An Emu is on the loose in Wayne County.

The 5-ft tall, ostrich like bird was spotted near the Himalayan Institute along route 670 in Dyberry Township.

Neighbors driving by today, stopped short. They couldn't take their eyes off the gigantic Australian bird, that somehow made its way just north of Honesdale.

No one can tell us where the emu came from, but the bird seemed to be content making itself comfortable near the Himalayan Institute.

Director of the Institute, Brian Fulp, has been spending the last two days trying to corral the bird. He called up neighbors, friends, an animal rescue and even a local constable to help capture the elusive emu.

The barricade though fell short, Fulp says the emu shrunk down and bolted right through their grasp.

Anyone with information on who the Emu belongs to is asked to contact the PA. Game Commission. Fulp says he just wants to get the bird off the road so no drivers get hurt and the bird can get to safety.