In light of the recent school shooting in Florida, and rumors of threats to the Pocono Mountain School district, Superintendent Elizabeth Robison held a public hearing at the end of their school board meeting. She started with an opening statement, then opened the floor to discussion between the board, faculty and the public.

   Robison addressed a major issue when talking about school shooting rumors, and that's the spreading of false information through social media. Instead of sharing posts and making comments, Robison says to contact police or a school district official.

   Pocono Regional Police were also there to walk parents through some of the protocols and procedures in place if an active shooter situation would occur.

   Parents came asking a lot of questions. Some were concerned about information dissemination on behalf of the school district. One parent said other parents do a lot of talking through Facebook because the school keeps them "in the dark."

   Another parent wasn't concerned so much about an intruder coming into the school, but rather a student of the school committing violence because of a mental illness, bullying, etc.