Israel "Izzy" Berrios, 17, and his girlfriend Carolina Carmona, 30, made a bogus pizza order to Dominoes and had it delivered to 427 Normal Street in East Stroudsburg. They did so to rob whoever was delivering the order, and it turned out to be 58-year-old Richard Labar.

   According to the police report, Berrios and Carmona live on Hill Street which is only a block away from the crime scene. The two had the idea of ambushing a delivery driver. Carmona's brother, Salvador Roberts, 21, came to their home and agreed to drive them.

   Once they arrived, Carmona stood near the Normal Street front door when Labar came to her. Berrios was waiting with a 10-guage shotgun behind a bush until he got close. Berrios confronted him demanding money. Labar resisted, went towards Berrios to grab the gun from him, and that's when he was shot in the face. Carmona and Roberts drove away while Berrios left on foot.

   He ran down all the way to South Courtland and Starbird Streets and hid the gun behind The Goal Line Bar. He then returned to his Hill Street residence. After he took a shower, Berrios and Carmona called a cab to take him back for his weapon.

   Stroud Area Regional Police knew of Berrios, and were tipped off when they saw a cab go to Hill Street just after the shooting happened. Police contacted WGM Transportation and asked about that particular fare. When they interviewed the driver, he told police Berrios got out of the car with a bag, went behind The Goal Line Bar, and came back with the bag about four minutes later.