A homicide trial started today in Monroe County. The defendant is one of a number of people charged in a 2014 drive-by shooting near Bartonsville. The others charged have pled guilty to their involvement and the East Stroudsburg man is the last to take the stand in the case.
21-year-old Brandon Wilson told us the same thing today as he did at his preliminary hearing- that he didn't take part in the death of Darcy Kravchenko at a home on Old Timber Road in Hamilton Township. Police say Wilson is one of five people who went to the mobile home in January of 2014 for revenge because of a bad drug deal. Right after it happened Wilson pleaded guilty but changed his mind at his sentencing. Then just a couple of weeks ago, he was offered to plead guilty to third degree murder and declined. Now he faces an open count of homicide. According to information police have gathered, he fired some of the shots from the vehicle that hit the home. One of the shots hit Kravchenko in the head who was not the target. The Commonwealth had State Troopers testify today. Photographs of the scene and the victim were shown. The trial will continue tomorrow at the Monroe County Courthouse.