Israel Berrios, Carolina Carmona and Salvador Roberts went in front of District Judge Michael Muth today at 2pm to see if the charges given to them at their arraignment will stand when they go to trial, and all of them did. Those charges include homicide for all three defendants.

   There was new information that surfaced during police testimony today. The shotgun used to shoot Richard Labar in the face had a shortened barrel making it an illegal firearm. Berrios said he purchased the gun from someone in East Stroudsburg for $75. 

   Also learned, Carolina Carmona tried withholding Salvador Roberts' name from confessions because that is her brother. She only identified him as the getaway driver once she was informed Israel Berrios had already confessed.

   And maybe the most shocking piece of information is that Salvador Roberts father was a pizza delivery driver at the same East Stroudsburg Dominoes eight years ago, and he was also a victim of a robbery.