Construction is starting to finally make a comeback in the Poconos. For decades, it was the backbone of Pike and Wayne County.

However, it 2007, the recession hit. Most new construction came to a halt, forcing many builders in the area out of business.

With a re-surging economy, the industry is making a comeback. Many contractors say they are seeing a big uptick in business.

Contractors in our area are starting to get busy, many people are building new homes and putting additions on their houses, which is breathing new life into the industry.

Though contractors tell us getting jobs has become easier, the regulations that builders face in the field are toughening up.

Officials from the Conservation District spent the day educating contractors on some of the more common hurdles they will come across during construction projects.

Michelle Long, director of the Conservation District says the goal is for builders to keep the soil out of the water. Many of the builders who came out to the Training Center on 739 in Blooming Grove to listen to long though the information was very valuable.

They say while projects can often look good on paper, its a totally different animal when they are out in the field breaking ground.