Pike county was hit with a significant amount of snow last night and into the early afternoon. While many of us are seeing white, businesses in the Poconos are seeing green.

Many landscaping businesses that service customers in Pike County need the winter weather to pay the bills. Landscaping alone only has a few seasons its owners can capitalize on. In the winter, without snow, they would struggle to keep their businesses open.

The heavy snowfall had many different landscaping companies dropping the plow from the early morning on. May Brothers Landscaping had crews out since 8pm last night. They have been running around the clock shifts to keep their customers happy.

While landscaping companies were seeing dollar signs, some other people in Milford were doing the same work and free of charge. Bob Stewart says there are alot of shut-ins in the area, so he's using his plow to take care of some neighbors who couldn't afford to pay for a plow.

Many Landscapers say, they use the winter work to pay for upgrades to their equipment in the summer time. They say without the snow, its be very tough to stay in business all year round.