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Employers in the communications field need more than words on paper! We need a tangible product to evaluate a potential employee's ability. BRC13 provides experience by implementing the concepts students learn in college. Our "on the job" experience is not offered by many other companies! Although our students are not paid, the knowledge and experience they acquire is priceless!

BRC13 offers a limited number of unpaid internships to students who have completed at least one year of college. We offer both credit and non-credit internships at our main studio in Lehighton, Pennsylvania. Internships are awarded to the strongest candidates after an interview process. Please plan ahead and apply early!

Some notes about our internships...

Internship schedules generally run as follows ...

Internship Schedules
Summer May - August (interviews begin in March)
Fall September - December (interviews begin in June)
Spring January - April (interviews begin in October)

We promise a great hands-on experience in two different internships.

Creative News Interns have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to become a News Reporter, Anchor, Producer, Copywriter, or Field Producer. Interns become working members of the "BRC13" News team.


  • Accompany reporter on assignments
  • Take part and bring ideas to daily news meetings
  • Beat calls
  • Research stories
  • Write stories
  • Accompany videographer and conduct interviews in the field
  • Running teleprompter or studio camera for live newscasts
  • Organize graphics for the newscast
  • Editing video

Technical News Interns have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to become a Videographer, Technical Director, Graphics Coordinator and Tapes Coordinator. Interns become working members of the "BRC13" News team.


  • Accompany videographer on assignments
  • Take part and bring ideas to daily news meetings
  • Shoot video
  • Running teleprompter or studio camera for live newscasts
  • Editing video
  • Developing shoulder boxes and graphics for newscast
  • Editing bumpers and or teases for newscasts
  • Learning to Direct

Two steps to apply:

1. Fill out an online application at
2. Send a letter of request with your choice of internship, resume and tape (if available) to:

BRC13 Internship
Attn : Marie Johns
936 Elm Street
Lehighton, PA 18235

or e-mail:


Dear Blue Ridge Family,

I just wanted to say that I am truly appreciative for the wonderful opportunity to intern here at BRC13! Everyone was so friendly and patient. That really meant a lot to me. I learned more than I ever thought I would. Marie, I thank you for all your help and advice. An internship at Blue Ridge is the best experience anyone could every get. Thanks to everyone and I'll definitely miss you all.


BRC13 Creative News Intern - Spring 2010
East Stroudsburg University


I just wanted to thank you once again for giving me such a great opportunity over the summer. I didn't think I was capable of interviewing, writing AND editing-all before five o'clock! - but I think I improved and will continue to grow. Everyone was so great with offering advice and so patient with me and it is greatly appreciated. I think this internship definitely gave me a head start on my next two years at school and helped me figure out what I want to do after college.

Thank you once again!

BRC13 Creative News Intern Summer 2009

PS - And by the way-my parents couldn't stop watching my DVD

I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to intern at TV 13. I truly did learn a lot about many aspects of TV news. I appreciated being able to take hands-on projects and quite often being able to see the results of my hard work on that day's newscasts. I also appreciate the help you and many other people gave me to accomplish those tasks. Not only did everyone help me out when I needed it, but they really made me feel like an important part of the team, and that means a lot to me. You have given me more practical knowledge in three months than I got in more than four years of college. Once again, thank you for this great opportunity.

--- Jonathon
BRC13 Creative News Intern - Fall 2006
East Stroudsburg University

To all of the TV-13 Crew,

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful opportunity you gave me this summer. I learned so much and couldnt have asked for a better intern site. I appreciate all of you taking time to teach me what life in the news is all about. You are all hard-working dedicated individuals and it was amazing watching you all in action. I cant wait to go back to school to share my experience with my teachers and other interns. Again I am so grateful to all of you!

--- Candace
BRC13 Creative News Intern Summer 2005
Lenoir-Rhyne College
Hickory, North Carolina

My experiences at BRC13 have been good ones. From the first day through to the last day they had me involved with everyday routines. These routines included script writing for the live broadcasts, camera, on-site shooting and running the prompter during the live shows. Because its a small town television station you as the student really get in depth with how everything works, they really treat you like an employee. At first I really had no clue as to what I was doing, but everyone there went out of their way to help me understand. From the top to the bottom they really taught me the values of good hard news; How to write a story, editing of the video, even the questions you would ask to a interviewee. I must say this has been a great learning experience and hope to carry on the things that were shown to me in the future no matter where I end up. I would recommend it to anyone if their honestly thinking about going into television and especially news, BRC13 is top notch in my book.

--- Joe
TV 13 Intern - Spring 2005
Northampton County Community College

Dear Marie,

Ive learned a lot about my writing, as well as writing for the news in particular. Thank you for your patience and the opportunity.

--- Nefertiti
BRC13 Creative News Intern Spring 2005
East Stroudsburg University

Dear Marie,

I would like to thank you and everyone at BRC13 for making my internship a most enjoyable experience. I feel that I learned a lot in regards to reporting and writing and even some editing that will help me in my future as a reporter. Please give everyone my sincere thanks for answering all my questions no matter how dumb they sounded or even how often Id ask them.

--- Anthony
BRC13 Creative News Intern Spring 2005
East Stroudsburg University

To everyone at BRC13,

I want to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to have a valuable, fulfilling, unforgettable internship experience. There are not too many places where an intern can participate and get the feeling of what its actually like to work at a news station. BRC13 and the people at BRC13 give you that feeling, especially 5 minutes before news time!
Everyone at the station has been so kind and I am grateful to be in the presence of such good company. I feel very lucky to have completed my studies at BRC13. I also had a lot of fun doing the various jobs that had to be dealt with for the live news productions.

--- Mike
BRC13 Technical News Intern Summer 2004
East Stroudsburg University
**Mike was hired as a Videographer for BRC13