The homeless challenge in Monroe County is bad and it's only getting worse. The PIT (Point-In-Time) count is looking to be much larger than it was last year. With freezing cold temperatures, there are not nearly enough warm places for the homeless community to sleep.

   That's why the executive director of the Pocono Family YMCA, Jodi Perry-Petrazak, and State Representative Maureen Madden went before Stroudsburg council last night. They were seeking approval to become a code blue overnight facility. A code blue facility is a shelter for when temperatures are 32 degrees and below. 

   Perry-Petrazak says the YMCA gymnasium will house around 50 people. Maureen Madden said Stroudsburg council members were in support of the initiative, and are awaiting the OK from their zoning officer. He will make sure the building is up to code and everything meets borough ordinances.

   Perry-Petrazak said she is exploring the option of the YMCA becoming an all-winter shelter no matter what temperature it is.