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Interstate 80 Closure Causes Traffic Headaches
Friday October 30th 2015

A closure on Interstate 80 caused a major traffic headache today. The Westbound lanes in Kidder Township were closed today to allow crews to remove debris from a truck crash Wednesday night. A large crane had to be brought in to remove an oversized piece of equipment that flew off a truck and landed on the side of the road.
Drivers tell us they were stuck in stop and go traffic for about an hour until they reached the detour for the Interstate 80 West closure. The state highway between the Lake Harmony and Hickory Run exits was shut down at nine this morning. Lake Harmony Fire Police were called in to control the traffic lights as drivers were instructed to use Route 940 to Route 534 to get back on the Interstate.
Interstate 80 is now back open. Officials tell us the crews finished the job around four this afternoon.

Growing Place Child Center Still Open
Friday October 30th 2015

The Growing Place Child Care Center is a state run program that has suffered financially because of the current state budget stalemate. The program held its Pre-K Counts Halloween Parade this morning which parents were told earlier in the month that this would be the last day of the program. Thanks to Pocono Alliance and United Way of Monroe County the program will remain open after both groups loaned the program $20,000 each. Both organizations will loan more money if the state budget impasse continues.

Habitat for Humanity Home Finds An Owner
Thursday October 29th 2015

Monroe County's Habitat for Humanity is making a dream come true. Officials handed over the keys of an East Stroudsburg home today to a lifelong renter. They had been waiting on the right family to partner with for about three years.
Laura Fuentes is filled with all sorts of emotions, today she is becoming a homeowner for the very first time. It's all thanks to Monroe County Habitat for Humanity. For three years, their townhouse in East Stroudsburg had been waiting on a family. Last year Executive Director Kelly Kemmerer talked to us about their Partner Family Program in hopes of sparking interest in the two-floor home.
Kemmerer explains, "We were having a challenge getting the word out to let people know that we want to partner with a struggling renter. Somebody who's a hardworking person that could pay a zero percent mortgage for maybe less than what they're paying in rent and become a homeowner."
Shortly after- Fuentes applied, met the income guidelines and was ready to put in the required "sweat equity." She's been fixing up and painting her new place with the help of friends, family and other community volunteers, and working on other Habitat for Humanity homes and repair projects. Fuentes tells us she's met a lot of people and is now inspired to be a lifelong volunteer.
The hand-up program is something Kemmerer says could really help families or others like Fuentes.
Kemmerer says, "Over the life of the mortgage, she's saving about 67 thousand dollars estimated without interest and it also lowers her monthly payments."
Habitat for Humanity currently has another home available in Tobyhanna. If you're interested in partnering with them, just go their website at

New Ross Township Municipal Building
Thursday October 29th 2015

On August 5th, 2013 Rockne Newell of Ross Township opened fire at a Township Supervisors Meeting. That night he killed three people and injured two others. Now officials are building a new township building adjacent to the old one. This new building will feature bulletproof glasses and doors, additional emergency exits, a safe room and more. The new building costs around 700,000 dollars with over 420,000 of that coming from casino grant money. Officials estimate the building will be finished in March.

Future Monroe County Development
Wednesday October 28th 2015

Mosier's Farm in Smithfield Township has been sold to a developer for 8 million dollars. The developer has unleashed his plans for the property that will consist of adding a 77,000 square foot supermarket, 30 retail stores, offices, and residential areas. People we spoke to today were concerned about the traffic build up on 209 and how the addition won't help, but officials say the developer and PennDOT are working on a solution. Township officials say the developer is currently planning the building layouts and estimates construction to begin early Spring 2016.

Candidates Vie For Monroe County Commissioner Seats
Tuesday October 27th 2015

The General Election is exactly one week away. And all three Monroe County Commissioner seats are up for grabs. Two incumbent Republicans and two Democrats are vying for those seats.
Who will manage Monroe County's government next year? Will it remain two republicans and one democrat or will the party power shift? The two Republican candidates- John Moyer and Charlie Garris- would both like to continue being your commissioners. But two Democrats- John Christy and Alan Everett want the title just as much.
Moyer lives in Shawnee on the Delaware. He previously was both a college professor and a property manager. Both Moyer and Garris are currently serving their first term as commissioners. Garris lives in East Stroudsburg. He previously worked for a local manufacturer and then started his own business involving rental units. Both initially wanted the position to balance the county's budget and make the county fiscally responsible. Numbers show they've succeeded.
Garris adds, "It's coming in very handy right now with the stalemate of the state budget. We have a lot of people who will be looking to us to keep them in the black."
They also wanted to solve the county's problems.
Moyer says, "We've got some things started. We've got fiscal responsibility going. We still have economic development and courthouse space that needs to be solved, and I'd like to see both of those things through completion."
Christy lives in Stroud Township and owns his own business involving construction management and observation. He wants to continue making a difference after serving as both a volunteer firefighter and EMS worker.
Christy says, "I am the person that if you have a problem, situation or concern, you can come to me and I'd be more than happy to try to find out what the background is of it and what we can do to make it better for you."
Everett has been a Hamilton Township supervisor since 1988 and is greatly involved in the community. Township officials tell us he is currently on personal leave and unable to do an interview with us. Officials with the Monroe County Democratic Party also tried to get him to contact us without success. We interviewed him for the Primary Election back in May and he told us he's dedicated to serving people.
Everett said, "I like working with the people. After 27 years of being of being a supervisor, it starts to get old. This will be a brand new frontier for me."
Both Moyer and Garris have the goal of utilizing the 701 Main Street Building to provide more space for the courthouse to run more efficiently.
Garris says, "To review the needs of the county offices and see where they can be placed. The second step will be a lot of renovations in the current courthouse."
And also create a diversified economic environment, instead of just attracting resorts.
Moyer says, "I believe businesses can help relieve the tax burden on private citizens."
Christy's concentration is also on economic development.
Christy says, "We have to have a balance between the builders and the conservation district. Conservation district and the contractors can work together, I think we'd have a better product."
Everett agreed with Christy back in May but his main focus was on taxes.
Everett said, "The main thing is to keep the taxes down, we don't need anymore taxes. never had any new taxes here since I've been here since 1988."
The top three vote getters next Tuesday will be the new Monroe County Commissioners for the next four years.

Remembering Ethan Moyer
Tuesday October 27th 2015

A family will be holding an event at Shawnee Inn this Saturday in remembrance of their son Ethan Moyer who died after being hit by a drunk driver in 2010. Ethan's organs were donated through the gift of life donor program and has helped many people. The event will feature a lot of music, raffles, food and more. The family also asks that you where a hippie outfit. Kids are free and adults are suggested to donate $10 dollars and that money will go to the Gift of Life Donor Program.

New Buisness After Fire
Monday October 26th 2015

A building in Monroe County comes back to life from the ashes. Over a year and a half ago, Furino's Pizza in Hamilton Township suffered a devastating fire. Now a new business has set up shop and is providing the community with pizza once again.
Open signs and colorful flags now welcome you inside a new business located at the intersection of Route 209 and Beaver Valley Road in Hamilton Township. Peter's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria opened in August and the owners are in the process of making everything perfect for a future grand opening.
Inside there is no trace of the fire that happened back in March of 2014. The day after the blaze, Blue Ridge Hook and Ladder Fire Chief Leon Clapper gave us a tour of the damage and told us it started in the kitchen of the former Furino's Pizza restaurant. Today Clapper confirmed the cause was accidental and appeared to be electrical.
At the time, the owners of Furino's Pizza were hoping to rebuild their business. They tell us they decided to solely concentrate on their other restaurant "The Village Deli" in Tannersville. The Furino's send the new husband and wife team of Peter's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria well wishes.
Co-Owners Peter Galati and his wife Lilian say it's nice to be back in business. They formerly owned a pizzeria in Effort called "Vincent's Pizzeria" that was affected by a neighbor's fire.
Galati who grew up in Sicily prides himself on making all dishes the authentic Italian way. He also likes to offer a variety of food so there's something for everybody including pasta, seafood, subs, burgers and of course of different kinds of pizza.
Customers are glad to see a new business there and not just another eyesore adding to the many sitting in Monroe County.
The owners tell us they're looking forward to being able to offer delivery services and hiring more employees in the near future.

Burglary at Suds Your Duds
Monday October 26th 2015

Last Thursday evening Suds Your Duds Laundromat on Route 209 in the Marshalls Square Shopping Center in Middle Smithfield Township was hit by thieves. The thief took over $400 and they took the hopper from the machine which the owner says will cost around $400. The owner was not at the laundromat when the burglary occurred but the facility was still open. The owner realized something was wrong when she was closing for the night the machines slot for the key was gone. Police are continuing to investigate and say if you have any information contact Swiftwater State Police at 570-839-7701.

Hamilton Township Bridge Replacement Completion Delayed
Friday October 23rd 2015

The completion of a bridge replacement in Monroe County is delayed two months. Hamilton Township residents and business officials are left frustrated and nervous about the coming winter.
Richard Flad lives near the bridge replacement project on Rim Rock Drive and says life's gotten a little more complicated since the construction started in July. He has to go 15 minutes out of his way to get anywhere he wants to go. He was looking forward to it being back open mid November, but now PennDOT officials tell us unexpected problems are pushing completion back to mid or late January. Crews discovered the original bridge's center pier had a unique design and that's going to interfere with pile driving for the new structure. He and other residents worry about potential snowfall.

Last Five Arraigned On Murder Charge In Frat Hazing Death
Thursday October 22nd 2015

The last five frat members out of 37 named in a murder case by an investigating Grand Jury appeared today in a Monroe County district court for their arraignments. They are charged in a 2013 hazing incident in a rented home in Tunkhannock Township that resulted in the death of a pledge. The five and an attorney representing the Pi Delta Psi Fraternity face the most serious charges.
Charles Lai, Raymond Lam, Kenny Kwan, Sheldon Wong, Daniel Li and the Pi Delta Psi Fraternity are all charged with third degree murder and a list of other offenses in the death of Chun Michael Deng. Police say Deng was participating in a violent fraternity ritual when he got knocked out and went unconscious. Defense attorneys say it shouldn't be a murder case and what happened was a tragedy.
The attorney representing Pi Delta Psi tells us it wasn't a condoned activity and all members involved have been suspended pending the outcome of this case.
The prosecution stated in court: Lai and Kwan both admitted to police they physically assaulted Deng. Lam is identified as tackling Deng more than once. Wong is accused of arranging the pledging weekend and organizing the hazing activity. The pledges were in his care and he was supposed to reset the ritual if it got out of hand. The Commonwealth also stated all had extreme indifference to human life. They didn't call for an ambulance when they noticed Deng was having trouble breathing and they waited to take him to the hospital until all fraternity items were hid.
The judge agreed with the Commonwealth that all four deserved secured bail set at $500,000. Both Kwan and Lai were not able to post bail at the time so they were taken to the Monroe County Correctional facility in handcuffs. Li's was set at $150,000 because he didn't hit Deng and he was the chapter president.
A preliminary hearing is scheduled for November 5th for all five and the fraternity organization.

Pond Eddy Bridge Hit
Wednesday October 21st 2015

A driver lost control of his truck after his brakes failed on route 41, leaving him with no choice, but to go straight over the Pond Eddy Bridge. The weight limit on the bridge is seven tons, the driver was carrying a load weighing nearly 5 times that amount. However the driver managed to navigate across the bridge at speeds ranging from 45-50 miles per hour, before crashing into a hill at the far end of the bridge. The driver was able to escape, after climbing out of the truck and back to the ground. He managed to leave the scene unscathed. Penn Dot officials say they will not know how much damage was done to the bridge, until a full inspection is completed.

Student Exchange Program Broadens Horizons
Wednesday October 21st 2015

Pleasant Valley High School is getting immersed in a different culture. A group of students and teachers from Germany are sharing the classrooms. This is the second year they're participating in the German American Partnership Program. The Germans stay with students' families here for two weeks. The exchange families also took the Germans sightseeing to places like New York, Philadelphia and even to theme parks sparking interest in the American culture.
The visiting students tell us they really like how American schools make sports a huge deal. In Germany they can only participate in clubs. They tell us it's cool so many people come out to the football games.
In a few months, the hosting students get to have the same experience in Germany. The program is broadening horizons all around.

Benefit For Street2Feet Homeless Outreach Center
Tuesday October 20th 2015

A business in Monroe County is holding a benefit this weekend for the homeless outreach center. Not only is winter fast-approaching where people living on the streets need extra help, but community support means everything right now with the state budget in limbo.
It breaks Stephen Bongiovanni's heart to see people homeless in Monroe County. He sees them living under the Veteran's Memorial Bridge in East Stroudsburg, along with other places out in the cold and wants to help them.
That's why he's organized a benefit for Street2Feet Outreach Center this Saturday at Pocono Pub located in Bartonsville on Route 611. Street2Feet provides service, support and supplies to the homeless in an effort to get them back on their feet. The benefit runs from 5-9:30pm and tickets cost $15 per person with all proceeds going to the center. Bongiovanni says there will be a buffet, live bands and raffles with prizes.
Since the outreach center has not received its state funding yet, officials tell us they could really use the community's support to help keep their doors open.
Site Supervisor Elizabeth Bogart says, "The benefit that's happening on Saturday would really just help us with the everyday functioning. Right now with the state budget not being passed, we are running the center off of donations solely."
Plus with cold temperatures already upon us, there's more necessities needed by their clients that can always be dropped off at Street2Feet located on North First Street in Stroudsburg.
Bogart says, "Eight ounce styrofoam cups for the coffee and hot tea that we serve daily. Any kind of coffee, creamer, sugar. I know cough drops are a huge thing."
Bongiovanni is also asking those attending the benefit to bring an item with them.
He says, "Things like canned goods, toothbrush, toilet paper, soap, deodorant, clothes of various sizes."
If you can't attend the event Saturday, you can always give a donation for Street2Feet at Pocono Pub.

Yale on the Witness Stand
Tuesday October 20th 2015

A man on trial for the murder of his wife in 2001 takes the witness stand today. Edward Yale was emotional as he talked about how he tried to kill himself multiple times in prison, the place he refers to as hell. Yale says his first attempt he poured over 15-20 packets of Sweet'N Low into his breathing machine. His second attempt he tried putting an extension cord over his pacemaker and the third attempt was when he tried strangling himself with the waste band of his long johns. Yale said the attempts of suicide weren't due to guilt, but instead the stress from his fellow inmates, television, those on the outside, and the environment inside the prison. A forensic pathologist will take the stand tomorrow morning at 9 at the Monroe County Courthouse.

Tires Dumped On I-80 Add To Bigger Problem
Monday October 19th 2015

Illegal dumping is becoming a huge problem in Monroe County. Police are now investigating who left numerous tires at a former rest stop on Interstate 80 West. It's just one more pile adding to the mess that officials want to stop.
About 50 tires now sit along Interstate 80 West in-between the Bartonsville and Tannersville exits. The pile is large enough to grab your attention away from the changing leaves, and some motorists called PennDOT complaining about the site.
It's not only an eyesore. Tires can also be toxic to the environment and create a hazard for people if water collects for mosquitos to breed.
That's why officials immediately contacted state police and the Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority to investigate. If you're caught dumping, you can be charged for the illegal activity- facing fines up to one thousand dollars and, in some cases, jail time.
And Waste Authority Officials not only crack down on illegal dumping, but they want you to know they'll dispose of your residential tires properly for two dollars per tire at their Blakeslee facility on Commercial Boulevard.
Their Police Department Captain Jacqueline Bagu says many people use their facility to recycle many things, but illegal dumping is on the rise in the county. She believes it's due to the economy.
She's asking more people to call and report findings like what some motorists did with the tires on Interstate 80 to help fight the problem.
PennDOT Officials tell us they will be removing the tires within 30 days. They say whoever did it is costing the state time and money resources to clean it up.
If you catch someone dumping or discover a dumpsite, you're asked to call the waste authority at 570-643-6100.

Edward Yale Trial
Monday October 19th 2015

This morning the defense began bringing forth their witnesses in the case of 76 year old Edward Yale who is being accused of killing his wife back in 2001. Yale told police that he found his wife Joan dead at the bottom of the steps in their Middle Smithfield township home. the case sat for several years before it went before a grand jury last year. Officials say an interview with Yale last year and the one from 2001 showed many inconsistencies. Today a former neighbor of Yale testified that Yale called him the day the case was reopened and said he wanted to meet with him. During their conversation the neighbor told Yale about how Joan had said once that she and Edward had an argument and that she was fearful for her life. The neighbor says Yale reacted by slapping his hand on his forehead and said "this is a set up". The former neighbor also said when he lived very close to the Yale home he didn't hear much arguing coming from the home. A forensic scientist who examined photos of the victim took the stand today. She says she believes the injuries were more consistent with a fall and not a beating. Prosecutor Michael Mancuso argued the pictures that the scientist examined were not the original photos and the ones she looked at were taken later and the body seems to be in a different position.

One- Stop Shopping for Veterans
Friday October 16th 2015

Over ten-percent of the population in Pike County, but according to Director of Veteran Affairs, less than a quarter of those vets take advantage of the VA services. Today at American Legion in Milford, local vets, held a symposium, to bring these vets out of hiding. Living wills, home hospice care, and finding out about a mortgage were just some of the topics todays summit covered. If you didn't have a chance to make it to the legion, you can call the Veteran Affairs office in Milford to find out what help and services you might be entitled to.

Come Celebrate Chambourcin
Friday October 16th 2015

It's a celebration of the region's official wine grape this weekend on the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail. And your tastebuds are invited to take part in the free Chambourcin event. All nine wineries will feature its own activities such as wine tastings, live entertainment, vineyard tours and food pairings. Chambourcin is the only grape grown by all nine because of the climate. In the Greater Lehigh Valley, there are more than 40 acres of Chambourcin which ferment into approximately 150,000 bottles of wine.
The event hours are Saturday from 10am-5pm and Sunday from noon-5pm. For more information, just go to

Britton Homicide Preliminary
Friday October 16th 2015

Today was the preliminary hearing for a Wilkes Barre divorced couple Stacy and James Britton who are being accused of killing, dismembering, and burning the body of their Wilkes Barre neighbor Robert Roudebush. According to police Roudebush's remains were discovered by a truck driver back in 2002, who saw the remains in a barrel in Jackson Township and reported it to state police after he realized it wasn't an animal carcass. Police officials say the body was identified a year later as Robert Roudebush. Defense Attorney's say testimony provided should have been done by a Pathologist. James Britton's Attorney Bradley Weidenbaun says, "Obviously without the pathologist here it would be hear say evidence unfortunately under present Pennsylvania law hear say evidence is admissible at a preliminary hearing other states there are stricter rules on it Pennsylvania has a very loose rule on that." Police say the couple provided them false information during the investigation. During a grand jury trial in 2008, the two said they had no involvement in the murder of Roudebush. According to police Stacy Britton changed her story just two months ago, saying her ex-husband threatened her about the incident. Stacy's Attorney Axel Jones says,"That hasn't been determined yet and we are still looking into the facts surrounding both her first contact with the police as well as the circumstances regarding it in general, as you were in there today we don't even have conclusive evidence that the victim is who the police say he is." Police say that Stacy says she was not involved in the killing but she dismembered the body with a sledgehammer, axe, and shears, but police have not been able to find these weapons yet. Meanwhile James Britton claims she was there for the killing and actually stabbed Roudebush. The district judge has sent this case to trial, but the date has not been set and both suspects were taken to jail.

More Frat Members In Court For Hazing Death
Thursday October 15th 2015

Three fraternity members from New York were in Monroe County court today for a 2013 hazing death. It happened at a home rented by the Pi Delta Psi Fraternity in Tunkhannock Township.
Anthony Phung, Steffan Loh and David Chen are all charged with simple assault, two counts of hindering apprehension or prosecution, criminal conspiracy and hazing in the death of 19-year-old Chun Michael Deng. But both Phung and Loh have the additional charge of aggravated assault. The three are among 37 named by a Grand Jury which invested the case. Dozens have already been charged, but today's defendants were arraigned on more serious offenses.
The judge decided all three deserved secured bail. Since they weren't able to pay at the time, they were taken to the Monroe County Correctional Facility.
Their preliminary hearing is scheduled for October 30th.

Stroud Township Arson Arrest
Thursday October 15th 2015

At around 2:50 this morning Stroud Area Regional Police were dispatched to 280 Mill Creek Road for a vehicle fire. As police were on route to the scene they were also notified that the garage adjacent to the vehicle was also in flames. Police say they arrested 40 year old Daniel Hernandez who has been known to be involved in many neighborhood disputes. Neighbors say they received a threat from Hernandez before the incident. Hernandez was seen adding lighter fluid to the vehicle as it was burning and he also slashed the tires of his neighbors other vehicle.
Daniel Hernandez was charged with suspected arson, criminal mischief, and reckless endangerment. He was later transported to Monroe County Correctional Facility and is being held on $250,000 bail.

Benefit For Volunteer Firefighter With Terminal Cancer
Wednesday October 14th 2015

People in Monroe County are stepping up to help a volunteer firefighter with terminal cancer. A benefit for the father of two is happening this weekend at the Jackson Township Firehouse. And your support could really make a difference for the family.
Friends of Bryant Torres miss having him around and they just want him to get better.
Joe Sciabica who works with Torres at the Monroe County Courthouse and also volunteers as a firefighter for Jackson Township says, "Bryant will give his shirt off his back for anybody. He's a gentleman. He's been a close personal friend of mine. He's my lunch partner."
Torres has a rare form of lung cancer.
Torres's wife Yesenia explains, "It's actually in his lymph nodes so any place around his chest, around his neck."
Yesenia says it came out of left field- there were no warning symptoms until right before the Jackson Township Volunteer Firefighter was diagnosed in June with terminal stage four.
Yesenia adds, "I felt the lump in his neck. And he was like it's ok, you know we just thought it was maybe just allergies."
Doctors gave him six months to a year. In the beginning, he tried to still work as an officer at the Monroe County Courthouse. Since then, he's been in and out of the hospital.
Yesenia says, "The chemo wasn't working, the cancer was growing and it got like twice the size so they started the radiation."
The focus is on trying to give him as much time possible with his wife and his 13-year-old and 9-year-old daughters.
Yesenia wipes tears from her eyes and says, "He won't see them grow up and go to college and become beautiful young ladies that they're going to be."
He's currently home resting after having an infection, more chemo and a blood transfusion.
Yesenia says, "His skin got burned from the radiation so now he's on antibiotics to make sure he doesn't catch another infection."
What's helping the family get through each day is faith and the unexpected community support.
Yesenia says, "It took us completely by surprise. It feels like I'm not by myself, I'm not dealing with this alone."
Jackson Township Firefighters are inviting you to come to their firehouse this Sunday afternoon starting at one for a benefit bingo and a tricky tray for Torres.
Sciabica says, "To help cover some of their medical bills and to help them through their struggle at this time."
Yesenia got laid off from her job at the beginning of the year and hasn't been able to find work. If you can't make the benefit, a fundraiser has been set up at

Yale Homicide Trial
Wednesday October 14th 2015

This morning the trial began for 76 year old Edward Yale who is being accused of killing his wife back in 2001. Yale alerted police that he found his wife Joan dead at the bottom of the steps in their Middle Smithfield Township home. the case sat for several years before it went before a grand jury last year. Officials say an interview with Yale last year and the one from 2001 showed many inconsistencies. According to police reports Yale says on march 22nd 2001 his wife was going to a hair appointment when she had fallen down the stairs. At the time he was in the living room watching television when he realized the garage door hadn't been opened so he checked on her and saw that she was laying at the bottom of the steps. Today prosecuting attorney Michael Mancuso brought sergeant Mark Holtsmaster to the witness stand, he was on the scene of the crime back in 2001. He claims that the injuries sustained from the alleged fall didn't add up and was a concern to him since Joan Yale's face was covered in blood and dirt from their garage floor. Also their was no signs of shirt fiber or blood from Joan on the stairs at all. Defense Attorney Marshall Anders says the prosecutors focused mainly on certain injuries but didn't mention Joan sustained a severe leg injury in the fall. The testimony will continue tomorrow morning at 9 at the Monroe County Courthouse.

ESU Homecoming Prep
Tuesday October 13th 2015

East Stroudsburg University student's creativity is displayed throughout Main Street in preparation for a week long of Homecoming Festivities. Around 18 stores are apart of the ESU event paint the town. The students are being judged and graded based on the artwork quality. Homecoming features events such as a Warrior Bonfire and the big home football game against Millersville.

A Tannersville Community Without Water
Tuesday October 13th 2015

Frustrations are the only thing running high for about half the residents living in the Estates at Stone Row off of Sullivan Trail in Tannersville, Monroe County. They tell us this is the fifth day they've been without water. Their water comes from one of two wells located inside the development, and this isn't the first time they've had to deal with nothing coming out of their faucets. We're told they lost water three times since April and each time it's taken three days for it to come back.
They're upset no one seems to be doing anything to fix the problem this time or filling them in on what's happening when they call. They were just told there's water available at pump house two, which they call a hose.
Today we did find contractors working on the well, along with DEP officials overseeing everything. We learned there's more trouble brewing than previous times. The well pump was replaced in the spring, but now its failed again. When contractors tried to pull it out Saturday, it got stuck 270 feet down in the ground.
Stone Row Association President Jason Archer adds, "What they're finding is debris in the pump from what appears to be an earlier installation, which is in the way."
Archer, who's also a resident, says this was the quickest they could get someone else here with the right equipment because of the holiday. He says it isn't the typical outage.
Archer says, "It's being taken very seriously, and everything that can be done is being done. That's what I can tell them. We certainly apologize."
The contractors were unable to remove the pump and the well will need to be replaced. In the meantime, they're going to do a temporary fix that should have the water running within 24 to 48 hours.

Tamaqua Salvation Army Holiday Help
Monday October 12th 2015

The Salvation Army of Tamaqua announced today it will be accepting applications from local individuals and families in need to receive Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets. Applicants may also register to receive clothing through The Salvation Army of Tamaqua's Angel Tree program, and gifts for children age 12 and under, through the U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots program.

Over the last few years The Salvation Army of Tamaqua has seen a dramatic increase in demand for services from local individuals and families. The community continues to be greatly affected by the economic downtown, including long-term unemployment, under-employment and a general lack of personal resources. Thanks to the generous support of donors, volunteers and partner agencies, The Salvation Army of Tamaqua is able to offer holiday assistance and many other supportive programs and services. According to Major Sharon Whispell of The Salvation Army of Tamaqua, the organization helped 350 families with holiday food, clothing and gifts in 2014. This year, Whispell anticipates the Salvation Army of Tamaqua will serve more than 400 families.

“We are blessed for the opportunity to provide individuals and families with meaningful holiday celebrations,” said Whispell. “It is our mission to offer hope and help to those in need not only during the holiday season, but 365 days a year,” she added.

Families and individuals seeking holiday food and gift assistance must register in person at The Salvation Army Corps Community Center at 105 West Broad Street, Tamaqua, on the following dates and times:

· Tuesday, October 20, 9am – 2pm
· Wednesday, October 21, 9am - 2pm
· Thursday, October 22, 9am – 2pm

· Thanksgiving Distribution: Monday, November 23, 9am - 2pm
· Christmas Distribution: Thursday, December 17, 9am – 2pm

**NOTE: Do not bring children to registration or distribution**

· Proof of Residency such as a current utility bill (gas, electric, propane, water bill) OR lease/mortgage agreement. NOTE: Applicants must be residents of East Schuylkill and Southwest Carbon Counties.

· Current Photo ID: Driver’s License, State Issued ID, Governmental/Military ID, Passport, ID from Country of Origin for ALL adult household members. ID must show current address of applicant.

· Official Certified State Issued Birth Certificates for Angel Tree/Toys for Tots recipients ages 12 and under. Copies and hospital issued Birth Certificates WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Children must be born ON or AFTER December 17th, 2003.

· Working Telephone number at which applicant can be reached between October 20-December 18th, 2015.

· Social Security Cards - Legal documents bearing Social Security numbers or equivalent documentation from Country of Origin for ALL household members.

· Proof of Household Monthly Income, such as a pay stub, social security, child support, award letter, unemployment verification, official food stamps verification. If no income verification is available, you may bring DHS Benefits Statement, and it must include name, birth date, social security number, benefit type and amount.

· Proof of all expenses dated within the last 30 days. Examples include rent, utilities, insurance, car payments, household/cell phone bills, medical bills, ANY monthly payments, etc.

· ANGEL TREE/TOYS FOR TOTS APPLICANTS – PLEASE, Do NOT bring your children to registration or distribution. Bring a list of clothing needs/sizes for each child and possible toy items under $20.00.

· DO NOT REGISTER AT MORE THAN ONE LOCATION – Doing so WILL jeopardize your application at either location, forfeiting your rights to receive gifts from these programs.

Members of the community who are interested in helping The Salvation Army meet the needs of individuals and families this season, should contact Major Sharon Whispell by phone 508-574-9950 or email
Financial donations can be made by texting TAMAQUA to 41444 on a smartphone, online at, or by mail:

Monroe County Meals On Wheels Needs Drivers
Monday October 12th 2015

Monroe County Meals On Wheels has the longest waiting list they've ever seen. So officials are calling out for your help.
Ruth Grape greatly appreciates prepared food being delivered to her door Monday through Friday. She says it's be really tough to manage without Meals On Wheels and would probably be living on cold cereal.
But that's exactly what 37 other seniors and people who have trouble getting around in Monroe County are currently doing. They're on a waiting list for the service.
The issue isn't a lack of food, it's a lack of volunteers necessary to deliver it. They don't have the manpower to create new routes. Executive Director Heidi Fareri each route requires over 40 volunteers.
And they can't add the people on the waiting list to the already established routes because right now the routes are too long. Monroe County Meals On Wheels serves about 180 people both lunch and dinner weekdays. Fareri explains, "We can't deliver food at the proper temperatures if the route is six hours long."
You're being asked to volunteer any morning Monday through Friday from around 9:30 to 12:30 so they can get people off the waiting list. If you'd like to help just call Monroe County Meals On Wheels at 570-424-8794 or go to their website at

Honesdale Demo Auction
Monday October 12th 2015

The old Hussco Shoe factory in Honesdale was deemed dangerous, the third floor of the building collapsed, and officials made the decision to knock it down. The cost to demolish the building will be well over one hundred thousand dollars, and that money will be coming out of the tax payers pocket. In order to offset some of the cost, Honesdale officials gathered the salvageable contents from the old factory and put them up for auction.
Today signed paintings, pottery, jewelry, and even an old Suzuki motorcycle were up for grabs at the auction in Honesdale. All the proceeds from todays auction will be used to help the borough. Officials in Honesdale are hopeful they can raise at least ten-thousand dollars.

Fatal Franklin Crash
Monday October 12th 2015


Kidder Township Search For 84-yr old Woman
Monday October 12th 2015


Auction Monday For Building Demolition
Friday October 9th 2015

An auction Monday will help pay to demolish a dilapidated building in Honesdale. Honesdale Borough Council borrowed 170-thousand dollars to take down the three story Hoff building on East Street. The building was also the former Hussco shoe factory. The brick structure started to collapse earlier this year. Items taken from the building are being auctioned off to help cover some of the demolition cost. The items include automobile parts, tools and a large assortment of antiques. the auction starts Columbus Day Monday at noon at a Main Street building next to the Honesdale Police Department. People can preview the items starting at 10:30 A-M. More information is available on this website -

Woman's Call For Help- Claims She Lives On Accident Alley
Friday October 9th 2015

Gloria Newhard lives on Route 145 in Lehigh Township and doesn't feel safe sitting on her front porch. She moved into her home back in 2000, the 45mph road she calls "Hell's Highway" has become increasingly more dangerous over the years. She says people think it's a speedway.
Just this week Newhard witnessed two accidents. On Monday a man escaped serious injury after rolling his car and hitting her next door neighbor's house. Then on Wednesday, another man lost control and plowed down her mailbox and several others.
She says they were lucky. She's witnessed numerous crashes where someone died, and doesn't want to see it happen again.
The known high crash area is already targeted by Lehigh Township Police for enforcement. Newhard appreciates their presence, but says they can only do so much. Police say they will be looking into lowering the speed limit in certain areas with PennDOT. While Newhard thinks that's a good idea, she believes it won't matter if drivers don't obey the speed limit and text or eat when driving. So she wants to get this message out: "Please slow down. People live along this highway. Someone's going to get killed. I don't want it to be me and I don't want it to be anyone else in this neighborhood."
Police agree- drivers slowing down and adhering to the road's conditions would solve the problem completely. But they're going to do what they can to help the situation.

East Stroudsburg Shooting
Friday October 9th 2015

Stroud Area Regional Police say they were dispatched late last night to the Prospect Hills Apartment Complex on Victoria Heights Road in East Stroudsburg. Police reported they received reports of a disturbance at an apartment and that an individual had been shot. Upon arrival police discovered that a 20 year old male resident of the complex was shot and the shooter had fled the scene. The 20 year old male resident is currently being treated at an area hospital. Police say they are continuing to search for the shooter and they say if you have any information on the shooting call Stroud Area Regional Police 570-421-6800.

Financial Simulation
Thursday October 8th 2015

Thanks to State Representative Rosemary Brown, students at East Stroudsburg South were able to experience a real world simulation today. Students had the opportunity to select a job and go through life as a working class citizen. Students had to budget their accounts accordingly and had to decide what things in life are actually necessary based on their personal finances.

Budget Concerns In Monroe County
Thursday October 8th 2015

Monroe County Commissioners are worried some human services will stop if a budget isn't passed by the end of the month. The impasse is now in its 100th day after the House shot down Governor Wolf's tax plan yesterday. Some human service agencies have already taken out their own loans from the bank, but many will end up looking to the county to carry them through until a budget is in place.
Commissioner Suzanne McCool says, "If we can't pay our vendors to provide services to those that our most in need in our community, we are in really really big trouble."
And service cutbacks aren't the only way the county can suffer, the commissioners are already having trouble putting together next year's budget for the county.

Homeless Back Under Bridge In Monroe County
Wednesday October 7th 2015

Homeless people are once again living under the Veterans Memorial Bridge in East Stroudsburg. Back in 2013, officials got people out from living there and found them a place to stay.
Now those under the bridge are calling out for help.
Edith Price recently came to Monroe County from North Carolina, she was the only one living under the Veterans Memorial Bridge. Now she says about nine others join her because police either slashed or took their tents from where they were set up out in the woods. Stroud Area Regional Police Chief William Parrish says that's just not true.
Parrish says, "We work with an organization- Street2Feet- in town who supplies tents to the homeless. We're not insensitive to the needs of the homeless."
Rebeccah Ann Smiley also lives under the bridge. While she tells us the same thing, Smiley adds two officers help her out all the time. They both believe it could be someone impersonating a cop.
Parrish says, "They have not complained to the police department that they are being harassed in that manner."
Now those under the bridge are staying there because they can't get another tent from Street2Feet Outreach who provides service, support and supplies to the homeless.
Outreach Case Manager Mark Ruf explains, "We have limited resources and limited income so we get brand new tents when we can and we distribute them to people who have absolutely no income. When someone gets a tent from us, they have to take care of it."
And there's no where to go as it gets colder each night.
Price says, "Trying to get into Crossroads. I know the Wesleyan Church is opening up the beginning of November to give people shelter."
Ruf doesn't blame them for choosing the bridge for shelter- it provides cover from the elements and it's in a centralized location for walking everywhere. But police are already receiving complaints.
Parrish says, "There are safety hazards, we've had a fire under there. We cannot allow homeless or transient population to live under the bridge."
Police tell us they will be asking the 10 or so homeless people there to leave. Price and Smiley are asking for your help on behalf of everyone under the bridge and those out in the elements to bring supplies to Street2Feet Outreach.
Stroud Area Regional Police and Street2Feet Outreach officials have already set up a meeting next week to discuss the problem.

Pocono Community Unites In Faith
Tuesday October 6th 2015

Over 700 people showed up this morning at the 21st Annual Pocono Leadership Prayer Breakfast in Monroe County. It took place at Camelback Resort. People from all walks of life including politicians, community leaders and first-responders came together in faith. The message rang out loud and clear- to put aside social, economic and political differences and unite as thankful Americans under God's guidance.

Arson in Pike County Forces Officals to Plan for Worst
Tuesday October 6th 2015

State Police have ruled the fire at the Columbia Gas Compressor station on Firetower Road in Milford a case of arson. Since the scare officials in Pike County started putting together an evacuation plan. They have come up with two possible routes to get residents out. The first involves crossing over the gas lines, through the Malibu Dude Ranch which is less than a mile away. Officials tell us this would be the quickest route, and if the valves were all turned off at the station, it would be the fastest option. The second, involves a logging path that runs through the woods behind firetower road to Pond Eddy. Using the second option, no residents would need to cross over the gas lines to escape to safety. This would also serve another purpose, by helping out residents in Pond Eddy incase something happened to the bridge.
Pike County EMA is holding a meeting tomorrow night to discuss more evacuation options. In the meantime, State Police are still looking for the arsonist.

human trafficking arrest in monroe county
Tuesday October 6th 2015

An East Stroudsburg man is behind bars on human trafficking and prostitution charges. 23 year old Eric Rolle was arrested yesterday - his girlfriend 22 year old Nefertari Rouse of Stroudsburg was taken into custody last week. Authorities say Rolle was forcing young women into prostitution and his girlfriend would rent rooms in area hotels to be used by the women. Two women allege Rolle threatened to kill them and abused them if they didn't work for him as a prostitute. He was arraigned and placed in jail on 100-thousand dollars bail in each case.

Million Man March
Tuesday October 6th 2015

An East Stroudsburg man Enrique Muhammad is providing a bus to transport people to Washington D.C. this weekend. This Saturday marks the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington D.C. The original march was October 16, 1995 and it was a day where a large mass of African American men gathered together in brotherhood. The bus tickets are 40 dollars per person and there is still available room, for more information call Enrique Muhammad at 570-507-1418.

PA Farm Show Call for Farm Show Stories and Photos
Thursday October 1st 2015

Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding is calling on past and present visitors, vendors and exhibitors to share their blue-ribbon Farm Show memories.

“The 100th Pennsylvania Farm Show is themed ‘Our Commonwealth’s Blue Ribbon Experience’ because it showcases the best of our agriculture industry – and because the show belongs to each of us as Pennsylvanians,” said Redding. “This show’s success is built by the millions of attendees who have made countless memories that have become part of the fabric of the Farm Show legacy. Your story deserves to be heard, celebrated and remembered.”

Submission guidelines:
• Email digital photos and stories to with the subject line, “100th PA Farm Show Photos and Stories”
• Mail hardcopies of photos and stories to:
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Attn: Press Office
2301 N. Cameron St.
Harrisburg, PA 17110
• Include contact information (name, address, phone number, email address)
• Include a caption for each photo entry
• More than one story or photo may be submitted by the same person or family

All photo and story submissions become property of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Memories ideas could include: a favorite PA Farm Show display or exhibit, your first PA Farm Show memory, friendships that started at the PA Farm Show, marriage proposals that took place at the PA Farm Show, or what the PA Farm Show means to you.

The photos and stories submitted will be shared on the department’s social media platforms throughout the 100 days leading up to the 100th Pennsylvania Farm Show, which kicks off Saturday, January 9, 2016. You will also be able to view the submissions on the Pennsylvania Farm Show website,

15 Year Old Arrested for Stabbing and Raping Elderly Woman
Thursday October 1st 2015

Police arrested Aziah Williams last night for stabbing and raping 83- year old Dorothy Krasley last week inside her home in Wayne County. Police have been searching for a suspect for nearly a week, but caught a break yesterday when Williams Aunt and legal guardian found a credit card and bank statements belonging to the victim in the 15-year olds room. The aunt brought Williams to the State Police barracks for questioning, according to the criminal affidavit, Williams confessed that he stabbed the woman inside her home. He also admitted to pulling off the victims clothes, when police asked Williams "did you rape her", he responded "Yes I raped her.
Williams was arrested last night. The Wayne County District Attorney is charging the 15-year old boy as an adult.

Huge Increase In Poconos Hotel Tax Dollars
Thursday October 1st 2015

The Poconos was the place to be this summer, at least that's what the hotel tax revenue reveals.
People occupying rooms increased each month this summer from last year- June by 14%, July by 33% and August by 35%. Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau reports it's a banner-summer- they're the best numbers received since a hotel tax at 3% on every room was instituted in 2005.
Public Relations Manager Elizabeth Richardson says, "We're getting numbers from all of our different resources, along with Smith's Travel and what we're seeing year over year is a huge increase. I think we're just really increasing our brand and people are starting to really recognize everything that the Pocono Mountains has to offer."
And the percentages don't tell the whole story, some hotel numbers aren't included in what was reported like the new indoor waterpark hotels Kalahari and Aquatopia.

Future uncertain for Phoenix Fire Hose
Thursday October 1st 2015

Jim Thorpe Borough Council members and fire company officials are trying to determine the best plan of action concerning the Phoenix Fire company on Broadway. An inspection reveals the floor is giving out and needs to be reinforced. It's a tricky and costly task since a creek runs underneath the building. The vice president of borough council says closing the Phoenix is not an option, but the fire chief says consolidation may be the best option.
Officials agree they're in the beginning phase of the process and don't expect to make a decision anyt8ime soon. In the meantime, the Phoenix Fire company will remain in operation.

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