Police Arrested Jeanine Shufelt,56, of Dingmans Ferry yesterday for drug delivery resulting in death.

Police say the thirteen methadone pills she sold Joseph Nagle,22, is what killed him.

Shuftelt and Nagle worked together at Econopak in Milford. They also lived in private community of Wild Acres in Delaware Township.

Shufelt told troopers, Nagle used to ask for Xanax pills all the time to deal with pain. She didn't have access to xanax, but could get him her roommates methadone pills.

Nagle admitted to Shufelt that he's never taken methadone before, but according to police, she gave him a quick crash course on the drug.

Nagle was found dead in his home on February 18, 2016. Troopers say it was a mix of methadone, xanax and alcohol which killed him,

Though the investigation, police discovered a long text exchange between Nagle and Shufelt. They arrested her for selling the drugs that resulted in his death.

Shufelt could face up to 40 years in prison. She's being held in the Pike County Jail on 100-thousand dollars bail.