Third graders at a Palmerton elementary school get a visit Wednesday from a surprise guest.

Pennsylvania's First Lady, Frances Wolf, visited S.S. Palmer and read to the third grade class. The trip comes after the students sent letters to Governor Wolf and his wife in the fall.

The governor sent back a box of coloring books and other treats for the students a few weeks later. And then last week, the school received an exciting phone call that the First Lady would soon be stopping by.

"It's nice for the kids to see the fruits of their labor if you will when they wrote their letters and here she is, this is the First Last of Pennsylvania that cared enough to come and see us and it's the first time we've had a First Lady come to our school so it's huge, it's big for us!" said Bobbi Yeager, third grade teacher at S.S. Palmer.

Mrs. Wolf read a story to the students, who in return gave her a tour of their classroom and artwork.