Toby Sabatine ordered food for him and his co-workers from Food and Wings in Bartonsville. He claims they found hair in the food, so Sabatine left a simple review on the restaurant's Facebook page.

   About 24 hours about he left the review, the owner of the place, Jason Kishel, allegedly started making fun of Sabatine because he's homosexual. He says Kishel made fun of his Facebook picture which shows Sabatine kissing his husband. 

   After a public backlash, Food and Wings offered the public free food from 11am to 5pm today and Tuesday. Logan Hatch is a chef at the restaurant. He says his bosses comments do not reflect on the employees because they all find the remarks to be disgusting.

   Sabatine says he received a huge outpouring of support from people all over the internet, and was surprised he received so much love.