A long-time Chief of Police in Milford is being demoted. The Milford Boro Council decided to not renew Jack Dasilva's contact at the end of the year.

Dasilva has been a Milford cop for the better part of two decades. He was hired as Chief in 2015, after the retirement of Gary Williams.

The Boro Council was not specific on the reasons why Dasilva, who plans to stay on the force was being demoted. However, Milford Mayor Sean Strub cleared up some of that up with a post on Facebook. Strub says "traffic enforcement has dropped dramatically over the past three years, a trend that began 18 months before I was appointed Mayor. Recruitment has been a tremendous challenge; the lack of personnel is why we at times turn coverage over to the Pennsylvania State Policeā€

The people living in Milford were caught off guard by the decision to demote Dasilva. They believed he was doing more than enough to stay on as Chief.

The Milford Boro Council has appointed former Milford cop, Don Quick to serve as chief in the interim. They plan on taking their time finding a permanent replacement to fill Dasilva's role.