The Stroudsburg skate park closed on Monday due to vandalism. Someone brought a bike rack in as well as homemade ramps. One of the borough ramps was damaged, but it's unclear if it was intentional or just worn out from use. The park has closed multiple times due to graffiti, and vandalism to the pool including objects being thrown in and broken glass.

   But this could be the last time the park closes. Stroudsburg Mayor Tarah Probst says it's been a lot of chaos the town has to deal with involving the skate park. The Stroudsburg council will make a decision on the park's future at the next meeting which is the first Tuesday of the new year.

   The mayor says the borough will be applying for a grant for a new skate park though. There's a large plot of grass by the basketball courts on second street that could turn into a bigger and better park. The ramps would be concrete structures as to prevent them from being damaged. They will apply for it in about a year.