A Lehighton man has been charged for causing a crash back in June that injured a Lansford police officer.

That crash happened on June 28th at the intersection of Routes 902 and 209. 37-year-old Stewart Counterman was coming down Route 902 when his brakes failed.

His car struck a blue Jeep driven by Shawn Nunemacher, a Lansford police officer who was on duty but in his private car on the way to the magistrate's office. His Jeep was pushed into a third vehicle. Nunemacher was taken to the hospital with facial injuries.

Police now say Counterman knew there were issues with his brakes but continued to drive the car anyway. They also say he did not have insurance for the vehicle.

Counterman faces numerous charges including one felony count of aggravated assault by vehicle.

He is currently jailed for an unrelated domestic incident.