Officials from Penn Dot are giving drivers some tips to stay safe behind the wheel this winter.

Penn Dot has rolled out their Winter Safety Week campaign, advising drivers of the do's and dont's when getting on the road.

Safety Press Officer, Mike Taluto says last year, Penn Dot reported the number of accidents on state roads had spiked.

Penn Dot says drivers need to take advantage of the 511PA app, that allows drivers to check out road conditions or any accidents or road closures in their area.

Eastern Pike Regional Police Chief, Chad Stewart was also in attendance. He tells us, drivers need to make sure they clear any snow off their vehicles before they hit the road. Stewart says one of the leading causes of accidents, is snow blowing off the car and impacting the drivers vision in the cars behind you.

Penn Dot says, it might sound cliche, but the most basic tip still remains the most important. Drivers need to buckle up, because ignoring that choice could cost people their lives.