis.
And schools near Frein's home aren't the only ones taking precautions. Monroe's Northampton Community College Campus increased security guards and alerted staff to be more vigilant. And students were grateful.
All school officials we talked to have not made a decision for tomorrow. They're waiting on more information from state police.

Gay Rights Activists Buy Abandoned Building
Monday September 15th 2014

A building that's been abandoned for 20 years will have a new owner soon.
Gay rights activists of the Lehigh Valley are campaigning for a community center they can call their own.
Today they revealed the location of what will be the Bradbury-Sullivan Community Center.
The building is in a historic district in Allentown. It needs some work, but organizers say it''ll be a great home for the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender community.
In support of their efforts organizers say the city is selling it for a dollar.
The community center is still in the very early stages, but they have a design team of engineers, architects and attorneys working at no cost.
If you'd like to help log on to their website.

Remembering Corporal Dickson In Monroe County
Monday September 15th 2014

Corporal Bryon Dickson has been a state trooper since 2007. He only recently transfered to the Blooming Grove State Police Barracks in Pike County three months ago. But his first assignment was actually at Monroe County's Fern Ridge Barracks.
The shocking attack on Pike County's Blooming Grove State Police Barracks is hitting home everywhere, and even more so with those who knew the victim. 38-year-old Corporal Bryon Dickson II of Dunmore was killed.
Corporal Dickson first started as a state trooper at Monroe County's Fern Ridge Barracks in 2007. That's how Chestnuthill/Jackson Township Magisterial District Judge Colleen Mancuso knew him. At that time she was prosecuting all of his cases as an assistant district attorney in Chestnuthill Township. She remembers him as very serious, a good trooper and reasonable to deal with for the defendants as well as the Commonwealth. His fairness leads Mancuso to believe this incident couldn't be a result of any of his cases. She says he was fun to work with and didn't mind being teased. One of her last memories shows that. Dickson was promoted to corporal and sent to Philadelphia in 2013, but would come back to finish up cases-- one time he was wearing a bow tie and suit.
Mancuso laughing says, "I just started laughing, the other troopers were laughing. I mean it was just so funny to see him in this bow tie and he was very proud of it, he liked it!"
Today Mancuso is thinking about his family, which includes a wife of 10 years and two young sons. A fundraiser has been set up by other trooper wives to help the victims' families with expenses. Trooper Alex Doulass was critically injured.
If you'd like to donate to the victims' families, just go to and search for "Dickson and Douglass Families."

A Local Library Needs Your Help
Friday September 12th 2014

A Monroe County Library may be forced to cut services and staff. That's why Barrett Paradise Friendly Library is asking for your help. A tax hike to fix the problem is currently on both township supervisor tables.
Barrett Paradise Friendly Library is requesting a tax increase. Director Cindy Deluca says the library's annual operating cost totals $270,000-- $21,000 comes from the state and $90,000 comes from it's two service areas-- Barrett and Paradise Townships. The rest of the money is dependent on library fundraising events. Deluca says if the 10-12 fundraisers the library has each year doesn't bring in the leftover $150,000 for the budget cost the community will lose services-- hours will need to be cut and staff laid off. That's why it's necessary for the Library tax to increase-- so the money coming in won't be uncertain.
The decision is now in the hands of both Barrett and Paradise Township Supervisors. Deluca says they each have the next two months to decide if they will raise the tax or not. And you can help by contacting both township supervisors with your opinion. Deluca is thankful for the people already calling in supporting the library and hopes more join in. If you'd like to further help, you can always donate directly to the library.

Golf Fundraiser Raises Money For Police
Friday September 12th 2014

When you think of police you think about how they help the community, but once a year the community are help police.
Today members of the community hit the links in support of our officers for the Fifth Annual Vests Golf Tournament. The fundraiser hosted by Fernwood Golf Course raises money to buy new bullet proof vests for Stroud Area Regional Police. The protective vests have to be replaced every five years.
"It's a very important tool that we use in order to keep our officers safe while they're out protecting the community and anything we can do to offset some of the cost for the vests...helps out the police budget," said Chief William Parrish.

Tamaqua Man Arrested for Burglary
Thursday September 11th 2014

A Tamaqua man is arrested for stealing thousands of dollars worth of items from a borough business this past weekend. 24-year-old Thomas Kehl was taken into custody yesterday for burglarizing Lehigh Tire and a theft at All American Jeep. Police say they were tipped off after the reported stolen items went up for sale on Facebook. Police spent yesterday morning removing the tools from an apartment and garage on West Spruce Street where Kehl lives. The tools were valued at up to $15,000.

Give Back And Never Forget
Thursday September 11th 2014

No matter who you are, whether you lost someone or not, Americans will never forget the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks. 13-years-ago today, three thousand people lost their lives in attacks that changed America forever.
That's why for the ninth year, Pocono Raceway and the American Red Cross are teaming up to honor the heros and those who lost their lives on that tragic day by giving the community the opportunity to give back. One-- By donating blood at the raceway from 1-7PM. One pint of blood can save three lives. And two-- Ride for the Red, where you can drive your car around the Tricky Triangle. Everyone 18 and older just needs to pay $10 per lap and all the money goes to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Funds for a third year in a row.
And the weather isn't a damper. The blood drive is set up inside and unless there's lightning or pouring rain, the cruise around the track is on. And if you donate blood, you'll be entered to win a "Fantasy Race Package."
The drive around Pocono Raceway in Long Pond runs until 6:30 and walk-ins are welcome to donate blood until 7 tonight.

Small Business Owners Raise Money for Homeless
Thursday September 11th 2014

Winter is around the corner and soon many homeless in our area will be out in the cold.
The Monroe County Street 2 Feet Outreach homeless day center is teaming up with Scarlet Ice Jewels and JS Spa & Boutique to raise money for cold weather supplies.
This Sunday you'll be able to do some shopping with 20% off and get pampered for as low as fifteen dollars.
The Spa and Boutique fundraiser will be held from 11:30am to 4pm Sunday. There will also be food entertainment, music and a hair stylist. All proceeds will go to the day center.

Ambulance Hopes
Thursday September 11th 2014

People in Lansford are hoping to see the return of their ambulance. Residents report seeing the lights on at various times at the building, but officials say although they'd like to see the ambulance return, they feel it's unlikely. The borough council president says the council isn't aware of the ambulance trying to reconvene. The former ambulance chief tells News 13 he stepped down earlier this year and the new chief is Terry Smith. We were unable to reach Smith for comment. The former chief tells us the activity people may be seeing at the ambulance building may be the staff starting up the trucks to keep them maintained.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall In The Poconos
Wednesday September 10th 2014

Tourism is on the rise in the Poconos. At least that's what the numbers show for summer stays this year- up 7 to 10 percent. And it's expected to continue through the fall as leaves start changing. Which is something Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau is on top of. Last Thursday they launched their first Fall Foliage Forecast on their website. Forecasts will continue every Thursday until the end of October.
Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau Public Relations Manager Elizabeth Richardson says, "Where the leaves are at, as far as when they'll reach their peek brightness, when they'll start to fall of the trees, so you can really get the most out of fall here."
And new this year is Fall Fun Fridays. Starting this week you can learn new ways to enjoy fall in the Poconos and special events on their website at and social media linked to it.

Officials Seek Help to Reduce Feral Population
Tuesday September 9th 2014

If you have a problem with stray cats, officials have a solution, but they need help from the community.
Officials from the Monroe Animal League are working with the Eastern Pennsylvania Animal Alliance and local residents to reduce the population of feral cats in our neighborhoods through their trap neuter spay return program.
Last year five hundred cats were spayed and neutered. This year officials are hoping there'll be more.
"People in the community need to step forward and help do it, because they're usually the ones feeding them...they see them...if we go we're strangers to them so they scatter," said Nancy Jones, the president of the Monroe Animal League.
If you're interested in trapping cats all you need is food and a trap. After it's caught you take it to the clinic, it's spayed or neutered and returned to where it was found.
It cost $20 to have a cat spayed or neutered through the program. Vouchers are even available to help with expenses. To apply contact the Monroe Animal League.

two arrested after july assault in east stroudsburg
Tuesday September 9th 2014

A second Monroe County man has been arrested and charged with an assault that left a victim in a coma for eight days. Police arrested 19 year old Malik Clark of East Stroudsburg Friday night. Clark and 19 year old Dyshawn Mack face attempted homicide - aggravated assault and other charges from an incident July sixth at a home on Prospect Street in East Stroudsburg. Police say the two men were part of a group of people who barged into a party and then started a fight when they were asked to leave. Officers say Mack and Clark punched and kicked a 23 year old man who was attempting to flee upstairs. The victim was knocked unconscious and left in a coma for eight days. Clark is being held without bail. Mack's bail is set at 400-thousand dollars. Both face a court hearing on the charges next week.

Flunking Out
Tuesday September 9th 2014

Dozens gathered in the Lehigh Valley to tell state officials the formula used to fund education is flunking. The "Basic Education Funding Commission" held a public hearing at the Parkland Administration building today. The commission is going across state to gather feedback from districts in order to create a new model for distributing state education dollars. Legislators agree the current formula is ineffective and that's why the commission was created. One suggestion heard today is to create a "student needs formula" and to adjust revenue based on those needs. The commission plans to hold hearings through the end of the year and will make its recommendations to the General Assembly by late spring, but it's up to the assembly to carry out the changes.

Stroudsburg Toy Designer Accuses Big Box Retailer
Tuesday September 9th 2014

A local designer is calling out Walmart for copying one of her ideas.
Both Walmart and the Stroudsburg business "The Queen's Treasures" sell their own line of accessories and clothing for 18-inch dolls. But Owner Joann Cartiglia says her bakery playset is practically identical to the one for sale on Walmart's shelves. And there's even evidence. Walmart bought the design from Paradise Kids LLC based in Connecticut. Cartiglia's invoices reveal the company's creative designer purchased her bakery.
Cartiglia says, "If you want to buy something to get inspiration from it, ok. But if you want to buy something to copy it, that's stealing in my opinion."
We made multiple calls to Paradise Kids LLC and were told no one was available to comment at this time. While Walmart's Spokeperson John Forrest Ales had this to say:
“This situation is specific to an individual supplier and it is best for them to provide further comment. We work with a number of small businesses, including the supplier of this toy, to help us provide our customers with the products they want at everyday low prices. We hold ourselves and our suppliers to high standards.”
Cartiglia says, "I'm not looking to profit from anything. I have always worked really hard to get everything I have. I was handed nothing. So I'm not looking for this to be a win for my company. I'm standing up for myself."
Cartiglia says she's currently exploring her legal options and just wants to see Walmart pull their bakery off the shelves and donate it to Toys For Tots.

Monday September 8th 2014

On Saturday evening, Coaldale police received a call about skeletal remains being found by hikers in the Seek section of the borough. With the assistance of Pennsylvania State Police, the remains have been identified as those of 24-year-old Corey Samuels of Coaldale. Samuels, a former Marine, was reported missing by his family in January and a manhunt ensued. State police have taken over the investigation of the remains. A cause of death is yet to be determined.

Restaurant Fire
Monday September 8th 2014

A state police fire marshal is investigating what caused a fire at a Carbon County restaurant. It happened at Le Quattro Stagioni restaurant in Nesquehoning on Sunday morning. Officials say the restaurant was closed at the time, the building was empty and nobody was hurt. Officials say they don't believe the fire is suspicious. Although an exact cause hasn't been determined, officials say it started in the attic around a heating and air conditioning combination unit.

Pocono Medical Center Receives An Honor
Monday September 8th 2014

It can take as little as 30 seconds to become an organ donor but it could mean life or death for a person waiting for a transplant. That's a message Pocono Medical Center has strived to get out to the community and today they were awarded for their efforts. Out of the 46 hospitals participating in this year's Pennsylvania Donate Life Hospital Challenge, PMC received the highest-level status award for their commitment to organ donation. From February to May, participating hospitals held activites to increase donor awareness.
President/CEO Howard Nathan of Gift of Life Donor Program says, "In our region, there's 6,300 people waiting for an organ transplant. Many as 300 of those people will die without an organ so the more awareness we can create that people become donors on their driver's license, the more people that we can save lives. And PMC took the lead in raising that awareness."
If you'd like to further the cause, sign up to donate on the Gift of Life Donor Program website at

Man Faces Charges For Fleeing Police
Monday September 8th 2014

A man authorities say fled police twice over the weekend is facing several related charges.
Pocono Township and Stroud Area Regional Police worked together to arrest Lamont Wiggins, after he fled police on a motorcycle Saturday and Sunday.
The first incident was in Stroudsburg. The second started in Pocono Township and ended in East Stroudsburg.
Police say he's facing charges for driving under a suspended license, receiving stolen property, unauthorized use, DUI and fleeing and eluding a police officer.
Officials say bail for the second offense is set at $50,000. He has two preliminary hearings scheduled this month. He remains in police custody.

Drug Tip Line
Friday September 5th 2014

Carbon County's newest weapon in fighting the war on drugs is a "tip line." District Attorney, Jean Engler, tells us the drug tip line is available 24 hours a day. People who call the tip line will hear a prerecorded message informing them they've reached the line. A person can then leave an anonymous tip or leave their name and number if they'd like to be contacted. County detectives will sort through the tips and then investigate any credible leads. The DA says it's a step in the right direction towards battling the epidemic drug problem in the county. The tip line number is (570) 732-0089.

Family of Victims In Machete Attack Seek Community Help
Thursday September 4th 2014

Police are on the hunt for a man accused of attacking his wife and son with a machete yesterday morning at thier Coolbaugh Township home.
Police recovered the weapon at the scene, but the suspect is still at large.
Police say, Paul Brown attempted to kill his wife and son with a machete. They're both left with defensive wounds and lacerations. His wife lost a finger in the attack.
The mother of the victims is pleading for help from the community.
If you spot the suspect police advise you to call 911. Don't approach him.
The victims are still recovering in the hospital.

A Sigh of Relief from Drivers
Thursday September 4th 2014

After three months of special one-way traffic patters, restrictions on the McCall bridge in Lehighton are being lifted. The special patterns were put in place in June. Crews worked 12 hour shifts, 24 hours a day, for 80 days straight in order to complete work on the bridge by the deadline of September 5th. A PennDOT construction manager tells us crews replaced the deck on the bridge and all the joints. Work on the bridge will continue through winter and drivers may come across special traffic patterns occasionally, but officials say the restrictions will be short and mostly at night.

Long Pond Man Waives Preliminary Hearing
Wednesday September 3rd 2014

Kirk Randler of Long Pond is facing charges for a fatal accident back in June.
Randler was behind the wheel of a car, trying to pass vehicles on the roadway on June 20th when he collided head on with an suv.
42 year old Katrina Strausser of Reeders and her two sons were also in the car. All four passengers were ejected, sustaining injuries, along with two people in the other vehicle. Strausser passed away.
Randler is facing nince related charges. Some of them are vehicular homicide, aggravated assault by vehicle, involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment, speeding and careless driving. Today he waived his right to a preliminary hearing.
The case will now go to trial.

Transitioning Into a New School
Wednesday September 3rd 2014

A new school can mean new concerns for students and parents alike. Experts share some advice on how you can help your child transition into a new school. Students are encouraged to join extra curricular activities. Experts say this will help them form new friendships with people who share the same interests. Parents are also encouraged to get involved in their child's school. It's a good way to know what's happening in their child's surroundings. The best bit of advice experts say parents should follow is to give your child your time. Spend time with them. Ask them about their day and keep the lines of communication open.

Thefts from Lansford Cars Reported
Tuesday September 2nd 2014

The Lansford Police Department is investigating a series of thefts from parked vehicles. The incidents happened early this morning in the west end area of the borough. The actor entered several vehicles, rummaged through contents and removed valuables. Residents are reminded to lock vehicles - secure valuables and report any suspicious activity to Lansford Police: 570-645-5844

Students Return To Class With New Dress Code
Tuesday September 2nd 2014

School is back in session for everyone in Monroe County. Some are beginning the new school year with new rules.
East Stroudsburg and Pocono Mountain School Districts are enforcing a dress code for the first time. They're hoping students will not only learn academics, but appropriate attire as well.
"I think it's a start understanding that most jobs have standardized attire," said East Stroudsburg School District Superintendent Sharon Laverdure.
Swiftwater Intermediate School Principal, Kristine Kunsman says it gives them a sense of belonging.
"It makes them feel apart of something," said Kunsman.
Unlike uniforms officials say, the dress code gives students individuality. Flip flops, jeans or name brand logos aren't allowed.
Students are to wear collared shirts, khakis, dress slacks or corduroy pants.
As an exemption, officials say, school district apparel is acceptable.

Master Gardners
Tuesday September 2nd 2014

The Penn State Extension office in Carbon County is looking for a few good men and women who would like to become Master Gardeners. The extension is accepting applications into it's 6 month program. Master Gardener students will learn about plants, insects, soil and all that gardening entails. For more information about the course contact the office in Jim Thorpe at (570) 325-2788.

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