A new chapter is being written for an old library in Pike County.

The Milford Community House served as the Pike County Library for decades, but now the historic landmark will tell a new story.

It will be a story that highlights the communities history, turning the Community House into a visitors center for tourists.

Pocono Mountains visitors Bureau will set up information booths on the first floor, featuring some of the areas best destinations, attractions and restaurants to check out.

Milford's a popular weekend getaway for visitors from all over, but folks don't know the best spots to check out. Locals believe the new visitors center could point people in the right direction. 

But for community leaders, its about much more than just entertaining tourists. The new visitors center will be help promote the local economy.

Members of the Community House board say the group will host events on the front lawn of the property once the visitors center is fully operational.

The visitors center will be open 7 days a week. Officials hope to have it up and running by July.