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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

2:00 AM

Night Report REPLAY

6:00 AM

Night Report REPLAY

6:30 AM

Wallenpaupack LIFE

7:00 AM

TV13 Night Report REPLAY

7:30 AM

Out in the Open

8:00 AM

Talk of the Town

9:00 AM

Brain Candy

9:30 AM

Behind the Headlines

10:00 AM

Gaithers Homecoming Hour

11:00 AM

ViaCast TV

2:00 PM

BRC13 District XI 1st Round Baseball: Easton vs Stroudsburg REPLAY

4:30 PM

Pocono Landscape Challenge

5:00 PM

News13 Pocono Report LIVE

5:30 PM

News13 Valley Report LIVE

6:00 PM

News13 Pocono Report REPLAY

6:30 PM

News13 Valley Report REPLAY

7:00 PM

Talk of the Town

8:00 PM

Health Images

8:30 PM

Legislative Report with Mario Scavello

9:00 PM

Brain Candy

9:30 PM

Movie Loft

10:00 PM

BRC13 Night Report LIVE

10:30 PM

Eyecare Today

11:00 PM

BRC13 Night Report REPLAY

11:30 PM

Computerwise REPLAY
Wednesday, May 24th, 2017
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