The flu season continues across the country with more deaths reported.

The number of pediatric flu-related deaths has now topped 50, according to the centers for disease control. 

Doctors says its one of the worst flu seasons they have seen. Caused by viruses, Doctor Joseph Cirello of Milford Urgent Care says the flu's a highly contagious respiratory illness that if left untreated can lead to death

The numbers in our area are staggering - Wayne County reports 150 confirmed cases of the flu and Pike County is inching closer to 50. 

Cirello says the virus is highly contagious " its very contagious, all you need to do is be between 3-5 inches in front of someone to contract the flu. You don't need to cough on them or anything like that.

Cirello calls the flu-shot the best preventative measure from the virus. He says though the vaccine only has a 10-30 percent effectiveness, it will dramatically reduce the length and symptoms associated with the virus.

Cirello says people should cough in their elbow, instead of their hand. He adds constantly washing your hands can help avoid infection.