Buck Hill Falls has been standing tall in Barrett Township since the early 1900's but now its historic legacy is coming to an end. Officials have scheduled the demolition to happen sometime this month. Buck Hill Falls was up and running in 1901 as an 18 room inn. Over the years the 138 acre property expanded into a 400 plus room resort and named one of the largest and most prestigious resorts in the Poconos. Officials would close it down over 30 years ago and ever since then it has been slowly falling apart. Officials have also tried to sell the property but were unsuccessful on numerous attempts. Even though the inn will be demolished there is still plans for the property to be used as open space. Chairman of the Barrett Supervisors Ralph Megliola says, "I think their plan of having it as an open space to use for events is very beneficial to the town we really don't have a lot of space to have events in Barrett Township." Township officials say they have no control of the demolition process and that it will be done by a Dunmore group called SRI demolition company.