Officials in Pike County are getting some help with the growing opioid epidemic.

The County received a state grant for 144 doses of the drug Narcan. Narcan is a life saving drug, that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose almost immediately.

The drug, costs about 150 dollars a dose, making it very expensive for emergency responders to afford. Most of the times, it takes more than one dose to revive a person who is overdosing.

County officials say they are happy with the state grant, but still can't fathom why Narcan isn't available at over the counter at your local drug store.

"It should be as simple as going to the store and picking up a bottle of aspirin.." Says Pike County Commissioner Matt Osterberg. He added, until that changes more and more people will die from a opioid overdose. " Its really discouraging how it cant be that simple. How the people in Harrisburg and Washington don't realize that this is what to be done at this moment.