A Pike County organization that helps victims of domestic violence and sexual assault is shaking things up at the top.

Safe Haven in Milford went though a period of uncertainty last year, the organization struggled getting funding and almost needed to close its doors.

The Board at Safe Haven hired Tamara Chant to steer the ship back on course. Chant was brought in as the Executive Director, hired a team and returned stability to the organization.

Tom Mincer is on the board at Safe Haven. He says while Chant has done an amazing job, it's too much for one person to handle.

Chant's not going anywhere, she will transition into a new role as the director of community relations.

Mincer says Chant skill set is maximized by getting her out in the community as opposed to be stuck behind a desk.

That leaves a hole at the top for Executive Director. Mincer says they are looking for someone who can crunch numbers, write grants and keep the finances in check. It will be more of a paper position, while Chant handles the community relations and fundraising efforts.

Chant tells us she expects to be part of the hiring process for the new director. Mincer says they hope to fill the position in the next few months.