As the flu continues to run rampant, school officials at Northampton Area School District have resorted to taking aggressive steps to contain it. In addition to their normal cleaning, the district has taken to employing fog machines to dispense a hospital-grade disinfectant in the school at night.

This solution is said to be 99-percent effective at killing germs.

"The priority in the district is a safe, secure and healthy environment," Joseph Kovalchik, Superintendent, Northampton Area School District said. "And I think by doing these things we're trying to do whatever possible to have that 100% mark in keeping staff and students healthy." 

Jonathan Jenny, Supervisor Facilities, Northampton Area School District said, "It's to be proactive. It's easier to prevent something than it is to try and get a handle on it once it's happened. It's pretty aggressive, but we're trying to be a step above everything to keep everyone safe."

Experts say this flu season continues to be the worse with new figures indicating the flu shot this year is only 36 percent effective at keeping you from seeing the doctor.