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Tamaqua Drug Sweep
Monday May 2nd 2016

Police are still searching for the following people as part of this morning's drug sweep:

Nicholas Tipton, 37, Tamaqua
Richard Hornbeck, 45, Tamaqua
Dustin Oncay, 31, Tamaqua
Tracey McCurdy, 35, Tamaqua
Kevin Moore, 34, Pottsville
Jason Dahm, 38, Tuscarora
Nikolas Taylor, 28, Tamaqua
Bruce Matalavage, 56, Tamaqua
Tina Hosier, 30, Tamaqua
Tonya Braun, 24, Tamaqua
Raymond Brown, 54, Minersville

Anyone with information is asked to contact Tamaqua Police at 570-668-5000

Teenage Girl Still Missing
Monday May 2nd 2016

Leanna Walker has been missing since April 18th. According to her sister, Lydia Rodriguez, she was last spotted leaving with her boyfriend, Sky Mcdonough.
Police arrested 24-year old, Mcdonough after, tracking him down at a Llama farm in Milford, where he was found hiding out, but no signs of Walker.
Police are still looking for help tracking down Leanna Walker. The family has started a facebook group and is even offering a 10-thousand dollar reward for information leading to her location. If anyone has any information on her whereabouts, they can contact the Blooming Grove State Police Barracks.

(570) 226-5718

Report Illegal Gang Activity In Monroe County
Monday May 2nd 2016

There's a new tool for dealing with gang problems in Monroe County. Detectives are intensifying their efforts on gang violence and crimes with your help. The Monroe County District Attorney's website now has a place to go for reporting suspicious gang activity. The link offers you a way to provide a tip anonymously and a way to contact the gang investigator directly, either by phone or email.
Just go to for more information on how officials are handling the gang problem and their services.

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