There is a temporary ban on hydraulic fracturing in both Wayne and Pike counties that's been in place for about seven years.

Now the Delaware River Basin Commission says it will be seeking to put an end to fracking for good. Fracking has been ongoing in neighboring Susquehanna County where the area has seen a tremendous amount of success.

Land owners in both Pike and Wayne County have been waiting for the better part of a decade for permission to start fracking because of the large economic benefit and jobs that it brings. Tom Shepstone runs a popular blog called Natural Gas Now and says EPA studies have shown the process to be safe." He adds that Harrisburg drinks the water, the governor drinks the water and none of them seem to be complaining. " 

The Delaware River Basin Commission who will be making the decision is made up of representatives from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania Delaware and government officials. They will meet on Wednesday in Bucks County to determine whether or not to pursue carrying out a ban on fracking in Pike and Wayne Counties.