While the kids are celebrating no school, parents in the Poconos aren't getting a hall pass.

We talked to some single parents who all deal with the same headache when it comes to finding someone to watch their child when they need to be at work.

Most of the parents had a common solution, take the kids to daycare and go on with their day. Some other parents we talked to though, say daycare is way too costly and eventually they can feel that pinch in their pockets.

Some other working parents who don't work the traditional 9 to 5, daycare is not an option. Cristie Bendi's a nurse at the local hospital and she works 12 hours shifts. Bendi says working as a nurse, you are mandated to be at the hospital, regardless of what curve ball mother nature throws. " We cant take the kids to work and its not like you can just call off sick. They will even have a cop pick you up and escort you to work to make sure you come in."

Bendi says she has to hire a babysitter to watch her son and they don't come cheap. She tells us, it costs her ten dollars. " I mean I am working 12 hours so its like 100 or 120 bucks so it can be very tough."

Parents say those most of these solutions are pricey, when it comes down to their kids safety, its worth every penny.