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A Club In Stroud Township "Moose" Definitely Needs Your Help
Thursday March 30th 2017

You may not know about an international service club located in your backyard. The Moose Lodge in Stroud Township is all about helping kids, whether out of state or around the community. Members work with organizations like the Salvation Army, the Valor Clinic, the YMCA and schools. They also support sports teams and host a boy scout troop. There's also a lot of fun activities for the whole family. You can come uncover what they're all about this Saturday. Members need help with a spring cleanup that's starting at 11 in the morning at the Stokes Mill Road property. They'd like to get the playground ready for the kids and the pavilion ready for events like an Easter egg hunt.

Big Changes Coming To Route 611 In Pocono Township
Friday March 24th 2017

The widening of Route 611 in Pocono Township is all set to start, but now officials are also coordinating the project to include a natural gas line. Senator Mario Scavello got all the key players together this morning at the Monroe County Transportation Authority. The project will start at Sanofi Pasteur and end at Great Wolf Lodge. The reconstruction of the roadway will include larger pull-off shoulders, dedicated left turn lanes throughout and added traffic signals will take two and a half years. Scavello ecpects the gas line to be usable by the middle of next year. And officials agree, it'll be a big benefit to businesses that are already there and in attracting new ones. The goal is to make the corridor safer and create opportunities for economic development. Another meeting is scheduled in three months. Before then UGI officials will be putting their plans together and comparing notes with PennDOT.

Monroe County's Salvation Army Focuses On Healthy Alternatives
Thursday March 23rd 2017

Monroe County's Salvation Army is taking a stand against diet related diseases. They're creating healthy food partnerships to ensure they are now always providing fresh fruits and vegetables to community members in need.
Over 100 families lined up today at the Salvation Army's choice pantry in East Stroudsburg. While the monthly food distribution is always a needed helping hand, today it somehow meant more. Apples, bananas, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and even eggs are now going to be readily available for clients to put in their cart. Salvation Army officials are making the effort to provide healthy food through their donors and their state food purchase program. East Stroudsburg resident Dorothy O'Brien picks up food for homebound clients that are her neighbors. She says it means a lot to have these other options. And it's something that's really important, officials are seeing a lot of Monroe County residents suffering from diet related diseases like diabetes and heart problems. They say 18 percent of the county's children are food insecure which can have lasting effects like social challenges and a higher risk of committing suicide. And officials are taking the initiative a step further by having a day to nourish the body, mind and soul. It's called the first annual Salvation Army Shawnee Family Fest that's happening at the Shawnee Inn on Sunday, January 25th. The event is free and starts at 10am. For more information or if you'd like to participate in their healthy food partnerships, just call the Salvation Army.

New Plaza Coming to Bartonsville
Thursday March 23rd 2017

Developers have their eyes set on a property on Route 611 in Stroud Township. Restaurants and a retail store are some of the tenants scheduled to go in there and you might see some construction being done soon. Ed Cramer Stroud Township Supervisor says, "There's two restaurants a Chick-Fil-A and Taco Bell and there are going to be two other buildings one may be a mattress store and the other will be an office building in the back." The developers say they've already received permits to move ground and officials are hoping to see signs of buildings in either late summer or early fall of this year.

In Need Of A Job?
Tuesday March 21st 2017

As the snow melts, winter seasonal job positions are also fading. But that just means Monroe County's biggest tourist season is gearing up to hire. It's starting with a job fair this Thursday at The Crossings Premium Outlets in Tannersville. 40 different retailers are looking to hire immediately and all positions are available including managerial. It runs from four to seven pm inside the food court. You'll be able to meet with the retailers and have on-the-spot interviews. Officials say to dress in business causal and have your resume readily available. If you can't make it Thursday night, you can always apply directly with the stores in person and online.

Meals On Wheels Volunteers Help Advert Tragedy
Friday March 17th 2017

Tragedy was avoided today thanks to two Meals on Wheels volunteers making their delivery to a client in Monroe County. An elderly man didn't realize his Ross Township home was filled with smoke and the fire alarm was going off when they arrived for their visit. Husband and wife team Karen and Joe Moscatello immediately got the man out of the home and called 911 thinking there was a fire. They then saw the garage. Officials tell us the senior was heading out to get his medications when he drove forward instead of putting the vehicle in reverse. He ended up going through the garage wall, knocking over the water heater and continuing into the next wall. Blue Ridge Hook and Ladder's Fire Chief tells us he was spinning his tires and that's what caused all the smoke. He adds he was very fortunate. We watched as the Moscatello's stepped up to further help by taking the senior to get his medications. They tell us he's on a route that typically doesn't have a volunteer available so they fill in. If you'd like to help change that call Monroe County Meals on Wheels at 570-424-8794 to volunteer your time. It will truly make a difference.

East Stroudsburg Landmark Destroyed By Fire
Monday March 13th 2017

A landmark in East Stroudsburg is completely destroyed by an early morning fire. The CLU Club on South Courtland Street holds a lot of memories and many people stopped by throughout the day to take a look at the damage. The manager of the club was trying to hold back tears this morning as he took in the damage for the second time. Steve Murray and his wife left around 11 o'clock last night and tell us everything was fine. They woke up this morning to numerous calls and rushed over to see firefighters knocking down the back walls. Murray tells us the Central Labor Union Club started in the 1930s as a social club for union members. Later membership became available to everyone. Today it's also known to hold events that give back to the community. While the manager tells us rebuilding is already on his mind. Community members are feeling the loss.
We're told a neighbor spotted smoke coming from the building just before one this morning and called it in. East Stroudsburg's fire chief lives around the corner and he knew it was going to be bad once he opened up his curtains to take a look. Over 40 volunteers responded from four different departments. The fire chief believes it started in the back in the bar area and aggressively moved toward the front. By the time they arrived, it was too much to stay inside and fight the flames. The volunteers had their work cut out for them. They not only had the fast moving fire to worry about, but the cold and ice on the ground. One firefighter was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation but was immediately released. A fire marshal was on scene today and the cause remains under investigation.

PennDOT Joins The Fight To Stop Human Trafficking
Thursday March 9th 2017

PennDot is joining the fight to stop human trafficking. Monroe County officials say it's a huge problem in the area and they say raising awareness is key. Workers at the Driver License Centers are being trained how to spot victims and call for help. We're told they'll all be trained by this summer. Wallet sized information cards about how to spot a victim and where to call for help are also being handed out to CDL licensed drivers and those applying for their license.

America's Largest Indoor Waterpark Now Open In Monroe County
Wednesday March 8th 2017

America's largest waterpark is now open in Monroe County. Guests today at Kalahari Resorts and Conventions located at Pocono Manor got to experience the long awaited phase two completion of the African themed resort. Some people even traveled to the Poconos today just to be the first in line to experience the new amenities. The indoor waterpark has officially doubled in size and now totals 200,020 square feet. There are now 24 slides with the nine new ones added. Five of them are thrill rides and one, you can even race against your friends and family members. There's a wave pool, an expanded lazy river, a new kids area for four and under and an adult Grotto swim-up bar. Plus they've also open 500 additional guest rooms making it a total of 977 rooms. They've added a marketplace inspired by what you would come across in Africa. Other new restaurants will soon be open too. Everything is now open to the public and next Friday night, an official opening celebration will take place.

College Library In Monroe County Is All "Jazzed Up"
Friday March 3rd 2017

East Stroudsburg University's library is all "jazzed up. A new director is introducing non-traditional activities and inviting the community to participate. One activity focuses on the art form the Poconos is known for worldwide.
The Kemp Library is no longer just a place to seek information and study. The new director, Jingfeng Xia, is evolving it to change with the times. One goal is to transform their printed materials into digitized form for easier access and availability. Another goal is to get the community involved and attract them to use the library too. Business events are currently being held on a regular basis which in turn benefits the students. But a particular kind of music is also coming to life inside the place known to require whispering. The Jazz Lounge also holds community events. The Al Cohn Memorial Jazz Collection has been a fixture at the college for years but now it's being highlighted by a Jazz Lecture Series. The jazz collection includes everything you may want to listen to, read and watch, but what you may not realize is some the legends featured actually chose to make their home in the Poconos. Those famous artists participate in the lectures that are held a Wednesday night at 7:30 every other month. But you can view their work any time, the collection is open to the public. For a complete listing of events and more information on the Jazz Program, just go to

More Video Phones Coming To The Monroe County Correctional Facility
Thursday March 2nd 2017

Inmates at the Monroe County Correctional Facility will soon have more access to face-to-face visitation. County Commissioners just approved additional video phones to be added to various units inside the jail. Right now only 100 inmates are able to utilize the two monitors they currently have. With the 10 new ones, about 400 will have the access. We're told many family members live far away from the jail or out of the area and it's difficult for them to make the trip. This is not only a more convenient alternative but officials say it also helps with security. The 10 new monitors will cost $1,700 per month but that will be paid for by the inmate welfare fund.

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