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JT Police Get E-Ticketing
Friday January 29th 2016

Jim Thorpe police will soon be ticketing in the 21st Century. Three cruisers are being equipped with the latest technology to allow police to print tickets from inside the car. The development will keep officers off the side of the road and out of the way of danger. It will also cut back on time-consuming and costly paperwork. Chief Joe Schatz says he hopes to have the system up and running within the next few weeks.

Never Miss Class Again At NCC
Friday January 29th 2016

Students unable to attend class at Northampton Community College no longer have to feel like they missed something. Now technology allows students to watch the professors' lecture on internet replay.
Monroe and the other two campuses have every classroom equipped with recording technology. Everyone can watch what happened in class on the school's learning management system called Blackboard from any electronic device.
CIT Networking Major William Feliciano of Effort appreciates the online lecture tool and finds it to add a sense of relief when it snows in the Poconos. He doesn't have to fear falling behind if he can't get dug out to make it to class.
But even if a student isn't missing class, the 24/7 availability can still be helpful in just learning the material. Students can replay what was taught in class as many times as they need. Officials say the goal is to assist students to be more successful.

Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area Renovation
Friday January 29th 2016

This morning Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area officials announced their historic properties management plan for the recreation area. The project consists of renovating some historic buildings in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and bringing them back to productive use. Officials say they have around 600 possible buildings to renovate but they have to narrow that number down so that's where they need the communities help. Spokeswoman of Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area Kathleen Sandt says, "we really want the publics input on this as well." Park service officials say the project is made possible because of the Middle Delaware fund of twelve and a half million dollars. Which was a benefit from the mitigation package given because of the impact of the Susquehanna Roseland Power Line running through the area. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area officials will be holding another informative meeting in Milford tonight at 6 at Delaware Valley High School and tomorrow morning at the Bushkill Meeting Center at 10.

Habitat For Humanity Seeks A Family
Thursday January 28th 2016

Monroe County's Habitat for Humanity just made another dream come true. It's the third time in a year they've handed over keys for a lifelong renter to own a home. The Davis Family is currently moving into a house in Stroudsburg after participating in their Partner Family Program. All they had to do was apply, meet the income requirements and be ready to put in "Sweat Equity." The couple put in hours fixing up the place and other Habitat for Humanity homes. Now officials are looking to help another family in the northern tier of Monroe County. All of their homes are offered at zero percent interest so a family is only paying the cost of the home for a 30 year mortgage. They currently have a four-bedroom home available in Blakeslee. If you're interested in partnering with Habitat for Humanity, just go to their website at

Mount Pocono Water Issue
Thursday January 28th 2016

Residents of Mount Pocono say their water changes from clear to dark brown on a regular basis. Residents have been posting photos on the Mount Pocono borough Facebook page with pictures of the water. The mayor of the borough Fred Courtright says he knows the key to the issue, maintenance. Courtright says the water company has a plan to fix the current issue which officials say began from a fire behind Wal-Mart in Mount Pocono. They will be flushing the water system overnight each night starting Sunday until Wednesday if the weather permits, because it can't be done if it is too cold outside. Mayor Courtright says another major issue is the lack of communication between Pennsylvania American Water company and the residents. Officials say there hasn't been any reports of people becoming sick because of the water yet.

Tracking Down the Homeless
Wednesday January 27th 2016

60 Volunteers will be taking part in a nationwide effort tonight to track down homeless in the area. Armed with a flashlight and survey, these volunteers will be scouring parking lots, diners, abandoned barns, and other hot spots people have pinpointed as popular homeless hangouts. The people who are found, can participate in a brief survey if they choose, but are not required to do so. They will also be offered a ride to the nearest shelter where they can spend the night and enjoy a warm bed and a hot meal. The people who choose not to stay in the shelter, will be given care kits, those include blankets, pillows, shampoo, soaps, and other items. The homeless count helps the county get funding to provide programs for the homeless or people in need.

Clear Off Your Heating Vents
Wednesday January 27th 2016

Your sidewalks may be shoveled but how about your heating and exhaust vents? Leaving those blocked by snow can cause the deadly gas Carbon Monoxide to build up in your home. Yesterday, workers at the Tamaqua Salvation Army were evacuated after propane backed into the building when the vents were blocked with snow. Firefighters recommend removing snow around the vents and installing at least two Carbon Monoxide detectors in every home.

Snow on Trucks
Wednesday January 27th 2016

The snowstorm hit much of the East Coast last weekend and almost five days later people are still trying to recover from the major impact. Officials say there has been over 30 deaths because of the storm and with that in mind truck drivers are trying not to contribute in increasing that number. Ricky Long is a truck driver and owner of Long Trucking out of Tennessee who says he's not used to the snow but he does know the dangers it can cause other drivers when its left on the top of the trailers on the trucks. Many truck drivers say they run their trucks through a machine to get the snow off, others say they wait for the snow to melt, and some shovel the tops themselves. The state of Pennsylvania has a fine of 200 to 1,000 dollars for incidents involving ice or snow dislodging from the truck causing death or bodily injury to other drivers.

Help A Veteran Keep His Home
Wednesday January 27th 2016

A former Marine is in jeopardy of losing his home in Monroe County. The veteran's roof is leaking and falling apart and will soon make his house in Polk Township unlivable. A veteran's group is determined not to let that happen, but officials can't do it without your help.
The Valor Clinic Foundation will be providing $1,000 worth of materials and their own volunteers. If you'd like to donate or lend a hand, just contact the Valor Clinic. A meeting is being held at Paul's House- their veterans rehab center located in Polk Township- this Monday night at seven.

NPS Closes Park Areas
Tuesday January 26th 2016

The National Park Service announced certain sites will be shutdown after the first snowfall. Childs Park, Raymondskill Falls, among others will be closed to protect the public and to save money. The National Park Service will allow people to visit sites like Dingmans Falls, but that will be enter at your own risk. Park Officials say the sites were closed based on factors including reduced custodial staff and other priorities for snow and ice removal.

Heroin Epidemic
Tuesday January 26th 2016

Throughout Monroe County there has been a number of cases involving the use of heroin and officials say its because of the low cost and high demand. There was even heroin found in a women's purse inside the Stroudsburg courtroom a few weeks ago during a case involving two heroin dealers. Police officials say people are using the drug to relieve pain and recently heroin has been laced with a dangerous drug called fentanyl which is killing people. Police officials say one of the major reasons for heroin in the county is Interstate 80, because it gives people access to the big suppliers in neighboring states and cities. Stroud Area Regional Police officials have been searching for solutions for the issue and they've added a prescription drop box in their department. This will allow people to drop off their old prescriptions so it doesn't get into the wrong hands because those drugs can lead to addiction. Chief Parrish also says the police force has been trying to crack down on the issue by partnering with the Drug Enforcement Agency.

All Systems Go To Demolish Two Stroudsburg Stores
Tuesday January 26th 2016

A new five-story building is closer to being built in Downtown Stroudsburg. Back in October the former Carlton House was torn down for the project at the corner of 8th and Main Streets. Now Stroudsburg Borough Council approved the next phase- demolishing the former liquor store and bridal dress shop located next door. The work is expected to start in early February. Officials of Dein Properties plan to transform the three lots into a brick building to be used for retail, office space and upscale apartments. Officials hope the building and site plans will then be approved so they can start the new construction late spring or early summer.

Charges Withdrawn in Slatington Case
Tuesday January 26th 2016

Charges against a Reading man accused of assault in Slatington are withdrawn. Raul Caraballo was charged earlier this month with aggravated and simple assault after he allegedly pistol whipped a man at a home on Main Street in the borough. The victim was found by police running down the street naked at 4 am on January 4th. He told officers Caraballo entered the residence and proceeded to punch and beat him with a gun. He then allegedly instructed the victim to remove his clothes and leave the apartment. However, at Caraballo's preliminary hearing today court officials say the charges against him were withdrawn. The victim is reportedly not cooperating with police who continue to investigate.

Lansford snow woes
Tuesday January 26th 2016

Three days after a massive snow storm hit our area, a Carbon County community is still digging out. In Lansford, the mayor is dissatisfied with the clean up. He blames the president of the borough council and chairman of public works, Martin Ditsky, for not planning accordingly. Ditsky says it wasn't lack of planning, but lack of resources that have left some messy streets in the borough. The issue is expected to be discussed during next borough council meeting.

Tuscarora business leveled by flames
Monday January 25th 2016

A state police fire marshal is investigating the cause of a fire that leveled the Material Dynamics building in Tuscarora. It happened yesterday morning around 11AM. The business was closed at the time of the blaze and nobody was injured. The business manufactures resin and resin compounds used to make glue. It took crews about four hours to put out the blaze.

Digging Out After The Blizzard
Monday January 25th 2016

The clean up continues in Monroe County after a storm hit the area hard over the weekend. A snow emergency for Stroudsburg Borough remains in effect until nine tomorrow morning. All vehicles illegally parked on a snow emergency route that hasn't been touched yet will be towed at the owner's expense. If you haven't dug out yet or shoveled, officials are asking you not to leave the snow in the street once you do.
Officials say they'll start plowing the alternate routes at seven each night once the snow emergency ones are completed.

Monroe County Homeless Count
Monday January 25th 2016

Last year there were over 250 homeless people counted in Monroe County and over 150 of them were unsheltered. This Wednesday Crossroads Community Services and Street2Feet will be holding their annual count of the homeless community in Monroe County. Crossroad Community Services officials say they are still looking for more volunteers. Each year East Stroudsburg University, Valor Clinic, Operation Chillout and numerous other organizations help out the cause. There will be a planning meeting for all volunteers and people interested tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. at the Street2Feet facility in Stroudsburg. Officials are also looking for donations of hygiene supplies, foot warmers, chapstick and winter socks.

Cardiac Surgery On The Rise In Monroe County
Friday January 22nd 2016

Cardiac Surgery is on the rise in Monroe County. It's up 50 percent at Pocono Medical Center. But that goes against the national trend which is seeing heart surgery going down. Officials believe they're being sought out by patients due to being recognized for providing great care, but it also means heart disease is a huge problem in the county. It's the number one cause of death for residents.
Officials are dedicated to battling the disease and committed to helping you manage your heart health. A free event is happening at Blue Ridge Winery Wednesday night, February 24th from 5:30 to 7 where experts will be available to answer questions. A light dinner and wine tastings will be included. You're only asked to go online to to pre-register for the event called "Getting to the HEART of the Problem."

Saw Creek Residents Fire Back at Board
Friday January 22nd 2016

About 30 residents who live in Saw Creek Estates got together last night at the Log Cabin in Bushkill to express frustration with the Saw Creek board of Directors. The group was frustrated over the Private Community implementing a deer cull, which allowed sharpshooters to thin the deer herd in Saw Creek Estates. The residents present at last nights meeting expressed concerns that the cull crippled hunting in the surrounding areas. The GM of Saw Creek Estates told us, the deer cull will continue until they are able to reduce the number of deer from 120 per square mile down to the 10-15, which is the amount recommended by the Department of Agriculture. The deer killed during the cull go to a good cause. Over seven-thousand pounds of venison was donated to local food banks.

Shafer Schoolhouse Road Update
Friday January 22nd 2016

This morning PennDOT officials spoke to the public and local officials about the potential closing of the intersection of 209 and Shafer Schoolhouse Road. District Executive of PennDOT Engineering District 5 Michael Rebert says they have taken in consideration every option but the closing of the intersection seems like the safest option. PennDOT officials say they will meet with Stroudsburg Borough, Stroud Township, and Hamilton Township officials in a couple of weeks to come up with a solution that may lead to the intersection remaining.

Corning Natural Gas Comes to Pike
Thursday January 21st 2016

Corning Natural Gas is close to finalizing a deal to purchase PPL from Orange and Rockland. Orange and Rockland officials say they were looking to phase out of Pennsylvania with stricter energy regulations starting to take shape in both New York and New Jersey. The timing was perfect when Corning came along, looking to acquire a smaller company with big potential. President, Michael German spoke today at the Hotel Fauchere in Milford, telling crowd, that the 4,600 customers that will soon be changing service won't be in for any surprises, but should only expect more of the same.

New Visitor Access System At Pleasant Valley School District
Thursday January 21st 2016

A school district in Monroe County is testing out a new security program for entering its buildings. Pleasant Valley is piloting what's called "School Gate Guardian" at their district office, technology that utilizes your state identification card. The idea is to know more about a person before they come through the door, such criminal or sex offender records. It's just one more barrier to keep students and staff safe. If the system works out well, school officials say they will be working over the summer and start of next year to implement School Gate Guardians at every building in the district.

East Stroudsburg Shooting
Thursday January 21st 2016

This morning 20 year old James Storm Battle of Tamiment, 36 year old Corrine Tozzi and 23 year old Simone Garner of East Stroudsburg appeared in court this morning for their arraignment via video. They were charged for being involved in a shooting at Prospect Hills apartment complex off Greentree Drive in East Stroudsburg in October last year. After the victim was released from intensive care he identified James Storm Battle as the one who shot him and where he resides. Police were later told Battle had fled to New York but he was found last night by the U.S. Marshalls hiding at his girlfriend Corrine Tozzi's apartment at Victoria Heights. Battle was charged with attempted criminal homicide, Tozzi and Garner are both charged with hindering apprehension or prosecution after helping hide battle. Tozzi was also charged with endangering welfare of children because she had her 8 year old son in the home. Police officials say the altercation on October 8th began at an East Stroudsburg gas station and worked its way to the victims apartment. Police officials say the victim had gone home and thereafter a group of individuals came to his home and he was shot twice in the neck. This morning we spoke with many people around the neighborhood who say they are happy that police have made arrests and feel more comfortable. The victim is recuperating from the two bullet wounds and police officials say he is doing well at this point. All three people involved will appear in court for their preliminary hearing on January 26th in Stroudsburg.

House Fire Leaves Two Homeless in Towamensing Twp.
Wednesday January 20th 2016

Crews from two counties responded to James St. in Towamensing Township just before 7 pm last night after a fire was reported in a home's kitchen. Firefighters from Towmensing, Franklin and Polk townships battle the blaze for around two hours, saving six cats from the home in the process. Both residents escaped unharmed. Fire Chief Wayne Knirnschild says the roof started to collapse over the kitchen area and most of the flames were contained to the attic. He also believes the fire started in a wood pellet stove located in the kitchen. Officials say to make sure your stoves and furnaces are clear of ash and soot this winter season.

Brodheadsville Intersection Improvements Pay Off
Wednesday January 20th 2016

A wider intersection in Brodheadsville is making a big difference for traffic. Construction started almost a year ago to improve the congested Route 209 and 715 Intersection. The three turning lanes and new traffic lights with turning signals have been functioning for a couple of weeks now. And drivers say they're reaping the benefits after dealing with traffic backups as long as they can remember. Final sidewalk work and paving still need to happen once the weather warms up again. The entire project will wrap up by the end of May.

Stroud Ice Fest Prep
Wednesday January 20th 2016

This year the Winter Fest most commonly known as Ice Fest is coming to Stroudsburg after not happening for the last two years. Officials say a group of local business owners got together and organized the event. This year the local businesses are focusing on working together in order to attract locals to the events and to the historic Main Street. The event will take place on Presidents' Day weekend.

A Call For Help: Water Issues Continue
Tuesday January 19th 2016

A community in Chestnuthill Township is calling for help over water issues. It's now been seven months and residents at Sun Valley's mobile home development are still left high and dry by their water company. The owner of the private company died and no one was assigned to take his place.
Some days they have water and some days they don't.
State Representative Jack Rader has been meeting with Senator Mario Scavello and the State Department of Environmental Protection to find a solution. He says they're trying to locate an owner, but they're also being proactive. They're trying to also get someone to buy the system but that involves state funding which the state budget impasse is getting in the way of.
Meanwhile DEP officials tell us last July they issued an order to the owner's wife and another party involved to begin operating the water system. But received no response. Typically they have six months to comply. DEP is in the process of preparing legal arguments to take the two to Monroe County Court. DEP officials say a boil water advisory had been in place before the owner died and it remains in effect. They don't have the power to lift it under the circumstances.

Stroudsburg Gas Line Work
Tuesday January 19th 2016

If you were wondering what's the deal with all the road work in Stroudsburg its that UGI officials have been replacing the gas lines in the town for the last few months. According to Stroudsburg road officials the focus now is getting the streets repatched regardless of whether the pipes are completed in order to beat the weekend storm. "They have the steel plates on the road and they just need to have those removed and filled in by the time the snow arrives so that we can plow and maintain the roads to be open for public safety vehicles and then after the storm and everything is cleared they can dig it back open and continue on with their work", says Public Works Director of the Borough of Stroudsburg Brian Bond. Road officials say the deadline to repatch the streets before the storm is mid Friday.

Neighbor Helps Save A Monroe County Home From Fire
Monday January 18th 2016

Today an Effort home may be boarded up but it's still standing after a fire started just before three-thirty yesterday afternoon. Jimmy Figueroa was working outside in his yard when he spotted smoke coming from his neighbor's home on Sunset Lane located in the Birch Hollow Estates development. He ran over and found the source to be the back bedroom on the lowest level.
Figueroa says, "I yelled to get the kids out of the house and I rushed back to the house here to get the extinguishers so I could get into where the fire was."
Figueroa tells us he crawled under the smoke to where he could use his fire extinguisher. He also closed the bedroom door and the hallway door leading upstairs to contain the flames until Polk, West End and Tunkhannock Volunteer Firefighters could arrive. A viewer sent us pictures of the fire.
Polk Township Volunteer Fire Chief Billy Tippett says, "The best thing you can do is close the house up, starve the fire for air. If you do that, you can stand a better chance of saving your house."
Fire officials tell us Figueroa was instrumental in allowing them to not only save the house but in quickly knocking down the blaze.
Tippett says, "Called Monroe County Control Center that the fire was under control within 30 minutes after dispatch.
Figueroa says he's not a hero and he would do the same thing for anyone.
Figueroa says, "Just the way I am. I was in the military many years ago and I was sort of like a firefighter when I was in the Navy so I already knew some of the steps as to what to do."
We're told the family of six is doing ok and they appreciate everyone helping them. The American Red Cross of the Poconos is providing the husband and wife along with their four kids a place to stay, food and clothing. And they have homeowners insurance.
If you'd like to help the family in any way, just call the Red Cross at 570-476-3800. Executive Director Michele Baehr says, "Financial funding is only coming from the generosity of our donors so we can continue to support families like this if you donate on red or come by the chapter."
Officials tell us the fire is currently under investigation but it did not seem suspicious.

Martin Luther King ESU Celebration
Monday January 18th 2016

This morning East Stroudsburg University held its 19th annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration breakfast as part of the remembrance. Today's keynote speaker Joetta Clark Diggs, was a four time Olympic middle distance runner and was named captain of the women's USA team in 2000. In her speech Diggs encouraged everyone to pursue their dreams. During the celebration awards were given out to recognize students, faculty, and community members. One of the East Stroudsburg University students who won the Boddie scholarship award was Janet Ro. Gertrude Mary Smith Boddie was the first African American student to graduate from what is now ESU. East Stroudsburg Area School District Superintendent Sharon Laverdure received the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Member Award.

State Budget Impasse Cuts Remain At A Monroe County Library
Friday January 15th 2016

The state budget impasse is still forcing cutbacks at a library in Monroe County. Parts of the budget were approved allowing for emergency funding to schools, counties and social service agencies. But officials at a library near Mount Pocono tell us they haven't received anything yet.
A sign announcing changed hours due to the state budget impasse is still posted on Pocono Mountain Public Library's entrance doors. The reduced hours have been in effect since the beginning of December. But they're not the only cutbacks the library has been dealing with. They also had to lay off six staff members and halt the children's programs. Unlike other social service agencies and schools, the library has not received it's emergency state aid during this record-setting budget stalemate. Library officials tell us they receive 17 percent of their budget from state funds.
People at the library today tell us they've been greatly affected by the cut hours because it's a resource they depend on.
Library officials have noticed it's a big impact on their patrons too. Director Ann Shincovich says, "We've had a few days where we're only open for four hours and we'll have 120 to 180 people come in just in those four hours."
Officials don't expect to get the money until some time in early February so they will have to maintain the cuts until then. If you'd like to help the library, money gifts and office paper are always needed.

PA 115 Mountainside Spring
Thursday January 14th 2016

Route 115 in Effort has been the scene of numerous accidents this winter season. A spring coming down the mountainside has been freezing on the road unbeknownst to motorists. Local residents have expressed concerns and fear the safety of visitors especially those unfamiliar with the road. PennDOT officials say they are aware of the issue and are currently monitoring it.

Help needed for homeless count
Wednesday January 13th 2016

The Carbon County Action Committee of Human Services, Peaceful Knights and Family Promise of Carbon County are gearing up for the annual Pint In Time homeless count. Information gathered during the survey will help with funding to help expand services in the county. The event takes place on January 27th and 28th. Anyone interested in lending a hand is asked to call the Carbon County Action Committee office at (610) 377-6400

Route 209 Intersection Petition
Wednesday January 13th 2016

PennDOT officials plan to close the intersection of Route 209 and Shafers Schoolhouse Road and they say the reason is for safety purposes. There have been 26 total crashes on US 209 and 3 fatalities between 2010 and 2014. Stroud Township Supervisors say they believe thermoplastic rumble strips and pavement markings should be used instead of spending thousands of dollars for this intersection to close. Stroud Township Supervisor Daryl Eppley says “PennDOT is planning a public meeting with the supervisors but the date isn't set and it will be after the decision is made to close the intersection.” So the supervisors sent out a petition with 975 petitioners against the closure and requested a meeting in Harrisburg with a secretary and executive staff. PennDOT officials say they are willing to talk with locals who may have concerns.

Powerball Fever
Wednesday January 13th 2016

Powerball fever is running high in Monroe County for tonight's lottery drawing. The record-shattering 1.5 billion dollar jackpot has everyone feeling lucky. But before you start dreaming about spending the money, officials say it's important to establish a team that includes an attorney, accountant and financial advisor to come up with a plan. If you take the cash at 930 million dollars, there's still a lot of taxes to worry about.
CPA and Shareholder Philip Pope of RLB Accountants says, "Put it in the bank. Even if it's earning one percent interest at a bank savings account, money market account, on a 900 million cash payout that's nine million dollars a year in interest alone."
Besides there's going to be a lot of people wanting to share your wealth. Officials say it's a good idea to defer to your team so you don't have to deal with the hurt feelings.

Pocono Township Commissioners Can't Agree
Tuesday January 12th 2016

Pocono Township Commissioners may be in jeopardy of losing their seats. That's because they can't agree on the first order of business- electing a board president and vice president.
Township Manager Gregg Schuster explains, "By the First Class Township Code they must organize and that includes electing a president and a vice president. And the law says they cannot take any action until they do that."
It's two against two with Pocono Township Commissioners deciding who will be in charge and in second command of the board. Usually there are five commissioners but only four were elected due to a lack of names on the ballot.
Schuster says, "The situation is incredibly rare. There's always an odd number to break a tie. In this case, it was set up with an even number."
The stalemate is causing a lot of work to pile up.
Schuster adds, "Many of them are legislative tasks. Them looking at ordinances, contracts that kind of thing."
And many township employees are wondering if they are going to get paid. Schuster wants citizens to know the local government will continue to function.
Schuster adds, "I believe I have authority to take action to keep the town safe and that's just what I'm going to do, making sure everyone has roads they can travel on, ambulances and police services."
He says only non-essential services are being shut-down.
Schuster says, "Vendors who we've ordered services or goods from that are not going to receive payment in a timely fashion, they may suffer."
While residents are glad township employees will be getting paid, especially with snow in the forecast, they're still very upset and say it's unnecessary confusion.
If the four can't agree by Thursday, a citizen can get the matter sent to Monroe County Court through a petition with 10 signatures. The commissioners would then have to prove why they shouldn't be removed from their seats. The court will hold a hearing and make a decision whether or not to appoint new commissioners.
Schuster says, "I do know the residents are frustrated and it wouldn't surprise me if there's a petition filed."
Commissioner Judi Coover is the only one who commented when we asked. She says quote, "I want to continue our work to resolve the stalemate and not dump this on the court.  Regrettably we have ended up with two opposing teams and that needs to be overcome so that we can work together to do the people's business."
And Schuster tells us he isn't even sure when one of the commissioners will be available because he just had a hospital procedure. The manager adds they can have a majority meeting without him but so far that hasn't happened.

Boersma and Frantz Heroin Preliminary Hearing
Tuesday January 12th 2016

Abigail Frantz 18, of Stroudsburg and 18 year old Quinton Boersma of East Stroudsburg appeared in court today after they were accused of killing 32 year old Joseph McInerney back in September with a heroin called "Magoo" which they had dealt to him. McInerney was found laying face down deceased in a home in North Courtland Street in the borough of East Stroudsburg. Both Boersma and Frantz will have their cases moved on to the Monroe County Courthouse for trial.

Nationwide Problem Rings Out At Monroe County's 911 Center
Monday January 11th 2016

A nationwide problem hits home at Monroe County's 911 Center. Officials say they are experiencing the greatest shortage of dispatchers they've ever seen. They're putting out a request for people to apply. Just go to for more information. Pay starts at $16.50 but officials say it goes up quick. And benefits are included.

Mill Creek Bridge Update
Friday January 8th 2016

The new Mill Creek Bridge in Stroud Township has been under construction since early 2015. The bridge is above the Brodhead Creek and it connects route 191 in Stroud Township with route 447 in East Stroudsburg.
Officials say they are making this bridge a little different compared to the previous three span steel high beam bridge. The bridge will be a new two span t-beam bolt bridge and will also include two eleven foot lanes and two five foot shoulders. The bridge will also have new sidewalks, a bridge barrier and will be a hundred ninety six feet long and forty feet wide. Even though the 3.4 million dollar project is expected to be completed in late 2017 officials say it will be open for use in late 2016. PennDOT officials say they are hoping the new bridge will last up to 75 to 100 years.

Self-Defense Or Attempted Murder?
Friday January 8th 2016

21-year-old Steven Predmore of Tannersville is charged with attempting to murder 22-year-old Alex Marsicano of Pocono Pines, along with other charges. Marsicano testified today, on December 12th he was coming home just after midnight and spotted Predmore's truck at his ex-girlfriend's apartment on Valley Road in Chestnuthill Township.
Defense Attorney Chris Jones says, "There's a PFA that's in place that the ex-girlfriend the forced to procure through the courts because of his endless harassing behavior."
While he was at the truck, Predmore walked out and Marsicano said to him quote, "It was messed up you were talking to her behind my back." That's when a verbal argument started and turned physical. The ex-girlfriend testified, she heard it and came out to try and break it up. She stepped between the two. Marsicano says the fighting stopped and they were a few feet apart. He claims Predmore went to his truck and pulled a pistol from the glove box.
Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Mark Matthews says, "Initially they were about five feet away when he fired the firearm and the victim testified that initially the firearm was pointed at his chest area."
Marsicano adds, when he saw the gun pointed at him, he turned to run away and two of the three shots fired hit each of his calves. Predmore drove away and he called a friend that took him to the hospital. But the ex-girlfriend testified the arguing didn't stop, that Marsicano didn't run away and it got physical again.
Jones says, "He lied in court. His credibility is shot."
Matthews says, "When there's testimony between two different witnesses, they're not always on the same page. It doesn't mean one is credible and one isn't. It's just the way people see events and remember events."
The ex-girlfriend adds quote, "Alex grabbed his arms and said to Steven, "Shoot me, I dare you." Followed by quote, "Steven said, "I have a loaded gun you idiot" because his arms were being grabbed."
Jones says, "Testifed she was in fear for her life that Mr. Marsicano was the clear aggressor in the fight and he initiated the fight. He appeared to be intoxicated."
The judge held all charges for court because Predmore could've went to his truck to drive away instead of grabbing a gun when the fighting stopped. Jones says he was fearing not only for his life but for his friend's life.
Jones adds, "He was incurring and sustaining severe bodily injury. My client was forced to go to the hospital. We have hospital records."
Matthews says, "He's going to argue he needed to defend himself with the firearm but that's an issue that'll have to be resolved by the jury."
Predmore is out on bail he previously posted as he awaits his trial at the Monroe County Courthouse.

Suspicious Death
Thursday January 7th 2016

Monday at approximately 8:06 PM Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department assisted the Pocono Mountain Fire Department with a smoke investigation at 14 Stonegate Drive in Mount Pocono Borough. The smoke came from the homes furnace exhaust and officials deemed the home safe but police did notice a person living in the home Kerdeen Lawrence was intoxicated. Police would respond to another call to the home two hours later for a domestic dispute between Kerdeen and his uncle Andre Lawrence. Andre suffered injuries but became uncooperative when medical officials questioned the extent of his injuries. Police officials left the home so the two could rest. The next morning police responded to a call around 9 because Andre Lawrence was found dead at the home. Police and medical officials are now trying to determine the cause and manner of death.

Season Finally Starts For Skiers and Snowboarders
Thursday January 7th 2016

It's finally an outdoor winter playground in Monroe County. After one of the latest openings for ski areas, two are officially ready to start the season. And those gliding down the slopes aren't the only ones benefitting.
The sound of snowboards and skis gliding over snow is music to everyone's ears this morning. Camelback Mountain and Shawnee Mountain are finally reopened after only opening for one day over the holidays. The late winter weather built up a lot of anticipation to hit the slopes. We ran into one family visiting from Florida who got really lucky. People have been heading to Monroe County for snow and leaving without even a glimpse. Resort officials tell us they've been making snow around the clock and will continue to do so to have every trail open. They're determined to make up for Old Man Winter's tardiness. They're hoping to take advantage of the upcoming holidays including an early Easter.
Ski resorts weren't the only ones missing winter weather, businesses in the area also count on skiers and snowboards. Owners tell us they've felt the hit too with numbers down 30-35 percent.
Unlike the past two years, most people are hoping Old Man Winter's wrath continues to grow.

Caiby Trial
Wednesday January 6th 2016

Anthony Caiby 39, of Hazelton is one of several people said to be involved in the murder of David McEntire of Kunkletown in 2005. Two other people 32 year old Lisa Stavish and Edwin Kelly were found guilty in assisting in his death. Caiby is the third person to be brought to court in this case. Today was the first day of his trial at the Monroe County Courthouse. The murder is said to have taken place at a home on Rainbow Lake Drive in Pocono Township instead of the previously reported Crescent Lake Development. Prosecutors say Stavish and Caiby beat McEntire over stolen drugs and money. McEntire's body was never found. In his opening statement today, the Defense Attorney told the jury they will learn there is no real evidence to convict his client. Testimony began today regarding the relationship of the victim and his family. The Prosecution called McEntire's daughter to the stand. When asked if she believes if her father was still alive would he have contacted her by now, she became emotional and said, "Yes, he wouldn't have missed my wedding or the birth of my children."

Senator Facilitates Win-Win For All
Wednesday January 6th 2016

Since 2010 the airport in Mount Pocono hasn't been able to use the full-length of one of its runways. Trees on an adjacent property stood in the way. Thanks to a senator who got the ball rolling for a bridge replacement in East Stroudsburg that problem is now solved too.
Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport will no longer have a land ownership issue preventing full usage of one of its runways. Five years ago, officials extended the landing strip to accommodate larger aircraft but trees became an issue.
Airport Board Member Greg Christine explains, "Pushed the runway out closer to where the trees had grown up too high so it affects what's called the approach plates that's the area where planes land when it's foggy, it's dark or they can't see trees."
The problem- the trees couldn't be accessed to cut down. They're located on over 500 acres that the Game Commission owns but couldn't reach.
PA Game Commission Northeast Land Management Supervisor Michael Beahm says, "It's kind of segregated between the railroad bed and Interstate 380."
Meanwhile the Northeast Railroad Authority was also one of four parties sharing responsibility for the replacement of the Iron Bridge on Ridgeway Street in East Stroudsburg. But they couldn't agree on who would pay what.
Christine says, "The railroad authority was the only possible way to get access for us."
Since the railroad authority owned both the property underneath the bridge and the property connected to the airport, Senator Mario Scavello came up with a solution for both. Scavello was able to get the railroad authority to donate both right-of-way for the bridge and for the Game Commission, and facilitated all parties agreeing to do their part in replacing the bridge. Officials say it's a win-win for everybody.
Beahm says, "Be able to do some type of habitat work, as well as meet the goals of the airport authority."
The Game Commission is currently preparing and planning a timber sale in order to cut the trees down.

Tuesday January 5th 2016

Family members are collecting money to cover funeral and medical bills for a 13 year old girl that was hit by a car and later died in Monroe County. 13-year old Ashlee Smahaj died last month a few days after being hit by a car on Candlewood Drive in Tunkhannock Township... Ashlee's family has created a go fund me page trying to raise 250-thousand dollars. They say her helicopter transport to the hospital cost 30-thousand dollars. About three thousand dollars has been raised so far. You can find the page here -

Crumbling Bridge In East Stroudsburg Finally On Its Way To Being Fixed
Tuesday January 5th 2016

The debate is over for who will pay for replacing the Iron Bridge on Ridgeway Street. And a contract was just signed today in Harrisburg after two years of negotiations.
PennDOT, the Northeast Railroad Authority, Monroe County and East Stroudsburg Borough now have a contract signed to replace what's locally called the Iron Bridge on Ridgeway Street in East Stroudsburg. All four shared the responsibility, but they couldn't agree on who would pay what until then Representative Mario Scavello got involved and got everyone talking.
Officials are relieved it's finally figured out. The main artery leading to Pocono Medical Center and East Stroudsburg University was discovered to be deteriorating two years ago and a 13 ton weight limit was posted. Borough Manager Jim Phillips says the 80-year-old bridge is an accident waiting to happen if the restriction is ignored.
Phillips says "School buses can't use it, transit authority buses, even the borough trucks for snow plowing or PennDOT can't use it so it's an inconvenience at best."
The entire project is estimated to cost over three million dollars. Under what was signed today, the Borough and Monroe County will be funding the preliminary engineering and design costs up to 440 thousand dollars.
PennDOT will manage the design work, own the new bridge and through a state funded program will cover the construction cost. The railroad authority is donating right-of-way, which will allow for a much shorter bridge that'll save money and be easier to maintain over time.
PennDOT officials estimate construction on Ridgeway Street will start in 2018 or slightly before if all goes according to plan.
Borough officials are concerned that it'll happen at the same time as the Interstate 80 construction because the bridge is used a major detour route when there's issues on 80. While PennDOT officials say it could overlap, it shouldn't be an issue because two lanes should be open most of the time on the Interstate so there should be no need to use local roads.

Dickey's Barbecue Pit Donation
Tuesday January 5th 2016

Dickey's Barbecue Pit has partnered with God's People Helping People Incorporated in Monroe County in feeding and clothing the homeless in the community. The restaurant has a donation box in the dining area where you can donate can goods, clothing, and supplies. The restaurant also donates leftover meat after the work day to the homeless. Officials say last year they donated over 2,700 pounds of food. This Saturday night Reeders Methodist Church will be holding their first community dinner.

President Plans To Take Own Action On Gun Control
Monday January 4th 2016

Monroe County residents are buzzing over President Obama's latest announcement on gun regulations. Obama is planning to take executive action on gun control. He has the goal of expanding background checks in an effort to help curb gun violence. But residents have different opinions whether new restrictions will help address the problem of keeping guns out of the wrong hands.
The President's weekly address made clear his intentions for going after tighter gun control and he made this statement, "We know we can't stop every act of violence. But what if we tried to stop even one? What if Congress did something-- anything-- to protect our kids from gun violence." Some residents agree and say it'd be worth it to expand background checks on all gun sales. Currently individuals who only make occasional sales or are selling firearms from a personal collection are exempt from the background check requirement.
But others feel it won't make a difference. They say criminals will get their hands on guns no matter what.
But whether you agree or disagree, every time the possibility of restrictions are announced, gun sales skyrocket.
And this time is no different. William Farrow and his wife are buying two guns today at Dunkelberger's Sports Outfitter located on Main Street in Stroudsburg because of Obama's plans to take executive action on guns. We're told it's been really busy.
Obama is currently finalizing what executive action he will take and it's unclear when any orders will be issued. He has planned a Town Hall on guns for Thursday.

Stroudsburg Bus Driver DUI
Monday January 4th 2016

Today Vanessa Baillis waived her right to a preliminary hearing after she was accused of driving under the influence with students on board. Officials say the drugs in her system were prescribed and that she felt fine when beginning the route. The problem began around 6:35 in the morning on November 2nd. Baillis was driving seven students to school in the Stroudsburg School District. She fell asleep at the wheel while the bus was stopped in traffic and she also drove off the right side of Route 209 North and almost struck a utility pole. She also tried to make a U-turn but due to the size of the bus she couldn't so she backed off of Green View Drive and headed South on 209. Students were worried so they asked her to pull into the parking lot of the Old Mill Pub. Students had been texting their parents and parents got in contact with the Stroudsburg Transportation Department and police arrived on scene. No one was injured in the incident. Baillis will appear at the Monroe County Courthouse March 23rd.

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