A standoff and heavy police activity in Monroe County's West End had roads closed for hours today. Police surrounded a home near Kunkletown and tried to get an armed man to leave the home. At this time we do not know where the standoff happened. Monroe Drive off of Kunkletown Road was blocked off when we arrived around noon and we weren't allowed to enter for our safety. Shortly after, we saw a man being brought down Monroe Drive in handcuffs to officials' staging area. He was taken away in a police cruiser. Neighbors tell us they saw at least 25 state police vehicles respond, along with firefighters and ambulances. Since that time, a special emergency response team arrived, complete with ATV's and armored vehicles. We could hear police on a megaphone asking the man inside to come out with your hands up. And that they had an ambulance ready. Then we could here them asking "what room are you in" and "is there a phone available." A negotiator seemed to arrive on scene and asked what hospital he wanted to go to. Around 3pm things greatly intensified in an effort to get the man out. We could hear sonic weapons being used and there was a lot of loud booms. We could hear a negotiator saying "We saw your post on Facebook that you were shot in the face and that's not true." They identified him as "Seth" when calling out to him. Around 4pm, we saw an ambulance leave followed by a police vehicle. We believe the standoff ended then. Police tell us we will have an update soon. We will continue to provide information as it becomes available.