A teacher in Wayne County has been arrested and charged with taking photos of his students.

State Police picked up Gaspare Gambino,34,at his home in Honesdale. The Honesdale High School Spanish teacher was accused of 14 counts of invasion of privacy after taking disturbing photos and videos of girls in his class.

Troopers say Gambino used a school issued I-pad to take closeup pictures of girls breasts and genital areas. Gambino would sit at his desk, taking pictures under the girls skirts and dresses in his classroom.

Police caught wind, after Gambino gave one of his students his I-pad to use and stumbled across the pictures. The student reported this to the school and the teacher was suspended back in September.

Gambino is charged with 14 counts of invasion of privacy, a misdemeanor of the 2nd agree. If convicted he could face up to two years in prison.

Police are working with the school to identify all of the victims. Gambino was taken to the Wayne County Jail on 10-thousand dollars bail.