The state budget impasse is still forcing cutbacks at a library in Monroe County. Parts of the budget were approved allowing for emergency funding to schools, counties and social service agencies. But officials at a library near Mount Pocono tell us they haven't received anything yet.
A sign announcing changed hours due to the state budget impasse is still posted on Pocono Mountain Public Library's entrance doors. The reduced hours have been in effect since the beginning of December. But they're not the only cutbacks the library has been dealing with. They also had to lay off six staff members and halt the children's programs. Unlike other social service agencies and schools, the library has not received it's emergency state aid during this record-setting budget stalemate. Library officials tell us they receive 17 percent of their budget from state funds.
People at the library today tell us they've been greatly affected by the cut hours because it's a resource they depend on.
Library officials have noticed it's a big impact on their patrons too. Director Ann Shincovich says, "We've had a few days where we're only open for four hours and we'll have 120 to 180 people come in just in those four hours."
Officials don't expect to get the money until some time in early February so they will have to maintain the cuts until then. If you'd like to help the library, money gifts and office paper are always needed.