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Sharps Compliance Inc. Job Fair
Thursday June 30th 2016

A nationwide corporation is making its way to Carbon County. Sharps Compliance Incorporated is a medical waste disposal company based out of Houston, Texas. Today officials were holding a job fair with the Carbon Chamber and Economic Development Corporation to fill their plant operator and administrative assistant position at their new warehouse in Nesquehoning. Todd Taylor Plant Operations Manager of the Sharps Compliance Inc. Nesquehoning says, " Our company is growing so to come here to Nesquehoning like we are and be able to bring some new jobs and stuff like that it helps us and also helps the community." Officials say over the next few weeks there will be many more job openings. Officials expect the Nesquehoning facility to be open and operating within 6-8 weeks.

Buisness Facades Get New Look Through Grant
Thursday June 30th 2016

Businesses in downtown East Stroudsburg are getting a facelift. The Eastburg Community Alliance awarded Rudy's Tavern, Chiropractor Dr. Alexis and Pocono Cinema and Cultural Center grants for improvements to their facades. Each received some of the 12 thousand dollars made available through the PA Department of Community and Economic Development and the Main Street Program. The businesses just had to match the grant funding. The Eastburg Community Alliance would like to help as many businesses revitalize as they can. If you'd like to be involved in their façade improvement program, just call 570-424-7540.

Pipeline Comments Sought
Wednesday June 29th 2016

A natural gas company is planning to add another pipeline to run alongside an existing line in Wayne and Pike Counties. The U-S Army Corp of Engineers is now accepting comments on the proposal by Tennessee Gas to add 13 miles of new pipeline. It would add a new three foot line alongside their existing two foot line in Berlin and Palmyra Townships in Wayne County as well as Lackawaxen Township in Pike County. Construction is not expected to start until September of 2018. Written comments can be sent to:

District Engineer,
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Philadelphia District
Wanamaker Building, 100 Penn Square East
Philadelphia, PA 19107-3390

PennDOT Says Barriers On Their Way
Wednesday June 29th 2016

Barriers are on their way to make highway medians safer in Monroe County. Yesterday a driver managed to cross the center grassy strip separating East and Westbound lanes on Interstate 80 near Tannersville, causing a deadly head-on collision. Last June, three people were killed on Interstate 380 when a tractor trailer crossed over and hit a charter bus. PennDOT officials say they've had safety barriers in the works for both Interstate 80 and 380 long before these two incidents. Contract bids should begin tomorrow for the project and it's expected to be completed by next summer. The estimated cost is in the 2.8 to 3 million dollar range. PennDOT officials say the barriers will significantly reduce incidents like the one yesterday on Interstate 80.

Interstate 80 Wrong Way Crash
Tuesday June 28th 2016

This morning officials responded to a head-on collision that left a New Jersey man dead and three other drivers injured. Officials say the deceased man caused the accident as he managed to cross the median and hit a tractor-trailer in the eastbound lane. Brian Vadell Special Project Sergeant of the Pennsylvania State Police Swiftwater says, "Traveling initially westbound, for unknown reasons at this time the vehicle crossed through the center median and ended up on the eastbound traffic side heading in the wrong direction." "Came around the blind curve around that mile marker 300.5 where it was struck by a tractor- trailer heading eastbound." We don't know the name of the driver but officials say he was a male from New Jersey. The coroner says the injuries were so severe that an autopsy can't be done.

Help Save A Community Landmark In Weatherly
Tuesday June 28th 2016

Weatherly residents are kicking off their fundraiser to save a community landmark in Weatherly. The first donation was presented at the Schwab School today by a woman who taught there. Joan Palermo gave 500 dollars to the cause. The Borough Council will accept ownership of the school if the public can raise enough money to buy it. The building is currently owned by a Texas bank- that has listed the building at 229,000 dollars. And she's not the only one trying to save the school. community members have formed a nonprofit and are trying to raise the money as soon as possible. Everyone would like to see the school restored and then used as a community center. If you'd like to help save what's known as the symbol of Weatherly, just call 570-582-5028 or email

Food Pantry Losing Its Home, Your Help Needed
Monday June 27th 2016

A food pantry in Monroe County is losing its home. Feeding Families Ministry serves thousands of people annually at its Oak View Terrance Condo Complex location in Mount Pocono. But a few weeks ago, the group received an eviction notice and were told they have 60 days to get out. A member of the complex's board says they didn't have a CO and the traffic was becoming too much for the community. Pantry officials tell us they don't know what people will do who depend on the food if it's forced to close. So they're reaching out to the community for a new location. The group needs a space that they can rent or one that's donated. If you'd like to help or for more information, just call 570-977-3702 or email

Dansbury Pool Opening
Monday June 27th 2016

The Dansbury Park pool is finally open after being closed indefinitely for a month because of staffing changes and pool repair. Scott Karaman is currently the manager of the Stroudsburg pool, but he says after he heard the neighboring borough needed help he stepped up and is now helping oversee the Dansbury Park pool too. Karaman says, "After 41 years of service and pool management I took the challenge by saying I could do both." Since Karaman is the manager of the Stroudsburg pool he is required to spend more time there. So now officials are currently in the process of hiring assistant managers to help him with overseeing the Dansbury pool.

Groundbreaking Day in Pike County
Friday June 24th 2016

County Officials broke ground on the eight-million dollar Pike County Courthouse expansion in Milford. The current court system is fractured. The courts are spread out all over town, but the new courthouse will encompass everything into one central location.
The Sheriff's office will also be relocated into the new building, which according to Phil Bueki will make transporting prisoners much safer. "Having inmates dragged across the main streets of Milford is a security threat, nobody wants to see prisoners in chains when they are walking around town or with their families and this will improve things for everyone involved."
The new addition to the courthouse is expected to be completed by August of 2018.

Governor Wolf Non-Discrimination Law
Friday June 24th 2016

Two months ago, Governor Tom Wolf signed two executives orders. They protect commonwealth employees and employees of businesses who are contracted by the commonwealth from being discriminated based on race, gender, religion or the person you love. Now he wants a statewide non-discrimination law that will cover everyone in the state. Many locals feel that would be good for the state. Richard Spezzano Owner of Rainbow Mountain Resort says, " We think it's fantastic and all we can do is cross our fingers and hope it goes all the way through." Governor Wolf now is waiting to see if the legislature will bring forth the statewide non-discrimination legislation which he says he would sign.

No Fools Gold Here
Wednesday June 22nd 2016

Penn Dot will need to put plans to bury pyrite at the Corporal Bryon Dickson exit in Blooming Grove on hold. Penn Dot had approval from DEP to bury fools gold dug up from the Route 2001 reconstruction project in Lehman Township and bury at a section near the Blooming Grove exit.
Residents came out in droves, concerned the acid rock could contaminate their drinking water down the road. Penn Dot held a public meeting assuring residents the process was safe.
Now after hiring their own environmental expert, Blooming Grove township has encountered zoning issues with the proposed location.
Now DEP has issued a letter to Penn Dot, telling them, the issues need to be correct before plans can move forward.
Penn Dot has until August 15th to address the Townships concerns, until then, no pyrite will be buried at the exit.

River Road Bridge
Wednesday June 22nd 2016

The River Road Bridge which goes over the Brodhead Creek is now open after being closed down for two months. During its closure many people say they were inconvenienced. We were at the bridge today and many cars and pedestrians stopped and were yelling for joy about it being open. There are quite a few businesses between Delaware Water Gap and Shawnee that depend on traffic and many of the owners say during the bridge closing business was terrible. Craig Campeotto Owner of Popcorn Buddha in Smithfield Township says, " We saw a lose of real close to 55 to 58 percent drop from last year of these two months April and May." Businesses on River Road weren't the only ones affected, a gas station on Main Street in Delaware Water Gap says business dropped by 30 percent. Sam Sharma
Owner of Fuel On says, " Even for a cup of coffee they would have to go all the way to Marshalls Creek and it was really painful for the residents, commuters, business owners, and everybody."

Two Young Men Charged With Attempted Homicide And Robbery In Mount Pocono
Tuesday June 21st 2016

People living near the Mount Pocono Plaza on Route 940 are shocked to hear what happened Saturday night just before eleven. Police say a 17-year-old was walking home from working at the McDonald's on a path behind the plaza when he was attacked from behind. Those using the less than 100 yard path today tell us it's a popular way to go to and from the shopping center and their development.
The juvenile was struck multiple times in the head and neck area and was robbed. A butterfly knife and two large rocks with what appeared to be hair and blood covering them were found at the scene. Police say the victim bled heavily but was able to knock on the door of a nearby house and had the resident call 911. Medical personnel determined the injuries were severe and he was flow to the hospital. Police say the victim identified one of the attackers as his co-worker, another 17-year-old boy. They tell us it was a planned attack. Police then went to the suspect's girlfriend's apartment nearby and discovered he fled out the back window upon arrival. Police then took him into custody during a traffic stop. The juvenile is being charged as an adult. Additional interviews identified the second person as 22-year-old Jexel Oritz-Rosas. Police also found where the actors burned the victim's property and their blood soaked clothing.
Both suspects are now at the Monroe County Correctional Facility and are awaiting their preliminary hearings. Police say the victim is out of the hospital and is recovering.

BMHS Active Shooter Drill
Monday June 20th 2016

Blue Mountain Health System hospital held an active shooter drill today. Lehighton police and Carbon County EMA helped stage the event. This was the first such drill at the hospitals. Organizers plan on holding the drill on a regular basis.

Delaware River Sojourn
Monday June 20th 2016

At this time each year a large number of people of all ages from across the country take on the Delaware River for eight days. The sojourn begins in New York and works its way to Philadelphia. Officials say today's turnout was an all time high at 130 people. John Mauser Chairman of Delaware River Sojourn Steering Committee says, "The object is to show them the beautiful natural resources we have in this area, there's a lot of neat things going on in their backyard, they actually know more about the Amazon River than they know about the Delaware River." Officials say registration for next year is now open.

Spolighting Aircraft Under Investigation
Monday June 20th 2016

Spotlighting aircraft at night can cause a serious accident. But police say that's exactly what someone did to a pilot conducting nighttime takeoffs and landings at the Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport on June 10th. Police tracked the house down and discovered 64-year-old Wladyslaw Gabrys of Coolbaugh Township was behind the act. He admitted to shining the light and showed police the device he used. Police tell us they've received numerous complaints from him about planes flying over his home, but they aren't sure what his motive was. The FAA is now investigating the incident.

High Increase In Monroe County Elder Abuse Cases
Friday June 17th 2016

Elder abuse is on the rise in Monroe County and officials are taking action. They've brought back the Elder Abuse Task Force due to the alarming number of cases. Officials say they've seen a seventy percent increase over the past couple years. Older adults and their caregivers were invited to Pocono Medical Center today for the group's first event called "Elder Justice Day." The main goal is to bring awareness to the topic and educate people to recognize the signs. The biggest thing is to look out for one another. Isolated older adults are a prime target and reporting things out of the ordinary can make all the difference. If you see something, call the Monroe County Area Agency on Aging and they will investigate with or without proof. If you missed today's event and would like more information just call the agency at 570-420-3735.

Finding Dory Fish Tank at Becky's Drive-In
Friday June 17th 2016

The new Finding Dory movie is out and it's coming to real life at a local drive-in. A trip to Becky's Drive-In theater will have you feeling like you've entered the coral reef with Dory, Nemo and friends. A local business Crazy Corals in Palmerton installed a 155 gallon fish tank featuring many of the sea characters in the movie. So make sure you cruise on down the North Atlantic Current and make a stop off at Becky's Drive-In theater. The movie starts tonight at 9 and will continue playing through next Thursday.

Milford Non-Profit Targeted
Thursday June 16th 2016

Someone tried to break into the Calling all Angels thrift Shoppe in Milford last night. Shop Manager, Charlie Reynolds, came in to open the store this morning and discovered the front window, along with a rear window had been smashed. Calling all Angels acts as an outreach, helping out people in need. Items in the store only cost a couple of bucks, so Reynolds couldn't fathom why anyone would target the shop.
" It must be desperation, its not like we have gold. I just want to tell whoever it is, I am not angry. I would say to come in and just ask for help. If they were that desperate, or struggling that badly, of course we would help."
Anyone with information on the attempted burglary can contact the Milford Police Department.

Carbon County Official Resigns Unexpectedly
Thursday June 16th 2016

The Carbon County Commissioners just hired Jeff Aster as the second full-time detective in January to help battle the huge drug problem. Now a few months later, he's decided to leave for a position in the private sector. But not before having a hand in getting significant dealers off the streets. The Commissioners publicly thanked Aster today for his service and wished him well in the future. They say it's a position they'd like to fill immediately out of necessity because drugs aren't going away any time soon.

DA's Office Employee in Court
Thursday June 16th 2016

Maureen Egley 64, of Price Township known for her role in offering a helping hand to victims at the Monroe county courthouse and her husband Richard waived their preliminary hearing this morning. Both are accused of harboring their fugitive son Sean for almost 16 months. Many people both media and court officials felt a little uneasy seeing such a well respected woman in this position. Thomas Sundmaker is the Egley's attorney and he says, "This is a tough case for everybody involved including judge Riley and all the people that know her this is not an easy thing for anybody." Officials say the Egley's now wait for there next court date which will be at the county courthouse.

Community Members Are Angry The Dansbury Pool Is Still Closed
Wednesday June 15th 2016

The Dansbury Pool located in East Stroudsburg is closed indefinitely. Glenn Miller and his grandchildren tell us the pool is a big part of their summer and they're already missing it. They tried coming on Memorial Day when it was supposed to open and then on June 11th, but they're still stuck on the outside looking in. Miller isn't only upset, he's angry.
While the Borough Manager tells us there have been leak issues, they've been taken care of and it's a staffing issue. They have to set up new management personnel and make sure they have enough life guards after the pool manager recently left.
But there is a pool nearby in Stroudsburg that is open and if you have a Dansbury Pool pass for the season, it is being accepted. The Stroudsburg Borough Pool opens at noon daily.

18 Mile Fire Meeting
Tuesday June 14th 2016

Officials call it the 16 mile fire, it started in April and stretched from Pike to Monroe County. Officials were fighting it for 16 days. Today officials gathered to evaluate their performance and discuss what they could do better in the future. Officials say they believe they did a good job but are concerned about some buildings that were destroyed. District Forester Tim Dugan says, "We did lose some structures in this fire, so a question that may come up is how can we better prepare to protect structures or how can we inform cabin owners, recreationalist how they can protect their structures that are out in remote forested areas." Officials say the blaze travelled over 8,000 acres and is being called one of the biggest forest fires in state history.

Woman Arrested For Firing Shots In Monroe County
Tuesday June 14th 2016

A Mount Pocono woman was taken into custody today for firing shots in Monroe County. The East Stroudsburg Burger King drive-through became the scene of a drive-by shooting just before 11 this morning. Then just after noon shots rang out at a motel in Mount Pocono. Pocono Mountain Regional Police arrived at the Cloud Crest Motel moments later. They arrested 54-year-old Mary Lou Check. She was seen shooting at an individual's room from the outside and firing shots into a vehicle's gas tank in the parking lot. Plus they discovered she was heavily intoxicated and previously discharged a firearm through Burger King's drive-through window. Luckily no one was injured at both locations. Police say there is no threat to the public at this time and she was taken to Monroe County jail. Both Stroud Area Regional and Pocono Mountain Regional are continuing to investigate.

Free Summer Lunch Begins For Panther Valley Area
Monday June 13th 2016

The free Summer Lunch Program for the Panther Valley area kicked off today with an added site. Officials are hoping the new location at Lansford Townhouses will help make the program more accessible to some children. In past years the lunches were served at three sites, one each in Summit Hill, Coaldale and Lansford. The program runs through August 19th. Kids ages 18 and younger can just drop in at the four locations weekdays from 11:30 to 12:30 for a free lunch. Officials say they're in need of volunteers and cooking equipment like electronic frying pans and tongs. If you'd like to donate or for more information just call 570-645-7561.

Orlando Shooting Reaction
Monday June 13th 2016

Many Americans are shocked after a gunman took fire early Sunday morning at "Pulse" a popular gay night club in Orlando, Florida. The attack left 50 people dead and 53 wounded. Officials say it's the deadliest mass shooting in American history and it has many locals concerned. Connie Wieber is one of those locals she says, "To wake up in the morning and hear that on the news was unbelievable and I don't think its every going to end I really don't." Officials are currently investigating the shooting and a gofundme account has been set up to help support the victims families.

Outside Jury Could Determine Eric Freins Fate
Friday June 10th 2016

Today Defense attorneys for alleged cop killer Eric Frein and the Pike County DA's office reached an agreement to bring an outside jury into Pike County for the trial.
Originally, the defense filed a change of venue motion, after the nationwide media coverage and publicity Frein received after allegedly ambushing the Blooming Grove State Police Barracks back in September of 2014. The attack sparked a 48-day manhunt that gained an overwhelming amount of media attention.
The judge says he saw no issue with the change of venire request and both attorneys believe he will make a decision shortly.
However what county the jury is selected from, will be up to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to decide.

Stroudsburg Panhandling
Friday June 10th 2016

Panhandling on Main Street in Stroudsburg has been an ongoing problem. Now Stroudsburg Mayor Tarah Probst is taking matters into her own hands by seeking help from local constables to put an end to the panhandlers. Probst says, "Stroud Area Regional Police Department, they're excellent we just need more foot patrol, we need more presence in our community and our borough." " My thought was that the constables in the area can do everything a police officer can do, they just can't write traffic citations and it works within our budget." Officials are now working on forming a committee that consist of the three municipalities Stroud Township, East Stroudsburg, and Stroudsburg leaders in order to figure out a definite plan.

Monroe County Family Needs Help
Friday June 10th 2016

Linda Aprahamian fears her family will soon be out on the street. A couple of weeks ago, they received notice that the home they've been renting in Price Township for eight years is foreclosed and they were given 10 days to get out. There are five people who currently live at the home. Linda who is disabled, her husband Leo, her father who is on oxygen with congestive heart failure and other health problems, and two teenage boys. Her third son just moved out to try to lessen the burden. Plus they're on a limited income. Linda says Leo is only making eight dollars an hour at a cleaning job because he can't find a job in his profession.
Linda frantically started making calls to see what they could do and only one paid off. Congressman Matt Cartwright's office bought them more time. They have 45 days till they need to be out of the house and that leaves them till the date of July 11th.
But their situation hasn't changed and now they don't know where to turn. So they called us hoping someone in the community would know how to help them or would know of a place they can live. If you would like to help the Aprahamian family, just call them at 570-236-4972.

Nestle Backs Out
Thursday June 9th 2016

The Nestle Water Company will no longer be extracting water in Eldred Township. Officials say the surprise announcement was made during last nights township board of supervisors meeting. Last year Nestle Waters officials worked a deal with Gower Estates to allow them to extract 200,000 gallons of water a day to use for its Deer Park Waterline. Last night the Nestle representative says the project no longer fits into either the Gower Estates or the Nestle Waters long term vision. Even after the news Eldred Township officials still have a degree of skepticism. Eldred Township Supervisor Gary Hoffman says, "I'm very cautiously optimistic hopefully this doesn't return, I think my one comment was to the audience I said remember our history so it doesn't repeat itself, so we don't fall back into this again." Nestle officials will be holding final office hours at the old Eldred Elementary School to answer any final questions.

Trial Starts For School Employee Charged With Stealing Student's Medication
Thursday June 9th 2016

A jury is deliberating an East Stroudsburg School District employee's fate who is charged with stealing a student's medication. The former security officer's trial started today at the Monroe County Courthouse. And the defendant exclusively talked with us about her innocence and has maintained it throughout.
57-year-old Karen Palaia of Bangor walked into her trial this morning very confident that she would be found not guilty. In fact she was looking forward to the outcome.
A video played in court today showing Palaia going into the locked medicine cabinet in the nurse's office at East Stroudsburg High School South. It happened on December 9th of last year during her shift as a security officer. School officials testified today they discovered 12 Adderall pills were taken from a student's bin. But Palaia says she only entered the cabinet for her own prescription, which she was given permission to keep there. Palaia told us she was going to share her side of the story on the stand today but then didn't. Her interview with the Monroe County Detectives did play in court. We heard her say she had no reason to take any other pills nor would she care to. Both school officials and detectives testified she was told she wasn't allowed to enter the cabinet herself and no one but the nurses should have a key. Detectives say she admitted to finding a key and opening the medicine cabinet. Palaia is charged with theft and possession of a controlled substance. We will update you on this story as soon as the jury comes back with a verdict.

New Life for Century Old Bridge
Wednesday June 8th 2016

Penn Dot announced the Pond Eddy Bridge will be replaced. The bridge has taken a pounding over the years. Several incidents where overweight vehicles have traveled over the span and severely damaged the structure, have resulted in the bridge being reduced to a 7 ton weight limit..
The new bridge will not have any weight restriction, it will still be a single span with a double truss, but it will be easily accessible for emergency vehicles to cross over.
Penn Dot says they estimate the new bridge to cost 17.2 million dollars. They expect to have the work completed by December of 2018.

Homicide Trial Starts In Monroe County
Wednesday June 8th 2016

A homicide trial started today in Monroe County. The defendant is one of a number of people charged in a 2014 drive-by shooting near Bartonsville. The others charged have pled guilty to their involvement and the East Stroudsburg man is the last to take the stand in the case.
21-year-old Brandon Wilson told us the same thing today as he did at his preliminary hearing- that he didn't take part in the death of Darcy Kravchenko at a home on Old Timber Road in Hamilton Township. Police say Wilson is one of five people who went to the mobile home in January of 2014 for revenge because of a bad drug deal. Right after it happened Wilson pleaded guilty but changed his mind at his sentencing. Then just a couple of weeks ago, he was offered to plead guilty to third degree murder and declined. Now he faces an open count of homicide. According to information police have gathered, he fired some of the shots from the vehicle that hit the home. One of the shots hit Kravchenko in the head who was not the target. The Commonwealth had State Troopers testify today. Photographs of the scene and the victim were shown. The trial will continue tomorrow at the Monroe County Courthouse.

New Stroudsburg Borough Council President
Wednesday June 8th 2016

Stroudsburg Borough has a new Council President after a surprise late night vote. At last night's council meeting, board members voted 4 to 3 in favor of replacing President Boyd Weiss with another council member. Officials say the reason for the change is because Weiss's meetings are too long. This is his response last night to the complaints, "I think anybody that comes here has the right and should have the opportunity to present their problem, their solution if they have one, that's the way I operate." After the vote council member Ken Lang was appointed the new Council President.

NY Wage Hike Could Bring Business to PA
Tuesday June 7th 2016

In the next three years, the minimum wage in New York, regardless of qualifications, will be 15 dollars per hour. That's nearly double the minimum wage in our state.
Economic Development Director, Mike Sullivan, says he doesn't see this as a victory for NY residents. In addition, he says statistics show that over 2 million jobs will be lost because of the minimum wage hike in NY.
Since many business owners can't afford to pay their employees this amount, Sullivan's phone has been ringing off the hook. He's gotten calls over the last few weeks from concerned business owners considering a move to Pike County.
Sullivan says though this could end up being a problem down the road for New York residents, it could be a solution to helping bring more businesses to the area.

Summer Outlook for the Poconos
Tuesday June 7th 2016

After a mild winter this year business officials are anticipating a busy summer season in the Poconos. Officials from Shawnee Inn say in May they had their best room revenue ever, so they expect the trend to continue into the Summer. For one local business owner David Jacobi of Adventure Sports, he says it's different for him because his business relies on the forecast. "If we get a situation where every weekend the forecast is for rain even though its beautiful it doesn't matter, so it's a tough business like anything else you have to kind of roll with the punches." "So right now it's beautiful and I just hope it stays this way through the rest of the Summer", says Jacobi. Shawnee officials say during the summer they will be introducing their new motor boat tour ride on the Delaware River.

Concerns Over Proposed Zoning Changes In Barrett Township
Tuesday June 7th 2016

Some landowners in Barrett Township are upset with they way supervisors are handling the notification of proposed zoning changes. They say there's a lack of transparency and they feel they have no rights. But officials say that just isn't the case. The rezoning is to correct the 26 parcels the zoning officer found having two different classifications. For more information the public hearing on the proposed zoning changes is scheduled for tomorrow night at 5:30 at the Barrett Township Municipal Building.

Church In Monroe County Struck By Suspected Drunk Driver
Monday June 6th 2016

Members are picking up the pieces today after a vehicle struck their church in Monroe County. The hit and run happened after four yesterday morning on Paradise Trail in Stroud Township by a suspected drunk driver. Police say the vehicle was traveling south when it left the roadway, went through a road sign, hit a rock, drove through the Analomink United Methodist Church's vestibule, then a fence and continued on. Police caught up to the alleged driver, 47-year-old Minh Van Pham of York, PA about four miles away in the Weiss parking lot in Eagle Valley. Officers say they spotted his silver Mercedes with severe damage, including pieces of white wood sticking out of the sunroof. Pham was arrested for suspicion of DUI and multiple other traffic offenses. He told police he was involved in an accident and hit a house.
Service had to be cancelled at the church Sunday morning for the around 60 members. Unfortunately, neighbors say the incident isn't shocking- this is the third time the church has been hit and that the corner of Paradise Trail and Cherry Lane Road is known to be dangerous due to people speeding.
But the highly traveled road has many people noticing the damage and asking how they can help. One approached us today from ACR Property Logistics offering to volunteer a skid-steer for the cleanup and lend a hand with the landscaping. The outpouring of community support is making members of Analomink United Methodist Church feel thankful. If you'd like to help, just call the church or you can send donations to P.O. BOX 461 Analomink PA 18320.

NASCAR Race Weekend Is Here
Friday June 3rd 2016

The first NASCAR race weekend this year is speeding into Monroe County. The roadways are packed with people heading to Pocono Raceway enjoying a mini get-away.
Luckily for businesses in the area, pit-stops aren't only a must for drivers racing around the track. Fans may come in for the NASCAR event but they also rack up time at some other favorite spots. And employees tell us it seems like they're waving the checkered flag, it's been non-stop since Wednesday with customers cruising in.
Pocono Raceway officials estimate 75 to 90 thousand people will be walking through their gates this weekend. While they love bringing the tourists into the Poconos, they're focused on keeping the area green. In fact, the first ever Xfinity Series Race, revving up tomorrow, will recognize the Raceway's dedication on being environmentally friendly. It's called the Pocono Green 250 and it highlights their solar farm, use of sheep to mow the grass and composting. They're launching a composting pilot program this weekend through partnering with Penn State University. The goal is to be a zero-waste facility in the next few years.
The Green 250 Race will bring out a lot of stars on the track tomorrow and the main NASCAR race is Sunday. But be aware it could be moved to Monday if inclement weather rubs their tires the wrong way.

Luggage Needed At Monroe County Children & Youth
Thursday June 2nd 2016

A trash bag is what most foster kids carry their belongings in. And Monroe County Children and Youth Services are trying to raise awareness to change that. Officials are challenging community members to donate luggage so they don't have to travel from foster home to foster home with a trash bag. There's an especially huge need right now- foster kids are coming in weekly due to the heroin epidemic. Plus, a lot are going away to college.
They've already received about 200 bags since they started the challenge a few weeks ago and a lot of those were delivered today. A truck from Pocono Mountain Harley Davidson dropped off 60 to 80 pieces of luggage. Owner Linda Schlier's sister-in-law is a foster parent for Monroe County Children and Youth so she's always been close to the cause.
If you'd like to help, you can drop off luggage or bookbags at Pocono Mountain Harley Davidson located in Snydersville or at Monroe County Children and Youth on Phillips Street in Stroudsburg.

Gypsy Moths in Monroe County
Thursday June 2nd 2016

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resource officials completed their seasonal spraying last week to kill gypsy moths. Now officials are waiting to see if all the spraying has paid off. Officials say they can only hope for a good year because they can never predict where it will hit the hardest in the state. Evan Makuvek Environmental Planner at the Monroe County Planning Commission says, "Previous years it fluctuates some years it was bad in Western Pennsylvania and there was not many in Eastern Pennsylvania." "Then other years more and more caterpillars will lay egg masses, but hopefully it's not bad this year." Officials say they will be able to tell if the spraying worked very soon.

Fire Destroys Lower Towamensing Home
Thursday June 2nd 2016

A state police fire marshal is investigating the cause of a late night fire that destroyed the home of Geraldine and Leonard Starkey on Hahns Dairy Road. It happened at around 11 Wednesday evening. Authorities believe the fire started in the back basement area. The Aquashicola Fire Chief says the couple was home but managed to get out safely.

Bank Robbed in Pike County
Wednesday June 1st 2016

Today at 10:30 am, the Honesdale National Bank located at 180 Scenic Drive, Lackawaxen was robbed.
The suspect is described as a white male wearing an orange ski mask, approximately 5’7”, dark colored hair and eyes. The suspect pulled out what appeared to be an unknown firearm.
The robber fled in an older model black car, but people at the bank tell us it was a Cavalier.
Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Pennsylvania State Police in Blooming Grove at 570-226-5718.

County-wide Reassessment Coming to Monroe
Wednesday June 1st 2016

A county-wide reassessment is coming to Monroe. Officials voted to move forward with the process today. We're told 27 years have gone by since the last time commercial and residential properties were evaluated. But that time gap isn't why it's needed. Officials want to ensure everyone is paying their fair share of taxes. Over the years things have gotten out of whack due to a few reasons. One- the influx of people into the county after 911. Two- the crash in 2008. Three- the demand in different parts of the county. And four- the State Tax Equalization Board or STEB ratio, which is a statistic given to the county by the state each year based upon the sales and assessed values. It fluctuated a lot over the years and people used it to appeal getting their property value to drop so two identical houses next to each other could have different assessed values.
People we spoke with today have mixed feelings about it happening because they aren't sure how they'll be affected.
An assessment company hasn't been chosen yet. Officials have narrowed it down to two companies and estimate the cost to be between six or seven million dollars. But the reassessment's not expected to be completed any time soon. There's 103,000 properties that have to be evaluated on foot. Commissioner John Moyer anticipates people won't begin to see the impact on their taxes until January of 2019.

Missing Man in Northern Monroe County
Wednesday June 1st 2016

Police and family members continue to search for a missing man in Northern Monroe County. Richard McClain, 56 of Gouldsboro has not been seen since last Thursday. McClain's truck was found on Plank Road in Coolbaugh Township near State Gamelands 127. Family members say they still need help. Richard's daughter Richelle says, "I don't want any donations I just want experienced volunteers to help find him, anybody very experienced with the area is basically what we are looking for at this point." Officials say if you have any information about McClain's whereabouts to contact Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department or the Monroe County 911 Center.

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