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People Want Barriers On Monroe County's Interstates Sooner Rather Than Later
Friday July 29th 2016

People are tired of hearing about crossover crashes happening on Monroe County's Interstates. And they definitely don't want to deal with the traffic backed up for miles. There's been three on both Interstates in about a year's time. After yesterday's accident, people want barriers on both Interstate 80 and 380 sooner rather than later.
It happened on Interstate 80 near the Tannersville Exit around two in the afternoon. State police say a 54-year-old man from New Jersey was heading west when he crossed the grassy median and hit a tractor trailer in the eastbound lane. People tell us the act wouldn't have happened if barriers were in place.
PennDOT officials agree and have been working on getting barriers installed for years. Now construction is expected to start this fall for barriers on both Interstate 80 and 380. Officials say preconstruction has started and their contractor will receive notice to proceed within a few weeks.
People are asking if they can move up the start date. Unfortunately officials say that can't happen because it takes a lot of time for the contractor to get things together such as his crew.
The project will cost over two million dollars and is expected to be completed by July of next year. The good news is, officials tell us, the construction should have minimal impact on the traffic for both Interstate highways.

Plea Not To Leave Kids or Animals In Hot Cars
Thursday July 28th 2016

Recently four children have died across the United States after being in a hot car for too long. We're in the middle of a heat wave right now and officials want to remind parents and animal owners that it can happen to anyone.
Dogs being left in hot cars is a huge problem in our area. Luckily there haven't been any death cases for either animals or kids locally. But so far the national number of kids dying in hot cars already matches last year's total number.
Officials want to warn parents the dangers of leaving a child in a vehicle-- even if it's only for a few seconds. The temperature inside a parked vehicle can escalate very quickly. Officials say a child can become unconscious, unresponsive or get heat stroke in any temperature.
Trooper Jennifer Wieboldt specializes in distracted driving and knows first-hand it can happen to even the best parents. She recommends putting something in the backseat with your child that you can't leave the car without like your wallet or cellphone.
But when it comes to animals, officials say people are choosing to leave them in the car. Humane Society Police Officer Donna Crum for Carbon County Friends of Animals says that's illegal even if you crack the window a few inches. She is cracking down on those offenders and carries a temperature gun with her to document the animal cruelty.
If you spot an animal or a child left in a vehicle, call police immediately. Also take down the vehicle's make, model, color and license plate number. And stay with it until help arrives.

940 Bridge Closure
Thursday July 28th 2016

Construction crews were working on a bridge on Route 940 in Paradise Township when they discovered erosion and a big crack on a support pier. Officials say the discovery turned a one lane construction zone into a completely closed bridge. A local business owner says he fears the impact the work will have on business especially since the Pocono Raceway is this weekend. David Buchter Owner of Kasa's Pizza on Route 940 says, "We are going to lose a lot of business with race weekend, people are going to get detoured that don't know the area and they are just going to follow the detour signs and have no idea all the local businesses are sitting down here." Officials say there will be additional signage on the temporary detours to help with the influx of traffic expected for the Pocono race this weekend.

Firefighters' Quick Response Saves Home In Carbon County
Wednesday July 27th 2016

A Mahoning Township home was saved today from being destroyed by fire. It broke out just after one this afternoon on Fredericks Grove Road. Officials say flames started in the basement and that's as far as they got thanks to firefighters' quick response and something the homeowner did. We're told they shut the basement door, helping to stop the fire from spreading further.
Four departments responded with an estimated 20 volunteers lending a hand. Everyone made it out ok. The home only suffered smoke damage and a little damage in the basement. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

America's Largest Indoor Waterpark Opening Spring 2017
Tuesday July 26th 2016

America's largest indoor waterpark is taking shape in Monroe County. Construction for phase two at Kalahari Resort and Convention Center at Pocono Manor is running ahead of schedule. Come March 2017, 520 new guest rooms will be available, four new restaurants and 1,020 square feet of added waterpark. And guest are already getting a sneak peak at what the waterpark will offer. A model is located in the lobby. You can see what's currently available now and where the new part will be located.

Dealing With The Heat Wave
Monday July 25th 2016

We're in the middle of the hottest weather this summer. A heat advisory is in effect today and those stuck outside working had to deal with it. But not everyone is complaining about the lack of rainfall and high temperatures.
Kemar McLune didn't mind climbing down off the roof to show us how hot it really is today. He's been working for Roofing By Bruce for about six months and tells us today the heat is the worst he's experienced. Across the street a temperature gauge reads 96 degrees but McLune says it's more like 120 degrees while repairing the slate. McLune says the most important thing to do is stay hydrated. He appreciated his boss dropping off water and Gatorade. Plus he's wetting his shirt and wrapping it around his head in an effort to cool off.
But the high temperatures and intense sun aren't a problem for everyone. While a lot of crops aren't doing so well with the dryness and humidity, employees at Mountain View Vineyard, Winery and Distillery located in Jackson Township tell us it's helping their grapes thrive. They're having a good growing season so far. That's because the sun puts sugar in the grapes and the vines have a long tape root. They're hoping this type of weather continues through the harvesting season.

Schuylkill River Drowning
Monday July 25th 2016

A drowning in the Schuylkill River over the weekend leaves a 26 year old Allentown man dead. Officials say the man was swimming near "the rock" a popular cliff jumping spot in Port Clinton where people take a plunge into the river. On Sunday afternoon officials say Essam Saba, 26, of Allentown made the jump off the rock and was initially fine, but as he was swimming across the Schuylkill River he began to struggle and eventually went under and drowned. As of now the cause of death is drowning but officials will have a toxicology report which they expect it to come back within a few weeks.

"Bone to Ride" Event Saturday To Help Animal Shelter
Friday July 22nd 2016

An event is happening tomorrow to help some of Monroe County's furry friends. It's called "Bone to Ride." All proceeds go to Camp Papillon Animal Shelter located in Snydersville, which opened in December to help the overwhelming stray dog and cat population. It's already paying off, over 300 unwanted pets have been given a forever home.
Registration for the motorcycle ride starts 9:30 tomorrow morning at Pocono Mountain Harley Davidson. Kick stands go up at noon and the shelter festivities will start at 2PM. There will be a BBQ dinner and a live band, along with other entertainment. It's $25 for the ride or just $10 for the fun at the shelter.

Local Reaction to Gulen Controversy
Thursday July 21st 2016

The Turkish president has been asking United States officials to extradite Fethullah Gulen who is currently living in his Saylorsburg compound. He believes he is the mastermind behind the failed coup attempt in Turkey last week. They have brought forth many allegations against Gulen as a person that has been working against the Turkish government but none of them have proven him guilty. That has many people believing Gulen is innocent. Nick Brown a Snydersville Resident says, "The instability in that region and the movement from the secular government is kind of pushing the issue and getting people to maybe place more blame on this man than is actually true." United States officials are now waiting for the Turkish president to send them an official extradition with evidence that proves Gulen guilty, but until that happens he will remain in this country.

Choosing Nature Over Cellphones
Thursday July 21st 2016

A group of teenagers in Monroe County are choosing to turn off their cellphones for a week. That's because they wanted to get back to nature by participating in the Monroe County Conservation Camp this year at Stony Acres. 34 students, 14-years-old through this year's high school graduates, are learning everything about the outdoors from stream study to forestry and wildlife to even firearm safety. Today they got to learn about what the Pennsylvania Game Commission does and met one of their dogs named Skye. She aids them in finding both people and things like poached animals.

Is Parking Meter Time Extending Later On Main Street, Stroudsburg?
Wednesday July 20th 2016

Parking meter time may get extended on streets in Downtown Stroudsburg. Officials are looking at keeping the meters operational for another three hours each night for the core commercial area. The change from 6 to a 9PM cut-off time would only affect Main Street between 4th and 8th Streets, the 600 Block of Monroe Street and 7th and 8th Streets between Sarah and Bank Street Alley. Officials say the goal is to open up spaces and for Main Street not to be so jammed up at night. But a decision won't be made any time soon. Officials haven't worked out all the details yet and they're planning on conducting a study. They say they need to know whether or not there are or aren't enough spaces open on Main Street at any given time.

Prison Heroin Bust
Wednesday July 20th 2016

A Stroudsburg woman was arrested twice in one day for heroin possession. Dawn Terry-Dew, 47, Stroudsburg was first arrested by Pennsylvania State police on a warrant issued for drug charges stemming from an alleged purchase of heroin three months ago. The second arrest happened while correctional facility officials were processing her at the Monroe County jail where they found almost two bricks of heroin hidden in her purse. Officials found out she is an employee at a jail in another state. Kim Lippincott Monroe County Detective says, "I was told by the trooper who arrested her initially earlier in the day that when she was arrested she was wearing her outfit that she would wear to work she was on her way to work which was at Edna Mahan correctional facility for women in Clinton, New Jersey." Officials say they are now investigating with the other correctional facility in New Jersey to see if she was intending to bring the heroin to the inmates at her job. Officials say Dawn Terry-Dew will be in court next week for the Monroe County Correctional Facility arrest. She now faces a total of 150,000 dollars bail for both of her offenses.

Woman In Court Charged With Firing Gun At Burger King
Tuesday July 19th 2016

A Monroe County woman is in court today charged with attempted homicide. 54-year-old Marylou Check waived her right to a preliminary hearing today and all charges were sent to Monroe County Court. Police say she got into an argument with workers at the East Stroudsburg Burger King while at the drive-through window. She was upset about a past order and wanted free food. Police say she was heavily intoxicated at the time. An employee noticed Check had a handgun. She then allegedly fired into the building. The bullet went through the drive-through window and struck the back wall behind the counter area. Six employees positively identified Check by her photo, the incident was captured on video and Check can be seen fumbling with something in the vehicle just before the window shatters.
Check will appear in front of another district judge on a separate attempted homicide charge on Thursday. And she'll face other charges for firing shots at the Cloud Crest Motel on the same day.

Pocono Township Oil Tank
Tuesday July 19th 2016

An underground heating oil tank remains in the ground at the site of a former elementary school in Monroe County. Pocono Township officials say when they purchased the land, that oil tank wasn't supposed to be there, now they are trying to determine who should pay for its removal. Jerry Lastowski Commissioner Pocono Township says, "When we purchased that property back from the school district it was supposed to be unencumbered of any tanks underground and in the recent past we've found that there was one with about 8,000 gallons of liquid fuel still in and it's our position that its the school districts responsibility since that tank wasn't supposed to be there when we purchased it." Today the school district released a statement saying when the township has more information, they will get back in touch with us regarding the plan and the potential cost to the district to remove the tank.

Man In Court For Six Hour Manhunt In Saylorsburg
Monday July 18th 2016

39-year-old Mark Everitt of Effort didn't have anything to say on his way out of court about the all day manhunt in Saylorsburg back on July 6th. But his attorney tells us he does wish it didn't happen and is sorry. The search started after a suspicious green van was reported near the intersection of Cherry Valley Road and Spring Street. Police say Everitt refused to exit and put the vehicle in neutral down the hill. He then took off on foot through the woods. Court paperwork states marijuana and a controlled substance commonly used to treat panic disorders were found in his van. Everitt's attorney tells us he thinks he ran because he was scared.
After about five hours in, neighbors called police that he was once again near Spring Street. Jeni Kramer tells us that's when her two sons confronted Everitt. Police say Everitt struck the 14-year-old in the abdomen with a tree branch causing abrasions. Everitt then related to both boys that he had a knife. Her 18-year-old then struck the defendant in the head with a stick.
Everitt continued running to a woman's house on Cherry Valley Road. She reported she pushed him out and he went into the nearby woods. Police spotted him and he stood up with a sledge hammer and ran. Troopers tazed him to apprehend him and again after he kept resisiting. Kramer tells us her kids are fine. Everitt did suffer various injuries and is dealing with poison ivy. Kramer actually hopes everything goes well for Everitt from here on out.
He waived his right to a preliminary hearing today. He's now scheduled to appear at the Monroe County Courthouse on September 8th.

National Campaign Drives Volunteers To Meals On Wheels
Friday July 15th 2016

A national campaign is focusing on driving volunteers to serve the nation's most vulnerable citizens. It's called "America, Let's Do Lunch" and Meals On Wheels Officials, in partnership with the Ad Council, hope it inspires you to want to deliver food and a smile locally. Meals On Wheels of Lehigh County serves 450 homebound seniors and adults per weekday and 46% report the person dropping off their food is the only interaction they have to look forward to each day. Those numbers are growing in all areas of the United States. If you'd like to volunteer in your area just visit the campaign's website at You don't have to deliver the food to lend a hand, you could be the driver or agencies also offer grocery shopping services.

Route 33 Guiderail Issue
Friday July 15th 2016

A vehicle accident on Route 33 this morning brings to light a glaring safety issue. Certain parts of Route 33 have metal guiderails in the median, while other areas have sturdy concrete barriers. PennDOT officials have proposed a new project that will add concrete barriers to the portions of Route 33 that currently have the metal guiderails.
Ron Young PennDOT Press Officer says, "Something a little more sturdier out there to help prevent the types of crashes that occur like the one that occurred this morning." Officials say they will be starting their preliminary engineering process in the fall of this year or the beginning of next year.

Details On Texting 911 In Monroe County
Thursday July 14th 2016

People have a lot of questions about being able to text 911 in Monroe County. The option became available in March but many residents didn't know they could send emergency test messages until we told them today.
Monroe County's Control Center is able to receive and transmit emergency text messages. We got to see the service in action. When you text 911 from your phone, a dispatcher will text back asking for your location. Once they have that, they'll ask you what happened. The silent transmission can make all the difference in certain situations like someone breaking into your house while you're home. People we spoke with today really appreciate the new way to get help. But officials warn texting should only be a secondary option unless you are hearing impaired or have a speech disability. Texting is not always instantaneous which is critical in a life-threatening emergency. A voice call still takes the least amount of time. The difference between calling or texting 911 is a text can't pinpoint your exact location. Dispatchers can only find the nearest cell tower.
The service is available for both Monroe County residents and visitors on all network carriers. Officials say not many people have sent an emergency text since March and they're hoping it isn't abused in the future. For more information on using the 911 texting option, just go to the Control Center's website at

Sign Safety Helps Along the Lackawaxen
Wednesday July 13th 2016

29 marker signs have been hammered down along the 13 -mile stretch of the Lackawaxen River. They are triangle shaped, featuring a red background with bold white lettering. The signs are also reflective so they will stand out.

The purpose of the signs is to help emergency responders identify where people are along the river and coordinate search efforts. Along the river corridor, cell phone service is spotty at best, this will give emergency workers an upper hand out in the field.
The signs were paid for by a grant from the National Park Service.

Smithfield Township Research Center
Wednesday July 13th 2016

Smithfield Township supervisors have approved a project that will allow a new research facility to be built near the planned Smithfield Gateway Project located on the old Mosiers Farm. Developers say last night's meeting with the supervisors was very productive and they feel the new center can help not only the township but the county. Jason Startari VP Real Estate Development Shawnee Holdings says, "The long term 2030 Monroe County plan talks about diversification of different business types, our area could really use a boost of good jobs and a diverse industry and this would be compatible with all those ideas." Developers say the next step is working on a conditional use application and speaking with potential tenants for the facility.

Effort Residents Alarmed By Animal Sacrifice
Wednesday July 13th 2016

Some residents in Monroe County's West End are alarmed over an animal sacrifice happening near their homes. The site of the questionable activity was spotted at the intersection of Jonas and Merwinsberg Roads near Sun Valley. They question whether or not someone is trying to cause harm to another person. The owner of a spiritual center location in Snydersville tells us the sacrifice is nothing to worry about. Shooting for the Moon Owner Kathy Agate Brown consulted with an expert on Voodoo and Hoodoo to answer our questions. She explains since the sacrifice was located at a crossroads, it has nothing to do with trying to get back at someone. She says it was an individual attempting to change the direction of their own personal life. She wants the person to know they could've done an alternative that wouldn't have wasted an animal's life.

Bridge Street Bridge Construction
Tuesday July 12th 2016

The Bridge Street Bridge construction in Stroud Township began last week. The work has closed down part of the bridge making it only one way, forcing drivers to only be able to travel North. We spoke with people traveling over the bridge this morning and a lot of them were pleased with the work being done. "I usually come this way for the gym in the morning and it's not a problem but I could imagine afterwards it being a problem but it has to get done." Another driver said "It's just a little inconvenience but they're improving the roads so whatever it takes." Officials say this week crews will be removing the old bridge beams, they expect the entire replacement to be completed in six months.

Kids Are One With Nature At An Adventure Camp
Tuesday July 12th 2016

It's a perfect summer day for paddle boarding, archery, rock climbing and kids eight through fourteen are doing it all and more at Blue Mountain Adventure Camp. The summer camp started four years ago and runs for seven weeks on the mountain. The third week is currently in session with 50 boys and girls that come each day or stay at the site. They're having fun becoming one with nature.
The focus of the camp is to have activities and challenges that create team bonding and self accomplishment. The kids all have their favorite thing to do. And they're all trying new things that they never thought about doing before. Officials tell us they hope the skills the kids learn at the adventure camp help them throughout their lives.

Support Growing For Greeter Booted From Walmart's Door Due To Disability
Monday July 11th 2016

The over 100 people who gathered outside Walmart in East Stroudsburg on Saturday are only a fraction of those outraged over a man losing his job due to his disability. A petition is circling on the internet with over 5,000 signatures and growing to get Danny Ockenhouse's job back as a greeter.
Ockenhouse has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. For the past 21 years he welcomed everyone walking into Walmart with a friendly fun greeting. People at the protest tell us he went above and beyond for Walmart. They say he would sleep in the store if he knew it would snow the next day so he wouldn't miss a day of work. That's why it was even more shocking to everyone he was let go. A new program required his position to have more tasks- ones he can't do like being able to lift 50 pounds. Ockenhouse tells us he can still do a lot and wants to come back to work. Those who are in support of Ockenhouse say it's unfair he had to lose his job because of his disability and that Walmart should have found him another position. A Walmart spokesperson sent us this statement, "This is a difficult situation because Danny was a part of what made our store special. We very much wanted Danny to stay with Walmart and the store tried hard to help him find another position in their store and nearby stores, unfortunately he didn't find an opening that he felt met his needs at this time.”
Ockenhouse says he can do portions of everything at the store but he can't do the whole position.
Organizers of the protest tell us they won't stop until Ockenhouse gets his job back. We spoke with Senator Mario Scavello who is also joining their fight. He's been calling Walmart officials and won't stop until it's reinstated.

Annual Clothing Giveaway - St. Paul's in Albrightsville
Monday July 11th 2016

St. Paul's Lutheran Church is holding its annual clothing giveaway:

Wednesday, July 13th: 9 am - 4 pm
Thursday, July 14th: 9 am - 4 pm
Friday, July 15th: 9 am - 5 pm
Saturday, July 16th: 9 am - 4 pm

All are welcome to choose free clothing.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church is located on Old Stage Road approximately Ľ mile north of the intersection at Old Stage and Rt. 534 in Albrightsville, PA

Pokemon Go Concerns
Monday July 11th 2016

A global phone application is taking over the Poconos. "Pokémon Go" is the new game gone viral, it has been out for less than a week, but it already has tons of people all over Main Street Stroudsburg searching for the animated creatures. Officials say the game uses your phone's camera to superimpose the cartoon Pokémon in real life locations. The game tracks your movement, so the more you move around and travel the more different Pokémon you find, unfortunately that has led to people playing and driving at the same time.
Sean Brown PennDOT Press Officer says, "You should pull over anytime you want to play a game or make a text, you shouldn't be driving a motor vehicle while using your handheld device in really any manner." You can start catching your Pokémon now by downloading the game on your Apple and Android devices.

Pastor Calls For Unification In Monroe County
Friday July 8th 2016

A pastor is calling out for unification in Monroe County after the recent racially charged events in America. Last night's incident in Dallas is the deadliest attack on police since September 11th. Officials say white officers were targeted in retaliation for the shooting of two black men at the hands of law enforcement.
Doctor Kenneth Pearman's heart goes out to all those who lost a loved one. The two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota and the police officers ambushed at the rally last night in Texas. He says all lives matter and people need to start focusing on humanity. Taking sides isn't helping anyone.
Some people we spoke with today don't see a racial problem happening in the Poconos and they'd be surprised if the violence occurred. But Pearman as Pastor of the Reaching Out For Jesus Christian Center in Brodheadsville has witnessed that type of hate firsthand recently.
That's why he's taking a stand to start the dialogue now to prevent the country's turmoil from spreading here. He'd like to get community leaders, police and clergy to hold meetings starting next week. If you'd like to join the pastor in getting the conversation started, he's asking you to call him at 570-599-6602.

Drug Treatment Program Expanding
Thursday July 7th 2016

The Carbon County Correctional Facility recently received state recognition for its drug treatment program. Now that program has added a case manager to help inmates ready to be released. Program organizers hope to be able to add another counselor in the near future.

East Stroudsburg University New Residence Halls
Thursday July 7th 2016

East Stroudsburg University is in the final phase of a 70 million dollar student housing project. Officials say the new residence halls will accommodate just under 500 students. Jarod Grant is a parent of an incoming freshmen and he says, "I think this will make a big difference in bringing in students to the area and to the school try to grow the school make it better." Officials expect the new dormitories to be completed in the Fall of 2017.

11th Annual Ride For The Red
Thursday July 7th 2016

It's not every day you get to take a lap around the Tricky Triangle in Long Pond. And officials tell us the 11th annual Ride for the Red couldn't have come at a better time- the Red Cross is in desperate need of donations. There's a significant blood shortage across the country and they're trying to keep up with hospital demand. The Blood drive has over 100 people signed up to donate but walk-ins are welcome too. Plus $10 for every lap goes directly to the Red Cross of the Poconos Disaster Relief Fund. They provide food, shelter, clothing and whatever is needed in a local emergency. You can give blood or take your vehicle around the track until seven tonight.

Mount Pocono Playground Problem
Wednesday July 6th 2016

Something must be wrong if kids are running away from a playground, well that was the case for the children's playground behind the Mount Pocono Borough building, but not anymore. Today things already looked better as crews were out hacking away at the thistles and weeds. Fred Courtright Mayor of Mount Pocono says, "Places like this are really important as touchstones for community building, so from a municipal stand point it's important for us to maintain and advertise this for the community building to happen" Officials say the borough will be spending up to 4,000 dollars to replace the old mulch with new specialized playground mulch, the old metal fence with a new parking barrier and also repairing the park benches. Officials expect the playground to look new and improved within the next few days.

Manhunt In Monroe County Ends In An Arrest
Wednesday July 6th 2016

Today Saylorsburg was the scene of police roadblocks, officers with weapons drawn and helicopter surveillance. The search started after a suspicious vehicle was reported in Cherry Valley. Neighbors on Spring Street spotted a green van after six this morning facing the Cherry Valley Road intersection. It was parked in the center of the road on an angle that wouldn't allow a vehicle to pass in either direction with a man passed out inside. We're told just before eight he was still there so they called 911. State police arrived and after knocking on the windows, the man put the vehicle in reverse and flew down the road. One of the troopers had to jump out of the way. The man exited the vehicle at the bottom of the hill leaving his shoes behind and fled into the woods barefoot. That's when the manhunt started both on foot, by vehicle and in the air. Stroud Area Regional Police were called in to assist. Police learned it was a wanted man for failure to appear and possession. They started showing Mark Everett's picture door to door. An employee of the Sunoco Gas Station recognized the picture as a regular and tells us he seemed normal to her. She adds many customers coming in were alarmed over the police activity.
During his run from police, Everett came across a child and assaulted him. The child's older brother hit Everett with a stick and he ran. He then went to the home of an older woman he knew to use her phone. She pushed him out of the house. Police captured him there in the woods off of Cherry Valley Road. He is now being treated at Pocono Medical Center for injuries sustained by the older brother. Police tell us his next stop is the Monroe County Correctional Facility and he faces numerous charges.

Missing Man's Body Found in Lake Wallenpaupack
Tuesday July 5th 2016

This morning searchers recovered the body of a missing man in Lake Wallenpaupack. He's identified as Ernesto Atiencia, 35, of North Bergen, New Jersey. The man had been swimming from a boat when he disappeared yesterday, officials were searching for the past two days. Bob Boogertman Lakeville Fire Chief says, "Today we came back with our sonars we were able to get a point of interest and we put divers in the water and we were able to make a recovery, it's an unfortunate thing but it gives everybody closure." Officials say the autopsy has been scheduled for tomorrow in Wayne County to determine the cause of death.

Man In Court Charged With Killing His Baby
Tuesday July 5th 2016

An East Stroudsburg man charged with killing his baby had his preliminary hearing this afternoon.
We couldn't get close to ask 26-year-old Anthony Gudino any questions today walking in and out of court. But his attorney spoke very highly of his character and parenting skills. Police say Gudino was alone with his five-month-old daughter when she suffered multiple traumatic head injuries, which are normally caused by blunt force.
It happened at his second floor apartment on Ridgeway Street early afternoon on May 6th. Two detectives testified that his first few explanations described him giving her a bottle and then putting her in a swing. He heard gargling noises and when he picked her up, she went limp. He tried to do CPR and then ran out for help. He did admit to smoking weed and drinking that morning.
Police say an interview with him a couple days later revealed shaken baby syndrome could've been involved. He told police he was frustrated with the swing. He was having a hard time putting her in it since it was moving. When a detective asked him if the baby's head would've snapped back and forth, he replied "yes" and that the back of the baby's head hit the housing of the motor. He also said quote, "I wasn't mindful of the strength used to get the baby in the swing."
Both sides say it's too early to comment further now that there's enough evidence to send the case to trial. All charges were sent to Monroe County Court. One was changed to a misdemeanor. Gudino remains in jail without bail.

Firework Safety
Friday July 1st 2016

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission 230 people on average go to the emergency room everyday with fireworks related injuries in the month around the fourth of July holiday. Officials are trying to decrease that average by educating people on the rules and guidelines behind using these fun but often dangerous devices. Brian Downs Co-Chair of the Lehigh Valley DUI Highway Safety Task Force says, "There are other fireworks that are commercial that people can buy and use and while they are out there that doesn't mean they're safe or they'll be used in a safe way." "We are going to try to get the message across to please obey all the rules and regulations and if you can...go to a professional fireworks display." Officials say for useful holiday safety information at your fingertips download the American Red Cross Emergency and First Aid application on your mobile device.

Monroe County Woman In Court Charged With Stealing From Employer
Friday July 1st 2016

58-year-old Phyllis Stanukenas of Stroud Township didn't have anything to say today after waiving her right to a preliminary hearing. But her attorney tells us she plans to plead guilty to the theft charges. According to court documents, Stanukenas worked from her home in Penn Estates as an accountant for Milliman Consulting. She was let go in 2015. Shortly after, the Washington based company discovered she had been stealing from them and contacted Stroud Area Regional Police. Police say she was falsifying invoices and the payment was deposited directly into her bank account. Her bank records show over 55 thousand dollars was deposited in just a 17 month period between April of 2014 and July of 2015. Milliman officials believe she took a total between 200 to 400 thousand dollars since 2004. Police have a written confession from Stanukenas that she will pay the money back to the company. The defendant continues to be free on unsecured bail as she awaits her next court date.

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