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AWSOM Clinic Tour
Friday July 3rd 2015

Monroe County's AWSOM Animal Shelter will soon open a spay-neuter clinic thanks to community support. Today we got an exclusive first look at everything it has to offer.
Shelter officials say it's a dream three years in the making. Construction for the over $100,000 project started back in March and now AWSOM Animal Wellness Center is expected to open to the public at the end of this month. The goal of the low-cost facility is to control the feral cat population and reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats. And the shelter located next to the clinic will also benefit with a hired vet available Monday through Friday. It's cost-effective, productive and stress-free for the animals since they'll be treated by people they already know.
The clinic was made possible through generous donations. Now the non-profit just needs a little bit more to get it up and running. Instruments for procedures need to be purchased and we're told they're quite expensive. If you'd like to help, just go to to donate and just specify the donation is for the clinic.

Pike Looks to Recoup Money to Benefit Tourism
Thursday July 2nd 2015

This time of year many residents in the Poconos rent out their homes, short term to large groups of people. The homeowners using their place as a vacation rental, are required to pay a three percent hotel room tax. Officials in Pike County say, they are many homes listed for short-term rentals online, but some have never paid the three percent that is required. The money that is collected goes to promoting tourism throughout the Poconos. Now County officials are looking into finding a way to collect that money owed, and looking into ways of doing it. They are meeting with Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau next week, to discuss what can be done to recoup this lost funding.

Group of Sun Valley Residents Left High and Dry
Thursday July 2nd 2015

About 120 to 150 mobile home customers at Sun Valley development in Chestnuthill Township, Monroe County just got their water turned on late last night. They were without water since the rainstorm Tuesday night.
PA Department of Environmental Protection Spokesperson Colleen Connolly says, "We believe that the well pump was knocked out by some type of power outage during Tuesday night's storm that hit pretty heavy in that part of Monroe County."
Residents were surprised to have it back on so quickly this time.
Connolly explains, "There was a resident who had a key to the well house, somehow that was in his possession and he entered the well house and turned the pump back on."
While they're use to dealing with water problems from Sun Valley Water Company...
Resident Juan Deleon says, "All the time. At least once or twice every few months, and sometimes it's out for two days, sometimes it's out for a week, week and a half."
They had someone to call, now that's changed.
Connolly explains, "Donald Cameron died last month. He never appointed anyone to succeed him to operate that water system."
And residents are afraid to think what will happen next time if the pump isn't such a quick fix.
Resident Belle Peters says, "My husband has cancer, he has to go to the doctor all the time. You need to be able to take showers, you need to be able to function."
Resident Stephanie Green adds, "We have a two and a half year old so she doesn't quite understand when the other night she couldn't get a bath."
DEP is trying to help. Residents tell us officials came to their door to check on them today. But there's only so much they can do since it's a private company.
Connolly says, "We don't have the power to step in and say hey you take over the water system. That's got to come from the previous owner, whether in his will or someone in his family or one of the residents wants to get certified as a water operator, then they have to tell DEP that."
DEP and the Public Utility Commission can only regulate the water company. And DEP officials want residents to know they're still under a boil water advisory that was put into effect weeks ago. They also don't have the power to lift it.
Connolly adds, "It's our understanding from the water company that there were some issues with how the water was being treated but nothing official was sent to DEP."
Until someone steps up and takes over the water company, DEP and the PUC are doing everything they can. DEP is currently in contact with the PUC to try and determine how a responsible party can be named. The PUC has yet to return our call.

Storm Damage In Monroe County
Wednesday July 1st 2015

Residents in some parts of Monroe County are busy cleaning up from flash flooding. The storm yesterday sent creeks over their banks and caused drains to back up. Today motorists are still dealing with water on roads and some residents bailing out basements.
On average about five inches of rain fell in the Monroe County area. Tannersville took it the hardest and that's where we found the most damage.

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