25 -year old Dylan Kratzert was resisting police and not cooperating. Seconds later, he had no choice but to listen. Police dragged him into squad car on first street in Matamoras. Police say he stabbed Casey McCelland multiple times in the back, arms, and shoulder.

According to the criminal complaint,McCelland was in bed with his girlfriend  when he saw Kratzert standing in the doorway.. Mcelland says Krazert came after him with a folding knife. He stabbed him once in the arm before the two started fighting and wrestled to the ground.

Kratzert told police he was also cut with the knife while scrambling for the blade. Once Kratzert got the knife back,  he stabbed McCelland three more times before ditching the knife and taking off. McCelland staggered into the smokers paradise up the block and told the guy at the register he was stabbed..

It took eastern pike regional police less than 15 minutes to track down Kratzert. He was walking down First Street with blood dripping down his hand. Neighbors who watched Kratzert get arrested say its a quiet neighborhood, but aren't surprised seeing something like this happen.

Casey McCelland was taken to the hospital for injuries. Dyaln Kratzert, who has a long rap sheet in New York state was charged with aggravated assault. He was taken to the Pike County Jail and has a preliminary hearing scheduled for December 13th.