The Community Development Block Grant Program funds counties across the nation with hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to distribute between their municipalities - but that program could cease to exist starting next year...

The proposed 20-18 federal budget could completely eliminate six housing, health and social service block grants, including community development block grants.  This year Carbon County was given $600,000 to divide between the 23 municipalities in the county.  The money is used for updates and repairs.  Officials tell us, if that money were to disappear, it would be a devastating loss

"Thats a lot of money and it's a lot of money that the municipalities of Carbon County probably could not do without," explains Bill O'Gurek, a Carbon County Commissioner. "Weissport doesn't get their streets or sewers improved, Summit Hill doesn't get recreation, Lansford doesn't get rundown buildings demolished."

The federal budget is expected to be passed in early October.