Christopher Bullock and Jennifer Baxter were arrested for having 68 pounds of marijuana in their Gravatts Way house. Domestic Relations had a search warrant for a person who was listed at that address. When the two officers arrived, they smelled a heavy scent of marijuana coming from the home.

     Bullock came outside and the officers spoke with him, and asked him if they could search the home. He did not consent to a search, and the officers looked in Bullock's driveway garbage cans only to find 25 to 30 vacuum seal bags. They were empty, but they smelled like marijuana. Bullock has been charged with two felony charges of possession with intent to distribute. Both Bullock and Baxter also received two child endangerment misdemeanors for each of their children together.    

     We spoke to a neighbor of the Tannersville area and she says police are always around being proactive in the community. The criminal complaint says Bullock's address is located in Analomink. A resident from that area tells us they were not friendly neighbors and were always loud.