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Free HIV, STD testing Comes to Stroudsburg
Friday May 29th 2015

Free HIV and STD testing is coming to Stroudsburg next Thursday and doctors want to see you there.
St. Luke's Hospital and the B.E.S.T Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Office at 804 Sarah St in Stroudsburg are teaming up to provide H.I.V, chlamydia and gonorrhea testing. Doctors say, it can be years before someone with H.I.V experiences symptoms and treatment is more effective when it's caught early. If getting tested is scary for you St. Lukes provides pre and post counseling. Results are confidential and it will only take 15 minutes. Testing is from noon to 4pm Thursday. No appointment is needed. Testing will be first come first serve.

Accused Ross Township Shooter Pleads Guilty
Friday May 29th 2015

61-year-old Rockne Newell was at full-attention today as he signed his guilty plea statement. Newell was accused of opening fire at a Ross Township Supervisor Meeting, killing three people and injuring others in August 2013. Today he gave up his right to a trial and entered a guilty plea at the Monroe County Courthouse. He's charged with three counts of first degree murder, six counts of attempted murder, two counts of aggravated assault and one count of reckless endangerment to the 23 people who attended that meeting. The victims' and Newell's family were both present to hear the outcome. The judge gave him the maximum sentence- three consecutive life terms and an added period of incarceration of a minimum of 61 years to a maximum of 122 years. Under the law, Newell has ten days to appeal his guilty plea. He will be sent to a state prison to carry out his sentence.

Two Major Hospitals Announce Potential Merger
Thursday May 28th 2015

Officials from both Pocono Medical Center and Lehigh Valley Health Network announce today they've signed a letter of intent to become one entity. We're told it's been in the works for quite some time.
Pocono Medical Center Board Chairman Andy Worthington explains, "We've done a lot of work with Lehigh Valley, we have clinical affiliations with them now and we liked what we were seeing with respect to what they were doing with population health management. And over the years we've just felt that being involved with a larger system would be good for our community."
The merger is not set in stone but both agree the benefits to Pocono Residents are great.
Worthington says, "We're really excited about bringing new services and increasing the current services we currently provide here."
Joining forces would not mean a loss of jobs but just the opposite.
Pocono Medical Center Chief of Staff Dr. Vincent Francescangeli says, "The intention is to expand activities here so I think there's going to be more job opportunities for not only physicians, nurses, clerical works, but everyone."
And it's something physicians are looking forward to.
Francescangeli adds, "It will help lessen burden, it will also give us access to special types of procedures and doctors with particular talents that are highly specialized, particularly neurosurgery, which we don't provide here."
If the completion of due diligence and regulatory approvals goes through, the names will change becoming a combined version, and that's not all.
Worthington says, "They're interested in coming up here and looking at how they can improve our physical infrastructure so we're expecting that they will have some suggestions as to how we can improve our look."
And residents tell us it's a win-win.
If everything is worked out between the two health systems, they expect the proposed merger to take affect next spring.

Pocono Mountain Students Plan Pet Food Drive
Wednesday May 27th 2015

Monroe County Meals on Wheels is known for delivering meals to people who are unable to shop or make ones for themselves. Two Pocono Mountain East 8th Graders recently discovered they also feed clients' pets and put together a fundraiser to help that continue. 14-year-old twin brothers Rocco and Marco Polimeni will be at Steel's True Value Hardware on Route 611 in Tannersville this Saturday morning from 9 to 11 hoping to collect donations that'll go directly to the the Petmeals Program. They're asking you to drop by and add either dog and cat food or money to the pet food they've already purchased themselves. Meals on Wheels currently delivers food monthly to 22 dogs and 30 cats. Right now they could really use dry food.
If you can't make it Saturday morning, the boys will also be collecting pet food donations at their school's Cardinal 5K Run on June 13th at the football stadium.

Plane Crashes in Wayne County
Tuesday May 26th 2015

Emergency crews responded to a plane crash at the Cherry Ridge Airport yesterday afternoon. According to emergency workers, the pilot picked up too much wind as he attempted to touch down. The pilot ran out of room on the runway, rolled the plane and got stuck in a swampy area nearby. The pilot was able to walk away from the crash with only minor injuries. FAA inspectors will stop by the airport either today or tomorrow, to check out the plane and making sure it was simply a pilot error.

Help Officials Learn The Identity Of A War Hero
Tuesday May 26th 2015

The Thomas P. Lambert VFW Post 2540 located in East Stroudsburg has the first and only unknown soldier display in Monroe County. The medals and badges of honor were given to them by The Salvation Army in hopes of finding the serviceman's family. You're more than welcome to drop by the Post and check it out. If you saw our story today and recognized anything in the case, email us at

Big Police Presence Memorial Day Weekend
Friday May 22nd 2015

The holiday to commemorate our fallen soldiers and kick-off the summer season is also one of the worst times to be driving. Statistics show crash rates to be high Memorial Day Weekend and police will be working hard to prevent accidents.
Interstate 80 is already backing up this afternoon with motorists ready to celebrate the start of summer, but police are way ahead of them. Just on our way to and from the Fern Ridge Barracks, we witnessed three vehicles being pulled over.
Police are on the lookout for aggressive drivers. Last year's Memorial Day Weekend Troop N, which includes five stations, handed out over 900 speeding citations. Officials say being in a hurry to get to family and friends will burn a hole in your wallet. Police suggest taking your time and allowing yourself extra time.
DUI checkpoints and roving DUI patrols are also scheduled. Troop N arrested over 40 people driving under the influence last holiday. Police want you to be aware it can affect you for the rest of your life but can easily be avoided by having a designated driver.
Then there's a sound you need to hear before you even start cruising- Click It Or Ticket.
And local police will also be out in full force. Pocono Township Police have the extra duty of directing traffic at the busy Route 715 and Sullivan Trail Intersection in Tannersville. They ask you to avoid the area if you're not headed to The Crossings Premium Outlets or other attractions close by.
Troop N State Police report they had no fatal crashes last year on their watch and will be dedicated to the same result this holiday weekend.

Help Fund Needed Supplies At Pleasant Valley Manor
Thursday May 21st 2015

Pleasant Valley Manor is Monroe County's only non-profit nursing and rehabilitation facility. A group is stepping up to help enhance the experience of residents. But they can't do it without you.
Friends of Pleasant Valley Manor is launching its first fundraiser with the theme "be a driving force." It's a Meet and Greet happening next Thursday at the nursing home from 3-7PM. There's going to be live music, wine tasting, hors d'oeurves and gift baskets to win. They're charging a five dollar donation at the door. The committee's first goal is to get a wheel-chair-equipped van for transporting residents to doctor appointments. The facility has transportation now, but when it breaks down, the appointments have to be cancelled. Then they want to provide things like art supplies. Chairperson Linda Zak says she found out how hard it is for the non-profit to get needed supplies and wanted to change that. She heard about Friends of Pleasant Valley Manor that originally formed to stop the sale of the facility.
Monroe County Commissioner Suzanne McCool says, "We circulated petitions. There were thousands of people that signed those petitions that said they wanted Monroe County to keep its nursing home."
McCool says the manor is in good financial standing today but costs need to be kept down. That's why the committee got a second wind. Its members personally know first-hand the quality care that's provided and they don't want those in need to lose it.
If you're coming to the Meet and Greet May 28th, you're asked to RSVP by emailing

Army Depot Swears In New Commander
Thursday May 21st 2015

Lieutenant Colonel Troy Rittenhouse is passing on his position as a distribution commander at Tobyhanna Army Depot, which provides critical materials to support national defense. It also stores and disposes them.
Lt. Colonel John Turner is taking his place.
Rittenhouse plans to rest over the next 30 days, then he plans to attend a war college in Rhode Island.

No More Gun Salutes In Stroudsburg?
Wednesday May 20th 2015

People are upset a 21 Gun Salute may not happen during a Memorial Day Cannon Dedication. Monroe County soldiers killed during the Civil War are finally being honored this Sunday at 1PM in Stroudsburg's Courthouse Square. But Borough Officials say their code doesn't allow for the traditional discharge of bullets from a weapon, including blanks.
You're being asked to call the Borough Office (570-421-5444) if you also support the 21 Gun Salute happening this Sunday. Officials aren't sure if it can be changed in time. The Borough Solicitor did not return our call.

Advocates Raise AED Awareness After Medical Emergency
Wednesday May 20th 2015

A medical emergency during the Pocono Marathon this week showcases the importance of an automated external defibrillator.
The device saved a life Sunday, after a man in the race went into cardiac arrest. Authorities say this one example shows why AEDs are important and everyone should know how to use one.
AED courses are available at the YMCA and Pocono Medical Center, if you'd like to learn how to use one in case of an emergency.
State Representative Rosemary Brown has been working with Rachel Moyer on legislation that will put AEDs in every school in Pennsylvania. They're currently working on another bill to try to make AEDs more affordable.

Warrior Ride Bicycling Group - Carbon County
Wednesday May 20th 2015

John Cressman of Parryville is looking to put together a local Warrior Ride bicycling group. All veterans are welcome to cycle together to improve mental and physical health.
Interested? E-mail him at - or to learn more about the group based out of North Carolina visit them online:

Voter Turnout in Monroe County
Tuesday May 19th 2015

This Primary Election is all about the local level of government- Monroe County commissioner, township supervisor and various other positions are up for grabs. We took a tour of the county today to check on voter turnout. From east to west, polling stations seemed to only have people trickling in. Officials from Middle Smithfield Township, Jackson Township and Stroudsburg say it's slower than they expected for a primary election, which they say typically has a low turnout.
All the polls are open till 8PM so you still have time to exercise your right to vote. We'll have the results on the live Night Report.

Who Should Prosecute Eric Frein
Tuesday May 19th 2015

The Pike County Primaries are today and the focus of todays elections, the race for District Attorney. Two candidates, the incumbent Ray Tonkin, who has held the position for seven years, against challenger Kelly Gaughan, looking to win the nod for Pike County District Attorney. The polls were busy all day, as people packed into polling place across Pike County to cast their ballot. The District Attorney Race isn't the only spot up for grabs as three candidates are looking to get the democratic nod for Pike County Commissioner. The polls close tonight at eight.

Pike County Shelter Needs Rescuing
Monday May 18th 2015

The Pike County Humane Society faces the worst financial crisis in its history. The shelter costs thirty-thousand dollars a month to run, and right now they don't have it. Director of the Shelter, Barry Heim says " this is the worst its ever been, I say we might have two weeks left unless people help out. Heim has run the Shelter for the last 17 years and never has he refused a pet, until today. " Effective immediately we are no longer taking any animals, if they are hit by a car or injured I am sorry we don't have the finances to do it. The shelter is around 90-thousand dollars in debt and without any donations coming in, they will have to close the gates to the 150 animals housed at the facility for good. " I say we have about two weeks left until we are officially out of business. If you want to help save the shelter, you can log on to the Pike County Humane Society website and use the paypal link to donate. Heim says even a small amount would be a big difference.

Four Democrats Running For Monroe County Commissioner
Monday May 18th 2015

It's Primary Election Day tomorrow and there's lots of candidates hoping for their party's nomination. All three Monroe County Commissioner seats are up for grabs this year. Four candidates are vying for the two Democratic ballot spots. They are John Christy, Alan Everett, Andre Reames and Adam Rodriguez. Christy lives in Stroud Township and owns his own business involving construction management and observation. He wants to continue making a difference.
Christy says, "I've always tried to give back either through my years on the fire service on Shawnee Fire Company, my EMS services with Bushkill Emergency in the past."
Everett has been a Hamilton Township Supervisor since 1988 and is greatly involved in the community. He's running because two current commissioners asked him to. He loves working with and serving the people.
Everett says, "After 27 years of being a supervisor, it starts to get old. This will be a brand new frontier for me."
Reames lives in Stroud Township and is both a former Fortune 500 Exec and small business owner. He's worked on other government campaigns in New Jersey and now wants his own voice heard.
Reames says, "We need to get people back to work. There's people losing their homes, there's a plethora of foreclosures going on here in Monroe County."
Rodriguez lives in Middle Smithfield Township and is a retail designer with an art background. He wants to alleviate the concerns of the many people he's spoken to.
Rodriguez says, "Bringing up the minimum wage or at least having a minimum wage was one of their big concerns and making so that people can actually raise a family here and so that their children can stay."
All four have the same goal of making the quality of life better in Monroe County, but each has a different focus.
Christy says, "Facilitate economic growth within the county by providing a database of all available properties for commercial development."
Everett says, "The main thing is to keep the taxes down, we don't need anymore taxes. Never had any new taxes here since I've been here since 1988. It's always been just one mil of tax that's it. No new taxes."
Reames says, "We need to really incentize businesses to come here. For instance, if it's a large scale company, we need to have 65 to 75 percent of their workforce then be Monroe County residents."
Rodriguez says, "Make it a lot easier for people to get around because if you're going to have a low wage economy, which is what we have right now, until we can grow that, we need to make sure people can get to their jobs quickly, efficiently and as low cost as possible."
The current Democratic Commissioner Suzanne McCool is retiring and the board is required to have at least one Democrat. The two Republican incumbents are unopposed in the primary- John Moyer and Charles Garris. The top three vote getters in November will be the new Monroe County Commissioners.

Runner Awarded With Medal, After Heart Attack
Monday May 18th 2015

Fifty year old, John Burrows of New Jersey is recovering from a heart attack at Pocono Medical Center, after running in the Run For The Red Marathon.
Redcross representatives took a vist to the hospital to see how he's doing. They also awarded him with a medal of honor.

Runners Gear Up For 10th Annual Pocono Marathon
Friday May 15th 2015

This Sunday is big for raising money for the Red Cross of the Poconos Disaster Relief Fund. The goal is helping even more people.
Everyone we talk to can't believe the Pocono Marathon has been around for a decade. Two women living in Monroe County have put 235.8 miles toward the Run for the Red cause. This year will be 53-year-old Darleen Mostellar and 59-year-old Juliette Caines' 10th time finishing the 26.2 mile course. The Run for the Red starts at 8AM at Pocono Mountain West High School. Go cheer them on!

32 Sciota Residents Displaced After Fire
Friday May 15th 2015

Ten families and 32 people are homeless after an early morning fire at Pocono View Inn in Sciota.
The Red Cross is assisting those displaced. Fire Marshalls were on scene today investigating the cause of the fire. If you would like to help the Red Cross you can donate online

Scotrun House Fire Called Suspicious
Thursday May 14th 2015

Firefighters are calling a house fire in Scotrun this morning suspicious.
They say, the home had been vacant for about 4 years.
The house is located in a wooded area and because the trees are so close, they caught fire. Firefighters were able to put the fire out without too much damage.
They had to transport water because of the location.
Neighbor, Gabriela Rauh says, she was worried her home would catch fire also.
The fire marshall has been called in, but there are at least 3 other fires he's working on right now so it may take him a couple days. Township police are doing a preliminary investigation.

Chestnuthill Township Fire May Have Been Caused By Dry Mulch
Thursday May 14th 2015

Don Brink has tears in his eyes today as he talks about getting a phone call yesterday around 6PM that his house was on fire. He and his wife weren't home at the time and quickly rushed back to their residence on Longwoods Drive in Chestnuthill Township. West End, Polk Township and Blue Ridge Hook and Ladder Fire Companies had their work cut out for them trying to put the blaze out.
West End Fire Chief John McKeever explains, "They had some difficulty due to the construction of the house getting to the fire because most of it was up in the void space between the roof line and ceiling itself."
The owner says the investigating fire marshal believes the cause to be dry mulch. The mulch borders the house where the side paneling is completely torched. Brink thinks that's where the fire originated and then spread.
The owner says he's never using the stuff again and warns you about using mulch on your own property.
McKeever says, "It gets damp underneath, it heats up and the dry stuff on top can potentially catch on fire. It doesn't happen very often, but there is that possibility."
McKeever says it's something to be aware of, especially now when there hasn't been any rain. The typical cause is cigarette butts flicked onto dry mulch, but there are also preventive measures in a case like Brink's.
McKeever says, "Everyone likes mulch near the house, it looks good in the flower beds and stuff, but definitely if you have any kind of wood to the ground like this house did, maybe not keep the mulch right up to it. Wet it down maybe when we get these hot days."
Friends of Brink stopped by while we were there to offer their support. They didn't want to be on camera but tell us the house was incredibly beautiful after Brink restored it a few years ago. Now it's completely destroyed and the Brink's have lost everything.
Luckily the house was insured. The American Red Cross of the Poconos is helping them now. They can always use monetary donations toward their disaster relief fund. But if you'd like to donate basic needs to the Brink's like clothes, just call 484-357-7739.

New Life for Century Old Bridge
Wednesday May 13th 2015

The Pond Eddy Bridge is finally being replaced. Penn Dot has been working for the past 25 years to move forward with this project, and the finally the time has arrived. The new bridge will be built just a few feet away from the old bridge. The new design will also be single lane, Penn Dot Estimates the project to cost around 12 million dollars. Penn Dot officials say " they expect construction to begin in summer of 2016, they hope to have the project completed by the following year. The existing bridge will remain open during construction, until the new bridge is fully operational to traffic.

Who'll Be The Next Recorder of Deeds/Wills?
Wednesday May 13th 2015

Primary elections are coming up next week in Pennsylvania.
There are two republican candidates running for Recorder of Deeds and Register of Wills in Monroe County. Josephine Ferro has worked as the county Register of Wills Deputy for the last five years. That office works to preserve the accuracy and continuity of records, pertaining to estates. The Recorder of Deeds is responsible for maintaining public land records. Kirsten Marsh Fiero is a licensed title insurance agent of over 20 years. She works at American Abstract, owned by her mother. At age 13 she worked at the courthouse in their search room, locating records. Her father happens to be former district attorney Jim Marsh.
The winner will get the republican nomination for the seat. However, there are no democratic candidates running for this position.

Poconos Could Soon Be Home To Soccer Hall Of Fame
Wednesday May 13th 2015

The National Soccer Hall of Fame currently doesn't have a home and the memorabilia is stuck in storage. A group of local investors hope to change that by re-opening it at the former Mountain Manor Resort in Marshalls Creek. The plan includes the hall of fame building, 20 soccer fields, a 5,000 seat stadium and possibly two large hotels.
The idea came from a disappointed Poconos man who drove to the Soccer Hall of Fame in New York last year and discovered it had closed in 2010. He suggested the Poconos would be the perfect location. And businessmen and former soccer players like Gary Olson believed it to be a winning goal. Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau Officials, business owners and community members have sent in letters of support.
The group is just waiting for approval from the United States Soccer Federation. Olson hopes for a response this month.
Olson says construction would start with the hall of fame and the fields at a cost of around 15 million dollars.

Pocono Medical Center Is In A Race For The Community
Tuesday May 12th 2015

The 10th annual Pocono Marathon is getting a name change. Preparations are already underway for this Sunday's Run for the Red in Monroe County. But this year Pocono Medical Center is committing even more legwork to Red Cross officials hosting the race.
Pocono Medical Center Community Outreach Director Geoffrey Roche explains, "We're the medical service provider for the Run for the Red, but this is also a tremendous opportunity for us to give back to the Red Cross."
Pocono Medical Center- celebrating 100 years this year- is partnering with the American Red Cross of the Poconos to be a part of every aspect in the 10th annual Run for the Red. Just last week the health care provider became the title sponsor for three years and will donate $20,000 over that time period.
Roche says, "Our vision is to build a healthier community, also though it's important members of our community engage in health and fitness. That's what a run is all about."
So now the Pocono Marathon will be cobranded called "Run for the Red Powered By Pocono Medical Center."
Roche adds, "Happened really, really quick and they've changed the logo, they've changed the logo on trophies, you know it's very exciting."
The goal of the run event is to raise money for the programs and services provided by the Red Cross so this added support means a lot. When you have a disaster the Red Cross is there. Like yesterday, victims of the fire in Marshalls Creek were given a place to stay.
And the number of runners this Sunday is already up from last year. They're well over 1,200 from 35 states and 6 countries, including elite runners and pacers. You still have a chance to get involved, either volunteering or running in the marathon, half marathon relay race or 5K. You can sign up at an expo held at Stroudsburg High School's cafeteria on Saturday from 10AM to 7PM. For more information, just call the American Red Cross of the Poconos at 570-476-3800.

Two Separate Fires, One Apartment Building In Middle Smithfield Township
Monday May 11th 2015

Two separate fires occurred within hours of each other early this morning at the same apartment building in Marshalls Creek, Monroe County. Firefighters say the first broke out just after midnight at an occupied apartment in the four-unit apartment building on Chateau Drive. Some residents were allowed back in around 3:30AM. Then the Marshalls Creek Firefighters were called back around 7AM for a second fire at another vacant apartment in the complex. Shawnee Firefighters were called to assist. Only rubble is left where that apartment once stood. No one was hurt but the second fire left everyone homeless. Salvation Army Officials handed out refreshments and the American Red Cross of the Poconos will be helping to assistant the two families with somewhere to live and essentials.
Fire officials tell us they ruled the cause of the first fire to be electrical and the second fire is under investigation.

Pike County Woman Killed in Fire
Monday May 11th 2015

The blaze broke out around 6:30 Friday night in the Squall Hollow development in Delaware Township. 88- year old Virigina Straulina was killed in the fire. Police say her body was found on the first floor of the home near a window. Within ten minutes after neighbors called 911, multiple fire companies showed up to extinguish the flames. However, by the time they arrived, the house was completely engulfed and burning from the inside. Firefighters say it was too late to save the elderly woman's life. Police still haven't determined what caused the fire, and it still remains under investigation.

New Compost Opens in Middle Smithfield Township
Monday May 11th 2015

Residents in Middle Smithfield Township have a new way to dispose of leaves and yard waste in a clean, safe way.
This morning officials held the grand opening of the new Oak Grove Multi-Municpal Compost processing site. While it's located in Middle Smithfield Township, Smithfield and Lehman Townships will also have access.
They'll be bringing in leaves to degrade them naturally. Once they're broken down they can be used for gardens.
The site will be accessible to residents to drop off leaves and brush in April, May, October and November. The site will be staffed on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Authorities Auction Seized Electronics
Friday May 8th 2015

Monroe County Commissioners and Detectives are getting rid of computers and other electronic devices confiscated in criminal investigations.
There were roughly 90 items to chose from.
Laptops, tablets, flat screen tvs, cameras, video game systems, printers and even filing cabinets were auctioned today.
"They're able to confiscate certain equipment and then they have us dispose of it and then the proceeds from the sale go back into the programs to help fight crime.
County officials will be holding a car auction within the next couple months a date has not been set.

Pollen Problems Persist In Poconos
Friday May 8th 2015

Pharmacists in Monroe County say they're busier than ever. It's finally beautiful outside, but locals with allergies can't catch a break.
The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and bees are buzzing. But there's a culprit that won't let some people enjoy it- pollen.
Tannersville Resident Susan Bunzey says, "Oh my God, I can't breathe. I mean it's the worst its ever been. I have allergies but never this bad. I'm just suffering."
And she's not the only one feeling miserable this spring. The door of Total Home Health Care located on Lower Main Street in Stroudsburg has been opening constantly with people suffering from this allergy season.
Supervising Pharmacist Neil Goldman admits he's even been afflicted and says, "One of the worst that we've ever come across. Tree pollen this year was horrible and now all the pollen from the flowers is coming up. I've never seen so many people coming in."
Goldman says there's no one cure for the watery eyes, stuffed up nose, cough and other symptoms you may have. It's what works best for each individual.
Goldman explains, "If they get medicine here, we check their profiles to make sure it won't interfere. They should check with their pharmacist. And antihistamines as long as they're not driving or using heavy machinery."
Bunzey says certain medicines are helping but she just needs the season to be over.
While locals say they're having the worst symptoms ever, DCNR officials say the pollen is only a little more severe than last allergy season.
Forester Matthew Hazen says, "We had a lot of snow cover till the end of March, some places even into April so the plants are basically all starting to flower at the same time, which produces more pollen."
Hazen adds some of the biggest pollen contributors are known to be in the Poconos like Oak and Birch Trees. But those and other plants won't be a problem much longer.
Hazen says, "You should see relief beginning of June."
So hang in there, summer is just around the corner.

Stourbridge Line is Back on Track
Friday May 8th 2015

The time for waiting is over. After four years being derailed, the Stourbridge Line is back on track. The historic train sat dormant in a garage in Honesdale, until investor Tom Myles, hopped on board, pumping big money to get the train up and running. Myles and his team spent months restoring the train to look as good as new, just in time to bring it back for National Train Day. To celebrate the return of this time honored tradition, the town of Honesdale will be hosting events throughout the weekend. Its first journey will run through Hawley starting tomorrow. The Stourbridge Line is scheduled to run weekends from Memorial Day to Labor Day and tickets are twenty dollars per person.

Ride Share Program Coming To Monroe
Thursday May 7th 2015

If you don't have a car or it's getting too expensive to catch a ride to work, help is on the way.
The Monroe County Transit Authority is working with Commuter Services of Pennsylvania to offer a carpooling program.
Commuter Services offers a ride share program that helps commuters find carpool partners through a ride matching database.
It's designed to reduce pollution and stress, while saving commuters money on gas, parking and insurance rates. The program has been operating in south central Pennsylvania.
"We're doing that in anticipation of some of the businesses that are developing. For example, Kalahari, Aquatopia and some of the other services in that region with the number of employees...I think they're going to need a little help in that corridor to reduce traffic," said Monroe County Transit Authority Executive Director, Peggy Howarth.

Officials say, the Ride Share Program is expected to begin in June. For more information contact the Monroe County Transit Authority.

Tannersville War Memorial Needs Your Help
Thursday May 7th 2015

It's a perfect day to do some gardening and Pocono Mountain students jumped at the chance to dig in. It's all to help Mount Pocono's American Legion beautify a war memorial in Tannersville.
Students from Pocono Mountain East Junior High School couldn't wait to get their hands dirty. They're planting flowers today to help the American Legion Post 903 fix up the War Memorial on Route 611 in Tannersville. They say it's an honor.
Post 903 located in Mount Pocono inherited the job after the Tannersville post closed up two years ago. Their goal is to upgrade and preserve the memorial.
The school's student government association has been preparing for weeks to bring the beds to life. Now they'll look nice for a planned Memorial Day Service, and will continue to bloom with pride thanks to the next 7th and 8th graders in the extra curricular activity.
And Post 903 has big plans for the space that they've named Pocono Township Veterans Memorial Park, including benches, plaques, signs and flags- the American flag will be on a 25 foot pole with 20 foot poles for the flags of the five branches of service and a POW flag will replace what's currently there.
Boy Scout Troop 85 plans to do it as Eagle Scout Projects. The Legion doesn't have a building or bar to raise the money so they're turning to the community for support.
Commander Thomas Bowditch says, "The whole project is around $5,000 to $6,000. The flags and flag poles alone are going to cost about $3,200 so we're looking for donations."
They're looking forward to saving the memories at the War Memorial for many future ceremonies. If you'd like to help or donate, just go to their website at

Nesquehoning police officer charged
Wednesday May 6th 2015

According to the Attorney General's office, charges were filed this morning against a Nesquehoning Borough police officer in connection with a deadly crash last year.
26 year old Steven Homanko faces several charges including homicide by vehicle and aggravated assault by vehicle, both felonies. Authorities say each charge carries a maximum penalty of seven years in prison and a fine of $15,000.
An investigation reveals Homanko was driving at 113 miles per hour on May 12th, 2014, north on Route 209, when he lost control of his car, crossed the center line and struck a car in the other lane. The crash claimed the life of Carola Sauers. Her husband, Michael, who was driving at the time suffered serious injuries. Investigators say Homanko was chasing a woman driving a yellow Neon who passed illegally when he crashed.

Lehighton Man Accused of Shooting Eagle
Wednesday May 6th 2015

A Lehighton man is charged with killing a bald eagle in April. The Game Commission says 46-year-old Carl Marion shot the eagle in Andreas on the Schuylkill/Carbon Line. The injured bird was found near the intersection of Germans and Stone Mountain Roads. The eagle died shortly after. During the investigation, a conservation officer recovered the remains of five great blue herons in the vicinity of Marion's property. He's charged with disturbance of wildlife and six counts of unlawful taking of protected birds. Total fines and restitution could reach $3,900.

Demolition Begins at the Stroudsburg Firehouse
Wednesday May 6th 2015

Demolition work is underway at the Stroudsburg Firehouse, which is the first step in it's renovation process. Firefighters have been relocated to a pole shed on 10th street, behind the public works building.
Contractors have begun knocking down walls and taking everything out, including floors, toilets, sinks and kitchen appliances.
Borough Manager Cathy Thomas is hoping to have the project completed by the end of the year.
Demolition work is expected to be finished by the end of the week. Thomas says, emergency response times should not be affected during renovations.

Teacher's Associate In Court For Allegedly Abusing Student
Wednesday May 6th 2015

A teacher's associate was in court today for allegedly abusing a student.
60-year-old Suzanne Dellorusso is charged with three counts each of endangering, assaulting and harassing a 9-year-old autistic child. It happened during an emotional support class overseen by Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 at Middle Smithfield Elementary School. Witnesses say three incidents occurred within one week back in November when Dellorusso was unnecessarily rough and aggressive. Each time the student had an outburst and she did not follow her restraint training.
A judge dismissed the counts of assault and harassment because there was no evidence presented at the preliminary hearing for intent or injury to child. The child endangerment charges are being held for a Monroe County Trail.

Africa Is Being Brought To Life In The Poconos
Tuesday May 5th 2015

The spirit of Africa is officially in Monroe County. Several crates of authentic art worth $400,000 have arrived at the Kalahari Resort located in Pocono Manor. Today we got a sneak peek. We were shown pieces that are handheld size all the way up to 1,500 pounds that sit ready to be displayed in the resort. The Nelson family who owns Kalahari Resorts and Conventions took a trip to Africa last October to handpick items for their new indoor waterpark opening July 15th. Their goal is to educate and immerse guests in the rich culture.

Elderly Man Dies In Crash
Tuesday May 5th 2015

State Police are working to figure out what caused a fatal accident this morning at the intersection of Old Rt. 115 and Anchorage Rd. in Saylorsburg. An elderly man driving a blue sedan was killed and the driver of a grey pickup truck was rushed to the hospital with injuries.
Witnesses say, the driver of the pickup truck was driving north, a white jeep ahead was stopped to turn into the post office and he swerved around hitting the sedan head on.
An autopsy for the deceased is scheduled tomorrow. We will bring you more information as it becomes available.

Church Honors Local Law Enforcement
Monday May 4th 2015

A local church honors the men in blue who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. Those in attendance yesterday at the Community Church in Coolbaugh Township, Monroe County were asked to do something nice for our local and state police, and each left with a blue ribbon. The event called "Blue Sunday" is in direct contrast to the problems in some communities in our nation where police are seen as the enemy. Pocono Mountain Regional Police Chief Chris Wagner says officers in the Poconos are supported well.
Wagner says, "It was just a fantastic way for the church to organize some unity between the police department, law enforcement in general and the community."
Police chiefs and members of the Pennsylvania State Police were also recognized for the dedication. The Community Church is praying that God heals what they call a broken nation. They started the conversation in the Poconos and hopes it carries on throughout the nation.

Help Nepal Earthquake Victims
Friday May 1st 2015

People in Monroe County are stepping up to help earthquake victims in Nepal.
Pradip Humagai is having a hard time coaching soccer for Keystone Athletic in Syndersville knowing his family and friends are suffering in Nepal. He's been doing that for over a year hoping to further his soccer career in the United States. It was hard enough being away from his home country and then the devastating earthquake happened Saturday. He just wants to help everyone there anyway he can and is requesting your help. He couldn't be more grateful his fellow Keystone Athletic directors set up a fundraiser on their website to do just that. ( The money raised will be sent there for essentials like water, medicine and blankets. It warms his heart to learn people in Monroe County have already been dropping off donations at the American Red Cross of the Poconos. The organization has been busy since the earthquake hit. Executive Director Michele Baehr says they've been helping to connect locals to their loved ones in Nepal. She adds other have been asking how to get on the ground there and lend a hand.
Baehr says, "What you can do is volunteer here locally with our Red Cross and we'll give you the disaster training."
For more information on how you can donate or make a difference, just stop by the Red Cross in Stroudsburg or go to

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