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Former Monroe County Resort Attracts Interest From All Over The World
Wednesday September 30th 2015

The former Buck Hill Inn located in Barrett Township is being auctioned off online. The current bid is up to $700,000 and neighbors are excited for their area to possibly get new life.
Business owners in nearby Mountainhome are hoping a sale goes through and whatever it is becomes a draw.
Ellen Kerz of Ellen Kerz Interiors says, "You did see a lot of people coming up to use the inn back then and the town was a lot busier. We have a lot of empty store fronts, places struggling."
Kerz remembers the Buck Hill Inn before it closed about 25 years ago, and is excited the 125 acre property is now attracting bids on the website She would like to see her memories of the historic inn that opened in 1901 spring back to life in a new way. The Co-Owner of Mountainhome Candle Company couldn't agree more.
Justine Knipe says, "I would like someone to do something big and grand like Kalahari to bring some business and people back into this town."
The auction kicked off at $350,000. Realtors tell us several interested bidders have taken a tour of the place. Some even came from China, but most investors are from nearby states. The property has been on and off the market for the past five years, but realtors tell us now seems to be the perfect time to sell it.
Davis Chant of Chant Realtors says, "It was one of the top five convention hotels in the United States, and I think some of the people looking at it are thinking- hey, with all these indoor waterpark hotels this area is going to get a lot more attention."
Realtors tell us there has been ideas to tear it down to redevelop the land, to revamp the building to start new and even preserve it. While residents would like to keep the history alive, they really just want to see the eyesore cleaned up and creating jobs. Some residents are concerned they'll lose their quiet, private community. Kerz doesn't care either way, but highly doubts it can be preserved.
The auction will close midday tomorrow with the highest bidder being the winner. Realtors tell us the transaction could take 30 days from then to be completed.

Three-Hour Delay To Battle Frigid Weather
Tuesday September 29th 2015

Will Mother Nature whip up another wicked winter for the third year in a row? It's a question on everyone's mind. But one Monroe County school district is prepared to combat her wrath when it comes to snow days. Pocono Mountain has added a three-hour delay to its arsenal.
For the past two years, snow wasn't the only culprit keeping kids from going to school. The bitter cold racked up quite a few snow days.
Pocono Mountain School District Public Relations Director Wendy Frable explains, "Once the wind chill factor is listed at the dangerous level where children can get frost bite within 10 minutes, we really can't have children standing out at bus stops."
Pocono Mountain School District doesn't want that to happen again this year unnecessarily.
Frable says, "The concern is the last two winters have really taken a chunk out of the instructional time available to our students before they do standardized testing. Also, when you have too many days out in a row you kind of break that continuity of education. The first day back you end up reviewing."
So the administration has something up their sleeve to help give their students more instructional days this winter while still providing a modified lunch schedule.
Frable says, "A three hour delay, used in certain circumstances could actually allow us to hold school, instead of closing school because the sun would be up."
Adding a three-hour delay is just one more option they have available to use when Mother Nature creates negative wind chill factors or a manageable snowfall.
Wendy adds, "This is not to replace tow-hour delays. We're not going to be automatically calling three-hour delays. It's just for those extreme circumstances."
Not only would an extra hour delay help prevent students from standing at bus stops in below zero temperatures, but it'll also help bus drivers have clearer visibility of the students standing at the stops.
And parents tell us it would also benefit them because it'd help with their morning routine in having more time to clear snow and have the roads thaw.
But not every school district agrees it's beneficial. East Stroudsburg's administration in consultation with their teacher's association sent us this statement:
“We maintain that a 2-hour delay provides our students with access to nearly two-thirds of their regular instructional time... .whereas a 3-hour delay would result in a loss of more than 50% of instructional time...”
The other districts did not return our call. Pocono Mountain is the first school district in Monroe County to establish a three-hour delay.

ESU Helps Monroe County Salvation Army
Tuesday September 29th 2015

The East Stroudsburg Salvation Army hands out turkeys each year during the Thanksgiving Season, but this year the turkeys have doubled in price causing a problem financially for the Salvation Army. According to the food processing technology website the increasing cost of turkey's this year is due to the outbreak of the Bird Flu in this country. ESU Greek Life has decided to help raise money and donate turkeys. ESU has started a GoFundMe page called Turkey Project where they hope to reach their goal of $7,500.

Neighboring D-A Fights to Supress Evidence in Eric Frein Trial
Tuesday September 29th 2015

Lackawanna County D-A Andy Jarbola appeared at the Pike County Courthouse Today. Jarbola has requested that specific evidence not be permitted in the trial against Frein due to an Internal Affairs Investigation. The DA would not disclose who is the unknown subject of Internal Affairs Investigation. Pike County's DA, Ray Tonkin, filed a 23-page motion, which states, the evidence the Lackawanna DA is looking to suppress is critical in his case against Eric Frein. Today Freins Counsel, Jarbola, and Tonkin all met behind closed doors with Judge Greg Chelak. The meeting was closed off to the press and public, and none of the lawyers would comment about what transpired. Tonkin did say that no decision was made, but he is hopeful one should be coming shortly.

JT Band Director Milestone
Tuesday September 29th 2015

Band Director at the Jim Thorpe Area School District, Eric Flowers, is celebrating his 100th gam as Olympian band director. Flowers has held the position in Jim Thorpe for nearly 10 years. His students describe him as a dedicated teacher who helps them through their challenges and celebrates their accomplishments. So what's next for Flowers after Friday's milestone? He says, he'll look forward to his 200th game.

Pedistrian Dies After Being Struck By A Vehicle In Stroud Township
Monday September 28th 2015

Employees at Joni's Country Store and Deli are shocked to hear a woman was killed crossing Paradise Trail just after two this morning in Stroud Township. 29-year-old Katrina LaRue of Henryville was struck by a vehicle in the southbound lane. She was pronounced dead a couple hours later at Pocono Medical Center.
Stroud Area Regional Police Chief William Parrish says, "She had been picked up by her boyfriend and requested him to stop on the side of the road, she had to take a potty break."
The driver- 62-year-old William Warner of Canadensis was on his way to work when it happened. Police say at this time, drug or alcohol impairment and speeding don't seem to be a factor.
Parrish says, "Dark clothing on a dark highway, it's definitely a tragedy."
But employees at the deli tell us another accident is bound to happen- speeding is a huge problem on that stretch of Route 447. They're going to look into petitioning the township to get a yellow light put in for their customers to safely turn into their store parking lot.
No arrest was made this morning and police are waiting for the results to come back from their accident reconstruction investigation unit to see if charges will be filed.

Fall Foliage Festival
Monday September 28th 2015

The annual Fall Foliage Festival kicks off in Jim Thorpe this weekend. The event features free live music, arts and crafts vendors and food. The festival runs the first three weekends in October. Offsite parking and shuttle service are available.

Child Assault Case Bound Over For Trial
Friday September 25th 2015

A Monroe County woman had her preliminary hearing today charged with seriously assaulting her 13-month-old child. Police say 24-year-old Ashley Buchanan of Stroudsburg abused her son while in her care from September 17th to the 21st of last year. The father- Samuel Buchanan- testified his son did not look right when he was dropped off during a custody exchange and he immediately noticed bruising. When he found out the extent of the injuries at Pocono Medical Center, he says he collapsed and started crying. The child suffered a skull fracture, arm fracture, along with bruises to the body and a bite on the shoulder. The father tells us the mother has a temper and she could be capable of what the prosecution is charging. The defendant had nothing to say about the accusations when we asked her.
The Commonwealth revealed text messages that the defendant sent to Buchanan before he picked the child up. She tried to explain the injuries by saying the child ran into a corner of the dining room table and that he fell head first into the carpet- causing a rub burn on his forehead. But police don't buy those excuses and a medical expert agrees, the explanation doesn't match the seriousness of the injuries.
Officials say the now two-year-old child has recovered from those injuries.
The judge bound all charges consisting of aggravated assault, simple assault and child endangerment over for trial. Ashley remains out on $25,000 bail. She is able to have PATH supervised visits with her son.

Police Reflect On Lessons Learned From Eric Frein Search
Thursday September 24th 2015

At this time a year ago, hundreds of police officers searched the Poconos for the man who ambushed the Blooming Grove State Police Barracks. Pocono Mountain Regional Police tell us it's become a pivotal part of their training.
Corporal Matt Nero and Niko spent almost a month in the woods last year. They were on the hunt for alleged cop killer Eric Frein. Working off-lead in the thick canopy of trees 24/7 was something new for the duo. Luckily they were trained and ready in woodland operations and working with a swat team.
But now that training is at the forefront. Nero and Niko are ready to leave a moment's notice. They now travel with food and water, along with every type of clothing in their trunk, instead of just having stuff at headquarters.
It's also more of a priority to be in continual communication and train with other agencies, both close-by and in other counties. The incident revealed the amount of manpower necessary and it required multiple agencies and departments from the federal, state and local levels working together.
Pocono Mountain Regional's headquarters is now more secure with a fence around the perimeter. Last year's ambush at the Blooming Grove Barracks left Corporal Bryan Dickson and Trooper Alex Douglas injured.
Pocono Mountain Regional Police know their training made all the difference in the manhunt, and they're dedicated to making sure they're even more prepared if it should ever happen again.

East Stroudsburg Superintendent To Retire
Wednesday September 23rd 2015

East Stroudsburg Area School District is now in the process of hiring a new leader. Superintendent Sharon Laverdure is retiring at the end of this school year. Today she took us on a walk down memory lane.
Laverdure walked into J.M. Hill School over 40 years ago for her first job being a fifth grade teacher. Now she's set to retire as superintendent in her 43rd year working for East Stroudsburg School District.
Vice President Bob Cooke of the district's school board tells us he and the other members regretfully approved her resignation at Monday's night's meeting. President Will Searfoss sent us this quote: "She's going to leave a big set of heels to fill."
Laverdure tells us it was just time, she's turning 65.
She loved new experiences in the district as she worked her way up to the top position. Laverdure taught different elementary school grades, coached both softball and field hockey, became department chair, was an assistant principal and principal at multiple schools and assistant superintendent.
Cooke tells us her greatest accomplishment as superintendent was taking charge of all changes always. For example, when the district had to downsize, Laverdure made it happen without furloughing staff.
Now the board is looking for the best candidate to continue Laverdure's great leadership. They've hired the Pennsylvania School Boards Association at a cost estimated at $15,000 to search for a new superintendent.
But it's not goodbye, she plans to remain in East Stroudsburg and continue her volunteering work.
Laverdure's last day as superintendent will be June 30th.

Wayne County Man Found Guilty of Murder
Tuesday September 22nd 2015

It took a Wayne County jury less than 10 minutes before finding Louis Roderick Ogden, age 52, guilty of Murder in the First Degree. Ogden shot and killed his niece, Rebecca Pisall, age 20, at point blank range on June 20, 2014 in South Canaan Township. Ogden killed his niece because she complained about Ogden shorting her in a $60.00 sale of heroin.
District Attorney, Janine Edwards stated that “This was swift justice. The jury saw immediately that the Defendant committed a murder in the first degree. They rendered the verdict that was demanded. He deserves to spend the rest of his life in state prison. Anyone who questions the serious nature of drug activity and drug abuse need look no further than the facts in this case.”
Immediately following the verdict, the Judge sentenced Ogden to a mandatory sentence of life without the possibility of parole in State Prison.

Cupcake For A Mammogram
Tuesday September 22nd 2015

Hope For Strength Breast Cancer Fund helps patients pay their living expenses while they are in treatment. With October being National Breast Cancer Awareness month the fund has partnered with Pocono Medical Center. During October the center will offer free mammograms and a free cupcake voucher to Kitchen Company for whoever takes the test.

Shooting Concerns Neighbors In Monroe County
Tuesday September 22nd 2015

Residents in Stroudsburg are uneasy after a shooting over the weekend. Police say multiple shots were fired on Thomas Street just before three Sunday morning. While residents are concerned for their safety, they know police are on top of the investigation.
Ingrid Silvernale says, "It was really scary, and the police responded so quickly. They did such a good job and I just want to thank them. It made us feel much better."
Neighbors tell us the shooting started near North Eighth Street and then continued down near North Fifth Street. They witnessed vehicles speeding out of the area. Police were able to recover spent shell casings and a bullet that was lodged in a parked car on the 700-block.
Officers say a small white pickup truck and a dark colored sedan may have been in the area at the time. Anyone with information is asked to contact Stroud Area Regional Police.

Finding Jenn's Voice Documentary
Tuesday September 22nd 2015

The tragic death of a former Carbon County native inspires a documentary. Twenty-seven year old Jennifer Snyder, originally of Lehighton, was shot and killed in 2011 by her married boyfriend after he discovered she was pregnant with his child. Now a documentary, "Finding Jenn's Voice", uses Jenn's story as a platform to reveal the different forms of domestic violence through first hand accounts from victims who've survived an attack. Snyder graduated from Lehigh Carbon Community College. The college is hosting the Lehigh Valley premier of the documentary on Friday starting with a reception at 5:30PM. For more information visit

Panther Valley School Vandalized
Monday September 21st 2015

Summit Hill police are investigating vandalism at the Panther Valley Middle School and at the school's soccer field. Police say the crime happened sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning. The middle school building suffered most of the damage. The vandal smashed seven windows and the glass on an access door. The superintendent says he's waiting to get the official estimate, but unofficially, the vandal caused over $7,000 worth of damage. Police say they're reviewing the surveillance video which shows a person on an ATV.

RV Fire In Mount Pocono Leaves Its Mark
Monday September 21st 2015

A clean up is planned after an RV fire leaves a mess in Mount Pocono's business district.
Damaged business fronts, broken lamp posts and even the borough clock tower is ruined after the incident Friday on Route 611.
Officials tell us it could've been much worse- no one lost their life and no buildings were lost. The couple was just passing through town when their RV towing an SUV ignited and rolled backward down the hill. The fire spread to overhead wires and parked vehicles.
Mayor Fred Courtright says they're planning on examining their emergency procedures to know what worked and what didn't.
Pocono Boulevard was closed till Saturday afternoon as crews cleaned up the down wires.
Town officials are focused on cleaning up the rest of the mess for Harvest Fest this Saturday from 9am-6pm. Vendors and a parade will all use the area. Courtright says the couple plans to be back for Harvest Fest to thank the first responders.
The cause of the RV fire is still under investigation and the damage is being assessed by insurance.

Pope Prep
Monday September 21st 2015

The Pope will be taking his first ever steps on American soil tomorrow. He will be making appearances in Washington D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia. With that in mind local churches are providing buses to transport the faithful to see the Pope in person. Saint Matthews Parish in East Stroudsburg is one of the churches and they filled up the two buses they are providing in a matter of four weeks.

Fate of the Kidder Township Fire Department
Friday September 18th 2015

Last night Kidder Township Supervisors voted on whether to modify an ordinance de-certifying the Kidder Township Fire Department. This is after the Former Chief's wife Amanda Devine was arrested and charged after she stole about 33,000 dollars for her own personal use. The Township Supervisors voted to approve the modification of the department and de-certification of them. The Supervisors are giving the department an opportunity to fix its operations and if they approve of the changes they could vote for the department to serve the community once again. For the time being Albrightsville and Lake Harmony Fire Departments will be covering Kidder Township.

Vehicle Fire Ignites Disaster In Mount Pocono
Friday September 18th 2015

A vehicle fire creates chaos in northern Monroe County. It happened this morning on Route 611 in Mount Pocono endangering surrounding businesses and residents. The blaze spread to overhead power lines and to two other vehicles.
Anthony (who didn't want to give his last name) spotted a parked RV sparking flames around 11:30 this morning on Pocono Boulevard between Knob Road and Fairview Avenue. He immediately called 911 and then discovered a woman was inside along with a dog and cat. The fire quickly got out of hand and spread to the power lines above it.
Anthony says he and someone else got the woman and the animals out.
The RV towing a car was parked going north and rolled backwards down the hill, catching the wires above on fire as it went as well.
Pocono Mountain Regional Police Chief Chris Wagner says it struck a vehicle on 611 and then crashed into Anthony's Explorer parked near where he works at Diamond Kutz Barbershop. Both vehicles then caught fire too.
We talked to the owner of the RV. He tells us his girlfriend was rushed to the hospital for smoke inhalation. The RV was his home and they lost everything. He's thankful for everyone who helped including the Red Cross who is providing them with lodging, clothing and food. Police say there were no other injuries and someone needed to be rescued from an elevator at the Professional Building on Forks Street due to the power being out in the area.
The power outages caused many neighbors to come out and find out what was happening. Two schools lost power in the Pocono Mountain School District and were operating on a generator for a short time today. PPL officials tell us the outage affected 179 customers.
Officials tell us Route 611 in Downtown Mount Pocono will remain closed till about 11 tonight. You are asked to avoid the area until the road has reopened.

Recovery Walk
Thursday September 17th 2015

For those people battling an addiction there is help and there is hope. That's the message behind the second annual "Recovery Walk." About two dozen people turned out at the Carbon Monroe pike Drug and Alcohol Commission today in Lehighton. The walk was held to celebrate recovery and remember those who lost their battle to the disease.

First Five Arraigned In Fraternity Hazing Death
Thursday September 17th 2015

Five fraternity members from New York were in court today for a hazing death in Monroe County. The 2013 incident happened at a home rented by the Pi Delta Psi Fraternity in Tunkhannock Township. A Grand Jury has recommended that 37 men and the fraternity organization should face charges and today the first five appeared in court for arraignment.
Aaron Chen, Alan Wong, Sam Laio, Thomas Liu and Andy Meng are all charged with destroying or concealing evidence, providing false information, criminal conspiracy and hazing in the death of 19-year-old Chun Michael Deng of Queens, New York. They face three felonies and one misdemeanor.
Police say approximately 25 students from Baruch College were at a home on Candlewood Drive for a Pi Delta Psi Fraternity event in December 2013. Deng was participating in a fraternity ritual when he got knocked out and went unconscious. It was reported he was having trouble breathing. No prompt medical attention was sought, instead police say National Fraternity President Andy Meng was contacted and he encouraged the group to hide all fraternity items.
Meng's attorney says they're entering a plea of not guilty. He would not say anything more about Meng's involvement but he did give us this written statement saying he wasn't present at the time, had no role in medical treatment and did not obstruct the investigation or conspire others to do so. Deng was eventually taken to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Hospital where he died. None of the defendants had anything to say to the victim's family when we asked, but Meng's attorney did speak on his behalf.
Defense Attorney Todd Greenburg says, "Certainly this is a tragedy without saying, everybody understands that. Our deepest sympathy and the Meng family's deepest sympathy to the family of Mr. Deng."
The five are the first police have charged. Police plan to start with the lesser offenses and build up to the most severe like criminal homicide.
Each were released today on $50,000 bail. Their preliminary hearing is scheduled for Friday, October 16th.

Kimbles Bridge Reopens
Wednesday September 16th 2015

The Kimbles Bridge in Pike County was shutdown back in March after officials had deemed it unsafe. The decking of the bridge was shot, the railings were ruined, and there were crater size holes throughout the bridge. The County passed an Emergency Repair resolution, to get the bridge fixed and back open to the public. County officials had expected to have the work completed by summer, but once the work got started, a lot more work and repairs needed to be done. With the bridge shutdown, the 75 residents living in that section, needed to travel all the way through Hawley just to get to route six. However today County Commissioners announced that the repairs to the Kimbles Bridge have been completed and it should be open by the end of the day. Palmyra Township has been waiting for months for this project to conclude, officials planned to do a total repaving of Kimbles road, but that needed to wait until the bridge was fixed. Palmyra Supervisors hope they can move forward with that within the next few weeks.

Program Helps Police With Domestic Violence Cases
Wednesday September 16th 2015

A new program is coming to Monroe County for police to better help domestic violence victims. It's been very successful in other areas in preventing death and repeat calls from victims. And it couldn't be enacted at a better time- October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
It's called Lethality Assessment Program or LAP. Police are trained to ask a series of questions to the victims. Their answers are rated to show their risk for death in their current situation.
Executive Director Lauren Peterson of Women's Resources of Monroe County explains, "To look beyond the surface, to see what's really going on in the situation and help get them connected to services and arrest the correct perpetrator."
Domestic violence calls come in all the time to Stroud Area Regional Police, and unless the victim is willing to be helped, there's not much more police can do.
Captain Jennifer Lyon says, "We know they need help and they refuse the help. It's very frustrating for officers not to be able to have any steps to take to help those people."
This program would give them those steps and they would be in direct contact with Women's Resources. Stroud Area Regional will be the first to be trained starting in October. If it's successful, the other police departments will enact the program too.

PMRP Officially Charge Five Men In The 2013 Hazing Death
Tuesday September 15th 2015

Pocono Mountain Regional Police announced this morning they are charging Aaron Chen, Alan Wong, Sam Laio, Thomas Liu and Andy Meng with hindering apprehension, hazing and criminal conspiracy in the death of 19-year-old Chun Michael Deng of Queens, New York. Police say in December of 20-13, approximately 25 students from Baruch College were at a home rented by the Pi Delta Psi Fraternity on Candlewood Drive in Tunkhannock Township. Deng was one of five pledges trying to join the fraternity and participated in a ritual called "glass ceiling."
Chief Chris Wagner says, "He was singled out and he was treated harsher than the other pledges."
While you're blind folded and wearing a weighted backpack, the object is to get through a line of brothers as other members push and shove you.
Wagner says, "He had complained that his head was hurting and was tackled again."
Deng was knocked out and carried inside unconscious. It was reported he was having a hard time breathing. No prompt medical attention was sought, instead Police say they hid fraternity evidence and changed his clothes. He was eventually taken to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Hospital where he died.
Wagner adds, "Delay in treatment of one to two hours significantly contributed to the death of Mr. Deng."
In 2014 a Grand Jury convened in Monroe County to investigate the case due to so many people involved and a great lack of cooperation.
Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Michael Rakaczewski says, "They lied to the police, that they hid and tried to hide evidence, and a lot of that was based on trying to cover up and hide the fraternity's involvement."
This July the Jury recommended 37 individuals and the fraternity organization face charges.
Rakaczewski says, "The District Attorneys Office is not bound by that recommendation, however we take it into consideration and right now only five individuals have been charged."
The charges include criminal homicide and involuntary manslaughter, which the Jury recommends for five individuals and the fraternity organization.
Rakaczewski says, "Obviously you can't put a fraternity or a corporation in jail, but you can hold them responsible. Part of that is financially."
Rakaczewski says there hasn't been a hazing case to this magnitude before in the county and they're hoping to set a precedent when it comes to any type of hazing.
He adds, "If members of the fraternity condone it and allow it to go on, even though it's officially not supposed to that's improper and it's illegal, and we do want to hold everybody involved accountable including the fraternity."
The five defendants charged are expected to be arraigned this Thursday. Police plan to charge more people this fall in connection with Deng's death starting with the lesser charges and building up to the most serious.

Breaking The Rules At Mount Airy Casino Is A High Risk Gamble
Monday September 14th 2015

Mount Airy Casino State Police have to always be on their toes. Recently they've reported more crimes than usual involving trespassing, minor theft, disorderly patrons and counterfeit money. But spikes like that aren't out of the norm and they're ready for them. Office Commander Sergeant Fred Tolerico tells us on average about 40-50 incidents occur per month. With so many people getting caught doing wrong on a regular basis, Casino officials offer this advice: Just don't do it.
While the number of incidents reported may seem high, police say it's typical of any other casino in the state.

Eric Frein Anniversary
Friday September 11th 2015

One year ago, two state troopers were shot outside the State Police Barracks in Blooming Grove. Corporal Bryon Dickson was killed and Trooper Alex Douglass critically wounded. The ambush sparked a 48 day manhunt for the alleged cop killer Eric Frein. However since Frein was a self-taught survivalist, authorities had a difficult time tracking him. With the fugitive on the loose, Blooming Grove Towsnship Supervisor Nick Mazza says extra precautions were taken to make residents feel safe. " We had to cancel some meetings and lock some doors up with this guy on the loose, and these are things we never had to do before. However tragedy turned to triumph as resident Kevin Gay tells us, the community became stronger than ever before " people just wanted to help out, they wanted to help with the search, making food, handing out waters, whatever they could do. That definitely made the community come together." On October 30th, many in the community breathed a sigh of relief as Eric Frein was captured. Frein still remains locked up in the Pike County Correctional Facility and no date has been set for his trial.

September 11th Anniversary Remembered In Monroe County
Friday September 11th 2015

14-years-old today, three thousand people lost their lives in attacks that changed America forever. That's why Monroe County is remembering September 11th, 2001 by giving back to those who serve with events happening this weekend.
Kevin Fabiano of Alpine Mountain Resort tells us he's honored to help facilitate one event happening tomorrow- Patriot Day. Organizers are already setting up for the event from 1-8PM at the Yuengling Bar and Grill at the resort on Route 447. Monroe County's Disabled American Veterans Association is asking you to come out and support their cause.
Fabiano explains, "There's no Monroe County VA Hospital, they have to go to Wilkes Barre, some of them are unable to go in a normal form of transportation, they need a medical vehicle. They don't own one so they asked if they could try to raise money to purchase one."
Your admission fee of $20 for adults and $10 for children will all go toward the transport vehicle for local veterans. But you'll also get a great time. Monroe County Joint Veterans Honor Guard will hold a memorial service, the raising of the flag will actually be the parachute for a woman jumping from a plane and plenty of entertainment that includes a boxing legend.
Fabiano says, "They're going to have Larry Holmes here and no he's not fighting. He's coming here and he's going to sing. He has an actual band called the Marmalades."
There will also be plenty of great food.
And you can aonor your heroes by being a hero.
Monroe County Emergency Management Deputy Director Maryellen Keegan says, "Just a pint of blood can save somebody's life so this is an opportunity to help out, not only the community but also honor our firefighters, law enforcement, EMS that risk their lives everyday to make sure the public is safe."
You can donate blood at Monroe County's Public Safety Center located in Snydersville from 11AM-3PM. All donors will receive a coupon for money off a Turkey Hill Gelato. Currently, the Red Cross is in need of all blood types.

Man Sentenced in death of 20-year old Jogger
Thursday September 10th 2015

Fifty-one year old Phillip Cise appeared in court today for sentencing. Cise was under the influence of non prescribed pain-killers, when he killed Gabrielle Reuveni back in the summer of 2012. Reuveni was jogging on the side of route 507, when Cise lost control of his pickup truck, swerving and fatally striking the 20-year old girl. The judge sentenced Philip Cise to three to six years in state prison for the crime. He has already served nearly half of that time since being locked up back in April of 2013.

Interest In Rehabilitating The Former Penn Hills Resort
Thursday September 10th 2015

A former couples resort in Monroe County may be turned into something new. A potential buyer wants to transform the dilapidated Penn Hills Resort in Analomink into a veterans rehabilitation center. In the meantime, Stroud Township Officials are in the process of getting the former resort cleaned up and secured.
Stroud Township Officials have had their fill of the pile of junk the old resort has become. They say the once vacation haven is now crime-ridden. Supervisor Chairman Ed Cramer says they'd like to stop the illegal dumping, vandalism, graffiti, and secure the buildings so people can't get in and possibly get hurt.
They're currently going through the process of their Dangerous and Dilapidated Structure Ordinance with the owners- Penn Resort Investments, LLC. That means they're investigating which abandoned buildings can be fixed to make them safer and what needs to be demolished.
The current owners bought the more than 60 acre property at a tax sale about two years ago for $25,000. Cramer estimates it'll take 30 to 60 days to determine what buildings need to be torn down. The owners would then be responsible for the bill. Cramer says if they don't comply, it could end up in county court or the township can do the work and put a lien on the property.
But a potential buyer has made an offer on the property. If the owners take it, they could wipe their hands clean of the mess.
Founder Mark Baylis of the Valor Clinic wants to convert the resort eyesore into a veterans rehabilitation center. That would include vocational training and a health clinic among other greatly needed services in the area.
Baylis says, "We made one for about 10 times what they paid for it and they wanted 20 times what they paid for it. Now we just put in a higher one."
His goal is to build upon the success of their veterans homeless recovery center established at the former Hotel Jonas in Monroe County's West End. They need an offer accepted so they can apply for an LSA Grant at the end of this month. The owners did not return our call, but township supervisors say it's be a great transformation.

Commuter Rail Service Coming To Monroe County?
Wednesday September 9th 2015

A passenger rail service is back on track for Monroe County. A line relinking Northeastern Pennsylvania to New Jersey has been in the works since the 1980s. Currently it's gaining momentum and your support is needed at a meeting scheduled for early fall.
A freight service already runs through Monroe County three days a week, now officials from the Pennsylvania Regional Railroad Authority are hoping a second track will finally be built again for a passenger rail service to New Jersey. The direct route over the Delaware River was abandoned in the 70s and the 28 miles of track were ripped up. It's something Chairman Bob Hay has been trying to put back in motion since 1987. Why? Because for one- economic development. And two- the number of Monroe County residents that work in New Jersey and New York. It would serve as another mode of transportation, instead of just relying on Interstate 80, which continues to get more congested.
The project is to run commuter trains from Scranton to the Hoboken area of New Jersey. People then traveling to New York can catch another train from there.
It's received a stop light several times due to a lack of funding and economic downturn, but now it's chugging away once again thanks to Congressman Matt Cartwright getting the conversation moving. Also they have all of the railroad right-of-ways in place.
And the start of the new line is already underway in New Jersey and funded for 50 million dollars. Hay says it's expected to be completed by the end of next year or early 2017.
Hay adds, "We will have rail service reestablished on the first seven miles and that's from Port Marsh New Jersey to Andover. The funding we need now is to get it up from Andover into Monroe County."
The track will be built next to the one in East Stroudsburg. Congressman Cartwright has set up a meeting to talk about getting the funding for the second phase to Monroe County. If you're in support, go to the meeting on Tuesday, October 13th at The INN At Pocono Manor starting at 2PM.

Kidder Twp Fire Chief's Wife Charged With Theft
Wednesday September 9th 2015

Thirty-two year old Amanda Devine of White Haven faces felony charges. The mother of three was arraigned this morning. She's accused of stealing more than $33,000 from the Kidder Township Volunteer Fire Company. According to court papers, the thefts started in 2011 and continued through July 2015. Devine is the wife of Volunteer Fire Chief, John Devine. She's free on $32,000 unsecured bail.

Lawmakers Fight to Fix Roads
Tuesday September 8th 2015

State Representatives Rosemary Brown and Mike Peifer met with Penn Dot officials and the secretary of transportation to talk about cost efficient ways to repair some of the less traveled roads in Pike Count. One of the of the proposals involves reusing some of the original materials dug up in the total rebuilding of interstate 84. Currently Penn Dot is doing a case study of a similar nature in Eerie County but they're still awaiting the results. To resurface the roads cost 300 thousand dollars per mile, if this proposal works, both lawmakers say it could pave a new way into the future.

Animal Rescue Needs Help With New Home
Tuesday September 8th 2015

A non-profit group dedicated to giving all homeless pets in Monroe County a place to call home now has a place to call their own. Currently Camp Papillon's rescued animals are in foster care until they're adopted. Now with your help, they're in the process of transforming a property they've purchased in Hamilton Township into an animal sanctuary. They'll go from helping 10 to 30 dogs and cats at a time to hopefully 200. The need is huge in the area that has tons of strays and shelters with no room.
The rescue just purchased the 33 acre former Camp Brainerd property located near the Snydersville Exit off of Route 33 for $325,000 thanks to an anonymous donor. We're told he's matching what they raise up to $200,000.
They just need your help to get it up and running for Spring. You can volunteer by building answering phones, fundraising or just walking one of their dogs.
The goal is to put a roof on one of the garages, have temporary kennels and a cottage ready for someone to stay on the grounds before winter. To get involved or donate, just go to their website at

Clean Out Your Old Shoes For A Great Cause
Friday September 4th 2015

A non-profit dedicated to inspiring girls to run after their dreams needs your used shoes. A shoe drive fundraiser for Girls On The Run Pocono has kicked off.
Your old shoes lying around, collecting dust can now be used to help adolescent girls in Monroe, Pike and Northampton Counties. The Pocono Chapter of Girls On The Run wants to help all third through eighth graders reach their potential. The after-school program inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a curriculum which creatively integrates running. That's why officials hope to finish their second annual shoe drive fundraiser strong. The money raised from the shoes donated goes toward a scholarship fund to help girls who can't afford their program. Last year Coach Stacey Rodrigues says they turned in 2,500 shoes for $2,000. They're looking to double that amount with your help. And the old shoes will also be put to good use- they'll be shipped overseas to third world countries. The owner of Ready Set Run located on Lower Main Street in Stroudsburg says the barrel there is already starting to fill up.
The fundraiser runs through Thanksgiving. For more information on where the barrels are located or for more information about the program, just go to their website at

Roundabout Proposal
Friday September 4th 2015

PennDOT officials are proposing an idea to add roundabouts to help regulate the traffic at more than three dozen busy intersections in the Lehigh Valley. The intersections at routes 145 and 248 happens to be one. This intersection has a history of accidents and traffic build up according to people in the neighborhood. Owner of ABC Refrigeration, Heating, and Cooling, INC Todd Dreisbach says "We've had an accident within the last two years where a gentleman had passed away." He continues "There has been about maybe twelve fender benders, there's been a tractor trailer who took out the light pole here and really screwed this corner up for about two days." Dreisbach was pleased to hear the news of the roundabouts.

Casino Table Games Revenue Increase In Monroe County
Thursday September 3rd 2015

July's table games revenue is up in Pennsylvania from last year by more than 13 percent. But Mount Airy Casino located in Swiftwater really hit the jackpot. They've increased by more than 30 percent.
Mount Airy Casino shines bright with success. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board reports its July 20-15 table games revenue increased over a million dollars compared to the same month last year. That means the community is winning too, and not only with tax revenue. Casino officials say it allows them to keep over 1,100 people employed and 95 percent are from the local region. While luck was definitely on their side, officials tell us they were also really focused on enticing new players to the resort.
Executive Vice President and General Manager John Culetsu says, "We had some incredible marketing promotions going on during the time and it's an array of different events from concerts, to golf tournaments and various other type of player development activities."
Something new they did was partnering with the Sherman Theater for an outdoor summer stage series.
Culetsu adds, "We had Sublime playing to over three thousand people, Pat Benatar, Chris Young so we mixed different genres of music from rock, to classic rock, to country."
And music wasn't the only entertainment the casino offered. There's something for everyone and this weekend is the perfect example.
Culetsu says, "Chip N' Dales are here for the ladies on Friday and Saturday night and then we also have the International Bikini Team for the guys. Saturday we also have Jessi's Girl which is the ultimate 80's tribute band."
Tourism officials say the Kalahari Resorts and Conventions and Camelback Lodge and Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark are also helping Mount Airy's gaming revenue.
Public Relations Manager Elizabeth Richardson of the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau says, " For everyone else that's staying at other places, who aren't staying at the casino, they're still using the casino as that additional amenity."
Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau has also upped their marketing and hotel occupancy has also increased. Casino officials say they expect to see the same increase if not better when August's numbers come in.

One- Stop Shopping for the More Mature
Thursday September 3rd 2015

Nearly 500 Seniors from across Pike County filed into the Dingmans Fire Station today for the annual Senior Expo. Over 50 vendors were on hand to discuss living wills, elder abuse, Medicaid, social security options. Medical Vendors were also in attendance, seniors had the opportunity to get blood tested, undergo health screenings, and even get a flu shot free of charge. The event was hosted by State Representative Mike Peifer and Rosemary Brown.

Reply from William O'Gurek to Matt Schutters
Thursday September 3rd 2015

It is really unfortunate that Mr. Schutter has ascertained a totally inexplicable opinion about how I feel both personally and professionally about all human beings. His contention that I am a homophobe is a sad documentary that borders on character assassination.

Be that as it may, the truth of this matter is Mr. Schutter visited the commissioners’ office about two weeks ago to complain about the election process, and, as the only commissioner present at the time, I met with him in the front office of the commissioners’ office, during which time I explained to him the law provides any challenge to election procedures needs to be remedied through the Court of Common Pleas, not the commissioners’ office.

He is now falsely claiming I called him a name, a practice I have never resorted to, nor would I. I respect each individual on this earth, and their freedom to make their own choices. Several county employees were present during this brief encounter who were witnesses to the conversation.

Two Celebrations In One
Wednesday September 2nd 2015

Stroudsburg is all set for an economic boost this weekend. The Sherman Theater's annual end of the summer bash is a huge draw to Monroe County, but this year StroudFest is all about an historic date. Stroudsburg Borough was founded 200 years ago on February 6, 1815 and its birthday party is adding to the festivities with free ice cream, entertainment and a fireworks finale. They'll also bury a time capsule and dedicate a tree. StroudFest is expected to have over 100 vendors along Main Street, Courthouse Square and adjacent streets consisting of food, retail and arts and crafts. Music will fill the air from three different stages and the weekly Farmer's Market will run throughout the day. This year they've added a children's corner. StroudFest starts Saturday morning at 11.

New College Course To Entice Part-Time Students
Tuesday September 1st 2015

Northampton Community College's Monroe Campus is experiencing a significant drop in part-time students this year. But they're now offering a new course that should spark interest.
Freshmen already feel settled in at the campus. Classes started just last week and students living nearby were excited to experience everything the relatively new facility in Tannersville has to offer. It just opened last year.
Currently over 2,000 students from Monroe County are enrolled at the campus. While the number of full-time students is up by four percent from last year, the number of part-time students is down by five percent. Officials say that drop is in direct correlation with how well the economy is doing. Dean Matt Connell says while you may be satisfied at your current job, you should always strive for improvement. You never know what tomorrow will bring.
The college is now offering a new course that's perfect for part-time students. We're told it could directly lead to full-time employment.
Connell explains, "We have added a computer degree here that is focusing on computer security, and we are working on training individuals to get jobs at Tobyhanna Army Depot over the next 14months."
Connell says Tobyhanna Army Depot will be looking to hire about 200 people that have computer security training, and are expecting to continue hiring in that field. For more information, call Northampton Community College.

Delaware Water Gap Celebrates 50th Anniversary
Tuesday September 1st 2015

Over One-Hunrded Park Service employees gathered at Smithfield Beach to celebrates fifty years of service. Superintendent, John Donahue, thanked each member for their dedication to the park, handing out a commemorative 50th anniversary coin to each employee. Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area ranked as one of the top twenty most visited parks in the entire country, and the Park Service is looking to make it even more successful in the future. Superintendent Donahue says " Its a big thing 50 years we learned a lot over that time of what to do and what not to do, but now we are looking ahead and I think the next 50 years will be even better than the first." The Park Service has been meeting with the Public to gauge their input on how to improve the Park Area, the next input session is scheduled next week.

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