State officials came together on Monday to prepare for the future of automated transportation.

Officials from Governor Tom Wolf's administration took part in Pennsylvania's first ever automated vehicle summit.

The event was an opportunity for almost 300 transportation officials, industry experts, public officials and industry partners to learn about how connected and automated vehicle technology is molding the future of transportation.

According to Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), Leslie Richards, officials in attendance discussed workforce implications of automated transportation, as well as freight improvements, safety factors, and legal and insurance liability concerns.

The emerging technology is expected to create both opportunities and challenges for motorists on the road.

As automatic vehicle development continues, officials stress the importance of driver safety over anything else.

"PennDOT supports research and development and testing of AVs while we balance it with public safety...I cannot say that enough. That is what our main and prime focus is...that is our number one priority," stated Richards.

Representatives from Pennsylvania State Police and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission were also at Monday's summit.