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Ladies- Grab Your Shopping Shoes For A Great Cause
Tuesday March 31st 2015

Prom and wedding season is just around the corner- so today the place to be is the annual Dream Come True Dress Sale. Dresses, shoes and accessories are all amazingly low-priced to raise money for chronically and terminally ill children in the Carbon County area. The shopping event is happening at Penn's Peak in Jim Thorpe from 3pm to 7pm. Ladies can browse through hundreds of new and gently used dresses to find that perfect one. Most of them are just $10! So it isn't a time to be afraid of indulging. It's a win-win- a great deal on something you need while helping a great cause through the Blue Ridge Chapter of Dream Come True. Just remember to bring money, it's a cash only sale!

Online Fundrasier Comes Through For Pleasant Valley Manor
Monday March 30th 2015

The surprise on resident Joan Welsh's face today as she received her new TV at Pleasant Valley Manor in Syndersville is priceless. She's currently borrowing a donated old fashioned tube television from the facility that she says is hard to watch.
That's exactly why Resident Accounts Manager Jeff Rinker started a "Go Fund Me" campaign. Out of the more than 160 seniors living there- Rinker says more than half have to sit too close for a good picture or they don't have one that works at all. He's delighted that's about to change.
Within a month and a half they passed their goal of raising $5,000 to get 40 or 50 new TVs. But then News13 helped to get Senator Mario Scavello involved. Rinker says he donated money so that today they have close to $7,000 for the purchase and coordinated a great deal from the Mount Pocono Walmart.
40th District Senator Mario Scavello's Chief of Staff Taylor Munoz says, "Secure a good price-point with Walmart to get 60 televisions and then Walmart added in an additional 10% discount on top of the nonprofit status of Pleasant Valley Manor."
Thanks to Scavello and Walmart, News13 was able to deliver not only more 24-inch flatscreens but ones with higher picture quality.
Rinker wants to thank everyone for their support. Unfortunately there still won't be enough new TVs for every resident to get one.
Rinker says, "We have a total of 174 rooms so we're still well short of replacing all of them, but this is certainly a major step forward.
If you'd like to help, either send a check directly to Pleasant Valley Manor or go to the Go Fund Me website here:

Palmerton Purse Snatcher Arrested
Monday March 30th 2015

We now know more about a robbery Friday afternoon in Palmerton Borough. The incident started on Delaware Avenue near the produce store. Police say 28-year-old Anthony Borrelli pulled a purse off a woman's shoulder and ran. Police from multiple departments were called in to search for him. At one point they say he went into a double-home through an unlocked door in the 300 block of Lehigh Avenue. Borrelli allegedly went into the attic and kicked through to the home next door. There he stole clothing and changed before fleeing again. Officers later arrested Borrelli at an apartment. He is jailed on multiple charges including robbery and criminal trespass.

It's Community Champions Delivery Day
Friday March 27th 2015

Lehigh County seniors receiving their Meals on Wheels today got a special surprise. Local officials and leaders like Olympic Champion and Executive Director of Valley Preferred Cycling Center Marty Nothstein joined in delivering food for Community Champions Day. It's part of a national annual campaign called March for Meals. The goal is to energize the community and bring attention to the need for Meals on Wheels programs. Over 440 seniors in Lehigh County, including ones in Slatington, need the service and Meals on Wheels officials say that number continues to grow. If you would like to volunteer, donate money or want to receive the services, just call Meals on Wheels of Lehigh County at 610-398-2563.

Authorities Search For Wanted Criminals
Thursday March 26th 2015

Monroe County Detectives are narrowing down their list of suspects at large.
This Monday, authorities found 36 year old Kim Oberer in Paradise Township. She was arraigned in district court. She was unable to post bail and remains in county jail.
Last week, 29 year Christine Mewherter turned herself in to authorities after a warrant was issued for her arrest.
There's still an active warrant for 25 year old Tymel Bester.
County detectives are also looking for three other men on their most wanted list that have been at large for over two years.
Detectives say, they've located Mario Dos Santos Perez in Spain, wanted as a child pornography offender.
They believe Gerard Salvatore Maggio, suspected of real estate fraud is in New York, but neither of them have been captured.
The third man on the website is Edwin Rosario-Aquino, who's whereabouts is unknown.
In July 2013, he was convicted by a jury of indent assault of a child under the age of 13 and corrupting minor. Detectives say, he was released on bail and did not appear for sentencing on October 16th of 2013.
State police also have a most wanted list posted on their website. Four have been captured. Eric Frein, accused of shooting two state troopers and killing one of them is on the top of the list. Six men are remaining. Majority of the crimes involve homicides or sexual assaults.
If you see any of these suspects authorities ask that you notify police.

Monroe County Most Wanted:

Pennsylvania State Police Most Wanted

Good News For Job Seekers
Thursday March 26th 2015

Student Andrew Gabrielle and his father Joseph are in good spirits at today's Lehigh Carbon Community College Job Fair. Both are trying to land a job, but each is confident knowing there are plenty of opportunities opening up.
LCCC Career Development Center Director Tina Moyer says, "We have about 70 employers here today and they're hiring which is the best news. So they have part-time, full-time, summer seasonal jobs and we also have internship opportunities for our students."
School officials say the number of employers attending this year has greatly increased . Olympus was one of the new employers added and they're looking to hire technical support engineers involving both computers and medical equipment. Officials say there are also plenty of other positions available to check out.
Olympus America's Medical Division Technical/Support Supervisor Jody Piagesi says, "They can find us at and you can go right online and apply for the jobs instantly."
And the large number of available jobs in a lot of different fields mirrors what's happening in the local job market. The unemployment rate is down to 5.7% in Carbon County. Carbon County's PA CareerLink Administrator Garry Wentz says it's almost the lowest it's ever been.
The jobs are available, it's now just a matter of being best suited for the open positions, and job fairs are great for networking.
If you missed today, don't worry- both the community college and PA CareerLink plan to have a job fair in the fall. Just check their websites for more information and for job postings.

Buildings Damaged By Fire Restored
Wednesday March 25th 2015

After fire in July of last year, a building on Main St. that housed a number of apartments and businesses is being brought back to life.
Kitchen Chemistry is inviting the public out Friday and Saturday to see the improvements.
The team at Kitchen Chemistry are starting to prepare orders, restocking candy and adding artwork for the reopening of their location that was damaged by fire last year.
The Michael's Jewelry Store next door has been open for business over the last couple weeks.
The Jewish Resource Center is still awaiting their reopening. A ribbon cutting is scheduled at Kitchen Chemistry Friday at 2pm. On Saturday they're having a Grand Opening at 10 am. The public is welcome to both events.

Monroe County Animal Shelter Officials Worry Over New PSPCA Coverage
Wednesday March 25th 2015

There's a change to how animal cruelty cases are handled in Monroe County. One Pennsylvania SPCA officer has left, but the county is gaining two new ones. It may seem like more hands on deck but officials at AWSOM Animal Shelter are worried the two assigned already have too many counties to focus on.
AWSOM Board Member and Volunteer Sandra Fellin says incidents of animal cruelty are high in Monroe County and shelter officials are now worrying about getting a quick response. That concern comes after PSPCA officials confirm Humane Officer Elizabeth Anderson-- who covered two counties-- left. Now two other officers have taken on Monroe County.
Fellin says, "One gentleman has 16 counties, the other person has 16 or more counties, and they're both based in the Chester/Philadelphia area-- that's far away."
But PSPCA Director Elizabeth Romaine of Marketing and Communications says Monroe County is a priority and the two officers-- Nicole Wilson and Greg Jordan-- are actively covering it. She explains in a written statement sent to News13: "While our 2 officers are sworn in other counties – as is a common practice for our officers – it doesn’t indicate they are actively covering those counties."
Fellin is convinced the county will receive less coverage despite Romaine saying in another statement: "We believe we are fighting animal cruelty at the same level, if not higher, in this area than before." And adds both officers are in Monroe County today working on a case.
Fellin says, "I don't know how they can say we're going to get better coverage/more coverage when it's two people that have many counties and are two hours away at least."
Romaine says, "[Wilson and Jordon] are both Supervisor-level, bring many years of experience to fighting animal cruelty and are highly-regarded in their field."
AWSOM officials say there's also a money issue involved. The Rymond Fund pays $65-70,000 yearly to the PSPCA to care for Monroe County animals.
Fellin explains, "Since the SPCA left the county in 2009 and AWSOM has taken over the facility and the care, welfare, housing and medical treatment for the animals, we believe the Rymond Fund should be in part, if not fully, ours."
Fellin says they'll be pursuing the money even more now that the county lost Anderson, because she says even less animals will be in the PSPCA's care. Fellin adds AWSOM officials are now looking at their legal options to secure the funds for use at their shelter.

Evidence againt Eric Frein Piles Up
Tuesday March 24th 2015

Six large boxes, sit on the desk of Pike County District Attorney Ray Tonkin. These boxes contain over ten-thousand pages of reports and attachments from State Police and Federal Agencies involved in the Eric Frein investigation. Tonkin says, "the evidence includes interviews conducted, leads that were followed, and Forensic lab reports, from the State Polices investigation. Once the Prosecution goes through this evidence, it will be turned over to Frein's defense team. There still is no timeline set for the trial.

Last Chance To Sign Up For 2015 Obamacare?
Tuesday March 24th 2015

The 2015 deadline for Obamacare has come and gone, but you may qualify for an extension. The special exemption allows you to sign up for health insurance until April 30th without paying a fee next tax season. Tax Manager Daniel Nemura of Frey & Co. Certified Public Accounts says, "[in order to qualify] You didn't know that open enrollment closed, you did owe the fee for 2014, and you're currently enrolled in a health plan."
And don't wait to sign up because penalties are expected to double for 2015.
Nemura says, "It's going up to 2% of your household income or $325 per person, and so the fees are going up from 2014 to 2015 and they will go up again in 2016."
If you don't qualify for the extension by April 30th, there may be other ways to sign up such as having a life changing event. For more information, just go to

Officials Consider Sending Jobs To China
Tuesday March 24th 2015

Careerlink representatives, along with officials from local resorts, The Pocono Mountain Visitors Bureau and Montclair State University are working to fill in gaps of employment. A number of job fairs are scheduled, but if they aren't able to hire enough people, Careerlink administrator John Casella says, they could expand their search internationally.
Casella says they're looking at starting a pilot internship program. They would have to find housing for them and figure out tuition.
Camelback officials say, state requirements are strict regarding how many hours students can work and how many shifts and they're looking for more availability. Careerlink is having a job fair April 14th from 10 am to 3pm at the Chateau Resort. Camelback is having one April 5th and 9th.

Police Searching For Stabbing Suspect
Monday March 23rd 2015

Police are searching for a man involved in a stabbing in Middle Smithfield Township, Monroe County. It happened early Sunday morning at Muller's Diner and Bar on Route 209. Police say they are hoping someone steps forward with more information.
Police 30-year-old Donald CWIK of East Stroudsburg was stabbed from behind just outside the door of Muller's Diner and Bar a little before two Sunday morning. Police say CWIK was taken to Pocono Medical Center and required surgery. He is currently recovering. Now police are looking for answers as to why it happened and want to bring the suspect that fled the scene in an unknown direction to justice. The suspect is described as a 5 foot six African American Male and approximately 185 pounds. Police have images of him wearing a white shirt and dark knit hat. Police ask anyone who saw anything at Muller's around the time of the incident or if you have any information at all to please contact them (Swiftwater State Police Barracks 570-839-7701). All information will be kept confidential.

Helping Homeless Vets
Friday March 20th 2015

Hope for our Veterans, the largest non profit organization, based out of New Jersey, its extending its reach to Pike County. The program provides wrap around services, to quickly secure housing for homeless vets. In addition to finding housing, the program also caters to veterans facing other financial struggles. They can help with back rent, pitch in for utilities, assist with child care or even offer aid with moving costs. All that is required to enter the program is proof of military service and an honorable discharge. For more information you can contact the 24-Hour toll free hotline below.

(855) 484- 8466

Wayne County Man Sentenced for Killing his Wife
Thursday March 19th 2015

Bertrand Schroeder of Newfoundland pleaded no contest to Involuntary Manslaughter back in January. In September of 2012, Schroeder shot and killed his wife at their home in Newfoundland. Schroeder claimed he was cleaning his rifle, when the gun accidentally went off. The Judge today however, did not show any leniency for Schroeder and sentenced him to nine to twenty years in State Prison.

Daffodil Day Sales for the Carbon-Tamaqua American Cancer Society
Wednesday March 18th 2015

Daffodil Day Sales
March 24th
Telethon Volunteer Office
W. Ridge, Lansford, 10am - 2 pm

Jim Thorpe Market
River St, Jim Thorpe, 8:30 am - 1:30 pm

March 25th
Hometown Farmers Market
Rt. 54, Hometown, 9am - 1 pm

March 27th
Nesquehoning, Noon - 6:30 pm

March 28th
McAdoo, 10 am - 2 pm

Construction Resumes on Interstate 84
Monday March 16th 2015

Construction crews are once again back at work on Interstate 84. Back in November, crews finished up repaving from the New York State Line to Milford Exit on the Westbound Side. Today the barriers are back up, and all traffic is being removed from East Bound lane and shifted to the opposite side. Once finished, this will complete the first, of a five phase project Penn Dot has planned to rebuild the Interstate from the ground up. Penn Dot officials tell us drivers should expect delays during construction. They hope to have this first phase completed by November.

Lehighton Body Identified
Monday March 16th 2015

The Carbon County Coroner says the remains of 49-year-old Richard Hartranft were discovered Friday in Lehighton. A passerby found his body in a wooded area near the river off of Main Lane behind Dunbar Bottling. Hartranft has no known address. The coroner says an autopsy was conducted this morning, but the cause and manner of death is pending final toxicology results.

DUI Checkpoint Drug Arrest
Monday March 16th 2015

Police stepped up DUI patrols for Saint Patrick's Day parade weekend in Carbon County. And one checkpoint lead to the arrest of a Nesquehoning man for drugs. Police say 29-year-old Romero Mclain went through a DUI checkpoint on Mill Road last night. He was detained when officers detected a strong odor of marijuana. Officers found over $1500 in cash and three bags of marijuana. Prison staff then also found hidden marijuana and cocaine inside his underwear. Police say he was on probation. He now faces numerous drug charges.

Annual Prom & Wedding Dress Collection/Sale
Friday March 13th 2015

Donate your prom and wedding dresses to help support Dream Come True, Blue Ridge Chapter. We will be collecting new and gently-used dresses and accessories including jewelry, purses, shawls, and shoes until March 23rd. Drop off locations include the following Blue Ridge Communications offices in: Walnutport, Gilbert, Palmerton, Stroudsburg, Lansford, and Lehighton. The 7th annual Blue Ridge Communications Prom and Wedding Dress Sale at Penn’s Peak in Jim Thorpe will be held on Tuesday, March 31st from 3pm-7pm. All money collected will benefit Dream Come True, Blue Ridge Chapter. Dresses are just $10 unless priced otherwise and we will be accepting cash only.

Body Found in Lehighton
Friday March 13th 2015

An investigation is now underway in Lehighton where police say a body has been discovered. According to police, a passerby found the body of man by the river off of Main Lane in the woods behind the Dunbar Bottling Company. Police say it's too early to tell if foul play was involved. Authorities are not releasing the name of the victim at this time. We'll have more on the story as information becomes available.

The Search For Prositution Offenders
Thursday March 12th 2015

Authorities are sweeping the streets of the Stroudsburg Area working to combat prostitution and drug related offenses. Over the last couple months, Monroe County Detectives have taken 13 suspected offenders off the streets, but there are more. The District Attorney's office has issues 3 arrest warrants. One for 36 year old Kim Oberer, wanted for prostitution and possession of a controlled substance, 26 years old, Christine Mewherter is accused of prostitution and possessing a firearm without a license.
Detectives say, the pimps are using the girls to pay for heroin and cocaine. Many of the girls have drug addictions drug addictions. Some work independently to support their habits.
Diseases have also been spreading.
Detectives say, the prostitutes and pimps are advertising on different internet sites like backpage.
Then, they're taking their business to local hotels.
One of the suspects arrested is facing child endangerment charges for bringing a child along, transporting prostitutes.
Officials are working with children and youth to help if any children are involved.
Detectives say, they're also traveling outside of in the poconos, advertising in Washington DC and even Florida.
Officials would like to help prostitutes and victims of human trafficking get out of the business.
If you spot any of the 3 suspects or have any further information, you're asked to contact the Monroe County Detectives Office.

Business Closing After 40 Years In Monroe County
Wednesday March 11th 2015

Officials say Bustin Industrial Products will be moved out of its location in East Stroudsburg by the end of this year. And 40 people could be without a job. We're told employees were notified last Friday their shop would be closing and moving to Missouri. Bustin primarily manufactures safety walk ramps, platforms and stair access for refrigerated trailers. Safe Fleet is the owner of the brand and officials say the move is to put all of their truck and trailer operations together in one location. Safe Fleet officials say they're trying to make the transition as seamless as possible for employees and are working with PA CareerLink. They're also trying to have employees transfer to the Missouri location, but it's too early to tell how many will be able to.

Police Raise Awareness For Domestic Abuse
Wednesday March 11th 2015

Stroud Area Regional Police are teaming up with Women's Resources of Monroe County to help raise awareness for domestic violence.
March 8-14 marks National "No More" week, a campaign to bring awareness to domestic and sexual abuse.
Last year, women's resources of Monroe County Executive Director, Lauren Peterson says, they saw over 200 women and children come through their shelters. Some stayed for over 5,000 nights.
On top of that, Peterson says, more than 1500 new clients visited their counseling and advocacy department.
Police say, some victims are afraid to reach out for help, but many who do call chose not to prosecute.
They may call over and over, but police encourage them to keep calling whenever they have a problem.
If you ever become a victim authorities recommend you to call 911 or the Women's Resource Hotline that runs 24/7.

Red Cross Ramps up Recruitment
Wednesday March 11th 2015

Today at the Lake Wallenpaupack Visitors Center, members of the Red Cross were out ramping up their recruitment efforts. The organization is looking for help with their disaster relief efforts, community outreach, and blood drives. The Red Cross relies on Volunteers, and to continue its mission across the region, they need your help. If you want to find out more on the volunteer opportunities the Red Cross has available, you can check out

Ear buds and hearing loss
Wednesday March 11th 2015

Using ear buds is causing serious hearing problems in today's youth. Sarah Jones is the Clinical Coordinator Audiologist at Saint Luke's University Health Network. She says listening to an electronic device using ear buds or headphones, for more than 2 hours a day, can affect a person's hearing. Consult an audiologist if your child complains of pain, dizziness or ringing in the ear.

Pothole Patching
Tuesday March 10th 2015

A seasonal obstacle is starting to show up on our roadways, potholes. Some PennDOT road crews spent their day filling potholes on Route 248 in the Palmerton and Bowmanstown areas in Carbon County. Drivers are encouraged to report potholes or any other road defects by calling 1-800-FIX-ROAD or by filling out a form on PennDOT's website,

Barrett Township Votes In Favor Of Joining PMRP
Tuesday March 10th 2015

Barrett Township supervisors have decided to move forward in the process of joining Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department. Supervisors voted 4-1 yesterday, in favor of the merge.
Some still don't want to see the police department go.
Residents have been sending a petition around to fight the change. The matter is expected to be discussed at 7 o'clock tonight at the Tobyhanna Township meeting

Eyesore Concerns In Middle Smithfield Township
Tuesday March 10th 2015

Middle Smithfield Township Supervisors say a couple of buildings and pile of garbage on the Fernwood Hotel and Convention Center property in Bushkill is a danger to the community. That's why they want the dilapidated area cleaned up. It's also in violation of the township's nuisance law and citations have been issued. But so far, since the property closed after declared bankruptcy, the eyesore has sat there for more than a year. Now officials are aggressively pursuing it.
Supervisor Mitchell Marcus says, "We already filed something in our district court. Building code violations, we do that as well. We also have the option of putting an lien on the building and we have the legal authority to demolish the building."
But the major hold up isn't just that there's been no response from the owners, township officials tell us they don't exactly know who is responsible for the property.
Marcus says, "Emotel, Ertles, Jim Ertle but there seems to be others as well that show up on the deed."
Supervisors haven't made a decision yet, but they are concerned about the possible additional costs to taxpayers and wherever they will get that money back. Marcus says there's a lot of debt associated with the property and it already has liens on it. The Ertles did not return our calls for comment.

Pocono Raceway Offers First Responders Discount
Monday March 9th 2015

Local heroes are getting a chance to enjoy Pocono Raceway at a discount. Police, firefighters and emergency medical personnel are being recognized for all they do in the community. It's through a website Pocono Raceway partnered with last year to offer the same 10% discount to United States service men and women on all of their events. All you have to do is go to and sign up. It's a free, easy, quick and secure process that will also provide discounts at many other places and stores.

Naloxone Training
Monday March 9th 2015

Local emergency responders will soon have a new weapon in their arsenal of life-saving tools. Members from three ambulance corps; Lake Harmony, Palmerton and Nesquehoning have been taught how to administer Naloxone, which is used to treat overdose symptoms. Recently passed legislation gives local emergency responders authority to administer the drug to an overdose victim. About 80% of crew members were trained last night, but ambulances won't be able to carry Naloxone until 100% of emergency personnel are certified. Officials expect that to happen before the end of the month.

Mother Nature Delays Maple Syrup Harvest
Friday March 6th 2015

Mother Nature's extreme cold hasn't just wreaked havoc on pipes this winter. It's also delayed maple syrup production for a company in Barrett Township, Monroe County. But the Canadensis owners are betting on her getting the sap flowing for their open house next weekend.
Normally three weeks ago maple syrup production would be in full-swing at Dutch Hill Preserves, but today there's still not a drop.
Co-Owner Lalena Stirr of the Dutch Hill Preserves Company says, "We're getting a little nervous, though next week the weather looks ideal. I have a feeling we'll be working around the clock to collect sap to produce syrup to be ready for the open house next weekend."
Owners Lalena and Mike Stirr haven't been able to start their sugar season because the days haven't been warm enough. Lalena says it needs to be 40 degrees and sunny to get the sap running.
Before last winter, this much of a delay never happened before to the first generation sugar makers since they began with their kids 13 years ago. They now have over 12 miles of tubing that connects tree to tree.
Lalena says, "It's a hobby gone wild, is what it is. We started with 20 buckets, now we're up around the 2,000 mark as far as taps."
And because of this tubing system, the sap is collected much more quickly and efficiently. So that once it starts flowing, they don't have to worry about having enough syrup for the open house.
Co-Owner Mike Stirr of Dutch Hill Preserves Company says, "Instead of a bucket on each tree, it'll transfer the sap to a single collection vessel. We'll have the evaporator cooking so we'll be able to show people the whole process from tree to table."
Mother Nature willing, the open house is March 14th and 15th from 10am to 3pm. It's a free educational event for the whole family that includes a tour, taste-testing, tree-tapping for the kids, and an explanation why natural is better.
Mike recommends dressing warm and wearing boots. For more information and directions, just go to their website at

Shortage Of Salt In Monroe County
Friday March 6th 2015

Parts of Monroe County is running low on salt.
Barrett Township appears to be hurting the most.
Today, Paradise Township gave them about 6 tons to get them through.
Barrett Township Road Master, John Seese ordered 200 tons, but they've only had 50-70 tons delivered.
Road Foreman, Stephen Weber says they have a pretty good supply, but they still haven't received an order they made in January.

Business Owners Weigh In On Stroudsburg Snow Removal
Thursday March 5th 2015

It's another frustrating day with more snow adding to the already high piles. But for Stroudsburg Borough in Monroe County it's a constant challenge.
Business on Main Street in Stroudsburg is always negatively affected when it snows. So in such a congested area, it's important to get rid of the white stuff as fast as possible. We witnessed borough maintenance workers today doing just that. While Owner Barry Lynch of Jock N' Jill's says crews are doing far better than last year from his location on the upper side, Supervising Pharmacist Neil Goldman at Total Home Health Care says it's a different story on the lower side. He says they're the last to be plowed and it's been that way for 29 years. Goldman says his business should be one of the first because it's a necessity for people and they open earlier than the other businesses. Also when they are plowed, he says the bump-outs don't allow the snow to be picked up.
Stroudsburg Borough Manager Cathryn Thomas says they've purchased new equipment this year to be more efficient. She says crews are doing the best they can, but residents' concerns do matter. Thomas says residents can help by abiding by snow emergencies and there's a new way to be informed of them: sign up for Monroe County's Alert System at
Stroudsburg is in a snow emergency till nine tomorrow morning so please move your vehicles off the designated streets so the snow can be removed. If you don't, you could get towed.

Private Plows Cashing-In This Winter
Thursday March 5th 2015

Not everyone wants winter to end. Private plow drivers have been busy this season and that means big bucks. F.J. Lesher General Contractor plow driver Matthew Lesher says he spent 14 of the 28 days in February in his plow. The company is having trouble keeping up with all the calls. But even though Lesher enjoys the work, he's ready to see the season come to an end.

Jim Thorpe Pedestrian Bridge
Thursday March 5th 2015

Representatives for the D&L National Heritage Corridor spoke at the Carbon County Commissioners meeting today. To update officials on the status of the pedestrian bridge in Jim Thorpe. The power to advance the project now rests in the hands of PennDOT, who must grant the right of way. The bridge will connect downtown Jim Thorpe to the Weissport section of the trail. No word on when the approval from PennDOT will happen.

Wesleyan Church Outreach Reaches Haiti
Thursday March 5th 2015

A group of missionaries from the Stroudsburg Wesleyan Church traveled to Haiti last month to build relationships, bring hope and healing to sister churches in impoverished areas. Church members here, partner with one in Liowa.
They created a lunch program to help feed children there. They've also helped them build better learning facilities.
Keefer says, having a
toilet that flushes is one of the things they appreciate the most.
If you would like to help the church help the school in Haiti or people in our area contact the church to make a donation or get involved.

Free Tax Assistance In Monroe County
Wednesday March 4th 2015

Filing your taxes got you down? Don't worry, East Stroudsburg University students are to the rescue. They prepare returns for free by appointment at the Innovation Center that's sure to put you at ease. All of the seniors volunteer their time, are trained online by the IRS and are certified by the IRS.
The students say the program is not only real world experience, it's rewarding.
Senior Kathy Migliaccio says, "There was a family, they just had no idea about refunds. So when I told them their tax refund, they were very, very happy and they said: thank you so much. I couldn't have done it without you."
The service is open to anyone who has a yearly income of $50,000 and below. The students are available every Wednesday night from 6 to 8 and every Saturday morning from 9 to 12. You must call first for an appointment at 570-422-3251.

Combined Enforcement Initiative
Wednesday March 4th 2015

You will notice state police making more traffic stops starting tomorrow. Thursday through Saturday state police across six states including Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia are combining their efforts to stop drugs from crossing borders. Police are targeting illegal drugs and illegal weapons. Last year, police statewide seized over $107 million in drugs.

Jurors Chosen For Rare Investigation
Wednesday March 4th 2015

Six jurors and two alternates have been selected for a coroner inquest, to determine what killed 92 year old William Collins back in December. It's the first one in 30 years.
Monroe County Coroner Bob Allen says, Collins was found in his home at Pocono Country Place, sitting in a wheelchair with multiple injures, they've found suspicious. Collins was living with a caregiver. Allen says, they have to figure out whether the injuries were caused accidently or intentionally and by who. Allen is expecting autopsy results by mid April.

Gas Prices Expected To Continue Increasing
Tuesday March 3rd 2015

Say goodbye to that party you've been having at the gas pump, you're no longer going to see a lower price each week. The cost of gas is rising and those numbers are expected to continue going up.
Officials from AAA East Central report Pennsylvania gas prices are about 30 cents higher than a month ago. After a few months of the lowest prices we've seen in a long time at the pump, drivers say it was quite a tease. While we're told prices historically tend to rise this time of the year, they're jumping up at a much more rapid rate than usual. Theresa Podguski the Director of Legislative Affairs at AAA East Central explains, "Refineries nationwide conduct their seasonal maintenance, which can limit fuel production. However, unexpected refinery outages on the West Coast have exacerbated the seasonal production declines."
Most stations in Lehighton we saw today are charging $2.59 per gallon for regular unleaded gas. The good news is that's over a dollar less than last year at this time.
And believe it or not, everyone seems to have summer on their minds and they're hoping the gas prices go back down. Unfortunately, AAA officials say due to the summertime increase in demand, costs will continue to increase and there's no telling when they will level off.
Podguski says, "It's really hard to predict where the price of gasoline is going because there's so much that does impact it."
But there are ways to conserve gas like combining errands, shopping around for gas prices online rather than driving around and keeping your vehicle well-maintained.

Non-Profit Weighs Funding For Veterans
Tuesday March 3rd 2015

Veterans living at Paul's House in Jonas could receive more funding from The United Way.
Members stopped by this morning to evaluate the facility that houses homeless veterans.
Officials from the Valor Clinic applied for funding from the non-profit to help with operations.
Co-founder Mark Baylis took them on a tour to show them what they would be putting their money into.
Last year they asked for $10,000, but they were only able to give $7,000. This year Baylis says, they're hoping to get $20,000 to put another site manager in the facility to oversee operations.
At Paul's House they provide shelter, food, clothing, classes to build life skills, resources for veterans with PTSD and help finding independent housing. Baylis says they also collect furniture to give veterans when they leave. Two have graduated recently.
Baylis says they're having a stand down Sunday to find more veterans in need and fill spare rooms.
After the site walk today, the United Way will review their findings and determine how much money, if any will be donated to Paul's House.

Terribly Neglected Dog Deserves Justice
Monday March 2nd 2015

Animal shelter officials in Monroe County are looking for justice. A dog is now getting the care he needs after being found out in the cold in Middle Smithfield Township with open wounds showing through to his bones. The incident comes after an awareness fundraiser was held on Friday to combat that type of animal cruelty.
Officials at AWSOM Animal Shelter are thanking the couple today that brought them a six-year-old pit bull mix yesterday afternoon that they now call Bronson. They found him along the side of the road on Municipal Drive in Middle Smithfield Township in terribly neglected condition. They believe if he was out there any longer he would've died. Bronson was covered in urine and could hardly walk, but that's not the worst of it. Officials cleaned him up and immediately got him to Creature Comforts Veterinary Services in Saylorsburg for care.
ICU Vet Technician Bradley Meixsell says, "He does have an unknown respiratory infection so we unfortunately have to keep him in isolation. He did suffer some pressure wounds on his rear-end from what we can assume confined in a cage or kennel for an extended period of time."
Treatment for Bronson's recovery could be pretty pricey so the non-profit is hoping you'll donate to their Yelp For Help fund.
Meixsell explains, "[We have to] send out reference tests for a bunch of other upper respiratory infections we're not sure about and a possible protozoa infection of the blood, along with the concurrent long care of keeping him in the hospital, feeding him and medications."
Luckily vet employees believe he'll be ok.
Meixsell says, "He's a very sweet dog and he's loving, and he just mostly wants attention so we are optimistic he can be turned back into a nice little house pet for somebody."
And adding to the heartbreak, this incident comes after a polar plunge turned polar run was held on Friday to bring awareness against this type of animal cruelty. Their goal is to get stiffer laws.
Polar Plunge Co-Founder Eric German says, "Going to meet with Senator Mario Scavello later this week to get some animal laws changed for cats and dogs that are left outside in the cold like Bronson was. It's just really upsetting."
While whomever did this will most likely just face a fine, AWSOM Manager Kim Loffio wants justice.
Loffio says, "I would love for someone to be held accountable for what they did to this sweet loving dog."
If you know Bronson's owners (look on AWSOM's website for pictures or have any information about him, please contact AWSOM Animal Shelter.

Third Grader Raises Money For Salvation Army
Monday March 2nd 2015

Salvation Army recently received a special gift from local elementary students.
It all started with 8 year old Zoe Cook, who has a passion for helping the less fortunate.
Three weeks ago, she approached her principal, Maggie Vitale at Stroudsburg Intermediate Elementary School and asked to hold a "white out" to raise money for Salvation Army.
Students were allowed to dress down, wearing white if they donated. Zoe was hoping to raise at least $20, but with the help of fellow students, staff and parents she was able to raise over $1,000.
Salvation Army accountant, Ann Morton, says they need donations for their shelter the most.

Preventing Falls
Monday March 2nd 2015

Ice covered surfaces cause millions of people to slip and fall each winter, but medical experts say many of the sustained injuries can be prevented. Health officials remind people to keep their sidewalks and walkways free of ice and snow. Use plenty of ice melt. Also, wear proper shoes when heading out the door, such as snow boots and snow cleats. Plus, take your time. A fall can cause several kinds of injuries including a fracture, a sprain and even internal bleeding. That's why experts suggest getting checked out by a medical professional if you suffer a fall.

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